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237481237481B0030H1WW0A1405P19ZIYLOHHillycsp0031308441600Yummy, just not a "coffee people" drink.Used with the right cup setting, this is a pretty tasty drink. It does have a hint of coffee flavor, but my thinking is this was designed for people who are not "coffee people" to be able to enjoy a richly flavored "coffee" in the Keurig brewer. I got a Keurig to curb my Starbucks habit, and have to admit this k cup is not an even trade. I suggest, if you have bought these and dislike them, to brew a small cup of another regular coffee k cup and add this to it. If you are looking for a rich coffee with a mocha flavor, this is not it. But it is an enjoyable warm drink with coffee and chocolate flavor.
237482237482B0030H1WW0A2Z0UU1XYGFLC2EPRives2012 "Ezequiel"0051302825600HEAVENCafe Mocha K-Cups for my keurig brewer is Heaven. my wife and I went through the 16 pack in two weeks. This item is one we've bought a few times here at Amazon and I just might purchase another pack if the price is right.
237483237483B0030H1WW0A322UGN29XANRRJ. Zalaker0021298851200Too potent of a chocolate flavor for my taste.I'm really surprised to see all of the reviews that say this is a watery cup of hot chocolate. I found it to be far to potent and in order to drink I had to dilute with milk- which the result is yummy.

I give two stars because it's not my favorite. I think next time, I'll just purchase regular hot chocolate for my chocolate fix.

For those who were upset that these K-Cups are filled with powered and not coffee- it has to be- it's a mocha- more like hot chocolate rather than coffee. You'll find the same powder filled concept if you purchase Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider- which is phenomenal might I add!
237484237484B0030H1WW0A3H7DJ8TDWZTICJulie Holy "bookie book"0011298851200waste of moneyI have bought two different cases with same result -- This tastes terrible -- It is watery no coffee flavor -- you would do better by not buying it -- I have been more than disappointed with these flavor pods -- I have used several types -- The teas taste un natural just stick with your tea bags you buy at grocery store -- The coffee are all instant -- and unless you are huge fan of instant bland coffee go for it -- There are no flavor in the flavor pods -- I have one suggestion make yourself -- which defeats the purpose of this thing -- I have bought the coffee filter which has down fails too-- First grinds get everywhere which ok except you know if you are going from a hot cider to coffee you may have coffee grinds in everything --- and you can only make one cup at a time -- what a pain -- if you are using own coffee grinds -- first it gets everywhere -- then it only makes one small cup at a time --- then you have to clean out filter -- which is very hot --
237485237485B0030H1WW0A1O3YJDTE10F11M. J. Barker0011293753600THIS IS INSTANT COFFEEThis is an instant coffee product, and the taste is terrible. I tried different serving sizes and none were worth drinking. Finally gave the box to my husband to take to work to get rid of it. Save your money, it is not good.
237486237486B0030H1WW0A5X188EBVPW7OSmitty0011293408000Waste of moneyI agree with the others who have given this a poor review. Tastes like watered down hot chocolate with a hint of coffee flavor. Open up the used k cup and it's empty. Definetely not worth the money for instant coffee and hot chocolate mix, and then not enough of it to give any decent flavor.
237487237487B0030H1WW0A14EW4N6O2M6IMPeek_Inside_Books0011291420800Yuck!Where's the logic here? A $100 machine to brew INSTANT coffee. Ugh! I thought this coffee would have a nice froth, but it's simply coffee powder and cocoa powder mixed together. This KCup doesn't even have a filter, so I was very surprised about the difference in price. [You get two FEWER cups in this box, and it costs more!]

I got my cups at Kohl's retails store. I know they have a very liberal return policy, but I didn't have the heart to return them...BUT I'll know better for next time. My suggestion: Go to the site to check the reviews of the "bizillion" coffees/teas/cocoas that are availble for the Keurig units!
237488237488B0030H1WW0A11QMI2QLO6CU5Mark Brace "Gadget Guy"0051286496000Great TasteCafe Escapes Cafe Mocha K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 16 packThe perfect combo if you prefer a more subtle coffee flavor. Still has the kick of a cup of joe without being overpowering. I add some powdered creamer for added richness, but it is not really necessary as the product is rich & flavorful as it is.
237489237489B0030H1WW0A1MH5LSSB7BBEWSonya Roberts "Sonya Roberts"0051275091200Meet the best K-Cups yet!!Having tried alot of the K-Cups now on the market... this is the best yet!!
237490237490B0030H1WW0AYJN37VZQIZ7PWilliam M. Dalton "TUNEMAN"0041268784000Decent mochaCafe escapes cafe mocha is a very nice mix of coffee and chocolate. I find it to be nice and lite. It is not overpowerful on sweet. It comes out of the Keurig just right.
237491237491B0030H1WW0A3UAKYRZETVDA0Michael Miller0051265155200BlissThis cup is by far the best thing I've ever put into a Keurig machine. This is a blend of coffee and chocolate, so it will not be a potent early morning drink, but it is delicious.
237492237492B0030H1WW0A2CQAM37QRYRZNmommysmoneyformaid1251285113600LOVE IT!!!!I absolutely love this product. It has a wonderful taste. It is light on the caffeine, but you can mix it with regular coffee and it taste great! I add a little whip cream on top and feel like I have Starbucks right in my kitchen. The Chai Latte is absolutely wonderful too!!! (Light caffeine as well, but a wonderful soothing and calming treat) The Chai Latte taste exactly like the one you can order from SB, but it's half the $ and you don't have to drive anywhere to get it! Highly recommend both of these products!!!!! (One thing I do do different is brew a the smaller cup, which I believe gives it more flavor and especially if you want to add regular coffee, you'll still have room in your coffee cup.)
237493237493B0030H1WW0AZCJW6HO5C8ZOJ. J. Valone1251261008000Very GoodIm a big fan of Tim Hortons Cafe Mocha - Well this is as close as your gona get - Very strong in just an 8 oz serving - What I do is run another 3 or 4 oz of water a second time through the K cup - Very strong on the Chocolate flavor little weak on the Coffee flavor - I add a little sweetened condensed milk and Shazam ! Just one of the Best Cups Of Joe out there.
237494237494B0030H1WW0A35S5AC9QD4C8Kshell shellington0151294012800chocolate heavenSo I have worked in a gourmet coffee shop for several years now and this tastes better than the coffee hot chocolate mix that I make myself everyday. I prefer a mild brew so this is perfect. It wasn't watery at all so its likely other reviewers were using the wrong setting. If you are looking for a bold coffee flavor either add espresso, get a different variety k-cup, or add buffalo sauce for that kick you desire.
237495237495B0030H1WW0A17Y6PHLBMQOF6Todd C. Spears0111289779200It's just watery hot chocolate....I don't know why they call this coffee - it's watered down hot chocolate with a bit of coffee flavor thrown in. While I enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate with a shot of espresso now and then this has nothing to do with that. It's watery (even on the small cup setting), has almost no coffee flavor, and a very odd aftertaste.

I would avoid this flavor k-kup if you're looking for cafe mocha or hot chocolate.
237496237496B0044WNTO4A23NIBGW22RJP8Carol Mcmahon0051337558400modern CocktailsThis is a really great way to try new drinks without purchasing a large bottle and being dissappointed. Then you can get the large bottles of what you like.
237497237497B0044WNTO4A27XAH9AUNHP6UDouglas Heimstead0051325203200OverpricedShame on you! These are great mixers and the 5-packs are on sale at Target for just under 8 bucks each!
237498237498B000ALFM3OA17XZ3BLTBJ9JLarheart "arheart"1151280707200Great teaAdagio herbal teas are some of the highest quality and best tasting products in existence. The Sour Apple is probably the one that is least like its name but is tasty nonetheless. Raspberry Patch, Pina Colada, Berry Blast, Blood Orange, Dewey Cherry, Mango Melange and Berry Blues all live up to their names and are simply delicious.
237500237500B000ALFM3OA3SSIVUOQWPC3ZG. Nolf0051195862400Good hot, iced, blended, or on its own.Maybe the most versatile herbal I've come across. I can't find a way to make it I don't like this sweet blend.

Always fresh, and always tasty!
237501237501B000ALFM3OAZADSC5QQA19MElizabeth Jones "SerendipiT"0041169596800Like Kool-aid without the sugarThis is sweet, refreshing and tasty whether warm or cool. I can't wait until the summer as I know my daughter and I will enjoy it over ice.
237502237502B009D5YCJSA1YDQ8I5KVNF8PRangermenace "Kinglord"0051349308800real Diet Dr. PepperMy package was mailed out 1st and received on the 3rd in perfect condition. The tap fit the BIB with no trouble or leaks and is very easy to operate. I had a few questions; I emailed and received answers fast by the owner. The 1 gallon box of syrup is much smaller than I thought it would be, about the size of a medium cheese cake box. What I do is drain syrup into a washed out Sodastream container and store it in the fridge. The Sodastream syrup cap has 3 circles in it, bottom, second and top. The top circle is 2 oz. so you would fill it to that 3 times just remember after carbonating you water you remove 4 oz of water or the 1 liter bottle will over flow when adding the 6 oz. of syrup. 1 gallon BIBs are a good way to test if this is right for you before paying high price for the 5 gallon BIBs.
237503237503B003IMRFGYA1JK1ZY1JSWJY4stephg0051336435200Excellent bargain with no surprisesThe product came exactly when it was scheduled to. The 30 lbs were divided into two 15 lbs bags to make the box more manageable. The gumdrops taste exactly like they're supposed to and weren't stale. We were using the product to teach engineering concepts to younger students by building towers and it worked out perfect since the gumdrops were stiff and didn't melt in the sun like most do. For this price, this was by far our best option and I only hope it will continue to be sold.
237504237504B003VSH04MA1OGIK4026RA05mahana0111342137600Darrell Lea LiquoriceI was quite disappointed. It was anything but soft as Darrell Lea claims it to be. I purchased 2 bags and both bags were absolutely horrible. I would not recommend this to anyone. (Strawberry flavored one)
237505237505B0062YN62CA3R4794K2RVU1SDanny Yu1151332201600Good value - Our Labrador pup loves likes themThese pork chomps mini knotz are of very good value. For the 21 count, I purchased it for $10. Other products with similar size and weight was in the $20 range.

Our Labrador pup likes these bones and definitely keeps her occupied. Give it as a treat or hide it, either way it keeps them busy.

The knotz are about 2 - 3 inches in length and about half an inch wide. The size varies, but that's the rough size of the bones.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the product. If my dog could, she would say so too.
237506237506B0062YN62CA3LY0SUFUPJITYKathy D. Womack1151305244800Pork not BeefMy dogs "itch" when they eat the beef version of this product, so when I found the Pork Chomps, I've got some really happy poodles. Love the value and product.
237507237507B0062YN62CA2G7CZCAA2XLKNPatricia A. Best0051344902400little treats for little dogsI have 2 small chiwienees who love these. I've tried many different kinds for them and this is their favorite. Seems to be a consistent product that has never made them sick. They love them, and I'm glad there's no mess left behind. Not greasy, and nothing remains when they are done with them.
237508237508B001EQ55KEA1RJUXDK64O91ASandy P "saprater"4421262131200What sea vegetables?I purchased this as an alternative to the popular Japanese furikake because the Asian version incorporates sugar in all of their varieties, which I don't like. However, my glee at finding a sugarless version was soon cut short once I was able to inspect the contents in person. The ingredient list boasts of sesame seeds, seaweed, and pickled shiso leaves, but the last two ingredients are so disproportionate as to negate the necessity of even listing them except to highlight possible allergens.

Seasame seeds, sesame seeds...both black and traditional versions...with a flake here or two that might be seaweed. Not that my tastebuds could tell. You're honestly just better off buying a bottle of sesame seeds and tossing in a sprinkle of salt.

While not a direct commentary on the company itself (I really like their umeboshi), I think it's sad that they felt the need to Westernize this delightful condiment by eliminating or reducing the tastiest parts.
237509237509B001EQ55KEA25NDONY4ZKLJ4Lael Giebel "healthy eater"1151253491200Delicious!I LOVE this product - all four of my boys (ages 2, 4, 7 and 9) love it as much as I do. we put it on mac n cheese, salads, pasta, you name it, we shake it!
237510237510B001EQ55KEA3VRFLNI8JZE3RLaurie0051315958400Terrific Seasoning!Vegetarians and meat lovers alike will find Eden Shake both good for adding texture and flavor!Do you want something great to season vegetables in a wok? This is great to add to sauted vegetables, steamed vegetables, toufu or meat/seafood dishes needing a touch of flavor.

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