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237421237421B0012KCVAEA2HOPYNO8PMUHPJoy D. Leftow0051348963200spoiled kitty catsMy kitties will only eat Fancy Feast and only a few of the elegant medleys. The vet said this food is actually one of the better commercial foods and has low ash so I am happy for that. It is a bit pricy but my spoiled kitties will only eat this food and a few other varieties from Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys. They like the chicken florentine, the, the yellowfin tuscany and florentine and occasionally some other. It is a bit pricy, especially with my British Blue who is over 15 pounds. He eats as much as the other 3 combined. Well my Davie, who is a Sphinx eats as much as the 2 girls, Starr and Cleo. Apparently he has a faster metabolism that he requires to keep warm since he has no fur.
237422237422B002DGJ19KAMPGQ5WCJ6E8KMike Johnson7711340236800WARNINGThis product contains Color E124 ... and this additive has been outlawed in the US since Sept 2011 according to the FDA website ... Google it.
There is also a warning in fine print on the container " may have adverse effect on activity and attention in children"
237423237423B002DGJ19KAVGF6SU0GFCX1Karen2241288656000Good but really smallVery authentic tasting did a barbeque with chicken and shrimp but just a really samll container.
237424237424B002DGJ19KA3NNR95R50VB4WJ. Smith1151329868800Great authentic tasteMy husband and I had Butter Chicken at a local Indian Restaurant. I loved it so much I had to come home and look a recipe up online. I found out I needed this spice along with garam masala. This spice container was perfect and smells/tastes amazing in Indian dishes!
237425237425B002DGJ19KA1176BXBM7IWEZJulia0051337558400Great ProductI initially bought this to try and re-produce a recipe that I had tried someplace.
I never made it that far.
I got my package, opened the canister, sniffed it, and fell in love. There's no describing this if you haven't smelled it. My hopes for recreating the long recipe were dashed all to heck because I couldn't wait that long to get the rest of the ingredients. Instead, I opened a fresh pack of chicken thighs, rubbed this spice all over them, let them sit for about 20 minutes and broiled those thighs in the oven on low. The result was my house smelling like an indian restaurant, my tummy growling, and my fingers tapping in anticipation of the amazing tastes that were about to come out of that chicken.

I can't say if it's better quality than any other brand but I do know that it was A-mazing, and I won't even attempt to try another brand.
Be aware of the size though when buying it. I knew it was a small container, and that was good for me because I had never tried it before. In the future I'll be looking for a much larger package. This has officially become my go-to spice for chicken when I'm lazy.
237426237426B000FF9LKUA3LFOY4S4BF3MFrank Martinez "Chef, TechGeek, Seeker of Kno...7751273536000Best Dijon out there!I have sampled many Dijon mustards, and I must say that this is, in my opinion, the very best tasting Dijon mustard available. While all mustards have a characteristic "heat" to them, many mustards rely solely on that heat to get them by. This mustard has a robust flavor, reflecting a combination of flavorful mustard seeds with a flavorful wine base. In essence, mustard, any mustard, is a combination of ground mustard seed and vinegar. Other spices may be added, and different vinegars may be used, but this mustard from Fallot has what I consider to be the optimal combination of the two main ingredients with no other non-mustard flavors to detract from the primary flavor profile, namely Dijon mustard. This mustard leans more towards the mild side of the heat spectrum, so those seeking a mustard burn on the palate will be disappointed. I have also sampled some of the other fallot mustards with the various additives (i.e. basil, raspberry, honey, etc.) and they are all nice, too, if a bit limited in their usefulness (raspberry Dijon only works with so many dishes). However, this mustard, the plain, original Fallot Dijon, can blend seamlessly into the background of so many dishes. For those of you who seek a proof of these claims, just put this mustard to the simplest and most telling moutarde test there is: vinaigrette. mix a spoonful of this Fallot Dijon with a few teaspoons of wine vinegar, some salt, pepper, and herbs (fresh thyme is always reliable), and about a 1/2 cup of olive oil and you will understand the sublime versatility of this excellent Dijon mustard!
237427237427B00271FK5AA386V7WHGP8VTXYuki191911300665600Don't get ripped offI've seen these products at high-end pet stores. Don't get ripped off. This is a total waste of money if you live in a town with at least one Asian grocery store.
Go to your Asian grocery, preferably Japanese, and purchase dried bonito flakes, i.e. katsuobushi. Katsuobushi is way cheaper and probably much better quality, as it's meant for human consumption. There should only be one ingredient. Bonito. One of the ingredients we Japanese use to make dashi stock.
237428237428B00271FK5AA35AN245R0XKQDCleanfreak4451297641600Best stuff ever - yes, Kitty CrackA new pet supply store opened in my area a few weeks ago, they gave me a free sample of this stuff, and told me if I bought some I could return any unsed portion if my cats did not like it. They know what they are doing, I went back and told them this is Kitty Crack. My 1.5 year old male has started refusing to eat unless I put some of this in his food. He races me to the kitchen when I go to it for anything, hoping I'll give him some more Kitty Crack. The six month old kittens gobble it up too. The 4 oz bag is less expensive than the 1 oz container, so I'll be ordering from Amazon a lot. I can only hope my male gets tired of it :)
237429237429B00271FK5AA3AVJCB1ZD6ZY5R. Kyle1141337385600THree out of four cats love the bonita flakesWhat's great about this brand is that the flakes are larger and easier to handle, no small crumbs that cats cannot vacuum up off the plate so easily. The treats are healthy and a simple single ingredient item, which I really like.

Three of our four cats love these treats and I keep coming back to get more.

Rebecca Kyle, May 2012
237430237430B00271FK5AA2K4UOITUZ2AZZK. Montgomery1151313452800Cat Man Doo - Cat Does Like!What can I say... this is like kitty crack (almost as expensive), but worth the price. This seems to be a fairly good deal. Our cats LOVE THESE FLAKES!
237431237431B00271FK5AA2OEYN25U870DNGene R. Wolford Jr.1151282435200If think your cat loves you now, wait till you get it this manna of the cat gods!Our cat is more attracted to my wife because I was away in the hospital during her "formative" months. I missed most of our "Rag Dolls" kitten-hood.
When I open up these flakes, she sticks to me like glue. It is a lot of fun giving these treats and there are only the thinnest of flakes. One of the big bags will keep your cat and yourself happy for months!
237432237432B00271FK5AA3IAAOM7YEOUZQCat Mom1151265760000You have to try this for your catsOur 2 cats can hear when I'm opening the container from the other end of the house and come running. Our kitties are healthy, but I wish we'd had this appetite stimulant when our older kitties weren't eating as well. They really enjoy some bonito flakes over a small amount of special crunchies for a tasty treat in the evening (kitty popcorn....). I get the large bag and then put some in the smaller container to use. The plastic bag has to be kept well out of reach.
237433237433B00271FK5AA3OT1RIV0CRKDQCheryl DC "Cheryl DC"1151262563200My cat's all-time favorite!I am thrilled to find that these flakes are offered on Amazon now! I had been getting them from a small pet store that may or may not have had them in stock because they were so popular and flew off the shelves.

I have a small feral rescue cat who needs medicine for 5 days every month. He is a skittish little guy and I hated that I had to chase the poor thing down to give him his daily doses during the treatment course. When we tried these flakes though - it was incredible. They literally right all wrongs in his world and he now BEGS for his medicine and takes it happily because he knows he's getting these afterward. (He always did get a treat after medicine, it's just that these were the jackpot.) He and his brother also get a bit every night before bed, and they've been trained to "say please" for them - so cute! He is a lovable little guy, and these treats have made adjusting to unfortunate necessities (nail trimmings, etc.) all better.

On the website of the company who makes these flakes, there are a lot of glowing anecdotes too (including one from me). :-) Another pet owner even claimed that she needed to keep her flakes in the fridge because it was the only place in the house that her cat didn't get them out itself and eat through the packaging to get to the fish inside.

My cats have enjoyed other treats over the years, but nothing has come close to these - I highly recommend them. We use so many that I get the 4 oz. package, but transfer it to a harder container to prevent excess crumbling (my cats don't like the fish dust at the bottom of the bag, so that's a way to minimize it).
237434237434B00271FK5AA1RJAQ3Z7V8KWXJ. Hoagland "kwaj lady"1151246838400Cat's Favorite TreatI was very pleased at how fast I received the Cat Man Doo bonito flakes since I am in a remote location. My cat absolutely loves them. I like the fact that they are fish and not a lot of carbs and fillers.
237435237435B00271FK5AA31WU54SW3PREZrainallweek "Dabe"2311286841600DisappointedI got excited after reading the reviews and how cats went nuts for this product..I even paid for overnight shipping...
However my older cat ignored these flakes when I gave them to her...
Then I gave some to the 12 strays I feed...They will eat anything...
Some of them showed some interest, but none of them got excited and several
of them just walked away after smelling....
So either I got a bum package, or its all hype...Either way I'm out
20 bucks, and highly disappointed.....
237436237436B00271FK5AA2YXNEZ2T9OT8BJanuarySun2311281398400Great stuff, but...This is waaaay overpriced. I buy this same stuff from an online Asian grocer for less than six dollars for a bag almost this size. These are just bonito flakes--nothing different about them from regular ol' bonito flakes for Japanese cooking. Save your money and don't buy the kind branded especially for pets. I will say, the cats go nuts for this stuff.
237437237437B00271FK5AA23P9059NU2ODPJoyce Jones2341275609600Cat man do bonita flakes reviewSmells really fishy, but my cat loves them. That is her treat with lunch and she knows it. I would not order the 4 oz bag again. I prefer these bonita flakes in the 1 ounce plastic tub. In the four ounce package, they appear to be vacuum packed. and really smashed together.
237438237438B00271FK5AA3330U380HGFGSNicholas Laswell0051349395200The BestExcellent! My cat love it! Arrived on time and as dwscribed. Thanks for the great product!! Definitely will be re-ordering once I run out...
237439237439B00271FK5AA3KAJQBL7LGT8YLisa F. Wilson0051348272000An appealing treat i can feel good aboutI was previously buying this in the 0.5 ounce tubs from my local organic store, but my cats (one in particular) go nuts for this, so I was happy to see Amazon offer this in the larger bag. I feel better about offering this treat to my cats instead of the alternative treats, which are full of junk. Granted, my cats have a strong preference for fish (as compared to chicken or beef), but it's funny to see them get so excited over a food product!
237440237440B00271FK5AA2HQGI95BMJBACLHH0051347840000Product exactly as describedThe product was exactly as described and arrived on the scheduled day. Two of my cats love this stinky stuff and the other cat tries to cover it up.
237441237441B00271FK5AA2DJFUV0WPA6PMcatmomma0051344297600Great ValueMy cat loves Cat-Man-Doo bonito flakes. She is given them as a treat, as well as mixed in her food as an incentive to eat her cat food. She's a finicky eater, but can't resist the bonito flakes. I purchased this big bag for a fraction of the cost in pet boutiques. I saved about $20 by ordering the flakes through Amazon. Delivery was extremely quick.
I will definitely order them again.
237442237442B00271FK5AA1KXH84YZ9SEKbrownsugar70450051341446400Cutie PieOur cat just loves her tuna flakes. She has them everyday. The service was great I will be ordering more in the future
237443237443B00271FK5AA3FF7PSGRWC52WBack sufferer0051340150400Irresistible for finicky eaterOur kitty is a very finicky eater and will hardly eat anything except his favorite brand of kibble. By mixing just a little of this product with his wet food he is a happy camper and healthier as well.
237444237444B00271FK5AA3P18SZAJDV5FSJahaki0051322956800A Must haveMy cat just loves this, each day I mix it in with his wet food and he dives right in.
237445237445B00271FK5AA39ZQNK5SQKF8QDMF2KIDS "Dee"0051315440000Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Bonito Flakes, 4-Ounce Pouch - BIG BAGI've been buying bonito flakes for my two cats as a treat. I must say that they are so funny, they love this product so much they both come running and can hardly wait for me to open the bag. This is a super treat for spoiled cats!
237446237446B00271FK5AA1Q6Q0RIAHSL02S. Kirby0051314921600WORTH THE PRICE!!!Just thought I should let everyone know, these are THE BEST fish flakes on the market. My cats go bonkers when I even mention "fish flakes" around the house (or anything that remotely sounds like "fish flakes". They gobble them up and follow me around wanting more!!! These are worth every penny, and according to "the girls" are superior to any other fish flake out there! Two paws up! Buy em while you can
237447237447B00271FK5AA2LWRW2OOA7XMRE. valerio "Libros"0051313280000My monkeys refuse to eat unless...Yes, you read that correctly. Both cats refuse to eat unless they have a large heaping of Cat-Man-Doo. They will go on hunger strikes if this is not incorporated into their meals twice a day. Once I ran out and they both loss weight because they would not look at their dry food or even wet food. They also, consume less food if they have this placed as a side dish. Thank you!!! My babies are happy!
237448237448B00271FK5AA1JE6NINLYPHNCwinterbaby0051310515200Your cat will come beggingI did buy human grade bonito flakes, but they were smaller and much of the bag was pulverized. My cats prefer the Bonito flakes vs. the other brands. It's actually cheaper on Amazon than at my local pet store, and easier to find. If you buy the big bag, it's more economical than getting 4 1oz. containers. I keep the bag in the fridge to preserve freshness and keep nosey felines from chewing the bag open!
237449237449B00271FK5AA7A0O9S4ZDUEGErika N. Bird "Erika"0051310428800Simply Tastykitties absolutely love this on top of their dinner at night!!! if its not there they wont eat!!! Great stuff!!
237450237450B00271FK5AAEK723WKCKDWYEk00051308096000Will make your cat a snobI bought this because I read the reviews and it seemed like a higher quality snack for my cat. Boomer the cat at first was dubious to the idea of the flakes. I thought to myself, Boomer, you are spoiled because I try to feed you different things all the time. This wasnt exactly a cheap snack, so he was gonna try it, one way or another. I had to mix it into his kibble so that he would HAVE to try it. After about three days, I noticed he started eating around the kibble and only eating the flakes... >.< Spoiled cat.

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