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237211237211B000EFDNBEAKYL0KV0WPR8ZS. Streck "Manga Fanatic"1111331510400BlandIn all honesty I don't know why you'd make box spaghetti when you're already most of the way for making real spaghetti after cooking the meat. For me it was absolutely bland and flavourless. I would never recommend this. I think next time I'll just stick to making spaghetti with regular sauce and noodles. The nice part is that it doesn't take long to make I guess. I was incredibly disappointed with this product.
237212237212B000EFDNBEA30AIATAD5VOLSL. Bell "specialscots"1151173916800SO glad to find this!!!!This was a special purchase for my Mother, who has had

a lot of trouble finding this product. She was thrilled!!

Oh, and it came incredibly fast! YAY!! Will probably

be ordering more!!
237213237213B000EFDNBEA2YBSMWL1FD8HTElfy Ever After0051345248000I buy this in store, frequentlyIt's really good, and amazing, and perfect, and God I just love it so much someone buy me some...heh. I'm hungry & reviewing food products, leave me alone.

Anyway, this doesn't have the same taste as homemade spaghetti (the best spaghetti), but it's still...well...all the things I mentioned previously. Sometimes you just don't feel like making noodles, and all that other stuff. Sometimes you'd rather just pour contents of a box into a pot with water & let it go...this is great for times like that, the best!
237214237214B000EFDNBEA1DGC7JIA3F818grandma0041317340800Tasty and soggyAlthough Betty Crocker's Hamburger Helper is very tasty and convenient the noodles
in the box are terribly thin. If we don't eat the minute it is ready the noodles
turn to "mush"!! Not everyone is ready to sit down at the table the very instant
that this fast meal is ready.
237225237225B000OMHFDEA1E1YGK6JZ4MEGTeagirl0011340150400I would not recommend...I strongly urge you to reconsider purchasing this item. I am have purchased a few different items from this particular seller that have been wonderful. I started to get nervous of the extra calories I was consuming in the regular matcha green tea powder so I purchased this item. It did taste fine, however, about an hour after consuming a cup I had horrible diarrhea. Each time I consumed any of this item the same thing happened. After some research I found that the sweetener used, xylitol, has this effect on many people. I never really get sick like that from anything so it's not like I was susceptible or anything. I stupidly bought a 5 pound bag too which I had to throw away. Buyer beware!
237215237215B000EFDNBEA3T95BUZBOYN9RG4CLUB0051313193600DELICIOUSThis is a excellent product.It's so simple to make compared to
the conventional way of preparing spaghetti.If you're a spaghetti
lover,i recommend trying this product if you can find it and if
not,Amazon has it !!!!!!! The directions are so easy and it takes
only a few minutes to make.
237226237226B0069LK5VSA1KLQREEZ2SSRNTLS "TLS"0051346371200A++++This beer is excellent if you enjoy something a big strong flavored. I have enjoyed it with many types of foods.
237216237216B000EFDNBEA1C94RDEASJVFXred0051299888000very goodi havent been able to find this in stores anymore so im glad i found it here! good packaging. good expiration dates. fast shipping. not as spicy as i remembered but still good!! will def buy again when i get extra money!!
237227237227B002LL7QNAA2YVATF6ZABDFUB. Mantilla0051337385600Very happy with this productI've purchased these before individually at the pet store at a much higher cost than buying in bulk here. I'm very happy with the quality of this product - all came individually wrapped in a large cardboard box as pictured. Best of all - no smell (unlike other natural pet treats or chews)! All my dogs, including a picky eater, are enticed by the buffalo (bison) taste.

Be advised: this is not a chew product for aggressive chewers unless you are looking to give them a quick snack. Since it is jerky, it doesn't have the hardness of other products intended for longer chewing time. However, it works perfectly for my allergy-prone medium-level chewer as a 10 minute-long treat.
237228237228B002LL7QNAAFGDF9SLY4GN8Wendy0051325980800Great for limited ingredients dietI left a review for this product elsewhere as well. I purchase these regularly for my yorkie who must have a limited ingredients diet. They vary in size (thickness), but they're all usually a pretty good size. My dog absolutely loves them! He doesn't put it down until it is gone. I highly recommend them for anyone who must have their dog on a limited ingredients diet (novel protein) or just wants a different type of treat for them.
237217237217B000EFDNBEA3SMVB6EXX8OVHRomeo Faison0041260576000HelloThis spaghetti is good but can be much better. Add more green/bell peppers, tomato powder and onions. Decrease the sugar/sweet taste a bit.
237229237229B002LL7QNAAFGDF9SLY4GN8Wendy0051325980800Great for limited dietsI purchase these regularly for my dog who must have a limited ingredients diet. They vary in size (thickness), but I find them all to be a good size. Best of all, my dog (a yorkie) absolutely loves them. They don't smell as badly as some do (they're not tripe, so they don't smell as strong). I recommend them highly for anyone who needs a novel protein for their dog, or who just wants a different kind of healthy treat for them.
237230237230B002LL7QNAA2V0Q24QK4YIP9Golddie0011319846400Overpriced and UnsubstantialThis item arrived and I was surprised at just how thin the actual jerky was--like paper. My dog was not at all interested after several tries and I ended up having to throw it away. I was looking for a replacement for buffalo jerky we used to purchase for our dog, but this item was really disappointing. We have purchased "Blue Buffalo" Turkey Jerky (even though it's turkey) and she loves that.
237218237218B000EFDNBEA1WOMXOEX90ARIAvid Camper "WS"0041258675200We Like It!It's Hamburger Helper. What can you say? You either like it or you don't. We do. It's not exactly like homemade, but for a quick meal when you're in a hurry, it's okay. The Hamburger Helper meal sizes are continuing to shrink. These are a measly 6.6 ounces; about enough for one hungry person or two mildly hungry ones. I add a few extras--about 4 ounces of dry spaghetti noodles, a cup of additional water, some tomatoes and/or other veggies, to make a bigger meal. Also, I quite often use ground Italian sausage, instead of hamburger, very tasty! I look for these meals on sale, because at full price, they are just too expensive for what you get. Hope this helps!
237231237231B00438OF6UA17DW6SUOC70DJMother of 91141348531200Good ValueIf you're feeding a large family, or use water chestnuts often, this is a good choice. These water chestnuts are reasonably priced. They don't seem quite as flavorful as some brands, but when used in stir-fry, they take on the flavor of the other ingredients, and add a nice crunch factor. I've also added a can to a pound of snow peas, and cooked them together in a little olive oil with salt and pepper, for a nice side dish.
237219237219B000EFDNBEA3VDQADNCDSMKHPat D. Mcqueen0131277078400Not as good as the originalWe bought this because there isn't Hamburger helper spaghetti in the stores To our dismay it was "Italian" I wonder why they mess with a good thing.
237232237232B0018CIOJ8AV2UQKLI45XBRJohn D. Farr "Johnbbq"2251322438400High quality dog foodThis dog food contains NO poultry by products which is important for older dogs. The lamb is gentle on the digestive system and the rice adds the right bulk without a lot of filler of most grains.
237233237233B0018CIOJ8A2EIEXY523GA5Omary mckinnon0021349913600NOT good!I very much dislike this dog food. The dogs both make big sloppy poops, and much more than they used to, like twice as much. Sure they like it, but they are both lab crosses, they would eat cardboard with a little grease or salt on it. Very unhappy, and trying something else.
237234237234B0018CIOJ8AK7RDKKPU8A34LJohnson0031331510400Recommended but with a caveat.My dogs like this food; but, since learning that some of Diamond's other "Naturals" contain powdered cellulose, I doubt that I will ever buy anything else made by Diamond. I returned two bags that did contain the cellulose. I don't see powdered cellulose in the list of ingredients of this product, so I've decided to keep it. I still don't have a very high opinion of Diamond, however, and will not be back as a customer.
237220237220B002AN8JDKA199RUUJJ0IWQJMs Sparkle1151272758400Kitty loves itI guess kitties are suckers for any food with fish mixed in, but I have to say, two thumbs up to Tiki cat. This food is quite expensive compared to other good brands but my kitten loves it and it agrees with her system. I gain some comfort from knowing it's 50% chicken since I know cats are not meant to eat too much fish.
237235237235B0018CIOJ8A1EHRHFKN09STWMadison J. Coleman "Bigdog"0051328745600Good stuffMy picky dog likes this food, it's cheap, and it doesn't have a bunch of fillers like other dog foods, also free shipping with prime is amazing.
237236237236B008NC94DQA286A0WB3J958ZMilag0051343779200Oh my goodness... finally real ceylon tea!This tea tastes great! I had no idea green tea would be this good.
I will never drink any other tea which is not 100% pure ceylon. I steep it about 3 minutes and it is fabulous!
Highly recommend.
237237237237B0029NA2KOA3VQLV9090N683Brian D. Goldin2211275868800A major disappointment.I drank Tortuga's Rum Liquor Coffee at my girlfriend's apartment. We both claimed it was the best tasting coffee we ever had. She got it out of the country and after we finished the bag, I started to research whether I could buy it in the States. I thought I was doing good by buying the same coffee when I ordered these bags. It is the same company name and the same flavor, but I quickly learned the coffee is very different. The first couple times my girlfriend made it, I questioned whether she put too much water in the coffee machine. I knew she was not at fault when I made it myself. This coffee has barely any flavor, only a hint of what I originally tasted. It seems diluted or something. THe only difference I see in labeling/packaging is the original bag she had was goldish and the bag I ordered was red. I would love to learn what the deal is and where I could get the good stuff.

237238237238B0029NA2KOA2ZPWSKI55VQJ8Karen0021330128000Save Your Money, Don't BuyThis expensive rum flavored coffee is not worth your dollars. I brewed it extra-strong after reading another reviewer's comments on its weakness. I wished I'd paid more attention to their comments. It had only the slightest hint possibly (and I'm being kind) of rum flavor. I honestly couldn't tell the difference between its taste and a Walmart purchased regular ground coffee. I'm not going to demand my money back or anything so radical as that but I do advise you to to heed my warning. I've certainly made poor purchase decisions in the past and will surely make them in the future, but this is one I absolutely won't repeat.
237239237239B0029NA2KOA19W30LG41FV0Einventor36910041286841600Tastes Great, But not as Fresh as on the Islands.Not quite as fresh as the coffee we bought on the Islands but still good tasting.
237221237221B002AN8JDKA3BHVF0P8F1EJHcancam0051350259200crack for catsthis brand of cat food is so good I nearly wanted to try it , lol . my cat can be a bit picky but he can't get enough of these . he is healthier , his coat is soft & shiny & the vet is happy . this is an excellent product for any cat especially if you want your cat to be healthy
237240237240B0029NA2KOA3I2BVR65WBTY5Olga Sanchez0151276646400TORTUGA COFFEEDear Mr. Goldin,
We would like to offer you a replacement bag. Could you please contact me at
877-486-7884 #318

Olga S
Customer Service
237222237222B002AN8JDKAFWMKXCYDP9UTAshley L "LAshleyC07"0051300579200My Cat loves this brandI bought this tuna & crab flavored Tiki Cat food after I purchased the Tiki Cat sampler pack. He seemed to love all the flavors this brand offers. The ingredients are healthy for him and he and I are happy we found this brand.
237223237223B002AN8JDKA19ZQ8LVBBTKHKShar1221287878400Cat won't eat it.My cat ate the first serving and I thought it was going to be good for him. But he resisted it thereafter.

I like the idea of its being without additives, etc. But if he won't eat it . . ..
237224237224B002AN8JDKA2M6745YFQ533IAnon0141305331200Kitty likes the shredded chicken and real chunks of salmonOur cat is a picky eater. She refuses to eat pate-style canned food. This does not leave us with many options. Weruva and Tiki Cat both provide foods with shredded chicken meat and/or chunks of fish. Kitty prefers the Tiki Cat chicken flavors to the Weruva chicken (which she often barfs), and the Weruva fish flavors to the Tiki Cat fish flavors.

Our previous vet recommended incorporating wet food into her diet - she was getting chubby on dry food alone. However, our current vet noted that Tiki Cat is high in carbohydrates and fat.

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