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236790236790B005VEWKB2A3ARVWLRF8WPPZLilly Miller1151335225600Zuke's Minis are great for trainingI've been using Zuke's Mini's for training since I first brought my girl home and she (surprisingly, for she's quite picky) still tolerates them and *sometimes* even seems to want to work for them. (Not having a food motivated dog SUCKS for training - I could literally be walking around with big macs in my pockets and it just wouldn't matter) They are low calorie and reasonably cheap (I can actually find them at some local stores cheaper than I can on Amazon, sometimes) as the bags tend to last a while. (I actually use kibble mixed with the treats when working with her, becuase I'm sneaky like that and she doesn't notice the difference once we get going)

Of course not all dogs work with all treats - and it SHOULD be noted that although these treats do not have a lot of the "bad" ingredients in them they still do have grains. (NO grain treats have a much different texture, either from being pure meat or using various ingredients as the "binder" necessary for treats like this)

This is the only type of treat we feed that has grains in it; almost everything else she eats is pure meat in various fashions. (lamb lung, water buffalo, venison, rabbit, etc)

If you have a dog with allergies you may want to try some of the grain-free options for training treats, like the mini lamb lungs or mini beef jerkies, etc. For our needs, though, these are perfect. \

I was SO psyched when I saw that they came out with the "rabbit" variety! I try to keep the variety going in her diet and she doesn't like the peanut butter kind so it was always down to alternating between chicken or salmon, both of which are very common proteins. I can't tell if she likes this kind more or not, but she's definitely eating them which is a good sign! They tend to be more expensive than the other variety so I don't buy them as often, but love including it in the mix!

One last thing I wanted to mention, my Mom has small dogs (tiny chihuahuas) and they can eat this size training treat with ease. However, I recently purchased the SMALL training treats for her (they are usually about 1/2 cal per treat) and she said that they are PERFECT for her sized dogs that she is constantly trying to diet. I don't believe they are made in that size by Zuke's but there are several brands out there that also use similar ingredients (no bad preservatives, no corn, by products, etc) that may work better for very small dogs.
236761236761B005Y110NQA6XGV3KSDG68TSquishie3431327708800New taste is disappointing. So is the additional sugarThese became my favorite meal bars after I purchased a few at a gas station while evacuating during Hurricane Katrina. They were sugar free, and, to me at least, tasted a little like Snickers (or at least how I remembered Snickers tasting; I hadn't had one in a while).

Somewhere in there, Kraft changed the formula, adding sugar while still retaining some of the artificial sweeteners. I found the taste to be similar, but not nearly as good. Worst part was a metallic aftertaste.

Well, Kraft stopped producing these, and I didn't miss them too much, because they weren't the same. I still checked periodically to see if they would come out again, though. I saw recently that they'd been rereleased, but also that they'd been reformulated yet again. Now they're chewy (they had been crunchy) and are sweetened without artificial sweeteners (they use stevia, a natural sweetener, in addition to more sugar). It has a stronger peanut taste than before, very different from the Kraft bars. At least that metallic taste is gone.

I would strongly recommend buying a single box (or single bar if possible) if you want to try these. I used to prefer this flavor to the chocolate South Beach meal bars, but now I prefer the chocolate. The taste of those actually improved with the reformulation. I'd rate the original chocolate peanut butter meal bars 5 stars, the new chocolate meal bars 4 stars, and these new chocolate peanut butter meal bars 3 stars.

What I'd really like is for someone to produce 1% cheese slices like Kraft produced under the South Beach name a while back. I only found it at Sam's Club for a short time.
236762236762B005Y110NQALIT4BTSSLW78Tara Calderon0051349395200Very goodI used to eat the slim fast meal bars but the quit making the kind that I had been buying for years, so I went on the hunt for a new bar. I tried MANY and by far this one was the best. It does not taste like a nutritional bar ( most taste like medicine) and it is not too sweet as some just taste like candy bars. It has just the right combination of sweet and crunchy. I eat one everyday for breakfast and have since discovered many bars missing as My daughter and husband have been dipping into my stash.
236763236763B005Y110NQA2ENVP6MHFYHOWM. Brown0051346630400Love these bars!!I buy these bars regularly and I love them! I am not familiar with the older version of these but I love this version! I like the softer bars and these are softer than the Medifast bars I usually eat. I find the texture and the taste to be very good. I am hooked on them and have purchased them quite often from Amazon. I had a problem with a shipment one time and Amazon was all over it making it right for me in one day. They are awesome!
236764236764B005Y110NQA1742QS9DMMTIBGavin0031346198400OK - but please bring back old recipeThe previous version of these meal replacement bars were amazing ... better tasting, better texture (a bit crunchier, kind of like a rice crispy treat), and healthier, with less sugar.

The new version is ok - I think it is better than most meal replacement bars from a taste-to-health ratio stand point.

But they are definitely not as good as previous version. New version has more sugar, a weird soft/chewy (but in a bad way) texture, and a bit of an after taste. I don't know what was wrong with the last recipe. Please bring it back!
236765236765B005Y110NQA37XUGS03XRMHXCarsPlants0041345680000Doable Flavor & Ingredients for Low CarbHaving lost 15 lbs in the past 2 months on a low-carb diet, I have tried several brands of meal replacement bars. This South Beach Chocolate Peanut Butter bar is pretty good. I like it better than the Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavored meal replacement bars, anyway. And it is less gassy than some delicious Atkins bars...

Fully vitamin fortified, these are just a tad lower in sugars and a bit higher in protein than the typical Slim-Fast bar, and about half the fat and 4x the sugar of the typical Atkins bar. As a pre-diabetic (or whatever they are calling the condition these days : ) this South Beach bar has enough protein and fat, and is just a bit higher in sugars than I would prefer. Anyone in the diabetic category should do some reading about carbs/protein/fat ratios in our food, as we need some fat and protein with our meals to slow down the absorption of carbs.

I recommend trying any new bar in a small box to make sure you like it and are not sensitive to any of the ingredients before going hog-wild on a case...

See my other reviews for my take on more low-carb, chocolate-based snacks and meal-replacement bars.
236766236766B005Y110NQA112NRJ8SI9IMYve0021344038400not a good way to lose weightThey make me tired from having to chew so much. They're really hard and chewy and have a weird aftertaste.
236767236767B005Y110NQA3454AAJ1ULM9LJMK0051340496000Great Flavor Great ResultsI love these South Beach Diet Meal Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 5-Count (Pack of 8) . I just ordered another batch. I find the flavor and texture to be very good. I'm surprised with the negative reviews.

Each bar is 180 calories contains just 6 grams of fat per serving and 0 trans fats, 12 grams of protein, 9 grams of fiber, and 23 essential vitamins and minerals. They are very convenient when you're on the run.

I injured my knee 6 months ago. I needed surgery and had that in April. I wanted to lose weight prior to my surgery. I knew my knee would do better without the extra weight. I used the South Beach diet. Prior to the surgery I did not use the bars. I managed to lose about 20 pounds. After the surgery my husband had to prepare meals. At breakfast I had the bar. Lunch he would prepare a SB style meal. I had South beach meals prepared in the freezer for dinners. 8 weeks later I had lost another 10 pounds. All of my weight loss was without working out. I have to say I'm very pleased with the results.
236768236768B005Y110NQA1JVQCEVGSWB17Lynny0041339891200Great Bar but Price keeps going upThese bars are one of the best tasting bars that also contain loads of vitamins. I would recommend these for anyone looking for daily essential vitamins. 50% vitamin A, 100% of vitamin C and E. 20% or more of just about every other vitamin. But as I stated in the title of the review, the price has increased regularly over the past 6 months. Great news to anyone who has not noticed that Walmart, everyones favorite competitor has once again started to supply the New South Beach diet Meal Bars at a fraction of the cost, only 5.98 a box! Compared to Amazons price of over 7.00 a box! I hope you have a Walmart in your area. I hope you find this helpful. I would hope that Amazon would also realize they are going to have to lower their price if they want to sell to more consumers who are looking for a good deal!
236769236769B005Y110NQA1FFWY2UJDF7QSBrandon M. Taylor0011339113600MAKE THEM BRING BACK THE OLD RECIPE!!!!Do not buy these if you were hooked on these prior to the last 2 months or so (April '13) I did not have any issues with the artifical sweeteners, and the old bars tasted AMAZING - as we all agreed (and as I gave a 5 star review for several years ago). These taste only slightly better than a 30G protein bar (with only 12G of protein now). One of the more disappointing food changes in recent memory, I used to LIVE off these bars! SBD Manufacturers: get the Kraft recipe back NOW please!
236770236770B001HTKM5GA36ED1ITPP1YWGBarbara Imperiale "satisfied amazon shopper"1151275350400Great productIt's much more cost effective to purchase a case of these tomatoes through Amazon. Delivery is fast. And, if you use a lot of canned tomatoes, it's definitely worth it.
236771236771B001HTKM5GAC82K46M2JV8YJanneman1211278979200Buyer beware!First can opened, noticed large dent in can, thought maybe a singular event. ALL tins in the flat were heavily dented, there was no shipping damage to box or to the enclosed plastic wrapped flat, this leaves one to believe that damaged items were packed by seller.

The contents, more of a puree. Taste etc. not exceptional.
236772236772B000LRHRCQAX3DA0JTKXARAAnthony Bashford3351337817600Fit for a KingThe most wonderful Bulgarian Feta Cheese I have ever purchased. This cheese is a good as the French Valbreso that is available in the can, but, at a fraction of the cost. Don't be fooled by domestic Feta. Bulgarian Feta is smooth and creamy and one of the best brands in the world.
236773236773B000LRHRCQA1UQ02A9VR3G9ET. Archie "tka54"3411264896000cheeseI did not receive the cheese on time and by the time I did get it, it was rotten.
236774236774B000CQG8BMA175N19FS2B4JLisa M. Mims1151260576000Really different.Stash teas, overall, are very good--they use generous amounts of essential oils or flavoring agents in their mixes--in this case lemongrass. This tea is lemon and light mint with a grassy aftertaste.

What's really interesting about this, is that it's a much lower caffeine tea even without the decaffeination process because it's white tea, or tea from the tips of the camellia sinensis (tea) plant. The lower down in the plant you go, the higher the amount of caffeine in tea made from the leaves.

This is good for later in the day if you are one of those people who drinks tea all day long. Highly recommended.

Edit: This tea grows on you. It's really good for drinking as iced tea if you're just thirsty.
236775236775B000CQG8BMA2GOTW3U8IIR7JKatarzyna S. Kieltyka "kskasia"0051306454400One of my favorite teas when I can't have caffeinThis is really a nice little white tea. I always drink it when I am pregnant and nursing since I try to avoid caffeine but am a very big tea drinker. I liked it so much that I drank it even when I wasn't expecting or nursing. It has become my favorite tea when I just want the comfort of a nice cup of warm tea at night.
Nice light lemon flavor not too overpowering.
236776236776B000CQG8BMA1AAIM4139KV5ELori0051278374400Favorite TeaThis is my all-time favorite tea. I am not very adventurous as far as teas go. There are few "flavored" teas I can drink (berry, for example, reminds me too much of the flavored lipgloss I wore in elementary school), but this white tea with lemon is very subtle in flavor. It is delicious either hot or as iced tea. I would highly recommend that you try this!
236777236777B0057UC6P0A2WV0FWERDFPQ0Sharon Elliot "Enroughty Golfer"0051318636800Yummy soup!I found this soup when I was visiting my daughter in VA. I mistakenly assumed I could find it once I was back home in PA. Wrong! This soup is so good that I have to use self control not to eat the whole can! It's delicious by itself or used in recipes calling for mushroom soup. It's rich and creamy even when I use skim milk. My husband was so excited when the case I ordered arrived in the mail!! Campbells - Don't stop making it. Amazon - Don't stop carrying it!!
236778236778B004NN9MHWAM3BPBII31X54J. Barker "Composer, Producer, Scientist"1141335312000Yummy tasty crispynessThis is a delicious pretzel. My only suggestion is that Synder should reduce the salt by up to 30%. That way I can eat more without worrying about my sodium levels.
236779236779B004NN9MHWA1G481FWGZIBMHCameron Jones "CJones"1151318464000Favorite SnackI love these pretzels. They're a great snack for both me and my three-year-old. I love pretzels in general but these have just a hint of sweetness and 2 grams of fiber for a 120-calorie serving. The serving size is eight twists, which is a good amount. Overall, it's a low-calorie yet very satisfying snack. It's also not nearly as messy as crackers for my son.
236780236780B004NN9MHWA3V2RYFAB5XM7V5ofspain0051350691200Tasty Pretzel SticksThese twists are delicious. You can really taste the honey and it seems to be a healthier version of a plain pretzel stick. For less than $13 for a pack of six bags, i am very happy with the price. I keep a bag of these at work and snack on them all the time. Probably a little too much but they really do taste good.
236781236781B004NN9MHWA1XVQ3KHS22E3Fexpresslaine0051344643200Snyder's of Hanover Honey Wheat Braided TwistGreat tasting product for a great price. multiple bags in a medium size bag thats suitable for taking with in the car for that "avoid the fast food place" snack. I keep a bag in my car in a zip lock bag for that reason. Great to put out for unexpected company for a great finger food snack thats not greasy or drippy to serve with some ice tea. works for me.
236782236782B004NN9MHWA2PWBFUSGS1ANSEducated Consumer0051339545600Delicious and healthyThe combination of honey and sesame sseeds is very tasty -- everybody I had taste these oretzels wanted more. An added benefit is the fact that they contain a good amount of fiber.
236784236784B004NN9MHWA2ZAG0L0MOLAJGD. Morgan0051325116800Delicious!My husband loves these pretzels so I bought this pack of 6 as a Christmas gift. They arrived safely (I was a little worried they would get crushed/broken, but no problem!). I ate a few... and a few more... and some more... the day after Christmas. These are delicious! No wonder my husband loves them!
236785236785B005VEWKB2A23MQOPXPK4ZCESHARON QUINN4441341187200Good treat!These treats work just right for training my puppy. They do seem to dry out if left out but if you put them in a ziplock bag with a few drops of water and put in microwave for about 10 seconds you can give them a second life. They are flavorful enough to keep my dogs interest in working for the treat. I really like them and so do most of her buddies,so we go through alot of them, but I have found them at a lesser price elsewhere.
236786236786B005VEWKB2A2HCZXDKXDC61APatrick S. Nouvion3351323043200Excellent training guides for our food motivated hound!I love the Zukes Mini Naturals and so does my 4.5 month old Alaskan Malamute! He loves every flavor (except peanut butter for some reason) and will pretty much do whatever it takes to deserve a little treat. They are small enough to put a handful in your pocket for walking around, prompting awesome behavior while you are out and about.

He has learned "Touch", "High Five", "Sit", "Down", "Wait" (just try to teach that one to a food motivated Malamute!!), "Turn Around" and we are working on "Bang Bang". He heels nicely and is a pleasure to take out wherever we are going because if I have a pocket full of Zukes he is on his best best behavior!

One note of warning: The treats dry out a bit if you leave them in your pockets (I seem to have a few in each of my jackets) and if you don't remove them then your workplace pooch might chew a hole in your jacket pocket while you are in a meeting (one of my workmates brings her English Bulldog into the office).

3 calories each?? Heck yeah... reward that good behavior! Makes you and your dog happy!
236787236787B005VEWKB2A2RHT3GV1PAO5Ynone1151338768000The bestThis product came highly recommended by all my dog show friends. Made in the USA and 100% natural make it a natural training reward.
236788236788B005VEWKB2A1LNYS2NCFHJWBehnken2071151338249600yummy for poochMy little dog who is the pickiest eater ever LOVES THESE ! She wont eat very many treats but these she loves.
236789236789B005VEWKB2A2K3Z9ORYQ3BH6Christina C1151337385600Tiny, Soft, Fragrant, Perfect for my PuppyMy 25-pound, two-year-old pup loves these treats. We've been using them for obedience and scent training, for teeth brushing and nail clipping time, and for recall when we walk off leash. They are perfectly fragrant (a big motivator for the pup), small and soft (great for training). They are about half the size of Little Jacs, which make them even better for training.

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