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237151237151B000E1FY3IAXFSTG66N6IB6Toy Boy00513501728003 Oz is great size to share.I like these because there are enough cashews to pour into a small bowl and share with wife and friends over a beer. We get and order of these for our vacation cabin, and they make a great, portable beloved snack when we visit neighbors or they pop over to our place. The cashews keep fresh forever, and Planters has the honey roasting formula down perfectly. Great to get via Amazon prime.
237152237152B000E1FY3IA18UVHCREY2RE2Rob R.0051282089600Love These Nuts!They are good, and the individual packs assures that they stay fresh in between the times that you eat them. High recommend. The price is great too.
237153237153B000E1FY3IA3AEFIPFMHPWY2K. Hein0041262995200Tasty, but risky!I like them a lot, but with all the sweets, I've put on the pounds.
237154237154B000E1FY3IA2ZC7ZKG9UYZ1ST. Kosco "Emsmom"0051225756800Best snack ever!!!!!!!!They are not too salty and not too sweet. They are easy to chew. I can't get enough of them!!!!!!!
237155237155B000E1FY3IAENJBZSAD6ARYRPP "RPP"0051216425600nuts and honeyThe small bags are perfect for freshness and the cashews are covered with just the right amount of salt and honey. Delicious.
237156237156B000E1FY3IA37C06L7V42ER3S. Tyler0051214956800Planter's Honey Roasted CashewsWell, I am one of those rare Americans who struggles to put on weight instead of the normal battle to lose weight. But these cashews are a great snack. A little high in fat - but also loaded with lots of good minerals. And they are not too sweet, a good mixture of honey, salt and sugar. I really like them. Just eat and enjoy.
237157237157B000E1FY3IA9K66KK2IBJO8Pat Marriott "xoxoxoprn"0041214784000Yummy for a big tummy~These are delicious but quite high in the calorie department~ It'a hard to stop eating the whole bag once you get started~
237158237158B007P6L3DAA1LPL5EJMM7PR3Megan2251343606400Healthy plantThis is one of the best purchases I have made from Hirt's.

A brief comment on the packaging: instead of the regular tape they use at the base of the plant (I assume to keep the soil in the pot), they wrapped a lightly damp soft paper around the base and then wrapped that and the pot in plastic (I assume to hold in the moisture). It arrived in excellent condition - not a leaf was broken, the entire plant was green, and it was at the right size (not too small/young, not too old/root-bound) for repotting.

I repotted the plant 3 days after arrival into a 9.5 inch basket, though it probably would've done just as well in the pot in which it arrived for another 1-2 weeks. It arrived fantastically healthy and has started growing wonderfully in the new pot.

One comment on my overall purchase: the plant arrived in a 4" pot, not a 6" hanging basket. I had my own cute basket and the plant arrived in great form, so it did not change my satisfaction.
237159237159B007P6L3DAAX3Y61HYDG8AVFLA Gal1151341446400Healthy plants!I ordered a number of plants from Hirt's recently, this one included. Each plant is healthy, robust and larger than I had expected. They were all packaged so well that as the plants came out of the box they looked as though we had taken them off a shelf at our local nursery. As these spider plants are in presentable 6" hanging baskets, they are ready to display either hanging or sitting on a shelf without the need to repot, which would be required of a 4" pot. I will be ordering from Hirt's again and would recommend this vendor to everyone.
237160237160B007P6L3DAA2EDCV2RCCVDKPJeanne Gladilina1251340582400great hanging plantWe were looking for a hanging plant that does not need a lot of light, to hang near the windows. it fit perfectly and is doing well.
237161237161B007P6L3DAA2233RGBCW4FVDGallifrey0121346284800Nice plant but no hanging basketThis plant arrived in the 4in pot and I have never received the hanging basket. The only contact information for them is the email address, where they never responded to my complaint. It is most disappointing as the plant is nice and growing fine, but I would like the hanging basket I paid extra for. I have received other plants from Hirts with no trouble so I don't know what their problem is with this one
237162237162B000AM2I8UA2XWBUI4K0YLZ2G. Smith5611257638400My 5lb order contained 3.9 lbs.I received 3.9 lbs in my 5 lb order. The remaining pound consisted of catalogs. The quality of the product was fine and it was shipped quickly. The short quantity was the only problem, but it was 20% short. The company told me that the manufacturer indicated that the order was shipped correctly and that they never had this problem before. I was careful to weigh it a couple times on different scales to make sure. KV Vet Supply Company said they believed that the order was shipped correctly. Regardless, the company sent me a gift certificate for $5 to make up for it. When I attempted to use it, it did not work through Amazon nor through The KV website. The customer service person answered my emails quickly, but just trying to get what I ordered and paid for cost me far more time than it was worth and in the end I never got it. I will not use them again.
237163237163B0032D1TW0A1ZUZS1JELDMG9T. Kanchanapinyokul3351280880000great!First of, don't expect all seeds to grow. There are casualty when it come to planting seeds, I guess. It will take about 4-5 days before you see little leaves grow out from dirt. Growing in nursery box is very helpful. I am happy with the out come, with good care, hopefully it will continue to mature.
237164237164B0032D1TW0A3VS8DX8CJMPPDina3331279584000The seeds that do not grow.I bought these seeds and am experienced at growing gardens. Only a handful of seeds germinated and of those two managed to grow into plants that I have "babied."
237165237165B0032D1TW0A67L879E966KImrsclaus2251344124800Great Lemon GrassThese little seeds really took off! The grass is thick, hearty, and robust with a delicious lemony flavor. I juice it with my homemade veggie juice (when I can pry it away from my cats who LOVE it and chew it down to stubs! I think I'll order them their own packet so they leave my grass alone.)
237166237166B0032D1TW0A3IWKM4GXXN6XOA. Fox0011351036800never grewI followed the directions and my some of my grass grew but the moment u touch it, it breaks off and that was that.
237172237172B000NMFZS2A26X2KY2VW9ULVgespect "gespect"1151247875200cotton candy bubble gum is a very nice product.cotton candy bubble gum is a very nice product. i feel that it really has a similar taste to cotton candy. it has a nice smell that people sniff the air and say: 'hey, i smell something and i don't know what it is but i've smelt it before." then you say: "oh, that's my gum." then they'll tell you: "no. it's not gum." and then you say: "does it smell like cotton candy?" "yes." ...
anyhow, the flavor seems to last well. it's a good large size. it starts out soft. as it ages [in your mouth] it will become a little firmer. [i, personally, like that but i know some people don't like a firmer gum. if yoy have small kids you may wish to cut the gum in half but that'll double your purchase. so the peice is bigger then dentine, winterfresh, ...
so, cotton candy bubble gum is a very nice product.
237173237173B000NMFZS2AUYTNZH0KMBVRMike0011310169600Very sugary and rough textureWe were disappointed. It is almost like eating coarse sugar. The texture is not like other cotton candy we have tried. It is exceedingly sweet. We have only eaten one small package, and the remainder ended up going to the landfill.
237174237174B005FCN8ZMA1W7H7GDFJIB56M. Brown0051336435200Great product!I ordered this coffee for my husband, who is a huge coffee fan. He really likes the bold flavors. The product shipped fast, was fresh and the packaging was nice. We will certainly buy this product again.
237175237175B0022N49AUA3HXLJRBKDH1NCAnnie A0051337385600Not just for candy makingOh this is so good! I've bought this and other dry flavoring so I can use them to flavor coffee, tea, and even water. And not pay the high prices of already flavored products.
237176237176B000EDM772AQY1EEI6XMQC6T. Tkach262651167523200Low carb bread mixThis bread mix is very good. The bread is a little chewy, but has a good flavor. I have to use the manual cycle and bake it in the oven in two pans, as my bread machine has only a 1-1/2 lb. capacity. The first time I used it, the bread rose so high it popped the top off and didn't finish baking. So if you don't have a 2 lb. machine, you'll have to bake it in the oven.
237177237177B000EDM772AMY2VJUYKBCGHJ. Brown "Demanding Consumer"161731229731200Bob's Red Mill Low-Carb Bread Mix -- Good Product, Worth Breaking Out the Bread Machine ForBeing a Bob's Red Mill fan, I bought Bob's Red Mill Low-Carb Bread Mix, 16-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4) on a whim to try it. I have a bread machine, but hadn't used it it a long while (like many folks, I suspect). Plus, I have been watching carbs but I love bread. If you are a fan of low-carb bread (if it's possible to be a fan of anything low-carb), I think you will enjoy this product. It produces a large loaf of fluffy, light but a bit chewy bread -- great for slicing or tearing up by hand. It has a nice wheaty taste and doesn't have that cardboardy consistency/taste that many low-carb products have. It uses half-and-half as one of its ingredients, which I think makes it fluffy. My only quibble: I have a two-pound bread machine and the bread consistently overflows the top of the machine at the end of the baking cycle -- creating a mushroom-like top to the loaf. So, the top is a bit underdone. I am going to try baking it in the regular oven the next time and see if that is better. Again, Bob's Red Mill products aren't cheap, but they are very high quality and the four packages produce four large loaves of bread that stay fresh for quite a while and travel well. (I often tuck one into my suitcase when I travel.)
237178237178B000EDM772A37X075WQL1YDFbug hater "Jen"4451292630400LOVE THIS BREAD!!! BUY OVER AND OVER!Have you ever tried to buy low carb bread at the store??? Forget about it BUT you can make your's so easy!! I have a bread machine and all I do is dump this in make a little hole pour in the yeast packet that comes with the product and add a little oil and water done! It's really that fast and easy...then a few hours later the biggest freshest low carb bread you have ever eaten!!! Try it you will love it. Taste outstanding too for low carb bread. It can be a little spongie when it is still warm allow to cool then cut with bread knife if you wait to the next morning uncovered it's even better....use in toaster to get a crunch LOVE IT!!!!Use in toaster to get a crunch and then add sharp cheese and butter in a pan and have the best tasting cheese toast ever! Can you tell I love it!?!
Please note this can be made in a regular bread pan mix everything together and bake in oven. You don't have to have a bread machine.
237179237179B000EDM772A2KJMS62ZYV3NNSula Man3311340064000VileSince Atkins discontinued their low-carb bread mix several years ago, we haven't used our bread maker. I was delighted to discover someone was still making a low-carb product and ordered Bob's Red Mill Low-Carb Bread Mix. I should have known we were in trouble when the anticipated "fresh baked bread aroma" never materialized. There was a slight smell... but not a good one. My wife and I both took one bite and had to spit it out. Initially, it was tasteless, but after a few seconds there was a horrible, disgusting aftertaste. We quickly toasted some regular bread to rid our mouths of the taste. Even with our regular toast slightly burned, it couldn't clear that disgusting aftertaste. Needless to say, the rest of the loaf went into the trash along with the 3 unopened packs of bread mix. This is the most vile, disgusting thing I've ever eaten. It's hard to believe that some folks actually gave this a positive rating.
237180237180B000EDM772A123879TGBH5LBCynthia A. Kinney "Organic Farmer"3351293148800Makes Good Low Carb BreadI am on a low carb diet because of my diabetes. I bake one loaf of this bread and it lasts me about a week. I have a subscription and get 4 packs a month. That averages about $4.00 per loaf. The carb count is much lower than anything I can buy in the market and is simple to make in the bread machine. In my case, it has completely eliminated cravings for any other bread products. I try to eat at least one slice per day, usually toast in the morning. I have added some of my own ingredients from time to time, but that is not necessary. It may take a few days to develop a taste for it, but once you do, you won't want anything else. By the way, this bread has helped me lose about 30 lbs!
237167237167B0032D1TW0A14X76I4AJCKS0SV0021342396800Lemon Grass from SeedsThis was an OK item as it did not grow as I expected it. I baught some other seeds also and they have grown very well. So I guess its a tricky one to grow.
237168237168B0032D1TW0A2SFODFED0N6C2ellenwwest0011334188800Lemongrass SeedsThe seeds arrived on time and were as described. However, none of them have sprouted. I have followed the instructions exactly and set out 5 different trays of seeds to start and not one has sprouted. I have not yet contacted the seller to see if they want to replace the seeds so I can't say what they will do but the product arrived when they said it would.
237169237169B0032D1TW0A2K26LOGO5XHBNDottarina0151335312000lemon grass seedsAwesome!!! It only took a couple of days to receive my order. I will be definetly ordering more items from this company.
237170237170B0032D1TW0A1OEOU2GS9KPR5hppygrry0111293840000Not growingPurchased the seed at June 2010. After regular watering and plant food giving, the plant grew for about 2 inches tall in a month, then stopped growing and died when winter came.
237171237171B0032D1TW0A2XEWL8LW1SX4Rcarcarcebu0251301356800Very fast shippingRating for the shipping - very fast. These seeds did not grow, maybe the rolly pollies ate them. I dumped all of them from the planter to the graound, maybe some of the seeds will come out later.

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