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237181237181B000EDM772ATG2PQTJ2KOUUmusicfan5611299628800Bob's Low Carb Bread MixI'm amazed at all the good reviews on here. I made this yesterday and I think the taste is disgusting. I ended up throwing the rest of the loaf out.
237182237182B000EDM772A1PGWTCZC4XZF3Craige105621268524800No flavorWe bought a new bread machine to use this mix. Threw out the old one years ago. I gave this bread a bad review after the 1st loaf. Just made the 4th batch, and this bread is worth at least three and a half stars. Here's what we've learned: All ingredients must be at room temperature. The water and milk should be a bit warmer. Follow the directions carefully. It'll actually smell like you're baking bread in the last hour of the process. On second taste, the bread is pretty good. Most bread depends on what you put on it, and this bread is no different. I like the whipped peanut spread. Another favorite: spreadable butter with cinnamon and a sweetener. I'm coming back for a 2nd order. I'm a bread person, and this fits the bill.
237183237183B000EDM772A2JBYJ9A92NULKCATURN2251323129600Exceeded my expectations!!!I have been experimenting with many different low carb bread recipes and been disappointed with all of them (horrible texture, flavor, etc). I've been off my low-carb diet since Thanksgiving and have become addicted to the local bakery's jalapeno cheddar bread (VERY high in carbs), so I decided to experiment with Bob's Red Mill low-carb bread mix. I had this item in my pantry for months before I made it and decided that yesterday was the day to finally give it a whirl. I was amazed at how well it turned out! I added in some diced canned jalapenos and a half a cup of shredded cheddar and cooked in a 2 lb bread machine (FYI - the bread did rise to the top and barely lifted the top open). The texture is AMAZING!!! The flavor isn't bad but still seems like its missing something. I think it definitely needs some more flavor. I'll probably add in a bit of splenda and a tsp of salt for starters....then maybe some garlic, basil, sundried tomatoes and maybe parmesan cheese. It makes a great sandwich bread for the carb conscious. I highly recommend you give it a try.
237184237184B000EDM772A19HCU9ASQQXQ7R. Armstrong2211289692800YUK! But good for bird food!I'm a big fan of Bob's Red Mill products but not this one. I thought it awful. Did not like the flavor or the texture. I gave the loaf to the birds and they ate it.
237185237185B000EDM772A7DHJRPOFNNDDNancy W2251276300800Happy it's back.Glad to see this product available again. I mix it half and half with whole wheat flour for a wonderfully light loaf that's still somewhat lower in carbs than ordinary home made bread. Great product.
237186237186B000EDM772A21KNRUAA5RK5ETrevor Goodchild2241258243200TrickyThis stuff is a bit tricky to get to rise correctly... but it tastes as decent as any low-carb bread I've ever had. Perfect for a diabetic or low-carb dieter.
237187237187B000EDM772A1RA68NKGP5LK6Margarita Man1121328832000Big loaf and chewy textureI bought this because I am on a low carb diet and was craving BREAD! I used to bake bread in our bread maker all the time and thought this would satisfy the craving. It kinda did but I don't think it's worth the price. I found a bread at the grocery store that has the same number of carbs as this and tastes better and is way cheaper.
237188237188B000EDM772A3P8W90X55KQ6OMary1151322179200Delicious and low carb too!!!Bob's Red Mill Low Carb Bread is excellent!! Full of fiber, flavor and protein! I have this item on an automatic delivery and save even more money!
237189237189B000EDM772A2C7AE8XPDHJ6ZM. Lavery "Diver Mike"1141269820800Low Carb BreadWe follow a low carb life style and this si the best of the low carb bread mixes/receipes we have found.

Very easy and quick to make and taste is great.
237190237190B000EDM772A2W9KJ1KFE7HGIS. Schiavi3411323820800Tastes like cardboard. Don't waste your moneyPlease don't waste your money. This product has a horrible taste. We followed the directions and it came out of our bread machine looking mangled and twisted with a lumpy texture.
237191237191B000EDM772A11YIYEPAK3U74Dubliners099 "full-time instructor at a unive...3411311292800Horrible taste! Freakish looking!Worst experience I've ever had with bread. I usually LOVE Bob's Red Mill products. I've used everything from the low carb baking mix to their almond flour. Fabulous! But the low-carb bread mix? Awful. I bought 2 mixes. I followed instructions carefully and ended up with a mass of strawlike fingers criss-crossing over a misshapen loaf the first time. And it tastes awful! Strangely gluely, spongy, and bits of straw or cardboard. You've got to be kidding! So I try again. This time I follow instructions carefully and put my bread machine on "rapid rise" instead of standard (like the bread mix product stated). This time it's slightly better--not as many odd fingers of straw stretching across the loaf. Still, misshapen and tastes horrible. I've re-read the instructions a thousand times. I've read my bread machine instruction booklet a thousand times. No reason that this bread should come out this way, but it does. By the way, I've tried other recipes that have vital wheat gluten and other ingredients in the Bob's Red Mill low-carb bread mix. Same outcome. Horrible tasting. Could not cut the loaf (the Bob's or the homemade) at all. Was able to twist off a misshapen lump from the loaf. Ugh! I'll stick with other Bob's Red Mill products, but this one? Never again!
237192237192B000EDM772A2CSQZ7K940VPYGod's Kid3411302480000Pretty Awful.We just made our first loaf in our 2 lb breadmaker (which usually produces awesome loaves of bread). The bread never rose. It turned out to be a very dense, 1/2 sized loaf with a horrible texture on top. After reading our breadmaker trouble-shooting suggestions, I have to wonder if the yeast was old or the flour was old. We'll try it again (since we still have 3 bags) but so far we are completely disappointed.
237193237193B000EDM772AZDQSRXZAQ9BBA. Teller2311329264000DO NOT BUYThis product did not rise in my bread machine. It's heavy and brown and yucky. It's expensive, and it requires the addition of whipping cream - a not inexpensive ingredient. PLUS, the mix should be stored in refrig. All in all this is a HORRIBLE product. Do not buy. Hodgson Mill European Cheese & Herb Bread Mix is 1000% better!
237194237194B000EDM772A1X5X2T1JQIVSOA. Walsh0021351036800You almost get used to it after a while.I almost threw this loaf into the garbage when I first tasted it. Very horrible taste and texture. But I kept it in the fridge and toasted a slice every once in a while. I don't know whether it improved with age or I just got used to it, but eventually I ate the whole thing. I can't give it more than two stars though. I suggest the people who package this mix try another recipe, because the world needs a better low-carb bread mix.
237195237195B000EDM772A19PFM8ZX901XATammy M Kelly0051339113600Love it!!!First time I've ever made any kind of non-"quick bread"...and it turned out beautifully. Yummy and crusty...I need to stock up!
237196237196B000EDM772A3R9HE8HUIPC4Oluv3kats0051328140800AwesomeThis product is fantastic. Since I am a diabetic I have to keep my carbs down and this bread does just that. I start it in the bread machine and when risen the first time I place the dough in two bread pans and let rise again before I bake it. That way I can have a thick slice for about 9 gr. of carbs. It is great with either peanut butter on it or a mix of cinnamon and Truvia.
237197237197B000EDM772A36T832OV91TNAMS0031323216000A diabetic who loves breadLow carb bread is great for diabetics, however stores that do sell it charge very high prices. Bob's Red Mill Low-car Bread Mix is more expensive than other mixes, even at Amazon, but the extremely low carb count makes it worth trying.
I've baked two of the four packs we received from our Amazon order. The taste is strong, like whole wheat. We do like a tastier flavored bread giving us a decision to make: tolerating the flavor in exchange for healthy bread, or ignoring the carbs for a richer taste.
I'm not too enthusiastic about reordering Bob's low-carb bread mix...unless my physician makes it mandatory. If you're on a low-carb diet, I suggest you give Bob's Red Mill Low-Carb bread mix a try. I couldn't find anyone beside Amazon to place an order at such a good price--which included home delivery.
237198237198B000EDM772AWNPNR41QGP85Anissa Johnson0051314316800Great Option!I'm glad I bought more than one because I'm still tweaking the recipe for my bread machine. As an earlier reviewer said, it's makes a 2-pound loaf, and I learned the hard way that I have a 1 1/2-pound bread machine. I welcome the chewy consistency and cut it thin. It makes TERRIFIC FRENCH TOAST (throwing a low-carb diet out the window). I noticed a bit of egg-y-ness to the texture, but I don't mind that either. It's a great overall way to cut your carb intake down but still enjoy bread.
237199237199B000EDM772A355X1X0W6XUAQThomas M. Hornick "thornick"0031307318400Better than average low carb tasteWhen folks give this a 5 star, they MUST be basing it on the taste of low carb bread. As far as breads go (Fresh made Italian being the best), this does not compare. However, if you want an edible bread that is very filling, this will fit the bill. Don't confuse this with really good tasting bread, it isn't. But it serves its purpose!
237200237200B000EDM772A29D3R6BWL2I88Nan0041294790400Low carb bread mix works fine.I am following a low carb diet and find this bread useful. I think it tastes better with a small amount of salt added. I buy enough at a time to avoid the shipping charge. I keep it in the freezer and also keep the baked bread, sliced in the freezer.
237201237201B000EDM772A39MB61G68XLS4Lingering Lethal Poisonous Lene of Death1241302998400Surprisingly edibleMy doctor had told me she wanted me on a low-carb diet, and I decided on the Metabolism Miracle. This diet is very restrictive on carbs, but doesn't count calories, so it's pretty easy to follow. Finding bread is almost impossible, so this came as a god-send. I have problems with my breakfasts and this will help. However, it's not really as good as bread, but it will do. I baked my first loaf yesterday, so let me break it down for you.

* doesn't give the house that good fresh bread smell
* it's lightly rubbery, nay, bouncy. It is a bit weird, because it doesn't break down like normal bread does when you chew it.
* slightly dry
* an after taste that reminds a bit of chewing tree, kind of nutty and it lingers for a long time. It isn't very pleasant.
* doesn't taste as good as normal bread

* will be a nice addition to breakfasts and lunches, and can be used with soups!
* probably a bread that will do great with sugar free jelly.
* very filling!
* is actually great toasted. I had planned in giving it a 3* (especially for the after taste, as I can even smell it), but because it's pretty nice toasted (feels more like toast) I am upping it to 4 stars.

All in all, I am happy I tried it. It adds some dimension to the diet.
237202237202B000JSSOCYA2D9KJTG0EEY3REQReader4451203897600TastyExcellent product and excellent service from this seller. Lime pickle is a must-have relish as part of an Indian feast, but my favorite everyday use is as a garnish to tuna salad.
237203237203B000JSSOCYA20VQRT1W4OM1GKate "NW Hiker"3351266105600Unique TasteI first tried Lime Pickle at my favorite Indian restaurant. I went straight to Whole Foods and bought a jar; however, they stopped carrying it. I've checked several specialty stores, as well as on line, over the past couple of years and what a nice surprise when I found this on Amazon. Goes great with chicken dishes, but I served it with a cheese, salami and cracker appetizer and it was a hit. It has a very strong, unique flavor.
237204237204B000JSSOCYA1RD1LL5E5JZOTCrookedmouth "(Son of Olaf)"1151323734400Zingy addition to a cheese rollI love this stuff. I've tried a few brands and they're all much the same at the end of the day, but Patak's version isn't too bad at all. If you've never had lime pickle, bear in mind that it's an acquired taste, like olives. My first reaction was that it tasted like curried soap, but these days a good tiger roll with thick slabs of cheddar isn't the same without this stuff in it. It works on cheese topped oatcakes as well and when I'm most badly in need of a spice fix, I can eat the stuff straight off a spoon.
237205237205B001KHHYH4A1JI408RK2R0KBrachel2311337299200pay attention to shippingThese arrived quickly but the box was really banged up. had to open a couple of bags just to be sure the chips weren't too broken up since I'm selling these in a vending machine, they were pretty crunched, I can't sell these.
237206237206B001KHHYH4ACZ4YTYID1ESDMona Johnson "Rosie"0051343520000Perfect lunch snacksI ordered these last March and used them for lunches. Saved quite a bit and I found they were fresh tasting to the last bag (a couple of months later!). I am getting ready to order another bag - we really like these!
237207237207B001F93Z6GA1TJ4YHMLARF4TP. M. Waller III0051270598400Great Healthy TreatMy Boston Terrier just had knee surgery and is already on a joint supplement (Glaxo-Flex II - great stuff also!). We found these Happy Hips at a specialty dog store, read the label, saw that it had no by-products, no fillers, no sugar, and no BHA/BHT or added hormones, and decided to try it. She loves it! It looks like bacon and is considered a treat for her, but still has the added vitamins and supplements she needs. I would highly recommend this product (which is why I'm online trying to find more!).
237208237208B000EFDNBEA3E6QMN96XT6CZNemeses6651179964800Delicious but hard to findThis is one of the best Hamburger Helper products of the line, and it's REALLY difficult to find, for some reason. Perhaps because it's such a relatively simple and 'unsophisticated' flavor line, compared to their more fancy names and flavors. It's a simple 10"-12" skillet meal, so if you want something exotic or 'fancier', you may think this 'beneath' you (and you'd be wrong) but the spaghetti texture and taste is excellent, and the sauce taste has the same great, satisfying taste. For our family, I always use about twice the ground beef they recommend, but that's because my family prefers more meat. I've always been quite picky about prepackaged pasta sauces and meal kits, and this is really the only one that we all love. It's quite simply great tasting, easy, and very satisfying -- something adults and kids both will enjoy.

Because it is so hard to find in local stores, I was thrilled to find this here, and am ordering a couple of the 12-packs.
237209237209B000EFDNBEA2YSFKX18XTHEDBillie Vanderburg "Smart Shopper"4451228867200Excellent Product for a Quick Spaghetti DinnerI bought this product to take camping with us this past summer because I thought it would be quick and easy and I wouldn't have to take along a bunch other things than normally go into my spaghetti. It was a big hit with the whole family and no one could believe it was Hamburger Helper. It isn't gourmet, but it serves its purpose. It is easy, tasty, and quick to fix. Just the thing when cooking is not tops on the agenda, but you still gotta feed the hungry horde.
237210237210B000EFDNBEA2ZAE3B5QWT4CIChuck20074451208736000Thank you for selling thisA friend of mine used to eat this as a kid (once he tried it, he never ate regular spaghetti again) until they stopped selling it. He found it recently in a store where he lives now, and I got to try it. Fantastic!

That store is gone now, and none of the others carried it. We even tried special order from one store. They emailed back saying it wasn't in thier everyday catalog or through a special order catalog. They knew it was still made, but were unable to get it for us.

Got the amazon box fast, in good condition, and plenty of time to finish off all 12 boxes before expiration date.

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