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236951236951B0000E2YA0AUMIX6YVAM0U7M BENSON0031218585600not the flavors picturedcandy came fast but was not what was pictured. It was the new variety with mango and pineapple, NO lime or red apple things. bummer
236952236952B0000E2YA0A6GMEO3VRY51Smicrojoe0051123891200Tangy but fruityFruit flavored and fruit shaped mix, in a movie concession box. You get just one 7 ounce box in this deal. Maybe this is how the wallpaper in the original "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" would have tasted, after all it is made by the Willy Wonka company. The fruit shapes are fun although they are small enough to look just like lumps for some flavors, but you can't miss the banana shaped one. The flavors taste a bit like the flavor they represnt, but are tart and tangy. Almost lke a sweet tart with a crunchy candy exterior. The flavors are banana, cherry, lime, orange, and strawberry. I agree with the other reviewer that runts can rough up your tongue and roof of mouth if you eat too many at a time.
236953236953B002YRBAYWA23KZBVCFKW1XSIdaYooper3351262908800The Best Gluten-Free Pancake Mix!To be honest, I've only tried one other gluten-free pancake mix besides this one (Arrowhead Mills); but now that I've found G-F Mama, I can't imagine finding a better one! Compared with the AM (which is still good), the texture is more smooth (being that AM contains cornmeal), and it seems to be easier to flip over than AM too. Instead of regular milk, I add Bulgarian buttermilk- which adds a special richness! (And I sometimes add some maple flavoring, or frozen blueberries to the batter as well.)

As a side note, I also highly recommend the Coconut Flour Blend- which is delicious! (We've made cake, sweet bread, and even use it to coat our (fried) chicken pieces.)

I just recently bought the cookie, pizza, and pie crust mixes; but I haven't been able to try them out as of yet. ..I'm happy to see that Amazon is carrying this brand!
236954236954B002YRBAYWA1G778H2FOI14BMocha Mama1151287705600THE BEST PANCAKE MIXWe tried Mama's Pancake Mix just for something different; we weren't even looking for a wheat free mix. It is our whole family's favorite mix for pancakes and waffles. Every person that has breakfast at our house loves this mix. The pancakes and waffles are more dense than wheat and a bit more chewy, which we love. Plus they are so flavorful. This is a dynamite product! Thank you, Mama!
236955236955B002YRBAYWA2MLLVU3ZAMHHVM. D. Cummings "Marv"1151287446400Better than traditional wheat mixesLike a lot of other people I was looking for a "good" gluten free waffle and pancake mix; I looked at every product on the internet I think, lol. I found Mama's Pancake and Waffle mix here at Amazon and thought I'd give it a try. My whole family, and that includes extended family, loves my waffles from this mix. They don't even care about going back to the wheat flour mixes. I believe this is a case where an actual improvement has been made over the traditional style mixes. One hint that helps any recipe and that is to make sure you keep the waffles hot on the middle grill in the oven about 225 to 250 degrees--they'll stay crispy that way.
236956236956B002YRBAYWA2V55F355DDVCGJ. Apfel "Maxito's dad"0051337126400Tasty hotcakes!!!!This mix makes wonderful pancakes. Only problem is if you don't make enough batter and still want more!!!! GFM comes through again!!! thank you for all the wonderful products. :)
236957236957B002YRBAYWA3MU1NB6OL01KHThis ain't no dress rehearsal0051330214400Just one word: YUM!When I discovered Gluten Free Mama's products, breakfast time (my favorite meal of the day) was a happy time again! This pancake mix is absolutely delicious, easy to make, and truly the most similar to "home-made" that this scratch baker can find. I'm NOT a mix person, and this one fact makes being celiac really tricky when it comes to baking. But you know what? With easy-to-make pancakes (and scones, and pizza crust, and pie crust, and flour blends) using a mix is suddenly FUN! The healthy ingredients include almond meal, so those with nut allergies beware. Lucky me - at least I don't have this particular issue, so I can gorge myself on the delicious pancakes to my heart's content (and trust me, I do!). The measurements are easily modified to make more or less than the package indicates, and the mix keeps really well in the cupboard instead of having to freeze it as with other almond meal products - although honestly it doesn't last long enough for storage to be a problem. The packaging is a neat self-sealing pouch rather than a box, so there's more room in the cupboard - so why not purchase this in bulk from Amazon so you always have some on hand like I do?! As far as my family is concerned there's not a better gluten free company out there, and we'll remain loyal to Gluten Free Mama and her delicious, healthful products for as long as she's willing to supply them to us - which we hope is a very long time!

Gluten Free Mama, Mama's Pie Crust Mix, 18-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 5)
Gluten Free Mama, Mama's Scone Mix, 32-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 5)
Gluten Free Mama, Mama's Almond Blend Flour, All Purpose Flour, 4-Pound Pouches (Pack of 2)
Gluten Free Mama, Mama's Pizza Crust Mix, 18.1-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 5)
236958236958B002YRBAYWA3LT3E0S9082NImadreadermom0051284076800The best gluten free product in any categoryMy son has celiac disease and we try everything in all categories! There are 6 of us and I rarely find anything the whole family will eat. Not only will they eat this but we stopped using any other pancake mix - where I used to have to make 2 separately. Someone made us a cherry pie with the mama's pie crust - which was a huge treat as well. We are very happy to have found this product line!!!
236959236959B002YRBAYWA35NCUJLLMCKVIGluten Free in Seattle0051267315200Gluten Free Mama is the best!I have tried all different kinds of gluten free products and Gluten Free Mama is by far the best I have ever had. The texture is the closest to normal of any gluten free product that my family has had. My husband can't stand gluten free baked goods and even he enjoys everything that I make from Gluten Free Mama! Most gluten free baked goods are very grainy but I haven't had that complaint with Gluten Free Mama products. The pancake mix is probably one of the best pancake mixes I have ever had gluten free or not! The Almond Flour is great, makes great muffins, and the Coconut Flour is also amazing. All of the products have great flavor and texture, and if you have ever tried eating gluten free you know how important texture is. You can also make really good biscuits from the pancake mix as well!
236960236960B002YRBAYWA25V1QM62ZTU9YRae Lee0121322352000Contains corn starchI was just about to purchase this and read the ingredients. Surprisingly, there is corn starch. And, it's not even organic. Corn is fertilized with petroleum; my family does not eat anything with corn starch or non-organic corn ingredients. I'd much prefer to see arrowroot, potato or tapioca starch instead. Gluten Free Mama: please change your recipe so we can buy it... thanks!
236961236961B002YRBAYWA3AATF9L2UGZ2KMelissa Hammons0131290902400Not the best for pancakes.I love everything else that mama makes but this mix. I've made pancakes a few times with it and they taste a little off. Not sure what it is but once I put butter on them it almost has a corn/popcorn taste to them which is just odd. Even my pancake loving son doesn't like these. Mind you he will eat them but he doesn't ask for seconds like he does with another mix or even buckwheat pancakes.

However I gave this mix 3 stars because it makes terrific pancakes on a stick (when maple extract is put in the batter and then baked around sausages). Everyone in my family wanted more when I made that meal. So I will keep this mix in the house to make that dish but I think that's the only use I have come up with so far.
236962236962B000F08KCUA16AY2OJ4UCRXRchamelean754441315353600good sauceThis sauce is salty. Before you use the sauce, you need to TRY IT YOURSELF. Then when you use it, you are only suppose to use it in SMALL quantities as in SMALL spoonfuls. Add a little bit first, taste the dish and then add more. This isn't a type of sauce that you can just slather on to something. When you stir fry with it, lets say, black bean chicken, add a little bit, taste and then add more.

DO NOT ADD ANY ADDITIONAL SOY SAUCE to your dish. Black bean sauce is pretty much black beans, salt, soy sauce and oyster sauce. You do not need to add any additional salt or soy sauce.

I bought this sauce because if I'm short on time and I don't have time to soak black beans, this is a good substitute.

Just a warning, sampling the sauce itself is essential, but it is so salty that it may make you gag. However, it is delicious when used in CORRECT quanitities and spread over meat.

Let me remphasize, SMALL QUANTITIES.
236963236963B000F08KCUA29CY31YA7HSB3Cassandra1151338940800Best way to use this sauce/paste...Best way to use this is best for STIR FRY.
Heat a few tablespoons of peanut oil or your favorite oil. It is good to add some roasted sesame oil to the other oil. For a large stir fry dish, add 1-2 or max max max 3 teas of Black Bean Garlic Sauce and equal amt Red Chili Garlic Paste same brand is a good one) to the oil and mix well. Of course you can squeeze in lemon or lime juice or and equal or lesser amt of Tamarind paste (cheap 6 pk on Amazon so go in on it w some friends because Tamarind paste is super concentrated and similar to lemon juice but more savory, and it is NOT a dipping sauce either) and also add more garlic and or mix in some quality peanut butter (not Skippy or other pasty kind) or sesame tahini (Joyva Tahini is my fav and cheapest at Vitacost), then add your various vegetables and meat if you want. I would NEVER consider this a dipping sauce and if adding to a broth...i would only add a speck. This keeps FOREVER refridgerated (also refridg nut butters). Always use a clean utensil to scoop out of container for longevity of freshness. :-)
236964236964B000F08KCUA397HYRD1XDWQJApache Fog "big_log"1131326844800Very good but very saltyLike almost everyone else here seems to have mentioned before me, this is incredibly salty. I'm glad I gave it a few tries to finally get it right because it is a very good sauce when used in moderation. Anything more than 1 tbsp is probably too much, and that might even be pushing it.
236965236965B000F08KCUA3UXOGC0LY7DR1Leighton Ku "Longtime DC resident"1141292371200great complement to stir fry dishes - hard to findFor years I've used this sauce in stir fry dishes, such as with cut up chicken or broccoli. I used to be able to find it in my local groceries. But it has become hard to find in stores around here. So it is great to find it at Amazon! It is somewhat salty, but a little goes a long way.
236966236966B000F08KCUAJ08NTVYB30FVMillilicious2321277424000Tasty but saltyI've cooked with this type of sauce twice now. The first time, I had it with low-sodium soy sauce in the dish I made. It turned out painfully salty to the point that we washed the dish in the sink, re-heated it and ate it that way. Even then, you could taste the saltiness.

Thinking it was my fault for even adding any type of soy sauce to it, I bought a new jar and tried it alone in the dish. Once more, the saltiness was so overpowering, one couldn't even eat anything without having to rinse the dish off.

The tastiness of the black beans and garlic is there, but the saltiness is way too overpowering and is too much to take in.
236967236967B000F08KCUA9TJ42I4GZKILFrequent Buyer0041325462400tasty, but only use in small amountsnot really a sauce, more of a flavoring agent.
been eating this for years, specifically in dish of cold noodles with peanut sauce and vegetables. We add just a bit, about 1/4 tsp for a large serving. One needs to treat it like a spice rather than a stir-fry-type sauce. It is very strong, salty, and distinctive.
I could live without it, but I choose not to. I'm not sure I'm willing to pay $9 shipped for this, when I used to be able to find it at Safeway. No more. Waa.
236968236968B000F08KCUAQBFFJL0OJ1HUL. S. Orris0051321401600This is the best!I love this sauce, I saute chicken cubes in it and add to a fresh green salad.
Makes a great dinner meal, quick and yummy. Use it in a stir fry, you'll love it.
236969236969B000F08KCUA3A9JO31PGPF7smiley0121331424000Canned flavor.I have used this product for convenience but I should be making my own. The product has a distinct canned aroma, which I believe is the result of processed garlic. I plan to make my own next time though; it's quite easy to find a recipe to make up quickly or even to store in your fridge.
236970236970B000F08KCUA3TCIQTM6LEYGJMr.GQ0131293494400Lee Kum KeeThis is a great seasoning...I knew of the product since i was a kid...As I got my own house and decided to cook, this was first on my list to buy...
236941236941B007FS8AL6A2LMB2PPCPL8AGA. Lion1151345680000Yum!I found this at a Costco over the summer, but my local Costco doesn't have it. I was happy to find it on Amazon because I love it! Sooo tasty! There are some smaller, thinner slices, as well as some nice, thick, chewy bits. I put it into my home-made trail mix for some added sweetness.
236942236942B007FS8AL6AY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson1141342483200Good And Good For You. A Nice Combination.Dried fruits and nuts constitute a fairly good portion of my diet. Thus, when I was on the latest visit to my nearby Costco Warehouse store, I spotted a display of Philippine Brand Dried Coconut. I've had the dried mangoes from this brand and they were quite good. Into the basket went an 18-ounce packet of coconut. Dried coconut is not one of my favorites, but mix it with other things and it can be quite good and good for you. For example, I read that one serving supplies 14 g of fiber, or 55 % of your daily needs. That's amazing! And with only a small amount of sodium.

This dried coconut is a bit like eating candy, except it only has a trace of sugar and is only slightly sweet. But it chews up like a candy and is quit tasty in a very mild way. I think my young boy thinks it is candy and that's a neat trick to have around. It's good and good for you. What more could you expect from a treat?

Gary Peterson
236943236943B007FS8AL6A3ON03SQTEPCNCA. Peters0051346112000LOVE!!!If you haven't tried this yet, BUY IT! More expensive than buying it at Costco, but you can only find it at some Costco's. High in fiber too! :)
236944236944B007FS8AL6A2CAW4NKVFY6I7Charlene Ronquillo5811340841600Bait and Switch!AS IN PREVIOUS REVIEW, COSTCO PRICE: $8.99.

Anyway, I loved the ORIGINAL Philippine Dried Young Coconut which used to have sulfur dioxide as the preservative.
The original version was heavenly. I could go through a bag of the original one in 2-3 days, it tasted that good.

However, in the past month - end of June 2012 - they have switched to using sodium metabisulfate as the preservative, and it is completely inedible. This new version tastes awful, horrible, rancid. I cannot even stomach the *smell* of the new one, much less the taste.

The old and new versions are two completely different products in my opinion! I'd say the bottom line is don't waste your money on this one unless and until they go back to using the old formula. (Contact them!)
236945236945B007FS8AL6A13JMHBI18UV9TPen Name0111350172800Simply disgustingI am a huge coconut fan but this product had an awful taste as well as texture. I could barely chew it! I was so excited to get the coconut to snack on but 1 bite was enough for me : (
236946236946B007FS8AL6A3D4WVSVMHTAQABig H0131349740800Good snack but not worth the priceI first bought this product at Costco and thought it was a great snack. Then Costco discontinued it so after a while I was craving it so I searched and found it on Amazon but the price was nearly twice what I paid for it. I reluctantly ordered it to satisfy my craving but I am done now. It simply is not worth $17 a bag
236947236947B007FS8AL6A22ESM89AJP5XQRaven Rhys0111341619200Bait and Switch or Just a Mistake?Old bags were 1g sugar per serving. The new bags are 18g sugar per serving!!! How does this happen? I want to eat this stuff. Loved it. But, not now. Confused as to why the product has changed so much, from last year.
236948236948B007FS8AL6A25K7JINKWBK85Denise G. Olazar1311350172800Loved it until I questioned the fat content.I love the taste of this coconut. I read about the fact that they sold it as having "1 gram" of sugar, then eventually corrected their labels to show 18 grams of sugar. HUGE DIFFERENCE! I thought it was healthy-14 grams of fiber with only 4 grams of fat. Now I SERIOUSLY question the fat content. If 42 grams of shredded coconut has 25 grams of fat, how can 42 grams of this coconut only have 4 grams of fat? I saw the shredded coconut at Whole Foods and read the label. I mean that stuff seems dry, yet they claim this product only has 4 grams? I don't believe it. Okay, add to the fact that I've been gaining weight and wasn't sure why-this is the only thing I have changed in my diet. BUYER BEWARE-TOO MUCH SUGAR AND I CAN'T BELIEVE ONLY 4 GRAMS OF FAT. I'm considering having it tested, that is how pissed off I am. I thought it was a relatively healthy evening sweet.
236949236949B007FS8AL6A113U8EKDA5AUSspringhill0221339545600smell and taste seem offI have bought this product a couple of times and really enjoyed it. BUT this last 2 bags has a weird smell and taste that seems stale or maybe chemical ish. A bunch of the pieces have an orange stain on them . I choose this product because it seemed a healthy alternative to satisfy my sweet tooth but now it has me concerned about the manufacturing.
236950236950B007FS8AL6A2KRDEVZC46BSRrturnbul1621344988800Tastes like candy .... because it is candy.Check the label. There are 18 grams of sugar in 1 serving; not 1 gram. The label you read was wrong. You should have known by the taste anyway. Soon as I tried it, I said that it was too good to be true. And it wasn`t. My advice to you: get your kids to the dentist cause their teeth are gonna fall out after eating all of that sugar. No doubt your kids are hooked and addicted to sugar now.

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