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237512237512B000JOQ3VMAKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige0011330214400False Advertising, Terrible Dog Food!!I bought this dog food because the bag showed pictured of veggies and chunks of meat, and with a name like "Beneful" I thought I was purchasing a nutritious brand of dog food. My dogs did eat this food, but after reading the ingredients I completely regret purchasing it and feel just awful for feeding it to my dogs. The first three ingredients are Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, and corn gluten meal. How disgusting is that?! The main ingredient is a corn filler. One thing my vet told me a while back that I never forgot: "When you eat corn, what comes out of the other end? The same thing happens with dogs." Basically, dogs cannot digest corn, it is just a filler and causes them to actually eat more to feel full, poop out more, and retain less nutrients. The only meat in Beneful at all is a by-product, its not even a real meat! By-products are the stuff leftover once all the actual meat is harvested. We're talking beaks, chicken feet, eyeballs, even chicken poop! I would not recommend this product to anyone, for any reason, ever. It is an absolutely awful dog food. I can't believe the pictures of veggies and full chunks of meat on the bag can be allowed to be on the packaging of such a disgusting product; it is very misleading and should be considered false advertising.

I recommend to stay far away from Beneful, and most Purina products. When purchasing a dog (or cat) food, the most important thing to consider is the first 3 ingredients; just make sure those first three are decent ingredients that you would eat yourself. Now that I know what to look for, I usually buy my pets all natural, organic foods such as Blue Buffalo, Halo or Wellness.
237511237511B001EQ55KEA9A92L2L20WU6B. Long "blong"0051311465600I love it!It's amazing that there aren't more positive reviews about this product. I have shipped bottles to 4 relatives and have opened their taste buds to this delectable product. All 4 are now diehards for Eden Shake. I use it on broccoli, eggs, asparagus, kale, spinach, seared tuna, etc. and sometimes straight out of the bottle because I love the exotic taste!
237513237513B0051OL8ISAPTRX5J7K4AO1Maureen F. Eckels0051332979200Blueberry Mini WheatsExactly what I expected. The cereal is fresh and was well packaged. Good flavor and fiber content. I would buy it again.
237514237514B004WP67MYA23UQ9C54L5G51Spring Eagle "Spring"1151318377600Great and healthy salad dressingI first had this product from my mother in law who was from Germany. It is her favorite salad dressing. Then my kids love it too. We used to get it from Germany either sent to us by my mother in law or we would buy a year of supply when we visit Germany. We run out the dressing recently and could not get it because neither us or my mother in law are traveling to Germany any time soon. So my kids helped to search on Amazon. What a great surprise, we ordered it right away and actually found this bulk package instead of the expensive individually packaged ones. Thank you Amazon! You can control how much and what kind of oil to add into your salad. It makes any salad taste great!
237515237515B004WP67MYAO92QKRC9Q842Karen1151307318400Knorr Salat Kronung Dill- Krauter Container for 2.3 LitersI purchased this from Euro Food Mart out of Ohio through Amazon. I can stretch this into double what it makes by using equal parts of vinegar and water and just refreshing the whole recipe using the left over juice each time, never throwing away the left over juice in the bowl but reusing, keeping it in the refrigerator. I was willing to pay the price for the big container, but the surprise was the shipping cost, $7.03 shipping!!!!!!!
237516237516B0000TLFEQA3I95BTVJT2JLBMichael Rogers2251312416000Exceptional JellyNot only is the seller of this absolutely a joy to work with, but the product was top notch as well.

If you love the flavor of old fashioned elderberry jelly, then you are going to want to consider this as one of the top choices you will have. It is sweet, yet slightly tart and I enjoy having it on toast regularly.
237517237517B0000TLFEQAMN0555VFO14IKathleen2251282867200Excellent product and quick shipping ! Thank you ! :)Excellent product, packaging jar is cute....Tastes good...This seller ships quickly and good packaging....For anyone who loves Elderberry jelly !
237518237518B0000TLFEQA339XHEA0QTBCDKatherine Lakes0011348790400My overly sensitive body says no to this product, but normal people can probably enjoy eating it with no problemThe taste is fine. It looks fine. But my overly sensitive body says no to this product. I assume the typical person won't have a problem eating it though.
237519237519B0000TLFEQA3GNEBFFJXN0O4Steve Sowder3531179964800Not like mom'sGood but not great. Reminded me a little bit like mom's but a stronger citric acid taste. Expensive.
237520237520B0019BGD5KA1HRYC60VTMYC0Ace0051339459200EXCEPTIONALWell worth the price. My cats like it because it tastes great. I like it because it uses TOP quality ingredients and the small size to me, means that it is highly nutritious and easily digested, so there is no waste. Even though it is much smaller than "regular" dry cat food, I still hear them "crunch it" so I know they are not just swallowing it whole. I feed them this dry food in ADDITION to their canned food, so they get a small amount of NOW every day. The look great, and I know they are eating food that is very good for them,.
237521237521B005JEWHVCA3BZJ0HVL2OMTTSam "Sam"0051317945600My favorite crackerA cracker that is actually satisfying to eat alone or with cheese. It has substance, not like eating air, and it is subtely flavored so not to overpower cheese.
237522237522B004OW931MA1CV5L6H0FW945Nancy Dobrinski1151319414400One of the best organic cerealsMy entire family loves this cereal. We have tried almost all the popular organic cereals and think this one is the tastiest. Crisp without seeming heavy. No weird earthy aftertaste.
237523237523B004OW931MA20AEJE7V4TGFQAndy Dufresne0031323648000Excellent Cereals- Bad Delivery ScheduleThese are the best tasting organic cereals (under cornflakes category) in the market and the most reasonably priced ones out there. I am addicted to these big time. However, the amazon delivery on these suck. Most of the time they are unavailable and when they are available, the shipping takes forever to deliver them. For that reason, I have to take away 2 stars. For product itself, I will give 5 stars. I now buy these from my local organic grocery store.
237524237524B0019BGD5UA1JMCY0XKUXT6XL. Ott3351322956800Incrediblely Great food with great results.I order this food to try as it was grain free and I liked the ingredients listed on the site with the reviews. I opened the bag and the smell was incredible. It almost made me hungry lol. The dog loves it and is doing well on it.
I start doing more research on the food and was very impressed. The owners of this food make sure ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT (which are knowing to cause cancer) are NOT used at all in the food. They make sure that the slaughter and processing plants do not use them either. That is great and it show that they care as well.
I have communicated with the Petcurean and have been very impressed with them as well. I am really happy with this food. It has very good ingredients. he company is great. I highly recommended this good and I have tired several different grain free dog foods. Plus my dog loves it.
Thank you amazon. i would have never found it without amazon.
237525237525B0019BGD5UA1IZL8ZYF3QUMKJenna Sullivan4551313884800Lucy loves it!I'm not usually one to write reviews, but I am so happy with this food that I felt it was necessary! I was nearly at my wits end before I purchased this. When we adopted our Basset Hound, Lucy, a few months ago we started feeding her Innova from the get go. She had loose stools, but we figured it was just because it was a different food than what she ate at the rescue. We fed her pumpkin with the food, and she did great, but she also would not eat from then on without the pumpkin. We weened her off of the pumpkin, and as soon as we did she had loose stools/diarrhea again. Kept trying for a few weeks. It never let up, and she still had no real interest in eating the food at all. She would not eat for a day until she was starving. We nearly took her to the costly vet to see if she had some sort of digestive issue.

We did some further research, and discovered that Innova was bought by P&G, and that there were many people that had been feeding for 10 years and suddenly started having loose stools so we decided it might just be the food. We immediately switched her to Petcurean Now!, and immediately her stool turned normal even though we did not phase it in. Lucy *loves* the taste of this food. We put it down, and she eats every last morsel without having to coax her. She is excited for meal time finally!

I am so very content with this purchase. It is worth the slightly higher price tag if you want a happy, healthy dog.
237526237526B0019BGD5UA2BR6WPMFQ5R1KSheltie Mom1151334361600My shelties love this dog foodNow Grain Free Turkey and Duck Formula dog food is great. My shelties love it and I love that it has no junk in the formula. It is healthy for my pets. I receive my orders in a timely fashion and usually sooner than expected. Amazon is great in getting the orders out.
237527237527B0019BGD5UAKBBZM546OD2FDamon Carney1151329436800Love this dog food...My dog is prone to allergies requiring treatment with steroids and antihistamines at least twice a year. Since beginning this food his allergies have all but gone away. I switched him directly to this food without gradually introducing it with no problems. The food produces well formed compact stools which is a plus if he has an accident in the house. Not that much more expensive than other "high quality" dog foods that contain grains and meal.
237528237528B0019BGD5UA2X0BCK7BCV9OWHarry R. Moberley1151310860800breeders recommendationthis product was recommended by the breeder...our scottie loves it and looks forward to his meal...would definitely recommend this product to those with new puppies, even tho it is a little expensive, it does have all the nutrients required for good health...
237529237529B0019BGD5UAPI6P8W9GXELKRufous1151295654400Great foodI have decided that I want to provide the best quality food to my animals. My dog loves this food, and hasn't had any digestive problems since moving to it. Also does wonders for her coat. Love this product.
237530237530B0019BGD5UA21KJPQ5ZHDPOMiuki1151293580800Moved out of state and couldn't find a retailer for this dog food.Our Bichon has a very sensitive stomach, so this is the only dog food we buy for her. When we moved to another state, we had difficulty finding a retailer that carried this particular brand of dog food. Ordering from makes it easy, and it is delivered to our door within a few days.
237531237531B0019BGD5UA1HQ8BTFQBEWQMH. R. Marin "Cool Gadget Buyer"2311315526400Product is great but the seller stinksThe food deserves 5 stars, but the seller (1800PetMeds) deserves zero stars, if that could be assigned. My dog has allergies, but does well on this brand of non-grain dog food. I thought it would be smart to order through Amazon, since it is difficult to find in stores, but that was a mistake. It has been 14 days since I ordered, and the product has not yet arrive. Nine days after the order, it had not even shipped. And while it was shipped via Fedex, the Fedex tracking says the order will take about 6 to 7 days to deliver. The seller must have asked for special slow delivery... Never again will I buy from this seller.
237532237532B0019BGD5UA18V316U2HXALEJ. Hallan "Shamrock"2351311206400Working great for my girlsI purchased Now! Senior/Light last week in an effort to get one of my Bichon girl's very high triglycerides down.
IT's been a week feeding this food and her triglycerides are back to normal! Also, a bonus is she likes it plain with nothing mixed in, and stool is firm and nearly no smell!

Thanks for a great product!
237533237533B0019BGD5UA2DRD4UI6PGKZHredrobin2351288656000One of the few dry kibble with NO Meal byproducts!!I have searched really hard for dry kibble with out meal byproducts. Dogs eat bones, but not ground to a sandy material!
237534237534B0019BGD5UAMPGRXQMO89X9Faye L. Bowring0041337731200Thanks for trial-size packaging!Like many pet owners, our 7-month-old Lhasa pup suddenly is getting picky, picky about her food. The Now Dry Puppy Food is the eighth brand (wet and dry) I have tried and I am holding my breath because she actually ate a helping of it and why I gave it a 4 star rating. It is also wonderful to be able to buy it in smaller quantities than 6, 10 or 15 pound bags only to find out she will not eat it and we donate bag after bag of dog food to our neighbors. I don't believe she is allergic to any of the brands but I think she is holding out for a human food menu. I have high hopes for the Now Puppy Formula and will update this review when there is a change-positive or negative.

Update: Once again I thought our picky eater pup was going to turn her nose up at NOW on the third day but when I laid some kibble on the floor, she gobbled it up. She likes wet food and pieces of meat in her bowl and dry food on the floor. This is our third Lhasa and this adorable pup provides us with so many first experiences. The hunt for the perfect food for our picky eater is over. I feed her Redbarn Premium Variety Pack Food Rolls cut up in treat-size pieces for all day treats and lay NOW dry food and extra supplement cubes (all combined to equal her daily allowance) on the floor in her exercise pen for her to eat at her leisure until just after her last meal of the day and what is left is taken away and all food and treats are suspended until breakfast the next morning.
237535237535B005CV7VLIA3HON67T38XCB5willy0051329523200ritzcheese and crackers are a favorite. ritz crackers by themselves like potato chips are great with a soft drink. don't mind if i do. one after another is an easy trick to do.
237536237536B005CV7VLIA1OXH6BF4LJEVHPenny Duff2411328832000Ritz USED to be my favoriteRitz Crackers USED TO be my favorite cracker. I loved the buttery flavor with just a little salt. That all ended with the last box purchased. The crackers were almost white--half baked, no flavor except heavy salting. Gone was the golden color, the buttery flavor. All that was left was white cracker and heavy salt. I contacted Kraft/Nabisco. They apparently thought I was complimenting them, and only sent back ads for more Nabisco products. They were very flip and apparently didn't care that the quality of this product was utterly gone. Use extreme caution in purchasing this product any more.
237537237537B003FYF4Q8A2W2ODLRQ2L8LEG. Max Gooding81041294272000An Up-sized Gummi Bear: The Gummi Bears Strike BackThis is the big daddy bear of the Gummi Bears. This Bear has come on the scene to take revenge on all those that have been yumming down too many Gummi Bears.

The Revenge takes place on several fronts so be warned!!!!

[1] Extra sticky portions are designed to stick between your teeth to give cavities and to try to rotten them out completely.

[2] If large bits are taken, the portion will attempt to make you choke.

If you are successful in getting this Daddy bear down into your tummy, the revenge continues on a new level:

[3] It will make you heavier, 4.5 pounds to be precise.

[4] It will make you fatter, 12,500 calories to be precise.

[5] It will increase your blood sugar and attempt induce a stroke or diabetes.

If you are successfull in digesting the Daddy bear, he has one last trick:

[6] Hint: take a very thick book the next time you go the washroom.
237538237538B003FYF4Q8A18XLHBZC6UWZZDKBlumchen0041341878400Mega Bear!Super fun, and a great surprise gag gift! I would definitely want to go for the multi-flavor one next time, though. After a few months of eating cherry gummi, am not too keen on that flavor again! Will keep well in a zip-up plastic bag. If you use a BIG knife to cut, it's easier to get through.
237539237539B003FYF4Q8A1NA6W474AYKZODaniel "Poet"0031335657600Yummy but tough to carveSo its a gummy bear and its huge! This thing was as big as my head and needs both hands to hold. It taste great but has a ton of calories so be wary of that. The only thing to really worry about is that its a pain to cut up into pieces, like carving a turkey only much harder. Still, it was a fun experience and for anyone who is looking for an unusual desert to serve to guests you might want to consider this bear.
237540237540B003FYF4Q8A114836YYULL5VStephanie R. Manley0051295308800This gift was a homerun!I bought this for my husband (an avid candy eater) for Christmas and he LOVED it!! I would recommend this gift for anyone who enjoys candy and a little bit of ridiculousness!

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