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236911236911B003M5TGCIA3RN9IHRT0P6Y7BlueBird2251326585600Kittens Love ItI have two kittens both male persians. I've been trying different brand kitten foods, including fresh, canned, and dry. Of all the dried types I have purchased, they like this brand and the Purina One Healthy Kitten Formula. Each piece of food is small and bite sized for my kitten's little mouths. Each of my kittens are less than a year old. I like how Hill's uses a portion of the price I paid for this food and donates it through their Shelter Nutrition Partnership. I'm willing to pay a little more money for the kitten food knowing that a portion is donated to help animals have a more balanced nutrition. I will purchase this brand again.
236912236912B003M5TGCIAALWYV9IY0EKZpurrrplej2251289865600My kitten loves it - and so does his "big brother"!Several weeks ago, I adopted a new kitten, about 6 months old. I figured he would need some food of his own, so I chose Science Diet Indoor kitten food, since he will be an indoor cat. While my two cats were in the "separation" state, I fed the Science Diet to the kitten, and he ate it readily.

Then, after I "integrated" the two cats, I had a problem; the older cat decided he liked the kitten food better than his own food. So he wouldn't eat his own food, just the kitten food. I didn't want him eating a lot of kitten food, because it is high in fat and calories, and he is already overweight. But I also wanted my kitten to get some benefit from the kitten food. I tried structured feedings, but it was no use - the older cat would rather go on a hunger strike than eat anything but the kitten food. Boy, it must taste good!

I finally ended up mixing the adult food with the kitten food and giving it to both cats. I wish I could feed the kitten the Science Diet exclusively, but oh well, at least he is getting some of it... without my older cat getting a huge amount.
236913236913B000EER0PKA20PMEV5IJI8GWN. Kozlowski121251208995200The Greatest Tuna in the WorldThis tuna makes all others seem like flavorless moist sawdust. The texture and flavor of both the fish and the oil is exceptional. I don't waste even a drop of the oil.

After eating this tuna my husband was inspired to try to preserve tuna in a jar. Despite having high quality tuna and a good recipe, the homemade version was inedible in comparison to the Ortiz jar of tuna. I don't know how they make it or where all the wonderful flavor comes from, but this is the only tuna I am willing to buy now.
236914236914B000EER0PKA266O7X04K3WBE2senseworth2251310342400Other tuna tastes like catfood compard to this!I hate the high price but the tuna is YUM! I crush the fillets into the oil in the jar and eat just a bit (1 oz)as an agent to flavor a high quality bread. The result is a delicious satisfying sandwich that isn't that expensive after all when eaten this way. The oil is not to be wasted and it isn't to be used as cheap fish. It is more flavorful, tender and delicious.
236915236915B000EER0PKA3O6FTAQNH7F62Retta "Retta"0011344211200Broken Safety SealWhen the jar arrived the safety seal was broken and the lid was loose. I don't blame the shipping department because it was very well wrapped. This happened twice, after the second time I decided it wasn't mean to be. Check your product.
236916236916B000EER0PKA3VYHICGMU7NMLSeaox19830331265500800TastelessI bought this in the hope of having some excellent tuna, what I received was comparable to any canned tuna in olive oil available in any market.
236917236917B0006G54OAA1Z931SIGWMO2Suzanne Ndonga0051341792000My dogs love hidesGreat hides, my dogs love them. They are always trying to steal each others after they finish theirs. Great price and I can never find them at Walmart anymore.
236918236918B0006G54OAA2QRGYTNS22Z56Lehualani K. Concepcion "Hulabear"0051264809600Good rawhide chipsSame as the chips I get in the store (even the same bag), but a lot cheaper at (I get 2 pounds for the price I usually pay for 1 pound). The sizes are variable, but that means I can decide whether to give my dog a small one or a big one. They are not the super thick ones you can buy individually at the store, but since it is by weight, I don't mind if some of them are thinner or smaller than others.
236919236919B0006G54OAA3T3OJRQJBGWKSWJG0211336608000Product of ParaguayThese don't even look like rawhides, they look like rectangular, completely flat and white cut sheets of cardboard. I've purchased a lot of rawhide chips in my days, and these look so processed and un-natural that I'm not even going to let my dog try one. Also, made in Paraguay? That seems like a huge red flag.
236920236920B005ZFUASMA2D145PXYGZMFQcarrabassettyeti0021337817600Petit FoursI was disappointed with the quality of the cakes. They were stale and had an odd underlying taste. They all had a strange fruit flavor which was gross.
236921236921B005ZFUASMARE11X11MQJZDC. J. Gasser1251329091200Nephew and his family loved theseMy nephew's little girls loved these pretty cakes. They arrived just after Christmas, which was an extra treat for the family.
236922236922B000WAC1N2A3ILHXRZ1JSCHOE. Johnson "selina"1151315785600Remind me of Goldfish treatsThese dog treats remind me of the Goldfish treats I used to give my kids. They are just the right size and the dogs seem to like them. I've noticed that if my dogs get larger treats they won't eat their regular food. And the treats are lasting longer too because of their size.
236923236923B001EPPCGCA2RKOYTC8Y8WQSPaul Balliet "engineer"2251234915200Strong and Flavorful TeaThis is our favorite everyday tea. The tea is about twice as strong as Lipton, and has a robust but not bitter flavor. We use it as the basis for Chai, an Indian spiced tea.
236924236924B001EPPCGCA3JUC9VPSRG3NIlonghorn mom0051293667200great tea..too much to ship thoughI truly love this tea. Living far from the city and far from any arabic stores that may carry it, it was a great value. I do like to buy in bulk, so two packages of 6 came out with shipping over $110.00. Way to much. I will have to find something closer that just doesn't cost so much to ship. If the price ever comes down (ha, yea right!) I will purchase again.
236925236925B001EPPCGCAMCWZG0HUNNIDNaveen Narula0051278892800The best value for your tea dollarsHaving been a tea drinker all my life and having tried teas from all over the world, I have settled as Brooke Bond Taj Mahal as my staple tea for every day use. It is by far the best value (at 6 about cents for a full bodied invigorating cup) . Try it, especially if you like strong tea, and you will not regret it. There are better teas available, but they can cost many times more.
236926236926B0036R905KA2HA29ZPWO7VU4rotangorra4411277596800What a disappointment!This is the first time I've been disappointed in an purchase. The chocolate was all covered with a white mossy tinge. The pieces were all discolored and distorted, stuck to each paper. The salt had all melted into the chocolate.I had to throw it all away.
Rosanna J Tangorra
236927236927B0036R905KA1ORV7MKKEDGHEC. Luethe0051299369600The bestWas'nt sure what to expect. If you pop one whole into your mouth, you get the creamy carmel, dark chocholate and the salt altogether. It isnt a combination that you would expect to work, but Dilletante pulled it off perfectly. I dont know what else to say, but give them a try
236928236928B003JHZXQWA35RJ50ZCWEONYMark Ewing1151309651200Aerated chocolate!At work, the woman next to me has 'chocolate parties' and to get invited, you have to bring her some chocolate. Well, she really likes dark chocolate, and had never had aerated chocolate (from what I understand, until recently, you couldn't buy it in the US very easily). I lived in Russia for a few years and loved their chocolate (more similar to European chocolates) and developed a taste for aerated chocolate. I was glad to find this chocolate here to order. Price is reasonable - shipping made it so I ordered two to reduce total unit cost. This chocolate is actually made in Russia - the wrapper is in Russian (nutritional information is given for 100 gram servings which is how they do it there) with a US tag for import reasons. Chocolate arrived unmelted/unruined despite ridiculously hot days here in Tennessee. Definitely worth ever penny. Oh, and the chocolate parties? I'm a regular now. A vice president even came just to try this chocolate.
236929236929B003LEKTEYAG49D1LO7VTPYJoseph McKinney "Mar"0051326758400Gave this as a gift.This was a gift I gave to various members of my family. To a person they were delighted with the variety of flavors to sample.
236930236930B000E3VAO8AS0B1RKTLUIALKyle T. Doherty1141181260800Tasty, but not enough for 5 peopleThese meals are tasty, easy to prepare, and inexpensive. However, while the box claims that it feeds five people, I've found that two and a half is closer to the mark. Even so, it's a good value.
236931236931B000E3VAO8A136G8W1C0N53GLawrence Harris "tnreb"0051331424000gumbo pastaThis is good pasta. I cannot find it in my area. Thanks goodness I found some here. I usually add some sausage to this to pick it up a bit.
236932236932B000E3VAO8A26N3GLFUNS4NLMr. William A. Dispoto "gorilla-bill"1221269993600YUK...! NOT what I expected...this stuff does not even RESEMBLE your basic southern-style gumbo...the color, flavor, and texture are not even close

CAUTION: if you don't like mushrooms (and I don' fact, no gumbo I have ever had used mushrooms), don't buy this...a heavy, cloying mushroom flavor that stays with you for hours...!
236933236933B0013KF8KSA33IXN26NDGBUPDD0051348704000A little goes a long way!This candy flavoring is top shelf. A little goes a loooong way. My husband even said he could smell the mint aroma in the next room. LOL Compared to other stores, the price is great. If you're looking for highly concentrated flavoring, I recommend.
236934236934B0013KF8KSA2257JOJYGKP4HSO MAD!0041335916800minty!offers a cool flavor, not bad for the price. relieved my skepticism because due to the price it turned out to be a high quality product.
236935236935B00356BPBOAEH4T1X2LVVWDmeispeg0051307491200Convenient and goodI bought these for my grandson who is 7 months old. He loves them and they are just the right size for a snack between feedings. His mom likes the convenience and ease in taking them along. I like ordering these and having them shipped directly to their house. It makes me feel like I have sent them a little present that is practical and appreciated.
236936236936B00356BPBOASNNPBGQ7O7AJAmy Huber "ATeachH"0051302652800Love it!My son is 7 months old and this has always been his favorite baby food - it is nice a thick, which he loves!
236937236937B0002G0GWYAR6RENUU6UFCRBill Hillendale "Billybob"0551105660800StampsI got these cheese grits! they were great, except for the fact they tasted like STAMPS!!!! STAMPS I TELL YOU! STAMPS! I would definitely buy again though! and so should you!
236938236938B007FS8AL6A3NL4VV8FXZ266Ruby "Tuesday"141551335398400Better than candy!This stuff is the bomb! Does list sugar as an ingredient. As well as sulfur dioxide (preservative). However, in a 1.5 oz serving, only 1 gram of sugar! 30 carbs and 14 grams of fiber. Proceed w/ caution - it's addicting. My children think it's candy. It tastes like it. It is mostly pretty soft & chewy w/ a very fine layer of sweet crunch on the surface. Can be pulsed in a food processor and used instead of the syrupy, super sweet coconut flakes for baking. Costco now sells it for $8.99/bag. It's right next to the dried mango. I buy several bags each trip. Enjoy.
236939236939B007FS8AL6A61QEOJCS8RJRNightmarehippiegirl3351340755200My new addiction!This stuff is awesome!! Not only is it a healthier alternative to sweets, satisfies the sweet tooth and truly addicting, but its also a great source of dietary fiber (14g per serving). In regard to a couple of the previous reviews, the "orange stain" on some of the pieces appears to be natural, like the pieces are from closer to the shell. (Sort of like spots on apples, you can't expect perfection from natural foods - that's part of the beauty of it) The nutritional label does indeed read 'sugars 1g' however the bag I have has an amended sticker on it that reads 'sugars 18g' indicating that the 1g is likely a typo. Even with 18g of sugar, however this is a better alternative to candy and if you like coconut, its a great snack!
236940236940B007FS8AL6A3U029B8Z5WGI2Kat "kttykat16"1141348444800Try Before You Buy - It's not For EveryoneThis is one of those items you really should try before you buy - even if you love coconut. I am a huge coconut fan and I really didn't like this stuff the first time I tried it. While it had the coconut taste that I loved, the texture is really something you need to get used to. Some pieces are firm and about an inch and a half in size. Others are brittle and smaller in size (those pieces are really sweet). All of them have an almost waxy texture. It was kinda "meh" when I first ate it, but after a few pieces, it really grew on me. But I really love coconut.

It's definitely not like the yummy Philippine Mango (love at first taste super sugary goodness), but it's still a yummy snack.

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