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236844236844B000HLH7ASA2LNW7GRQ205KSyardoftin "mailcoach"0021333324800Ingredient list missingHere is the missing ingredient list and allergy warnings for those of us who have to know.

Sugar, Reconstituted Egg White, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Soya Flour, Glucose-fructose Syrup, Apricot, Glucose Syrup, Humectant (Vegetable Glycerine), Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Milk Protein, Ground Almonds, Dextrose, Rice Flour, Sucrose Syrup, Whey Powder, Raising Agents (Sodium Aluminium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Emulsifiers (Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Sodium Stearate), Salt, Colours (Annatto, Cochineal), Gelling Agents (Carrageenan, Pectin), Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid, Acidity Regulators (Sodium Citrates, Acetic Acid), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Flavouring.

Allergies information:
Contains Gluten, Wheat, Wheat Flour, Eggs, Milk, Milk Proteins, Whey Powder, Nuts, Almond, Soya & Soya Flour
236845236845B000HLH7ASAKDUUWN0WCSEUStamp Lady0051325462400Yummy!A wonderful item that reminds me of visits to England as a child and tea time!
I will be ordering again from this seller as shipping was very fast and the product arrived in great shape!
Thank you for bringing back some great memories.
236846236846B000HLH7ASA32S4EQYI9PWH0AM0051312675200A BIT OF ENGLANDMr. Kipling's Battenberg's take me right back to England. The Mini's are perfect with a cup of tea, and the entire cake doesn't get devoured at once.
236847236847B000HLH7ASA1RNND2QKFLKK4M. D. HEALY0041299283200Delicious Valentine's Day GiftI got these as a Valentine's Day gift for my wife, who says they were delicious. For those unfamiliar with Battenberg cakes, each of these consists of four little sponge cakes glued together in a checkerboard pattern with jam and the whole thing is covered with almond paste. These have been popular with afternoon tea in the UK for many years.
236848236848B000HLH7ASA1XYD5YXX41PNPBig Dogsf Farm0051279497600Mr. Kiplings Mini Battenburgs - YUMMM!First had these in London, back in the 90's, and couldn't get them out of my mind. Almost 20 years later they still haunt me. Gotta' have 'em.
236849236849B000HLH7ASA17K3SOUES8EDMJen Street0051278979200Best cakes ever!I LOVE Mr. Kipling Battenberg's. I ran across them 10 years ago while living in England and have loved them ever since. It's great to find a seller who offers them on Amazon. Great product for a great price!
236850236850B000HQRKYQAIERNJ1XFVGZSAmazon lover151551249344000AWESOME!!!These snails are awesome. They are the best tasting escargot I have ever had, at any restaurant, anywhere. I was worried that the giant snails might be too big, and they are larger than any I had ever seen. But they are so tender that you can just bite right through them. These are delicious and I am waiting for amazon to get more in stock so I can order more. I prepared some on a family vacation and parents, cousins, uncles, aunts were all raving over them...even people who didn't know they liked escargot! And, by the way, this 12-pack is the best deal on earth. Order the $5 HIC escargot plate with them, find a butter recipe online, buy some crostinis at the grocery store and enjoy. The little plate fits in my toaster oven and I have wonderful escargot in 5 minutes.
236821236821B001XA0M7MAO0ANC7Q2BHJ6LovesTheWoods0011349913600RancidWe didn't eat these right away, but kept them a month or two until our current supply of almonds was gone. (We eat a lot, so we buy them in bulk.)

We opened two packets of these. Both were inedibly rancid. It was past the 30 day return deadline, so we threw them all away.

I believe that a vacuum-packed product like this, sold in bulk, should remain edible for many months.
236822236822B000LR7PD2A1LWY6JPM3EEGTR. Shepherd8951225584000Alaskan Salmon Roe CaviarThis product was arrived very quickly and was packed with care. My wife and I loved the quality of the Salmon Roe. We have enjoyed Salmon Roe at our local Sushi Restaurant and this was every bit as good.
236823236823B000LR7PD2A36U7NO5WC37HOYu Kwan Cheng7811315008000Misleading Picture and DescriptionThis item sold and shipped by [...] is nothing like what is pictured, they mentioned x oz/jar, more like 5oz/can. The first can I opened the pull tab came right off. I'm no stranger to pull tabs I feed my cat from cans that are pull tabs.

I recommend going to their site [...]. Their picture is more accurate of the product. The title of the site is "russian caviar since 2004, shipped from the USA". Notice that this product title starts with "Alaskan Salmon", minor quib, but ...

My order consists of 4 cans of "Grained Salmon Caviar" looks and smells nothing like the sushi restaurant roe. A lot of the eggs were crushed I'd say around 80% to 90%. The ones I get from the sushi restaurants are all intact little bubbles. It might be because its concentrate, but I don't remember the Roe in the restaurants smelling like olives. I don't like olives

The can labels are russian but I can see "made in USA" and made on March 28, 2011. This contradicts with description of 2 week shelf life. So this product has already been expired, possibly they mean when its opened. It was September when I received it. I was a bit turned off by the large difference in ship and made date.

The order arrived a day later than expected. That is fine however it was only shipped after I inquired its status. The shipper said he/she was "sorry I was out of town". The product was pack tightly, but the ice pack that was packed with has already melted by the time I got it (I opened the package immediately upon receiving, knowing it was perishable).

This is the first time I ordered Salmon Roe, perhaps they all come like this. However there are still inconsistencies with this product's page, that needs to be pointed out.
236824236824B000LR7PD2A3N8KKKCPX8KZDSusan A. Rials "susanrials"7951211846400CaviarI was impressed with the timely manner I received this product. My friends and I truly enjoyed this product
236825236825B000LR7PD2AYRP6LYB2JQXUWilliam A. Baity "Still Bill"1331323993600Not exactly what I ordered...As another reviewer has noted, the product description was a bit misleading. I thought I was getting four 7oz jars of Alaskan Salmon Roe. What I received was six small 5oz tins of something purporting to be salmon roe. Most of the writing on the label is in Russian, but it does say "Product of USA." This is all a bit off-putting, as we were planning to give the jars as gifts. Now I guess I'll have to open one one to check things out. The can has a stamp indicating that it was packed only 2 week ago.
If the product inside is any good, I'll upgrade this by a star (to 4), if so-so I'll leave it at 3 or maybe 2. If bad, the minimum one star.
236826236826B000PGGRBKA3NMIRV5FDCMCQG. harry "be jewel"373811198972800what you see is not what you get!!!first off this company is a joke. they sell expired tea. look at the back of your tea and see how it is expried. mine was expired in 2003 I bought in 2007. stale to say the least. They are crooks and trying to make a fast buck off Japanese culture. I am insulted to say the least.

I filed with amazon and reported them to the better business burough.

Would you serve your kids a 5 year old bag of chips? how about a five year old box of mac and cheese? this stuff will make you sick!

They are the rudest people around and DO NOT SUPPORT THEM!! if you have any respect for Japanese culture you will boycott this company!!!

no way will what you get even look remotely what is in the picture! they are a non successful company selling trash!!! Old stock and instead of keeping fresh stock the peddle out olld stock at a high fresh price!!

236827236827B001VIWE2WA3LJI243YFKFUGshopaholicanon5551293408000good food to begin your kittens lifeI have been fostering kittens for a few years now and I think that this is a great food to start out on if you have a tighter budget. I really like the holistic foods, but I think that starting out with this is not too bad. It's not as great for you kitten, but it provides all their necessities and it's not too bad of a brand. All the shelters that I have been to also use this food. I just wanted to note that the higher quality food that you feed your kitten, the less waste they will produce and the general health will increase (shinier coat and etc). I always get this is the big bag because it seems to be the most worth it and this food is not too bad when you can get it on sale. You can also buy these from your local petsmarts so I think it is pretty convenient. Remember to get your pets spayed and neutered as well!! prevent the over accumulation of strays in our shelters and stop overpopulation!!!
236828236828B001VIWE2WA3RN9IHRT0P6Y7BlueBird2251326585600Kittens Love ItI have two kittens both male persians. I've been trying different brand kitten foods, including fresh, canned, and dry. Of all the dried types I have purchased, they like this brand and the Purina One Healthy Kitten Formula. Each piece of food is small and bite sized for my kitten's little mouths. Each of my kittens are less than a year old. I like how Hill's uses a portion of the price I paid for this food and donates it through their Shelter Nutrition Partnership. I'm willing to pay a little more money for the kitten food knowing that a portion is donated to help animals have a more balanced nutrition. I will purchase this brand again.
236829236829B001VIWE2WAALWYV9IY0EKZpurrrplej2251289865600My kitten loves it - and so does his "big brother"!Several weeks ago, I adopted a new kitten, about 6 months old. I figured he would need some food of his own, so I chose Science Diet Indoor kitten food, since he will be an indoor cat. While my two cats were in the "separation" state, I fed the Science Diet to the kitten, and he ate it readily.

Then, after I "integrated" the two cats, I had a problem; the older cat decided he liked the kitten food better than his own food. So he wouldn't eat his own food, just the kitten food. I didn't want him eating a lot of kitten food, because it is high in fat and calories, and he is already overweight. But I also wanted my kitten to get some benefit from the kitten food. I tried structured feedings, but it was no use - the older cat would rather go on a hunger strike than eat anything but the kitten food. Boy, it must taste good!

I finally ended up mixing the adult food with the kitten food and giving it to both cats. I wish I could feed the kitten the Science Diet exclusively, but oh well, at least he is getting some of it... without my older cat getting a huge amount.
236830236830B002I0T8CGA29OIG3NXDWE7NJ. Eppers "JCE"0051345939200Great!!This is a great mixer for vodka. I don't follow the directions. I just use it as a substitute for cranberry juice, without the added sugar that is typically in cranberry! Plus it's with Splenda and not aspartame!
236831236831B002I0T8CGA2NIAGZQPXRXBEArnold F. Williams "Thoughts Online Magazine"0051294444800Mixers Without Massive Sugar ShocksThis is the best mixer I have come across for all those who either are limiting their sugar intake or who just don't want an "ultra-sweet" cocktail. This makes a good consmopolitan with a jigger of vodka and a lemon peel. Shipped and received promptly, stores well. Needs to be part of your bar's repertoire for entertaining.
236832236832B006ZGIF46A2IEJQ8754BMSIWolfQueen130051350000000Not too sweet or bitter, & the mint isnt too strong or weak either. A GREAT candy!A friend brought some of these over & I LOVE them. Normally with mints I tend to be wary because most mints have no flavor & the mint it way too strong, but these arent like that at all. They are sweet but not overly so, & you can actually taste flavor because the mint isnt beyond strong. I really like these, would recommend these, & will buy these in the future :).
236833236833B000NVU7ZYA2M3QH09RKXEQKBossac1151293321600Like Peanuts, Caramel and Nugat?Under-rated candy bar possibly given bad rap by its use as, ahem, certain object " puncbowl." or in swimming pool in certain smarmy polyester, Valley Girl mindset ilk movies of the 80s. But taken by taste alone even Snickers or Butterfingers falls behind. At least worth trying if you enjoy peanuts, caramel and nugat in one bite.
236834236834B0037BW6BKA1Y09QLADQYQJGThe"older than dirt"Time Traveller "&...1151348358400Great flavor, but not enough DOCTOR PEPPER flavor to make a decent Ice Cream Soda!Well, I'll be darned, I tried the -- contains NO alcohol --
barbeque sauces, so I tried this when I saw it at my local
It's okay, but I think I'll just keep pouring REAL Dr Pepper
on my ribeye steaks' charcoal flames.
"10:00 2:00 4:00...Drink a bite to eat"... indeed!
236835236835B0037BW6BKA3T0BF9OK1BW4FJbroxtar1141314489600Dad loves it, but theres a slight kick!My dad is a BBQ sauce afficionado and he really enjoyed this flavor but found there was a slight kick that didn't make it a 5 star winner for him...he's way more of the brown sugar and molasses based guy anyways...I liked it alot though!
236836236836B0037BW6BKA3M7T8ME61K4V0moonltwillow0041326499200DeliciousTo be honest it tastes almost nothing like Dr. Pepper. However if you like sweet and tangy BBQ sauces then you might like it. It is one of the best BBQ sauces I have ever tasted but that is just my personal taste buds. It was meant to be a gift but the person I bought it for did not like it.
236837236837B00126AO5MA37UTZW5YH21I1Gessica0051341446400Delicious!!!I so enjoyed both cooking and eating these and so did my mother and I plan to order again :)
236838236838B002TMFMTQA1DPER7KM8I23DBillie1341291334400Where's the Tea?This sampler is great for those who want to find the best taste out there. Unfortunately, I was looking forward to the tea samples that should have come with this package. Not a single tea pod to be found, this was disappointing. We are enjoying the coffee and would recommend trying it.
236839236839B000HLH7ASA1A2PW8A6ZJH9QL. E. Shaw "Chef Author"2251247529600As good as my own!I lived in the UK for 5 years and can remember first seeing Battenberg in a local cafe that featured homemade dessert cake slices. I was fascinated and asked my partner what it was. Well, the minute I heard marzipan, I HAD to try it and the rest is history.

I often made my own which is roughly the size of a loaf cake and received raves for ''making an especially lush'' cake. BUT I didn't always want the hassle of doing my own. Enter my old chum Mr. Kipling and his exceedingly good cakes. Yes, they are and I was known to hide away with a box of 5 little Battenbergs, polishing them off in an evening. I am so happy to see them here. They are very sweet and worth every ounce!

Positively addictive!
236840236840B000HLH7ASAV5CP8CKC3FBUSherrie Hansen2251190160000The most sinfully delicious taste sensation I've come across in years!We stumbled across Mr. Kipling's Mini Battenbergs 5 Pack on a recent trip to Scotland. They are incredibly moist and flavorful -- the almond paste wrap is what really makes them, but the cake itself is excellent, and the little bit of apricot jam between the squares is the crowning touch. They are pretty as well. Each battenberg could be sliced in squares and served at a tea party. My opinion is that once you taste one, they won't be around long enough to serve to guests.
236841236841B000HLH7ASA1D2QEJ0TAUVU5MMV0011344211200Acquired Taste?Perhaps one had to grow up with it to appreciate it. Overly sweet with a dense consistency and a pasty texture.
236842236842B000HLH7ASA15LI24XAWS8RAM. Furlong "sunshine"0051337558400DELICIOUSI love Battenburg cakes so much that I make them myself and they come out perfect every time. A few months ago I found a website called Fantes, they sell Battenburg cake tins, yeah! They sell so many kitchen things.

You go on the Fantes site select 'Cake Pans'. Choose 'Square and Rectangular Pans'. Keep scrolling down until you see a picture of a Battenburg Cake, with the pink and yellow squares. It will say 'Silverwood Battenburg Cake Pan'. If you like to bake you'll love these. I bought two, and put them side by side, in my Euro Pro convection oven, which is a bit larger than the usual roaster toaster oven. I'd searched for years until I came accross these cake pans.

If you're not into baking, try these ready made Battenburg cakes, you won't be disappointed, they are absolutely delicious. The yummy sponges stuck together with jam and covered with marzipan, Mmmmm your in for a treat. I'm making my mouth water!

The chefs of the British Royal family were introduced to the German style of cake making during Queen Victoria reign. The first Battenburg cake was made in that German style to celebrate the wedding of Queen Victoria's Granddaughter's Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine, and was named after her husband to be Prince Louis of Battenburg.

These yummy Battenburg cakes are readily available all over the UK in supermarkets. I'm happy to see them here on Amazon.
236843236843B000HLH7ASAIPB1EEN3GUJCT. Murphy "love2cook"0051335830400ScrumptiousWhat can I say - these little cakes are very tasty. Like other reviewers have said, it's the marzipan that makes them. So good. I purchased a box to try not knowing how they tasted. Wasn't sure if they'd be stale and nasty like some of the imported treats can be. They were very moist. Looked up some recipes online and am going to try to make my own Battenberg cake. A little pricey, but for a quick fix, these won't disappoint!

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