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237062237062B004ZU0RAEA1CRE4H9CRR327Farheen Raza "Freeni"0041324512000I have my sanity back!These bottles have saved me from the insanity of constant sleepless nights with a colicky baby.
My older son never had this issue so I used Avent bottles with him, with my second we had a differnt story.

These bottles helped with his colic within a day, he was spitting up much less, he slept soundly in between feeds. And of course, the angle reduced air intake so he wasnt as cranky.

I was glad these dont have many parts, like most anti colic bottles, the nipple is a size which most babies can easily adapt to, and the comfy grip gives a good hold.

Plus these arent as expensive as most bottles on the market.

The only downside is that they arent wide at the neck, so getting formula in takes patience, but otherwise no issues!
237063237063B004ZU0RAEA2DSCTK5JI45QSKym "Military mama"0031322438400Love bottles but break oftenI love these bottles. The only downside is that in the past 2 weeks, I've broken about 6 between me and her daycare. They don't do very well if your warming your bottle (I use premixed formula that stays in the fridge). They crack at the bottom ever so slightly that when I did put nursery water in them to go out my diaper bag got soaked and ruined her diapers. Katelyn was born with no sucking reflex and these bottle nipples helped her sooo much due to the wider base but not a breastfeeding nipple. I would recommend the nipples since the are super cheap ($1.25 ish at walmart) and put it in a thicker bottle that works. I use the bottles still, call it loyalty but just be forewarned, they don't last long and break. The funny thing is the green ones have never broke! Every single blue one has and I only have 1 purple remaining. I don't know what the difference is.....hope this helps. You get what you paid for and I bought super expensive bottles for my little girl, but nope...she likes these.
237064237064B004ZU0RAEA2NJD9XKOWSMVBlolita0011320451200dont be fooled.....I bought these bottles mainly bcoz they looked attractive and of course the brand name....but these are just not as good as they look....leakages galore, parts that dont fit into each other & much would atleast expect the dome cap to fit in so that you can close the bottle when travelling but it dosent...i woulkd give it 1 star for the looks...
237065237065B004ZU0RAEA3DSY3G929LMZKrachel0011318550400horriblethe lids don't screw on right. you have to do it quite a few times to get it right and then sometimes they still leak.
237066237066B004ZU0RAEA19P3L6XL9JJOLbrandon richards0011317513600Don't buy these bottlesOur son is 2 months old and over half of these bottles are already broken. We are careful, gentle people so it is not from neglect. The nipples stop sealing, the lids start popping off, and the bottles crack and break even when washed gently by hand. Trust me - you and your child will be happier with another product.
237067237067B004ZU0RAEA1HIE87X81NY00UW Poke0011315008000Not durable!We bought these bottles about 1month ago. Our daughter is very picky about bottles a chokes on many nipples. She is breastfed, but we needed to start introducing bottles for daycare. She did very well with these bottles. In this month, 2 of the 3 rings that go on the bottom of the nipple have developed bubbles, making them useless. One bottle is on the verge of shattering and the other 2 have large cracks. These bottles are not durable at all. We hand wash these bottles, followed by a steam sterilizer. She only gets one bottle a day, so we haven't used them very much. Don't buy. They are a waste of money.
237068237068B004ZU0RAEA1UFL2GLH9C1H9LoveBeingMom0011313884800AWFUL bottlesI bought these for my second daughter because I was looking to replace our 5-year old Avent bottles with BPA-free. I chose these because of the Evenflo name and the design/shape. Horrible decision. Every one of them has broken when dropped. Not only did I spend money on buying these bottles in the first place, but now I have had to buy new Avent ones as well. I am very disappointed in Evenflo, and will certainly not be too keen to buy anymore of their products.
237069237069B004ZU0RAEAFZWGFSPPVUA6Mommy130041309132800Love these bottles!!!We got these bottles for my 7 month old daughter when she was about 3 months and we switched her from breast milk to formula. They have been wonderful, the angle is wonderful because it made get less air in her tummy, and I have found them to be quite durable. We do wash them by hand though, so that might be the difference. We also heat them in a cup of hot microwaved water for every feeding and we have never had any of our 9 break or crack. The only thing that i don't really like is that the opening is a little on the small side, so it takes some practice to get the formula powder in without spilling, but over all i would highly reccomend these bottles.
237070237070B004ZU0RAEAX5EU0VKMRR8MIzzy's mama0041308960000never had a problem - work great!My daughter is now 7 months old, and we have been using these bottles pretty much since the day we brought her home from the hospital.. The only trouble they have given us is that they have a narrow "mouth" so it can be a pain to carefully scoop formula. But we have not had to replace any bottles because of them wearing out - only to go up in size as she got older. I love these and recommend them. She can now hold them herself well too (supervised of course).

I will note though - we dont heat her bottles - just room temperature water. She's always preferred that and makes life easier! Perhaps that makes a difference in the longevity?
237071237071B004ZU0RAEA23QYBKI1630CVBlei Mom0011305849600Not recommended for babies nursing.Perhaps, these work for formula-fed babies but my son primarily nurses and these bottles did not suit him. He drooled most of the breast milk and spit up the rest... I personally recommend Nuk.
237072237072B004ZU0RAEAGBGCHUU94UGXJTrinh0051304380800Used these for yearsok....I've used these bottles for 4 years, so I can't understand why some reviewers complain of them cracking. They do if you drop them....when they are full and heavy. I wash mine in the dishwasher.... That's my only complaint...the neck is narrow so I worry about it being completely clean. (btw I use bio kleen dishwashing detergent, supposedly safer). I always rinse again just in case.

The outer colored plastic on the side of the bottle does melt when heated....but it doesn't leach into the inside because it's on the outside. I placed it in the microwave (not supposed to?) and that's why that plastic part melted.

I don't use the silicone nipples that come with them. My little girls are picky, they only like the soft tannish ones that I have to special order.

I no longer use these bottles though because I find the glass bottles (same maker) wash a lot cleaner in the dishwasher. Plus I can put them in the microwave w/no worries. My fears of the girls dropping the glass bottles are unfounded.
237073237073B004ZU0RAEA1LPF2G8SVCAI9O. Haugland0021303257600CracksWe have had these bottles for a few months now and are down to 2 left of 4. All ended up cracking or leaking. We hand wash the bottles. The shape and style is excellent, but the quality is sub par and not acceptable for an infant product. I do not recommend this product.
237074237074B004ZU0RAEALXYKBMLCS6JHConrad Davis0011300752000Cracks, and measurements wrongWe used these bottle with our first kids, and when we bought some new ones we noticed that the 1oz line was actually 1.5oz, this was not a huge deal, we just had to measure down half an ounce.

Then they starting breaking, all of ours have micro cracks and a few have broken. We will be tossing these and buying all new soon.
237075237075B004ZU0RAEA3W563PVMG2TZ2Amanda L. Parks0011298505600Lower price but no bargainI bought one set of these because we needed some extra bottles and the price was lower. I never have the energy to keep bottles clean at the same rate my daughter uses them. I usually use glass bottles but wanted to try a different style out. The glass bottles have proven to be a far better investment. By six weeks, one bottle had to be thrown out because it got a crack up the side. The remaining two will most likely not last much longer. They have micro cracks all over. All of my bottles are handwashed so heat is not the problem. They just seem to be made out of terrible plastic.

As for design, my baby isn't picky about nipples or wanting bottles with fancy vents or straws. She eats the same no matter the shape of the bottle. However, I personally hated holding these. I didn't find them more comfortable to use or easier to keep milk in the nipple, which is supposedly the point of angled bottles. But that's a personal preference.

It's definitely back to straight glass bottles for me, even if they are much heavier.
237076237076B004ZU0RAEARRMF1FDVZ1JKjane0021283472000difficult to cleanthis is an amendment to an earlier review.
we have been using these bottles for a few weeks now and it's become clear that our bottle brush does not reach all around the bottom of the bottle. i suppose i could stuff a rag down there and use a butter knife to try and clean it but i don't have time for that kind of thing. our son has developed a preference for the nuby wide mouth bottle with handles and the vari-flow nipple (we were trying 4 different bottles as we moved up from 4 oz to 8 (or 10 or whatever) oz bottles) anyway, so we have ordered more of those and are not going to use these any longer.

below is the original review.
we have been using these bottles for about a week now and are very pleased. these bottles make it very easy to feed baby in a more upright position. we have not had any problem with swallowing air or with nipple collapse. i find the indentations on the side really do make it easier and more comfortable for me to hold the bottle. i like that this bottle does not have any extra parts to wash, unlike some other bottles designed to reduce air ingestion. my baby (five months old, using bottles for 3 months now) has not had problems adjusting to any nipple we've tried and he took to this nipple with no problem. we did order more nipples in the medium flow rate, as these come with a slow flow nipple and our baby is starting to get frustrated with those. i love that they are bpa free. i was a little concerned they may be difficult to clean, but they are not. likewise, it is not harder to put the formula in them; just turn the bottle so the opening is facing your hand. i give these 4 stars and not five mostly because they do not have handles. my baby really wants to hold his own bottle (some of the time) and these bottles are too big for him; he just can't wield them. we have other bottles that do have handles and he just loves that. also, while i have no problems with the bottle itself leaking (just be sure not to screw nipple on too tightly or loosely), the nipple (the medium flow more so) does drip when bottle is held upside down or on it's side. on that note, the lids do not touch the nipples when on; so if you shake your formula in the bottle you do have to touch nipple with your fingers. all in all this product was just what it said it would be and we are very happy with it.
237077237077B004ZU0RAEA2HZME19S4BPJ0DantesMommy0051269907200Will buy these from now on.My mom bought these to use at her house for my son while I opted to buy the ventaire by Playtex. Guess mom knew best. The bottles I bought leaked and the numbers came off some of the bottles. I ended up stealing all her Evenflo bottles and buying more of our own.

The nipples don't leak, the bottles last, I will buy them for future children.

The only problem I have had with them is my fiance busted/cracked a bottle while shaking it up for my son once. He says he squeezed it too hard and it cracked. However, I'm certain that could happen with any bottle... and I'd much rather have to clean that mess once in 6 months than clean tons and tons of sheets, outfits, and furniture every week that have leaked milk everywhere.

237078237078B004ZU0RAEA3KNB47WC74DAWY. Cruz0051269216000I love these bottles!I went through every single bottle at my local department store. Most of the bottles leaked or the nipple flow would be to slow or to fast. These bottles were perfect! The nipples these bottles use are wonderful. They have a pressure system, so the flow is exactly what the baby needs. The only thing I would warn about these bottles are the lids don't snap on well and the colored side peices will get soft and even melt if left in a warmer to long. Those issues weren't significant enough for me to stop using them, and I still feel they are the best bottles out of all of the other ones I've tried.
237079237079B004ZU0RAEA5QLK6JAMWDA2K. Bronski0011264464000These bottles are like egg shellsWe purchased 15 of these bottles because they worked well for our daughter other than the fact you have to very carefully put the milk/powder in the small opening and they will leak if the collar is not screwed on just right or the nipple will collapse if the collar is screwed on too tightly.

However, we currently have only three left because 12 have broken. The last bottle that broke fell literally one foot off of a small chair and cracked up the side. Don't waste your money on these bottles because they will not last.
237080237080B004ZU0RAEA2QTITD7HVKDPLM. Stio0041253059200I tried A LOT of different bottles, this one worked the best!I tried every bottle out there! Expensive, not expensive...with bags, without...This is the bottle that my son could actually drink out of. He has used them since he was a week old, he is now 11 months. This is the only bottle that didn't leak. There isn't multiple pieces, or certain ways to put it together so it would work. So night time feedings were quick. With the bottle at a slant, it helped with the air bubbles.

I did not give it 5 stars though, because it is a bit of a pain to clean. But it is still a great bottle!!
237081237081B004ZU0RAEA1DWIEGN4QJ52XSona Slocum0011252886400Just awfulThese bottles are really quite bad. Maybe if you started your baby on them and she/he was used to them from the begining... but the nipples are too hard. There is no venting so LOTS of bubbles form. Baby has to stop drinking to relieve pressure. I'm sticking with Dr. Browns bottles... they do have a lot of parts - but they are by far the best ones I've tried.
237082237082B004ZU0RAEA2TMBR0A8BU1UIMichelle Fronczek "Milwaukee Mom"0011252540800LEAKY!We got these when we were switching from nursing to formula. I liked the angled aspect among other things. Well...I am not satisfied with these at all! They leak 90% of the time and it is just a pain! I found a "way/method" of screwing the tops on so that they don't leak too bad, but overall they are just a pain and even with my "way/method" they still leak very often. I am having a really hard time understanding how other parents rated these bottles a 5. Seriously? I will not waste ten dollars on fancy bottles again. We have had the best luck (ie-no leaks) with Wal-Marts Parent's Choice bottles and they only cost 97 cents a piece.
237083237083B004ZU0RAEA2CEK40X7DSIJ6Anna Hanson0051249603200I love these bottlesWhen I decided to formula-feed my third son I went to the store and picked out a few different types of bottles to try. He had been breastfed for a couple of weeks and had no problem switching between breast and bottle, no matter which bottle we used. I decided to purchase more of the Purely Comfi bottles because the nipple flow isn't too fast (unlike the others we tried). It doesn't hurt that I think they are best looking bottles, too. I haven't had a problem with them leaking or breaking. The only issue I have is they are harder to clean because they are thin and a bottle brush doesn't easily fit. So far, I'm glad I chose these bottles.
237084237084B004ZU0RAEA3V0FUHUOGU21BC. Corley0011241654400Bottles break easilyI bought these bottles for my 4 month old daughter because they were one of the few BPA free choices at the time. In four months 8 of these bottles have cracked at the bottom! I thought at first it was a fluke or that I had overused a specific bottle, but 8 in 4 months is just unacceptable. This is a terrible product and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.
237085237085B004ZU0RAEAFUET4TIS1BF4Ashlee0021238544000Didn't like these at allI hardly ever write negative reviews, but I hope to save someone else the time and money I wasted on these bottles. I read the mediocre reviews on the Purely Comfi bottles. Nevertheless, I purchased them in hopes that my daughter would latch on and that the negative reviews were a result of others' being picky. I began with the Playtex nurser systems, because I thought they would be easiest with expressed breast milk, but my daughter would not latch on to the widemouth nipples after using small ones in the hospital.

We used the 6 ounce size and had 6 bottles. I love the colors of the Comfi bottles, and I like the shape and size. The nipples are pretty good too; my daughter did well with them. However, there are some issues. Some of mine leak around the nipple, and others leak around the screw cap. Not only is it difficult to keep my daughter from getting wet, my precious breast milk is being "fed" to her outfit or bib! One of the most inconvenient things about the bottles: the nipple ring does not screw onto the bottle well. It's like there isn't enough thread on the bottle. More than a few times, I have pulled off the nipple cover only to see that the entire screw top and nipple came with it! Now I have to be very careful when removing the nipple cover. Then, after using the bottles for a while, I couldn't even get the tops to screw on at all. Two of my nipple covers have broken and can no longer be used. I don't even know how they broke. They haven't been subjected to any harsh conditions! The bottles also pour miserably. If I need an extra ounce from a bottle in the fridge, I cannot pour from one bottle to another without wasting milk and getting it all over the counter.
In summary, I would not buy these again. In Evenflo's defense, I contacted them, and they sent me more bottles, but they were no better. The customer service person was nice though. I regret buying these, because we had to buy all new bottles, which resulting in a few days if irritable feedings as my daughter has to get accustomed to a new nipple. I wish I had just bought the more expensive Dr. Brown's bottles from the beginning.
237086237086B004ZU0RAEA131EK4ILWXDEQMrs.S0111328745600Terrible BottlesI bought these bottles because I liked the angled look and the afforable price. After using them a few times for my two month old, I can honestly say I strongly dislike them. I only recommend these if you want to see and hear air while your baby is sucking. The nipples are SO slow!! It takes my son almost 30 minutes to finish 4.5 ounces! Using Dr. Brown's bottles, it only takes about half that time. The Evenflo bottles also tend to leak, even with the nipple secured tightly. Save your money for something better.
237087237087B004ZU0RAEA3JRC5HWTFGSN9NYPA Girl "L.J."0121323216000Disappointed...they leak!!!Bought two packs of these bottles a few months ago at Sears. Was interested in a bottle with an angled neck to ensure baby wasn't sucking air
237088237088B004ZU0RAEA2H11AT092SHRAK. Hamm0111308873600these bottles SUCKCan you say cheap? We had a 3 pack of these. The first one mysteriously got a crack along the bottom of it, and I caught it in time to transfer the formula that was in it into a different bottle and just toss it. The 2nd one shattered into oblivion while in our diaper bag at a friend's house, getting all over everything in the diaper bag, on our friend's wood floor and couch. I went home after that and inspected the 3rd one and saw tiny hairline cracks all over the bottom of it, like it could give way at any minute, so I just tossed it. Not worth it. The nipples on these were awesome for the first month of my son's life because they were really tiny for his tiny little mouth, so I guess they worked ok for the first part of their life, but they aren't worth buying over all the other bottles out there. If you get these as a gift, donate them. Don't buy them.
237089237089B004ZU0RAEA2NB8AVNPOATCVliz.k.b.rom0111286409600DO BOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!The colored plastic melts when hot! when I dumped the remaining formula out, it was tinted the color of the plastic sides! My baby ingested plastic!? I am contacting evenflo and my pediatrician.
237090237090B004ZU0RAEA18OJH46CSHJR4Angela Holtz "Source of all Comfort"0111248048000Don't buy these bottlesI bought these bottles because I liked that they were BPA free and they looked comfortable. They are awful. There's a lip inside the bottle that's a pain and makes it feel cheap. And the real reason I hate this bottle, all 3 broke. My son would drop it and it shattered each and every time. Today I lost the last bottle and I'm going to be calling Evenflo tomorrow to complain.

Now don't take this as a slam against evenflo. I have the glass bottles and the very cheap BPA free bottles and those are all great. But the comfit really aren't built to last even though they cost the most.
237061237061B004ZU0RAEA1W1QELBCFW8K9lilmomma10110011325376000not impressedI originally bought playtex ventair advanced bottles and I loved them. although as a new mom I didn't think to buy enough bigger ones for more ounces. I love the curved bottles and I seen these were 4 dollars cheaper than the ones I bought originally, and me being cheap, bought them. My son latches on to it very oddly, and his pacifier and other bottle nipples are different from each other so I know it's not because it's "different nipple". Also the cap does not screw on very tight. and when closing them with the cap on, you don't know if you screwed it on all the way as the cap keeps going. Will not be keeping these.

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