Amazon Fine Food Reviews

237271237271B000ZIXWXEA2NIAGZQPXRXBEArnold F. Williams "Thoughts Online Magazine"0041270684800Best low-carb cosmo mixI'd add a lemon peel to what you create with this mix and a little vodka, but other than that, it's perfect. I like it enough to keep it on hand.
237272237272B004746IISA2WNXS3CNAQS01Sapere Aude0051320451200Organic, Low Sugar & No Artificial Sugar - Finally!We eat healthy. That means my kids drink very little juice and zero soda. By very little I mean I never buy it, they might have some at a friend's house or a party or something. Generally they drink only milk or water. But that means they feel left out when the other kids have sugar-filled juice boxes or caprisuns. Enter Honest Kids! Yes, they have sugar in them, that's what I like. Go look at a box of 'Roaring waters' - that has artificial sweeteners (and sugar too, something I never could quite figure out). I would rather my children had a small amount of real sugar than artificial sweeteners. Since they are used to drinking only water otherwise, they like these, they don't complain they taste watered down. In fact if you compare these to a typical CapriSun, its kind of like the difference between a Vitamin Water and Gatorade. When you are used to Vitamin water, (original) Gatorade is going to taste sickly sweet, if you are used to Gatorade, Vitamin water is going to taste like water with slight flavor. Ask yourself which you want your children to be used to?

I've seen other reviewers complain that they are hard to open or messy - my 6 and 8 year olds have no problems with them. They put the straw in themselves and don't have a problem spilling them.

Now they don't feel left out when everyone else has a juice box, and I feel good about the amount of sugar they are taking in. At only 40 calories and no artificial sweeteners, this is exactly what I've been looking for!
237273237273B001M22T4UA3R8WVB5HU3872G "Jeff n Glady"7751295481600Sooth and delightfulHave tried several brand White teas and this one is without a doubt the best. Extremely smooth, no bitter after taste, no foul smell. Simply delicious. Hubby uses it w/o any sweetener DAILY. I put a lil honey or sugar in mine, but it's excellent. Can't beat the price, very economical for white tea (most white teas are too expensive and taste bad).
237274237274B001M22T4UAHO3GZPAGYD5NKathryn A. Barth3351314748800Iced TeaI bought this to make ice tea and for the health benefits of drinking white tea - which I understand is suppose to be the best. It is mild and makes great ice tea.
237275237275B001M22T4UA1T423AK2VWM0Mmary twain "20 something"1151311724800very happy with purchaseI couldn't believe this tea was as good as it is; mostly because, it is inexpensive and in tea bags - instead of loose. Most of the time, bagged teas leave something to be desired, especially if you have ever tried loose leaf. This is an excellent buy.
237276237276B001M22T4UA23X7ROANA5ZSTAudiophilereviewing3451275436800GoodThis is the best white tea for the money. They don't cheat you by under-filling the tea bags like most inexpensive tea makers do. If you want quality tea and reasonable fill in the tea bag, this is the top choice. As for taste, there is none, so either buy a tea with taste, or add taste to this, or enjoy it as tasteless as I do. Also, it suffers from the common 'floating bag' problem so just use a spoon and hold it down.
237277237277B001M22T4UA1HATOPC3IFSG4tina0051331078400Very smooth teaThis tea is very smooth and can be drinked anytime of the day. It does not make me feel shakey or jittery and I have shared this with family and friends who also love it.
237278237278B001M22T4UA1W326BXVB6GORkrwpackfan0041330905600Very good flavorI ordered this tea from Amazon because I was having a difficult time finding anywhere to buy white tea in my area. This tea has a very nice flavor. I drink several cups of tea every day, and this one is one of my favorites! I would highly recommend this tea to others looking for a nice flavored white tea.
237279237279B001M22T4UAI5C4AU3ZDN80Roberta Packard0051326412800teaBought this white tea because unable to get it in any store in my area. Mild tasting but good flavor. Great price for all that I have seen in many places. Would I buy this again, YES. You get alot for your money and worth it especially for the free shipping when at $25.00. I never had white tea before but I like it better than the green tea.
237280237280B005UQKA0OADDH1P5U88AOJLaurie J. Buckley1151333238400The Best Cookie/Wafer Ever!! Just too expensive.I simply adore this wafer/cookie, but I was really dissapointed in the size and price. I have always bought this at Walgreens. But, at Walgreens I buy it in a 12.3 ounce container at the price of 2 for $5.00. But they only carry it during the holidays. So, when they ran out of it, that is when I got on line and ordered it from you. It was my fault that I did not pay attention to the size and price. When it was delivered I was shocked that the containers were so small. I didn't even know that they made these in such a small container. Do you carry the 12.3 ounce size? If so, how much is it? I would love to buy them from you again but not in such a small container for such a high price. I would appreciate some info if you could let me know.

Thanks for your help,

Laurie Buckley
237281237281B0051OATK6A3ASHBKCTJARQMHappy Sailor0021345161600Meh...Items weren't even shipped until after the projected span of delivery. I was willing to overlook that if these were amazing, but they were dry and seemed burnt. I taste nothing but the smokeyness of the chipotle pepper, like they seasoned it before roasting and burned all the seasoning. I can't really taste any of the salt or any of the other seasoning that is supposed to be there.
237282237282B004GSIT7SA1JTTDMM2TPLYZShafty0041323734400Finicky puppyAfter trying a lot of different types of food for my puppie (havanese) she has settled on the dried brief Stella and chewy. I just grind it and put some hot water in there and she gulps it all up.
237283237283B002B5X5AOA2EEWUJIAYYWO3Laurie D. Rockman "Oreo-O-ree-o"0151322438400Warms the cockels of my heart!This was excellent! I followed the directions but omitted the Port Wine and instead just added a shot of brandy to the mug before pouring. It had a very nice balanced flavor of spices and fruit. You can make it less sweet by adding less sugar. I'll be buying more of this for the holiday season.
237284237284B000HQPG9MA2TJ4XWYPZSF5mmr11171141289001600Spice is great, jar needs some workI had never had Chinese 5 Spice before, and boy, was I in for a really nice surprise! I like all the spices in it~ cinnamon, cloves, fennel, anise, and ginger. Putting them together into one "5 Spice" was genius. It's delicious, really. It says on the jar that you can use it on meats and poultry for a Chinese flavor, although I haven't tried that yet. Since I don't use any form of sugar or sugar substitute, I've used it as a sweetener on my plain yogurt or on oatmeal, that type of thing. I use it in place of plain cinnamon many times, for instance, on top of apple sauce or crushed pineapple.

The only thing I'd recommend is putting a plastic shaker top onto the jar so you can sprinkle out the 5 Spice. I really don't want to have to either get a measuring spoon out just to use it, or else have to sprinkle it into my palm and then onto the food. I had to get my own jar with sprinkle top and I don't think I should have had to do that.

Other than that packaging detail, this is a great product... HIGHLY recommended!
237285237285B005ZOJ1XIA3QF1DKKUGOAUFmindy0041337817600jelly beansGood stuff, but I wish jelly belly put more efforts into putting each flavor in the box. I bought 3 boxes and still didn't get to taste them all.
237286237286B0002QF0TSA14FN6ZRWLXJVFJW0051347321600Wolf BrandWolf brand has been a favorite for my wife for years. Nathan's hot dogs with WB chili is a must. The little extra note and book included in the package made the experience just perfect.
237287237287B0002QF0TSA3RB2ZB2KGRZVEJacki Gunter "good movie or book lover"2611243728000Stay Away From ThisThe place that sells and ships this for Amazon thinks nothing of sending
very badly dented cans. I ordered a large amount of this and over half of the cans were dented very badly. The type of dents a can gets from a high fall which tells me these people are not the least bit careful with the food we are supposed to eat. I will not buy anything that this company has anything to do with.
237288237288B0042XCG5IA2USH6XM3Z5M2Iaudrey kelly1121299456000false advertising on cansversus
2.0 out of 5 stars false advertising on cans
I purchased two cases of Merricks Wingalings and Smothered Comfort. The label states "whole thighs" and "whole wings" but that is a lie. Once opened, the cans have one - if you're lucky two pieces. The rest (3/4 of each can) is processed cubes of who knows what my dog refuses to eat. Merricks should either fill the can with what they advertise - "WHOLE thighs and wings" - plural - or tell us what they have filled the can with.
237289237289B0042XCG5IAS8MJDWLCCDFOMechelle0051341878400Wonderful!My dogs are picky and I am picky about what I feed them. This is wholsome great food and they love it. No the can is not 100% chicken but it is 50% or more and the other food in the can they love and it's good for them. Merrick keep up the good work!
237290237290B0042XCG5IA2SVI7UTSWTPFDFran Sargent0051338854400My Dogs Love ThisI used to spend hours making food for my senior dogs. They needed wholesome low, protein food that was appealing to them. What a relief when our vet recommended the Merrick foods. They particularly like the Smothered Comfort and Wing-A-Ling, but also enjoy Senior Medley and Thanksgiving Dinner. I have to be careful about feeding one of my dogs too much of their food with beef - for some reason it doesn't agree with her. But the turkey and chicken formulas have been great and both of my girls have been healthier with thicker, shinier coats. They get so excited at meal time. The food does have whole fruit and vegetables in it. If your dog is not used to them, they will probably not react well at first. But with any new food, it's important to introduce it gradually.
237291237291B000VRC8I4A302EYUTYTOTZ0Sue Hardin "Sue"1131307836800Won't order again due to China manufacturing the productMy dog loves these, but the fact that they come from China means I won't order them again. China has a terrible safety record, and I prefer to order products made in the USA. There are companies here that make a similar product, so I have already ordered from them.
237292237292B000A11EC2AQRIT1UES08ZICat Fan2251123286400A WinnerI was desperate when Lea & Perrins BBQ Sauce was discontinued - but never fear! This BBQ sauce is as good or better! You won't go wrong if you try it. It's a little sweet, but not overbearing. Give it a shot!
237293237293B000A11EC2A2DV5M6PN6Q9LUG. Hoke1151163548800Best BBQ everYou are at the store and see over 30 different types of sauce and don't know which to choose. You want tang but not vingery tang, you want sweet but not super sugary, you want spicey but not flames amuck, you want smokey but not that instant smoke flavor. THIS IS IT Choose it! better than KC Masterpiece, Kraft, Jack daniels, Corkey's and all the other's. I have tried them all. After awhile I just started making mine and I htought I did a good job own making my own until I tried this knockout! You will NOT be disappointed and you have the option of getting a free recipe book if you let the company know. Hands down, no questions asked- the best BBq
237294237294B000A11EC2A3SR0ASXPMTFLQJoseph J. Romero "love b.b.q."1151120435200delicious!i am a big fan of B.B.Q. and i have to say this sauce ranks at the top of all sauces i have tasted. my family loves it too! you can't go wrong with this sauce. it really makes anything you cook truly delicious!
237295237295B000A11EC2A1XK4K4VT0ZJ4TJohn S. Martinson "spud chaser"0051325980800Our favorite BBQ sauceNOH HAWAIIAN Bar-B-Q Sauce is our favorite sauce, bar none. The flavor is perfect on everything including used as a condiment on virtually anything. They used to carry it at our Whole Foods, but they dropped it - :( Now that it is on, we have a convenient source. THANK YOU AMAZON.COM!
237296237296B000A11EC2AZAJN8S4BXLBGE. Hahn0041314921600Very good BBQ sauce !This is a favorite BBQ sauce for our family. Light, with just a touch of sweetness, it's especially good on chicken. My son puts it on everything!
237297237297B00284TSTAAZGV0WGL7XMX7L. Ring131351283040000Loving it!I've used the refrigerated Int. Delight Irish Creme before, and it's easily my favorite flavor. However, being a college student with a rather small fridge, it's hard to make sure I have it when I need it. It's also rather hard to go and pay $6 for a bottle that could easily expire if my power goes out in the dorm (which is often). I paid $.06 per individual package- far less than I would have otherwise.

I went and bought this last week for the start of term, and I must say, having the single serve packages is much more convenient than a large bulky bottle. I can put the extras away in my closet, and keep a few out on my desk without worrying about keeping them cold. The taste is exactly the same as what you would find in the cold section of your supermarket. I highly recommend getting this if you love your creamer as much as I do, and are either on a budget or need the extra space in your fridge.
237298237298B00284TSTAA2I5EYG1YB1W58M. chang "MimiMom"6631307145600Great flavor, but bad packaging: leaking & stickyFor the flavor, I will give it 5 stars. No need to explain. The coffee is Irish Creme without alcohol. So nice....
However, the packaging is bad. I give it 0 stars.
So over all, I rated it 3 stars.
192 creamer cups are loose in the big brown box. After long way to our door, some creamers are leaking and made other creamer cups sticky. All 192 creamer cups came in with brown manufacturer box instead of the one showing on the Amazon product page (please refer to the pictures I shared). Besides, the shelf life should be 6 months according to the customer service from International delight, but I ordered on May 29, 2011. The package was received on June 3, 2011. However, the creamer Expired on 08/10/11. I only have 2 months to consume 192 creamers.
I guess it is why the price is good. Something needs to be sacrificed!
237299237299B00284TSTAA55GUZLX6R02MC. B. Farley "DeadGuy"6651291248000Best Deal EverI send one box of this creamer to my wife each month. She is currently working in Kabul, Afghanistan for the Army Corps of Engineers. This creamer survives the trip very well, with only the loss of a few little packets - they sometimes blow up or get crushed. The great part is by getting it via Amazon's subscription service, I don't have to remember to buy it, I get it cheaper and it just shows up at the house!

If you have products that you use regularly, I strongly recommend you look into the Amazon subscription service.
237300237300B00284TSTAA35UDCJGVPIPG6thanh nguyen4451291766400tastyIt was pleasant to receive these in good condition. The cups were inside a cardboard box while inside another main cardboard box with bubble padding, none of the cups broke.

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