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237121237121B000XF165UA35I9XJS14RDK2B. Underwood2431254528000Gift basketGreat gift idea. Good variety of foods in the basket. Reasonable price although shipping was quite expensive. Arrived right on time.
237122237122B0045G8KJ8AOINAOO0NQRGNRooster Eberle2231346371200An excellent product with hygienic handling problemsIn general, Del Monte canned fruits are of excellent quality deserving of a five-star rating. These peaches are no exception...except for what seem to be persistent problems in Amazon's handling of Del Monte products.

I use subscription purchases to get Del Monte peaches and mandarin oranges from Amazon. Of the last four shipments I have received in the last two months, three have been very unhygienic. The cans were dusty and scraped, and they looked like they had been rolling loose on a warehouse floor and then gathered up and repackaged. Cans in one shipment were severely dented almost to the point of rupturing.

It's not clear where in the supply chain this problem is occurring. It may be in an Amazon warehouse. Or Del Monte may be selling seconds to Amazon. Either way, the product being delivered to the customer is something I would not choose myself from a supermarket shelf.

I've advised Amazon customer service of this problem. You should do the same if this problem occurs. And I will update this review if the problem is resolved.
237123237123B0045G8KJ8A1RVACT1QE0MLGVicki L.0021350432000The taste has changedI am a long-time consumer of Del Monte canned products, and their 100% Juice Sliced Peaches have been my favorite as long as they have been produced. It has not been uncommon for me to eat an entire can in one sitting, several times a week. Not any longer... Several months ago, this item started sporting "Improved Taste!" on the label. When I first saw this, I wondered what they changed; the ingredient list is short, the way I like all of my ingredient lists: peaches, peach juice, pear juice, natural flavor, ascorbic acid. (If I could get it without the "natural flavor," that would appeal to me even more.) I do not know if they have a new source of peaches or juice or ascorbic acid, a new formula for the natural flavor they add, or a new process, but whatever they did, improvement is not a word I would use to describe the change. My mouth still waters when I think about what used to be, but I am sorely disappointed each time I eat them now. I do not like the new flavor, and I am left with a strange aftertaste. This does not happen with other foods or beverages, so this is due to the product, not me. When my current supply is gone (and I plan to give them away to speed up the process), I will not be buying any more. Since the change, I have bought them at various times from Amazon, local grocery stores, and discount supercenters, just in case the issue stemmed from certain batches or storage conditions, but the flavor has been consistently bad. You may not agree, and should not be afraid to try them, especially if you value short ingredient lists, as I do, but I certainly would not recommend buying a large quantity until you know for sure.

Another reason I chose to post a review was to agree with a posting by Rooster Eberle on 8-31-12 informing customers of multiple Del Monte canned peaches shipments he received from Amazon which were dented and dirty. My July 2012 order of two six-packs was received in the same condition, and I canceled Subscribe and Save on this product because of it. I threw away several of the cans, and decided I would rather hand-select my cans in a local store. They were, indeed, in very bad condition. I did separately contact Amazon about this recently. Hopefully Rooster will post if future shipments arrive in better shape.

I have to add that I am a long-time Amazon Prime customer who places frequent orders of many types of items, and 98% of the time I am extremely pleased with products, service, and shipping. I brag about Amazon to my friends, and suggest that they might want to become Prime members, also. So this is not a case of sour grapes about any aspect of Amazon, just a case of sour peaches...
237124237124B000XR5MLWA1RUHECPH9085OFrosty121231275264000Arrived melted from the heatSaddly, I won't get to write a review about how the candy bars tasted because they were allowed to melt in the mailbox in 90 degree heat. The shipper Indulgence chose to carelessly ship the product in a USPS mailer that had no markings stating that the contents were temperature sensitive or perishable. Had they made that simple effort, my postman would have never left them to be destroyed in the heat. There was a cooling packet in the box but without any insulation...that effort was surely moot.

When we contacted them about getting a replacement...they simply suggested that we wait until winter to order any Candy from them. Our suggestions to mark the packages fell on deaf ears. If you live anywhere that is warm at all...don't order and perishibles from them.
237125237125B000XR5MLWA3CCHD6Q7NTFKLydia A. Nyburg "voracious reader"3351196380800The yummiest chocolate bar ever made.I got hooked on these candy bars when I lived in London in the early 90s. Finally, last spring, during a trip to Epcot Center in Orlando, I found a shop that had Curly Wurly Bars. I bought 20 of them on the spot. Little did I know, that by sharing them with my 2 sons, ages 5 and 7, I had created another Curly Wurly addict. The supply dwindled mysteriously until they were completely gone in a few days. THAT's how good they are, chewy, chocolatey, and delightful, and definitely worth risking a mother's wrath for.
237126237126B000XR5MLWA3CIUY0WMG5RHQE. M. Rupert "E. Michael Rupert"1151295568000Marathon Bars now kwown as Curly Wurly Bars are available again!I was very happy to find one of my childhood favorite candy bars (Marathon Bars) still being produced (in a narrower form) as the Curly Wurly. They are braided caramel smothered in chocolate, and they are brilliant!
237127237127B000XR5MLWA2EM4AZL4SQU4RL. JOURNELL "bULLETT"0011350864000not so stats: male, 40, east coast born.

i remember Marathon Bars as a child and how AWESOME they were....years ago they stopped making them so i did a little research and came across this bar which bills itsself as a proper replacement.

no its not. its MUCH smaller, the caramel is MUCH tougher and the chocolate is alot cheaper (not to mention it arrived old and out of date)

so....if you are looking for a replacement bar...its just not made....but if you are looking for stale, old chocolate bars which take forever to receive in the mail....this is for you!!!!

the positive reviews here have to come from the way any sane person would think these are similar...if you notice the reviews (like i fell for) you can kinda tell.
237128237128B000XR5MLWA26X6ME6AHS1Q6no0041350259200Not a Marathon BarThis candy bar is much thinner than the old Marathon Bar. Don't expect the thick chewy caramel you remember. Tasty but not the real deal, Sad.
237129237129B000XR5MLWA24IELAURB7KLOJ. Ferreira0051339372800Similiar to the Marathan Bar - Brings back Childhood memoriesGrowing up, we had the Marathon candy bar made by the M&M/Mars Candy company. Well for whatever reason, over the years, the candy bar disappeared from store shelves. Someone told me that this candy bar made by the Cadbury Candy company was the same thing (just a bit smaller). I purchased these...and guess what...they are!!!! I love these confectioneries - Rich chocolate and Carmel in a braided form. They are soooooo good!!! Thank you for making these candy bars available in the United States! I will definitely buy more in the near future.
237130237130B000XR5MLWA1XOA8R0B89T0HSR-GR0051338508800Marathon bar returnsIf you loved the Marathon bar as a kid, or just love really chewy caramel covered with chocolate, then this is the bar for you.
237131237131B000XR5MLWA3A22CWKXCGNJ4lidavis37510051328313600Curly WurlyA friend of mine found out that I could order some of the candies from our childhood in southern California. She asked me to find her Marathon bars which I did under the name Curly Wurly....she loves them....they were a little worse for wear by going thru customs but they tasted exactly like she remembered - excellent! Thank you so much......
237132237132B000XR5MLWA15URXLTJFIK8RHoward Sawallisch "Ho Daddy"0051313107200trip to memory laneMy wife and I enjoyed the Marathon bars as children and one she asked if they still made them. After a little digging on the net I found the "Curly Wurly" bars. They are as good as I remember. The seller ships them with a cold pack so they come fresh without being melted. Great for a visit to your childhood years.
237133237133B000XR5MLWA28FB66NL3HLBFRegi0051299283200Brings back memoriesRemember eating these as a kid. My husband and I have been telling our own children about the "marathon bar" for years and when I found them online, I thought "this is the perfect Valentines Day gift for my husband". He is really enjoying them. Great purchase!
237134237134B000XR5MLWA38F7KOKP9DNTGSteven Konley0051291075200MMMMM - Curly WurlyI'm a huge fan of the Curly Wurly. As a kid I loved the Marathon bar, and the Curly Wurly is an adequate substitute.
237135237135B000XR5MLWA22Y0T550SGO4OTimothy J. Schultz "TJ"0021289260800DisappointedHave had good luck in the past but this shipment arrived all grey in color and appeared to be dried out.
237136237136B000XR5MLWA1SZHGIBDDISQIJ. Jerome "HPC"0051255219200Marathon bar clone.Bought this since I heard it was just like the old marathon bar from the late 80s and early 90s sold in the US. The curly wirly delivers! The shipping was super fast (3days) and came with a ice pack to keep it from melting on the way! Awesome seller!
237137237137B000XR5MLWA19FN9USPI001DZ0131299196800Just get some RolosThe Curly Wurly was really good but not for the price. If you really want the taste of chocolate over caramel, buy a pack of Rolos for half the price and no shipping. It was fun to see them again as a one time thing though.
237138237138B000XR5MLWA2DBO1Y1BPODQ9Melissa L. Chappell1331280102400Very good candyReceived timely, package well. Unfortunately, not like the marathon bar that I remember. Great chocolate, just not a marathon bar. Thanks for trying, Cadbury.
237139237139B0032G6NG4A2GG80H7CDJZY6Bread Woman "Dottie"0051309824000Red Cherry Sweet Pepper SeedsWe grow all of our own veggies and normally buy seeds from local farm coop...but this particular seed was not available. They have produced well and indeed a quality seed. Excellent
237140237140B002PSROV8A601IGAG8FWGWC. Clark3341299024000My Favorite K-cupI like a stronger coffee in the morning and this fits the bill. It has a bite but isn't fact, it has a little sweetness to it (though I understand all this depends on your taste buds...). Since it's a bold version, you use the larger cup button...but I run water through this twice on the smaller (6oz) cup setting (yes...I use a BIG mug) and it's perfect with cream (no sugar....).
237141237141B002PSROV8A2Q2PX3DKT6B7SCoffee buyer0051335139200A yummy treat for the officeOur office staff love this strong bold coffee. It is a 2 in the afternoon favorite. We will be ordering it again to keep our people going on those busy work days.
237142237142B002PSROV8A1H7CCRYLD4QB4Margaret A. Gawne Mark "Pegasus GM"0051311552000Favorite!This is my husband's favorite. I wish they made it in decaf for me. He calls it his "weekend coffee" because he loves to savor it on weekends.
237143237143B002PSROV8AQOY2YLZEPKCKMary K Krupinski0051300320000Excellent!!!!If you love a stronger blend of coffee then this is the one! It is bold yet smooth. Lots of wonderful minor but tasty flavors going on! It is not as stong as the Green Mountain Midnight Magic which was just a little too stong. I just wish I could find a little bit of a better price!
237144237144B0015W8J1YA3MNTWFA91BJWHMichael L. Hunzeker2351268784000best Dog food per priceBuying on amazon through retailers,--- other than petfood direct. ----Used to be a customer of theirs but if you click on special discount offers you are signed up for a service that will bill your charge card $14 a month----Surprised such companies resort to scams

Wll buy fromms through anyone but Petfood Direct
237145237145B004QXEY18A3AOGGI7FJXU7JBrowser0051328486400Great multi use extract!This extract is a fantastic flavoring and we also keep some in a tiny lid or holder with cotton ball saturated with it in the garage & RV to keep the mice away. It's not 100% for the critters but works well.
237146237146B001EPPZDCA7GMDKJSMTM51Joseph C. Talbott "Joseph C. Talbott lederman"0051324944000Berres Brothers coffee - uuuummmm goodBerres Brothers Coffee didn't last long around the house. It was all gone, yes, three 12-ounce bags, was gone before we knew it. Good flavor, just wish I was able to drink the regular instead of decaf. I want to try their other flavors as well as the non-flavored coffee in the future.
237147237147B001EPPZDCA15WP8GVOPBU9Imooster30051301788800Love it!This is exceptionally tasty coffee. My daughter bought me some for Christmas, and I had to be sure to replenish the supply. Wouldn't want to run out. I'm thinking of taking bags of it as hostess gifts instead of wine from now on.
237149237149B000E1FY3IA1C4PZDQ84I9MAMy Uncle Stu141951150243200Mix, Garnish, Anoint, Cover, Remove, Transfer, Serve, Anaphylax, Rescue, Enjoy!I love cashews. Watch out around the kids, a lot of kids are developing nut allergies these days so be careful. But, if everyone's cool with the nuts, check out the Libman salad:

You take some baby spinach or whatever greens you are into, 5 or 6 cups worth, and whatever else you like to throw in a salad, l'il bitty slices of celery, some carrots, cucumbers... I'd throw in some sliced green onion and some sesame seeds too, but your call.

Then, you throw in the honey roasted cashews. You can even go with half a cup or more of these things. Throw in some fresh berries. You get crunchy, salty, and sweet all covered right there. Now here's what you do: Make your dressing with 1/2 cut vegetable oil, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar, and 1 half teaspoon of pepper. Seriously, it's good. Try it, thank me later. Goes well with Tanqueray, Sudoku, Gabby La La, dental floss, and poptarts.
237150237150B000E1FY3IAKHFY3VCNZL2WDan Huse1151200614400Mom loved them!My Mom is a big cashew fan, and she really enjoyed these. You can always count on Planters.

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