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236851236851B000HQRKYQA2BPFPVOWCTKDJJo Ana Starr "Mind-Body-Spirit"111251254960000Unbelievable !!!If you were to imagine the biggest, sweetest, most tender escargot in the universe, you'd still be pleasantly surprised after opening a can of these lovelies and baking them gently.

I'm an escargot lover and also a Yankee. The combination of those 2 things has made it hard for me to order escargot in a restaurant. I have on occasion, but $10. for 6 tiny, albeit tasty morsels has caused minor pangs in my Yankee heart. Add to that the trend in the US for more casual dining and even finding escargot on the menu now is less likely than it was 10 years ago. So, not a big deal. Life goes snails for Jo Ana.

Until now. I was doing some grocery shopping on Amazon the other day and discovered the Subscribe and Save program. While checking it out I found the Roland Giant Snails and ordered a box of them, hoping for the best but not expecting the largest snails I've ever seen in my life times 2 !! I'm not a big eater, but 6 of these with a small vegetable portion is dinner for me. I bake them with organic extra virgin coconut oil heavily laced with garlic and WOW ! My first bite reminded me how much I love escargot and the rest of the bites made me very very happy that I'm an Amazon customer who happened upon the Save & Subscribe program!

If you love escargot, you will be very pleasantly surprised with the size, taste and overall yumminess of this product !
236852236852B000HQRKYQA35A5S6H1WROO6Wood Wren "Wren"6651279238400Simply the bestIf you truly enjoy eating then you will truly enjoy escargot; even though you may not know it if you have never tasted. If you love and enjoy escargot, then I promise you that you will absolutely love this product. These puppies are BIG! Now I know that big does not always mean better, but I have to say I have never tasted better and I have eaten these things in many restaurants, in many homes and locations around the world. I come from several generations of snail lovers and we are all pretty picky!

These snails are tender, not mushy as you often find and if prepared correctly can send you into a state of gastronomic nirvana. A bit of EVOO, garlic and a touch of salt, a dash of wine and a hot oven and you have pure heaven at the table.

I cannot believe the price here on Amazon. I buy this same product at a local store and can assure you that I pay much, much more.

As one reviewer has pointed out, it is very difficult to find these in many restaurants these days. When I was a little girl, traveling with my parents all over the U.S. it was not much of a problem. Times have changed though and if you want a `snail fix,' you are quite often forced to do it yourself. Fortunately that is not difficult if you have a quality product to begin with. It this case, you do.

Whether you buy here on Amazon or buy locally, don't let these slip by you.
236853236853B000HQRKYQA3QIQLPZGYQ3AJJeffrey D Hooten4451305676800Happy CustomerEverything went as described. My only problem is I purchased this product on two different ocassions and they have the same expiration date 12/11. They should rotate their stock better
236854236854B000HQRKYQA2AG708UXKDHBPpiccolo3341292025600Roland Giant Snails - Most ExcellentBased on reviews, we ordered a case. These are awesome, just as indicated by others. Delicious when heated with garlic/shallot butter; very tender and GIANT. Very minor issues: (1) There were 16 in the can we opened. Since I assume sold/packed by weight and not number, would have been even larger if only 12. (2) strong sulfur smell when opening the can, but easily rinsed off and not apparent in heated snails. (3) I had assumed, apparently incorrectly, country of origin was France. Packaging (but not web site) indicates from Indonesia; I hope better than food coming from China! We will order again.
236855236855B000HQRKYQAYAL91PGH2UXXreader cook "austen"3351272844800Great price Great escargotsBought two cases, did not realize it was 12 in a case. Tried three cans, large escargots, delicious, just make up butter seasoning,a drop of wine (optional), put in baking dish and bake at 10 min in 400 degree over. Voila! Great appetizer and great price. Gave 1/2 dozen to sister as a present - she loved them, I love them. Can imagine sitting on the Champs, eating a dozen with baguettes.
236856236856B000HQRKYQA176VK1URLEFPDLouann Honeywell2241329955200great escargotsI ordered the escargots in January and thought I had ordered two cans and when they arrived I had twelve cans. I kept them and am really glad that I did. We have already used several of them. They are very good and so easy to fix for a quick appetizer. I rate these a 4 1/2 out of 5.
236857236857B000HQRKYQA1XO76JVTDIRP8Amy Ong "Amy Ong"2231321228800Just an OK productThese giant snails hail from Indonesia and hardly fit into the traditional escargot plate. As compared to the french versions, these are tougher and not as tender. And with the size, it does take time for these to absorb in the marinade or sauces. A different way of cooking may be needed to create a tasty dish out of this.

As I prefer smaller escargots so that it can fit into the escargot plate, I chanced upon another Indonesian equivalent product, Jans Escargots. Though they are still tougher than the french versions, due to their inherent petite size, they are able to blend into the marinade or sauces quicker. I obtained this from the Chinese supermarket in San Jose, CA and is priced under $2 for close to 2 dozen pieces.
236858236858B000HQRKYQA3DJREYRHKHUPQABall2251310256000Roland Escargots are excellentI have ordered Rolands Giant Snails on three occasions
and find them to be superb and at a superb price.
236859236859B000HQRKYQA26OT3VMU6MAS4ana borbolla2251309824000roland giant snailsThey are excellent. the delivery was very fast and very well packed. i was going to order two more cases for xmas presents, but i realized de exp. date was jan 12. there is no mention on the advertise what is the exp. date. this is very important. now i will have to wait and find out with amazon how can i be sure that the exp. date is not close. especially that i star making my xmas presents very soon.
236860236860B000HQRKYQA21NXE2V8HEPINMeemz2251304899200Roland Giant SnailsI bought these for my parents because they love escargots and for the price, I thought I would tried them out. They are great. They are tender, the snails themselves are huge and you can't beat the price. My parents say that this is probably the best snails and escargot they've had. I would definitely recommend them.
236861236861B000HQRKYQA2QVWRXSVG8C16Suzy Snail "French Food Lover"2251251072000Great service and productI was so pleased to find the 1 dozen size Roland brand escargot. This brand is carried in our very gourmet grocery store but in a 2 dozen size quantity. My husband and are have spent time in France and are escargot fans but can't eat more than 6 snails each. I was reluctant to freeze the remainder of an open 2 doz can - the 1 doz. size is perfect. They are delicious prepared in a simple garlic/butter/parley sauce and baked in special escargot dishes I purchased at the same time. I did not use the shells that can also be purchased for that purpose.

The order was sent promtly and I would buy this product again.
236862236862B000HQRKYQATSSFGKYUKRLIC. Esteves1151338681600Roland Escarots - My husband's favorite!My husband was happy to find this and at a great price!!! He is preparing them for us and friends all the time!!!
236863236863B000HQRKYQA1KS5RBBCFBN49John B Jacobs0051347408000Escargot ReviewExcellent gourmet product, great price and timely delivery. Fast and easy preparation. A dozen Roland Giant Snails (7.75 ounce can) with escargot butter and French bread make a wonderful addition to any dinner.
236864236864B000HQRKYQA2VV7Z1ZTC0UP9dlndavid0051320624000Right size, bite sizeThese fine, little, crawling the earth delicacies fit nicely into my 6 cavity baking dishes.
Prepared them with a shallot-butter-garlic mixture and they were awesome.
It has been awhile since I've had Escargot, maybe because in a restaurant they are too pricey.
So purchasing them online I was able to stock up on a case and have them as a snack every now and again at a reasonable price.
236865236865B000HQRKYQA24HVY2B4K9ZIRNilo S. Bortolotti0051316044800great product!First time I bought snails, ever, and couldn't have been happier. These snails are delicious, huge, and one can would make a dozen servings, a perfect size for a little happy hour appetizer. If you are planning to stuff these on a shell, make sure you get big size shells, otherwise it will not fit.
236866236866B000HQRKYQA16E59TW0PGLJ2Rude Boy 1979 "Ralph"0051304812800Very Pleased, Highly RecommendedI like to order escargot in the restaurant but I've been out of America and Europe so have been unable to lately. I asked my wife to send me some, and this was the brand she bought at Publix. Having said that it took me a long time to finally try them because I didn't have an escargot pan. When I finally did try them I used them in an alfredo sauce over pasta with shrimp, the escargot were restaurant quality, and in all likelihood the same kind they use! Highly recommended, they are tender with good taste. Ordering through Amazon looks a lot cheaper too!
236867236867B000HQRKYQA227WC7J5SQSMITom Thumb "Frozen in NY"0051303776000Love them. They are scrumscious.Delicious. I saute them with a little bit of oil, seasoning and garlic. Excellent. Or you can saute them a bit and then finish baking in some white wine or even beer. Simply delectable. They are loaded with saturated fat. But my fat derriere finds this treat to be simply magnifique.
236868236868B000HQRKYQA2CEOUMTN48ZLCJ. Chao0041303689600Not badThese snails are actually pretty good considering they come from a can. I sauteed them in a frying pan with butter, salt, and parsley. They are very tender and meaty. My only complaint is the overwhelming amount of sand in some of the snails. Its a hit or miss.
236869236869B000HQRKYQA2MSFDIM8VYYOQJAR0051301702400Great!These snails are so tender! They are a fantastic value and once we run out we will definitely order more.
236870236870B000HQRKYQA2YDN4WCXOZY5AGary Emerson0041300579200Keep handyA very generous twelve large in a can. Fine quality and many dishes can be made. I usually make my dish and butter sauces and freeze half for latter use.
236871236871B000HQRKYQAG8M1B78FNI95Mrs.Saunders0051295308800Roland Giant Snails (12 Per Can) 7.75-Ounce Cans (Pk of 12)Let me start by saying... OMG! We just recieved these a couple hours ago and I just couldn't wait to jump in a try these little guys out! The title and previous reviews are dead on when they say HUGE! These escargot are the biggest that I have ever seen! They pack some serious flavor though. You would think that because they are so big they would loose some of their flavor and the ability to retain outside flavors but not in this case! My husband simmered them in some white wine for about 8-10 minutes on med-high heat. We then placed them in our new "HIC Whiteware Porcelain 6-1/2-Inch Footed Escargot Plate" with a butter mixture (butter, parsley, garlic). They were then topped with some provolone cheese and placed in the oven at 400 for 15 minutes. They were wonderful! The escargot pulled in so much of the butter mixture and retained that flavor so perfectly. My husband who is a very picky eater actually liked them! I will say though, I am not a big eater so after a couple bites of anything I am usually finished. If you can not eat a lot then I would suggest maybe getting some smaller escargot instead of these GIANT ones if you plan on eating for small families. We had to give atleast a good 8ish to our neighboors because we just couldn't eat another bite! So these will not be good for us to have as just the two of us but definitely when we have dinner parties! All in all, I am very pleased with our purchase and will purchase again!
236872236872B000HQRKYQALJSW1MO7BX13P A Schmitt0051292371200Most ExcellentI purchased the 1 dozen size but will purchase the 2 dozen size in the future, just a personal preference. Delivery was fast for an excellent product. It is way less expensive than you will find them in a store. Great for the holidays!
236873236873B000HQRKYQAA3WUG5YFQGXCraftyInstigator0051291680000Why Go To Restaurants?My wife prepares these beauties in butter and garlic as many French restaurants do, and the results are fantastic. These make for a delicious appetizer that may in fact be better flavor, quality, and size than is found in most restaurants. Of course, when it comes to value this pack cannot be beat. Additionally, because these snails are canned, they last a very long time so you do not have to worry about spoilage. If you love escargot, do not hesitate to order.
236874236874B000HQRKYQA1EAYMBU5PJ4SPClare0051287792000Jumbo snailsThese giant snails are very tasty and make a lovely presentation for my escargot appetizer. Although listing 12 to a can, the first 2 cans contained 14-a real bonus! We are having them again tonight.
236875236875B000HQRKYQAHM42Y78MJWN0Judith E Pavoni0051287532800Escargots SurpremeI am so happy that I can purchase Roland snails online. They make excellent escargots when coupled with garlic butter and parsley. Thanks for making my entire family happy once again.
236876236876B000HQRKYQA1KK35EVZJMB6HPeggy0051286496000OMG these snails are greatYou can't go wrong with this product. The can says 12 per can, but we've had 13 - 15 per can so far. They are very big, tender and clean. I drained the snails and rinsed with water and they were ready to go. No slime. Price can't be beat either!
236877236877B000HQRKYQAQUK0UNLEB8VFKg0051286496000Giant snailsThese snails are really giant and very good,they are better and bigger than most resturants serve. Also the price is very good. I highly recommend this product.
236878236878B000HQRKYQA152NJJ89ENHP4j from boca0051281657600terrific escargotthis is one of the best brands of escargot on the market that won't break the bank. it is difficult to find in stores nowadays. You have to slightly clean the snails before cooking but add butter and garlic powder and you have a fabulous appetizer for any occasion, even just dinner with your husband.
236879236879B000HQRKYQA2V92F5R7MLCVIwogan "the book reader"0041273536000Bigger is betterThese snails are of a good quality at a much better price than I have seen them elsewhere.
The reason for the lower rating in the stars is that there is the non advertised inclusion of pepper, not enough to be hot but just enough to create a bit of a bitter taste, even with rinsing. They are much better than the smaller size `very large' cans of snails of the same brand.
At an even better level are the helix escargot if you really want to taste a higher quality.
These do not have to be stuffed into shells, I simply put them in a small oven proof bowl, after rinsing well and shaking the water off in a colander - with chives, garlic, bits, a tiny bit of garlic salt and place pats of butter on top, pop them into a 375 degree oven for 15 minutes and they are ready.
Hopefully one thing that has improved and that I did not make part of the qualification for my review was the packing, it was done very poorly and many of the cans were dented on the bottom - they were replaced, but be sure to check your whole package if you order them.
236880236880B000HQRKYQA2745IPBVLADL5marvin0051265846400DelciousDelicious and came much faster than it was supposed to! Very pleasant surprise!

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