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237361237361B000H2998UA298C88YDGILESReekdaddie0051343260800mmm goodI discovered this recently at Wally mart. I use two pounds of tri tip diced into small cubes, i also add one can of hunts diced tomatoes for chilli. This stuff is so good.
237362237362B000H2998UA2HY1D9H4YTTV6marsha0051299542400Best ever chili mixI'm not sure why this is so difficult to find - but thank you for having this. It is THE BEST.
237363237363B000H2998UA2M615YIYUCHESmjaytee0041295827200Good, but there are better.This chili kit is pretty good but compared to a kit Ass Kickin' Chili Fixins, 16-Ounce Muslin Bags (Pack of 6)my mother-in-law gave me it is not quite as good. The Amazon price for a dozen is better than what I paid for in the grocery store.

To compare this to the Ass Kickin' chili above, I would say that the Ass Kickin' chili has bit more flavor. But it also takes much more time to prepare.
237364237364B000H2998UAM80GSLCFU0YHRJ0051295654400The Best Chili to make!This chili is so easy to make. Each package has the right amount of seasonings. One pan dinner. How can you beat that when you don't have time to make it from scratch.
237365237365B000H2998UA18QZ7J0CKYBS8glydeman00512910752002 alarm chili kitI have used this product for years. Recently, our supermarket stopped carrying the 2 alarm chili kits. I found these through Google and Amazon, and ordered them. Now I have a stock on hand. Wick Fowler's 2 Alarm is my gold standard for chili.
237366237366B000H2998UA2HGN87AATDDN2Linn Carpenter "newpony6"0051289088000CHILI DOESN'T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!I discovered Wick Fowler's 2 Alarm Chili Kit about 6 or 7 years ago in my local supermarket. This fantastic kit along with a few additional ingredients such as tomato sauce and diced tomatoes makes the best chili my husband and I have ever tasted. The combination and measurement of the spices is perfect. My supermarket sometimes runs out of this kit so I was thrilled to find it at Amazon. Once you try it, you most likely will never make chili any other way.
237367237367B000H2998UA1ZCIJ8XO6DCO4otto130051288051200Chili KitChanged the recipe a bit with the substitution of ground beef with Filet Mignon and some beer. Nothing left but licked out bowl when everyone left. Good stuff!!!!
237368237368B000H2998UAF7O54Y7YCAM2Big Dave0051274140800Great Chili Mix!I love this Chili mix, like another reviewer said earlier I only use a little over half of the Chili powder packet provided. I also use Rotel instead of tomato sauce and water. It comes out great! Give it a try.
237369237369B000H2998UAAF2R4HBHOET1Angel in WV0051270944000GREAT chili :)I have used this chili mix since I was in Austin Texas. It is the best mix a person can get. Makes awesome chili and is very easy :) Now that I'm in West Virginia I have to buy this online instead of the grocery store.. I'm just glad I can still buy it :D
237370237370B000H2998UA38RRYRUWOJXAQkit cat761 "kit"0051263254400AWESOME QUICK CHILIWe were the Original HORMEL Chili family before they went and changed that recipe all up. So about ten years ago we found this & tried the False Alarm & 2 Alarm & we were sold!
As a working wife & mom this is fantastic. I brown the meat the evening before and throw in all kinds of different beans (black eyed peas, limas, butter, navy, pintos, kidneys, green, etc) in the crock pot and come home to a fantastic ready made dinner. Even better the next night. Our house loves it as a Chili Mac (served over macaroni with a lil cheese). YUMMY! We normally find it much cheaper at ODDLOTS or BIGLOTS but we have purchased cases to give as gifts to family & friends. If you are looking for something where you can control the heat & consistency yet, want something fast & easy - THIS IS IT!
237371237371B000H2998UA3SM2DWDGT402RR. Shaw "YRF"0041261526400Hot chiliThis stuff makes the perfect hot (as in spicy) chili. Follow the directions (use "chili grind" beef from a butcher), and you can't miss.
237372237372B000H2998UA235ZVQ5R8J0JDM. Rothenberg0051260921600Glad to find one of my favorites on AmazonI have been searching for the 2 Alarm Chili mix for months in stores. I was thrilled to find it on Amazon.
237373237373B000H2998UA1M5F8UTO0H2W7Savvy Susan-SPH "SPH"0051243641600I STILL love Wick Fowler's chili! After 30 years.......So thrilled that Wick Fowler's is still making chili mix.
Started buying in when I lived in NYC in the 70's and haven't
been able to find it for a long, long time.
This mix consistently makes THE best chili I've ever eaten.
I use ground turkey these days and you can't tell from the
color of all the spices that it's not beef...yum. We ordered
a case and have been giving to friends. They love it , too.
237374237374B000H2998UA27S9YMNN6RMGKSR71 Dude "0051236902400
237375237375B000H2998UA5B9V07BNAITRDonald Papay0051235088000The best!I've tried them all and this surely surpasses them all!!

Priced perfectly!!
237376237376B000H2998UA2VP5PQPDZM4K0Michael Defreitas "Meanstreak"0051220572800The only thing better is their 4 alarm versionI don't understand why they make differnt alarm kits because the only difference is how much red pepper you add. I only see the 4 alarm version in my supermarket and make it according to taste depending on who I'm serving. I use it as a base to make a chili dip of my creation. Like another reviewer said, you could just make up the ingredients yourself, but it makes it easier just to use the mix.
237377237377B000H2998UA2OHDW9CBEXWV0cristobal "cristobal"1251255564800Is it the best chili in the known universe? No, but it's darned close.I've rarely had better chili than Wick Fowler's, even by people who really know their stuff. It's a wonderful blend of spices, full-bodied, flavorful, warm but not hot. I usually swap out beer for the water, and I find that using a really rough grind on the hamburger makes a huge difference on its deliciousness. I also toss in a can of Goya kidney beans. Prepared exactly according to specs, it's a very good chili. With a little minor tweaking, it's epic.

It's much, much cheaper to buy this product at Amazon than it is by me, where the packages run about $4 each.
237378237378B000H2998UA2431SHAXC5RR2norumbegan0151238198400delicious but not too spicyThe recipe on the back of the package calls for 2lb of ground beef and not much else, but I modified the recipe to use only 1/2 lb beef and a few cups of red kidney beans. Very yummy this way, and you get more bang for your buck. I put in all the hot chili seasoning and it still wasn't too spicy, but enough to give it a good kick.
237379237379B000H2998UA1WBS2VTQ7GKSYJust outside Nowhere4911238198400Used to be good ... not any more.Wick Fowler's Chili used to be my hands down favorite, but the last three times (third time was the fortunate last time) it was clear the recipe or ingredient quality had changed. The recipe now seems to have to come off much darker and grainer and the flavor is thick and unpleasant. I will not be purchasing Wick Fowler's Chili ever again - I'm sure I can do better with a made from scratch effort which will not take any significant increase in time, but a more sampling.
237380237380B000H2998UA3L9LXCX4LGF0PRussell Mercer "famondo"1411325548800Not Much Tastepicante but not with enough flavor. I would say hot and bland. I can do much better with my own spices.
237381237381B000H2998UA11QCN5NHC8GVAReelthing11211262822400over priced store.....I really like the chili kit - buying it for years - and still do
seems to me this place is very over priced - unless it's just not
for sale in your area.
237382237382B000H2998UA25D2FEJRMBBX6Dan's Girl01111305676800Disgusting!Oh man! This stuff is so gross! I made it for dinner tonight as a part of my continuing effort to find the perfect chili. This one lands DEAD LAST on my list! I followed the instructions to the letter. It had the nastiest flavor (or lack thereof). My husband actually spit it back out. We ended up dumping it and eating out. Ick. DO. NOT. BUY. THIS. <
237383237383B000H2998UA2A88BW6J7MZ4JGilberte Hunger "Beanie"11711200700800If I could rate it 0 I wouldNot so good. This doesn't taste like chili. The other folks in the house ate it and enjoyed, but I literally could not eat it. There was something "funky" with the spice mix. I think it may have been the flour or the fake onions. Not worth any price.
237384237384B003VNAQZ2AV6823XS14U41Kimme "Kimme"2251309564800Sea Salt Tastes WonderfulI have eaten Planters peanuts, mixed nuts and cashews for years-but was not a fan of their (roasted) almonds until recently. I do not know if it is just the sea salt or if they are preparing their roasted almonds differently but they are crunchy and tasty now. Prior to the company adapting sea salt-I remember the almonds becoming somewhat soggy overly greasy, and stale tasting. This is no longer the case since Planter's has been seasoning their nuts with sea salt-they are crunchy right down to the last piece, fresh tasting and not overly salty!

Awesome improvement!
237385237385B003VNAQZ2A1W1QRPOP9YEQ8Winston Wolfe "I solve problems."0051321660800Best Almonds on AmazonThese have a great taste and a great price. The sea salt provides a much cleaner taste that "ordinary salt". These are not too salty, but I also use them in breakfast cereal, so I need to remove most of the salt. While some might rinse and dry the almonds, I find that putting them in a wire strainer and shaking the salt out in the sink works great. Other times I leave the salt in.

Another good option for these it adding them to Ocean Spray Craisins Sweetened Dried Cranberries - 48 oz (3 Pounds) in a salad. A very nice combination. I have also done the same with chicken salad!

Great, versatile product.
237386237386B003VNAQZ2A3J5FVO3TJL6VZManny "MannyJ"0051319155200The best!These almonds are really delicious and very cost-effective. We have bought them a few times now in the last couple of months as they go fast! For $10.80 for 2 packs is a great price by Amazon.
237387237387B003VNAQZ2AI50U1IZTZ1X2Paroma Ghosh0051318982400Best ever!Excellent product and price. Buy them all the time! These have become a steady breakfast feature for me now, as well as a regular snack!
237388237388B003VNAQZ2AO5CPY21TJNEFElizabeth M. Smith0051318896000Great value, great tasteThese are some of the best tasting roasted almonds I've tried. Saw some reviews mentioning them arriving stale, but that wasn't the case with our order. These almonds make a great quick snack; the only downside is they taste so great they seem to disappear out of the can much faster than other types of almonds we've had around the house. You also can't do much better than the subscribe & save price.
237389237389B003VNAQZ2AH79T3BP8H3JRDavid C.0051318809600Wonderful!The Planter's Roasted Almonds I ordered from were very fresh. Since they were SO fresh, they are the best roasted almonds I've ever had. I will definitely order them again!
237390237390B003VNAQZ2A35FBTN1J2CYRRC. Barnes "Realtor"0051317859200Planters Smoked AlmondsJust as I've bought at the supermarket.....expiration date was 2 years in the future so they were fresh.....and the price was better than in the store. Husband enjoys them and I plan to buy more.

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