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236893236893B001OQXEHKA2375BCKFMZTNIJoan White1151341273600Great Odor RetainerI have used Fresh Step Crystals for years and I love it. It retains the odor and keeps the non-clumping litter acceptable for the cats to use. It absorbs the wetness and keeps the litter mostly dry and odor free for about three to four days if you have more than one cat - it's marvelous.
236894236894B001OQXEHKA18YCWUONITMK6Nature Lover "Ginger"1151340841600Great ProductAfter debating about using crystals, I finaly decided to give the product a try and boy am I glad I did. I went to Walmart to do a price comparision and 8lbs of Fresh Step was $14.00, so I looked at the other crystal products and found MiMi crystals 4bls for $4.14. I was using traditional non-clumping clay litter, it worked fine but had alot of dust and lets face it, clay is dirty. So I bought the MiMi crystal litter, I thought for only $4.14 I'd give it a try. I will never go back to clay, my indoor/outdoor cat took to it right away and did his thing, I went to take a look about an hour later and the entire pee was dried up, it was like magic. Crystals also have virtuly no dust, no fragrance, look pretty and WORK!!!
236895236895B001OQXEHKA1TOY4H2E4D5QRnelyya1151329436800Best litter to dateI agree with all the comments about this litter being easier to scoop and dispose of in the toilet. I have four cats and I change the box out around every 2 weeks. The litter does not stick to the box which makes it so much easier to clean. I used to have to rinse out the box to get the stinky clumps off of it. Now it's a cinch! And it really does absorb the smells better than any other brand i've tried. This product is more pricey but it's a lot cheaper at other stores then online and well worth it:)
236896236896B001OQXEHKA1PPH3OM99MH7YTigerLilyPearl3421315958400No Lasting PowerI tried this litter at the suggestion on someone's suggestion in the grocery. It lasted a long time for him and his multi-cat household and locked in all the odors. Unfortunately, it didn't work well for me. Kitty didn't mind it and there was no dust flying up when I scooped out the stinky solids and fluffed the litter(huge plus), but if I didn't change it every 5-7 days, the yellow-soaked grains would start to smell stale and then downright stinky. The stuff costs too much for that. I tried Fresh Step Extreme instead and that stuff is amazing. Of course, I have to contend with the dust, but again, Kitty doesn't mind it and it smells fresh and masks the odors of the waste as I remove it. I only change it once every 3-4 weeks, but I do clean her box everytime she uses it.
236897236897B001OQXEHKA3POEXCSETZRP3B. DeJong0011345766400My cats won't use it!I got this litter because the store was out of my normal litter, and this one was less expensive than my normal litter, so I thought I would give it a try. I have two boxes (for my two cats), so I left the old litter in one box and stopped cleaning that one, then put Fresh Step Crystals in the other box. Theoretically, when the old box got gross enough, they would switch over to the new litter. Well, instead, they decided to switch over to going on the floor, next to the litter boxes. So gross. Needless to say I switched back to my old litter.

I did notice these crystals feel a little sharp, so I don't know if my cats didn't use it because it hurts their paws or something. Or if it just looks too weird for them to be comfortable with. I have no clue if this litter tracks, or locks in odor, or if there is anything good about it. If my cat's won't use it, there is really no point.
236898236898B001OQXEHKAMHP5B4QXDGNAsasha0041344470400Good except for trackingSilica litter has to be the best because it absorbs pee! And cats pee a lot more than they poop, so your litter box chore is greatly reduced. As long as you stir the crystals every day, this stuff is great. Unfortunately it is not dust-free.
236899236899B001OQXEHKA2PE65WEM7I1P4SSS0211340841600disgusting, don't buy itThis litter is horrible! It DOES NOT lock in odors at all and in fact, my house smelled like they were going in the box without litter at all and I was cleaning it twice a day! It works okay for feces, but does nothing for urine as it does not clump and does not help smell. I figured since it was twice as expensive as the clay litter that it would work wonders, but that's not the case at all. The smell of ammonia mixed with the litter was so appalling that it felt like it was singing my nose hairs. Plus, the crystals track all over the floor which if stepped on make a bigger mess when they get crunched. The only good thing about it is that it's low on dust so that's why it gets one star. I will stick to the clay litter for half the price and the elimination of odors over this terrible product any day. Fresh step does make good clay litter though and I do like the corn one as well. But not this one...never again.
236900236900B001EPQ0CWA2SWOU68X2G4FDYortA0051349827200Really good!I bought three different varieties at the same time:
Panama Bouquet Blend, Costa Rican Blend, and Guatemalan Blend

Of the three, I liked the Panama Bouquet Blend the best overall, with the Costa Rican Blend a very close second. The Guatemalan Blend is fantastic too, but it has a slightly heavier chocolate note and a dark acidity that I tend to shy away from (but Starbucks drinkers will like it better).

The Panama Bouquet Blend is Sooooooo Smooooooth, it's like velvet chocolate, just so very nice. I DREAM of waking up in the morning and having me some Panama Bouquet, with its full and rich cocoa-iness, and its smoothness. Just very pleasant. No acidity bite (not to my taste). Since I don't want my coffee to slap me in the face in the morning, this is perfect.

Better than I had hoped it would taste when I ordered it, and will definitely be in my reordering future! I highly recommend it.
236901236901B0006G54OKA4KOG8LYM8ZCJMsAmusing0051329436800supersizedI've bought rawhide chips in the store for my dogs, but for the about the same cost, these are bigger and thicker. My dogs love them!
236902236902B003PCD9CQACXVZQYRT0K7KValentina "Valentina"1151343347200Love it!I really love the taste of Sambazon. Their beverages are so addicting and they're not cheap either so it's not easy on my pockets which is why I try to order it online. Its great that its healthy without tasting weird.
236903236903B003XV5LOIA268843VZQ5YB2Pugmama0151332201600I received a different variety of Velveeta :(I regularly used Velveeta Mexican Mild after not being able to find Velveeta Mexican Hot anymore. Once I moved overseas, I found I really missed cooking with it so ordered a package of Velveeta Mexican Mild from Shopping Solution. I just received my package and am dismayed to see it is NOT Velveeta Mexican Mild but Velveeta Queso Blanco. I will add in some chopped jalepenos as a substitute but wish the company had represented the product accurately on amazon. (or perhaps it was just an oversight when they packaged my order) Unfortunately, due to the great expense of re-shipping my items to an overseas location, returning this and getting what I actually ordered is not an option.
236904236904B000EZSF12A1Y9A935XSJ0P6James Hammond3331343088000Good product, but beware of originI have used this for cooking and have been pleased with the flavor. However, I was disappointed to learn it comes from China. Although much of what I purchase is manufactured in China, I am wary of food products sourcing from there given the history of poor quality control and intentional tainting of protein products with lethal melamine. I would be far more comfortable with garlic from California, so I probably will not purchase the product again even though the flavor is good.
236905236905B000EZSF12A2H956A5T9JPBFelicity Gaulard1151313798400True GarlicI am very impressed with Tone's Garlic Powder. It is far superior to any of the other Garlic Powders I have tried previously. A True Garlic smell & taste. The closest I have found to a garlic clove but far more convenient than peeling & crushing. Just open the lid, & you will know what True Garlic smells like! It enhances the taste of my cooking & salads. A great find & now I'm definitely a returning customer.
236906236906B000EZSF12A2ARRCHE0IL05TMark Twain0051337472000Ok...I like Garlic!I do not always have time to chop/crush garlic into fine bits so I rely on powder for certain recipies where I want the garlic blended in, such as my favorite fajitas recipie marinade I found on a can of Rosarita Salsa from the 1960's ( [...]) and this garlic powder works great in it!
236907236907B000EZSF12A3DQUPXMIAPP9TTheresa Kamal Rezk "xxbigkisses"0051322438400tones garlic powderi havent had to use loads of this yet. its a big bottle and will be lasting me a long time. i use it with almost everything. it was fresh(not old). good price as well
236908236908B000EZSF12A3CBKR4HL03YR3Sassy Lady1251298678400Garlic LoverI wasn't much of a garlic lover until I bought this Tone's Garlic Powder. Now I shake it on everything that's possible to be seasoned with garlic. It has a wonderful fresh garlic taste and smell. Making garlic bread is a snap, so easy. Shake it on mashed potatoes. Shake it on hamburgers before cooking. I can't recommend this enough! Just thinking of that irristible garlic smell sends my senses on a heavenly trip.
236910236910B003M5TGCIA3LJI243YFKFUGshopaholicanon5551293408000good food to begin your kittens lifeI have been fostering kittens for a few years now and I think that this is a great food to start out on if you have a tighter budget. I really like the holistic foods, but I think that starting out with this is not too bad. It's not as great for you kitten, but it provides all their necessities and it's not too bad of a brand. All the shelters that I have been to also use this food. I just wanted to note that the higher quality food that you feed your kitten, the less waste they will produce and the general health will increase (shinier coat and etc). I always get this is the big bag because it seems to be the most worth it and this food is not too bad when you can get it on sale. You can also buy these from your local petsmarts so I think it is pretty convenient. Remember to get your pets spayed and neutered as well!! prevent the over accumulation of strays in our shelters and stop overpopulation!!!
236881236881B000HQRKYQA3QMC81FRQ72TYEdith E. Roth0051253923200A rather impossible product to find in Stuart!It has been years since I was able to find escargot at such a great price-and they are excellent! Again-thank you Amazon
236882236882B000HQRKYQA20GVAES71LRJVEugene Kipp1211330300800Not FrenchA waste of money to purchase these snails. They come from Indonesia, not France. and only exactly 12 per can. Don't absorb the garlic marinate well and are tough and chewy.
236883236883B000HQRKYQA1N0RHJYKKXZBHMary Burns0151264809600Snails rock!My Roland Giant Snails arrived in quick time. I have yet to eat any since I just went on a low-cal diet, but I can hardly wait to cook up some with some garlic butter and French bread to soak up their delectable flavor!
236884236884B000HQRKYQA276PVVLIJAOKPHayes Drake Jr. "happy feet"0151257897600good to the bone if they had oneTo have a case of these tasties really makes me happpppppy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What more can I say...
236885236885B000HQRKYQA12SQJF5B9L1O9Jersey0211299888000Does not taste goodI bought this with high expectations due to good reviews of the product. I like escargot but this one has a bitter pepper taste. The snail are huge as advertised.
236886236886B000HQRKYQA1LFSTBR7L7PUTV. Wiedemann "2 avid readers"0741240963200great except for pepperIf I had known these canned snails contain pepper I would not have ordered them. We do not eat pepper if we know "it's in there". That said, the snails are very good. We have found that using ghee (cooked clarified butter), garlic and plenty of fresh parsley and sauteeing the snails quickly gives better results than baking them in shells -- and it's a LOT easier! For a perfect combination, use them to top a small serving of pasta (we use Tinkyada brand rice pasta or Vita Spelt pasta)
236887236887B001OQXEHKA2V09TLBGBRKXMThe Lovely Miss N101051318032000It Works for My Poor, Old CatI used to use litter crystals and then switched to clay when I could get a 40-lb box at BJ's for just $8.99. I used the clay litter with those sifting liners and all was well.

Well, as my little guy is now over 10 years old, he's gotten funny in his ways. He seems to like to get in his box and toss litter all over the place before . . . uh . . . handling his business. That was making my bathroom a mess. I'd have to sweep and mop before putting down my bath mat to take a bath and it was just too much so this week I switched back to crystals. Yippee!

The low tracking is what does it for me. For the few crystals that get out of the box, it's no issue to clean up quickly. No fine dust to contend with. The solid litter is a breeze to remove and I stir about twice a day, usually when I'm already in the bathroom and notice he's gone. I mean, you can't even tell I have a cat in the house. Zero odor, little tracking and easy to clean. The only thing I do is use a liner with it so that whatever liquid does get through doesn't seep into the plastic over time and stink it up. The simple fact that this litter is lighter overall is just wonderful. Less mess and less dust make it a winner.

I would LOVE if I could buy this product in a 40-lb box so I could keep it on hand instead of buying small bags. But I can't say yet if it will last a full month. I bought a 4-lb bag and I imagine it will last a couple weeks at best. However, I'm setting a reminder in Outlook and in 3 weeks I'll give you the honest results.
236888236888B001OQXEHKAETP3HG46BNL8Ian Patrick Kenny6651312329600best litter EVERthis product is the best litter I have ever tried, and I have tried them all. there is NO SMELL at all (besides the light clean fragrance of the crystals) and no scooping up clumps of wet, urine soaked clay that never dries and constantly smells. while yes it may be a bit more expensive than other litters, I don't have to keep refilling my litter box ever time I scoop it. I fill it once and don't have to replace it for a whole month. that means I end up saving loads of money. and for someone with multiple cats in a small one bedroom apartment, saving money on pet supplies and having a clean fresh smelling home is worth its weight in gold. did I mention there is NO SMELL? you would never know I had cats upon entering my apartment whereas with other litters people wouldn't even be through the door when they would say "oh, you have cats, don't you?". best litter EVER!
236889236889B001OQXEHKA1JADUUOC84LTZJ. Paluga "SPEED RACER"5551288310400Finally A great cat litter!!We have three indoor cats, and have tried EVERY kind of litter. Fresh Step Cat Crystals is the ONLY litter that controls the odor,lasts, and is ok with the cats. Costs more, but well worth it!
236890236890B001OQXEHKAKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige3351329091200LOVE fresh step products!When I had just one cat, I considered this to be the best product ever invented. This product absorbs all of the urine in such a way that it doesn't clump and the peed on litter is still usable. The litter doesn't stick to the poop which is awesome because I can just scoop out the poop and flush it down the toilet, which cannot be done with clay or clumping litters. Much less scooping is required as the urine doesn't need to be removed. All thats needed once the poop is removed is some stirring of the urine stained crystals. My cats love this stuff and with one cat I only have to do a complete litter change every 2 months! As far as the scent goes, there is no smell to it at all! It's such a wonderful change of pace! No more worrying about embarrassing litter box odors! I recommend this product to everyone with only one or two cats as it changed my life. My house no longer has that filthy litter stink smell to it. Guests who visit don't even know I have a cat by the smell of my house. It really is a great product! And no, I don't work for fresh step, lol.
The reason why I keep saying it's an ideal litter for one cat is because I have rescued 3 now, and with that many pee's a day, the urine kind of pools up in the corner if you don't do complete litter changes often. I never had this problem with only one cat. Now I buy Fresh Step Extreme Oder Control Scoopable Cat Litter. Because the urine does clump up, I do have to sift the litter much more often. However, due to the high frequency use of the litter boxes it actually keeps it cleaner to remove the clumps as apposed to leaving it in there to collect and pool up. Also, the scoopable kind does stick to the poop so it cannot be flushed. The oder control is just as awesome with the scoop able as it is with the crystals. However, the scoopable puts off a fresh smell that I just love, whereas the crystals had no smell at all.
In conclusion, they are both great products. Crystals are ideal for one cat, but you may want to consider the scoopable if you have several cats. Hope this helped! =)

PS- most fresh step litters have something called "paw points" on or in the box. You can collect these and enter them online to get free coupons or cat item rewards!
236891236891B001OQXEHKA37OK9HYRK7RLXsuze-q2251337731200Never Going BackHaving used clumping clay litter for two years for my older cat, I was tired of the dust and smell. I got a kitten, so that meant double the scooping. I decided to try the Fresh Step crystal litter and I will never go back. Both cats like it, I only use one litter box (though I scoop the poop and rake it twice a day) and I have never had an "accident." No dust, no smell. It seems to dry up the hard waste very quickly so it minimizes the smell and the mess when scooping, and the urine just disappears. Since I use the Litter Locker disposal system, I appreciate that I fill it up more slowly and therefore use fewer bags because there are no urine clumps to dispose of, just solids. I also like the fact that an 8 lb bag is enough for almost two pan refills (I use the extra large pan) and I am not hurting my back lugging it home from the store!
236892236892B001OQXEHKA3NIUWCP7VFS3ML. MacPeek2251321315200LOVE LOVE LOVE this litterI've tried so many different types of litters for my two cats, that I just about gave up.
The stinky urine clumps, dust everywhere, and complete lack of odor control made living with cats an enormous hassle - and made my bathroom rather smelly. However, I came across this litter at the store and thought I would give it a try. Am I glad I did! Not only does it absorb the liquids and the odors... it last longer than other litters and I don't need to keep re-filling it after each scooping. Now I just need Amazon to carry it so I can order it online, as its slightly difficult to find commercially.

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