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237541237541B003FYF4Q8AD00YQI5DJWKWCorrectopinion0041294790400Jolly MonsterShipped and arrived in excellent condition. Was the hit of my white elephant family event. Not sure how it tasted but it seemed like it was fresh.
237542237542B003FYF4Q8A2ZSAN2VKWCNS3Isaac1311294963200Worlds SLOWEST Gummy BearI ordered this as a b-day gift but it took 1 month to arrive. As you can imagine it was way late. If you are ordering this item as a gift for someone else make sure to do it well in advance.
237562237562B000ELGPAOA2PRIUX1CBTU3Art Lady "art lady"4441261699200Good for the priceThe coffee maker makes excellent coffee--just as I remember it from our recent trip. But it is hard to turn the filter to loosen it once there is hot water in the container. I use a rubber grip-it pad, that I use for lids that are stuck.
237543237543B002AUOUYUA2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"0031348531200It's Wet!Decent tasting water, no discernible difference from my filtered tap water at home but supports a good cause. Living in Tornado Alley, it's in my emergency stash!
237563237563B000ELGPAOA2NYH9BRB3R5U7Marcia2251323561600Love the vietnamese coffee filter setThe stainless steel coffee filter works just great! If you want a cup now and then thru the day, this filter is definitely worth EVERY penny. Why fork over a hundred bucks for an electric maker? (An environmental hog and more maintenance too.)
And a cup can't taste any better than made in stainless steel, right? Love it, and I will probably buy another for my friends to use at the same time when they want just a cup. If you're into the simple joys in life, this will suit you JUST FINE! Oh, did I mention it doesn't take up one inch of counter space either as I just grab it out of the cupboard and we're good to go?
237544237544B003ZFZYHQA3ODKNXD86RZCIphilyodaddy2241344211200Hot and Fresh out the KitchenRemix to what? Similarly to R. Kelly's jam "Remix to Ignition" - The Orbit Tropical Remix is probably far more famous than the original. That being said, I like this gum. It is very strong-flavored, so weak gum-likers need not apply. This flavor lasts longer than some of the sweeter flavors such as the strawberry remix. Another victory for the orange. This is more of a special occasion gum, when you're really feeling the need to take the vacation to flavor country. I keep this gum at work so that I can make sure that my oral fixation always has 12 x 20 pieces on standby. Review over.
237564237564B000ELGPAOA66X34TUYLC5Jzeb wilder6831240704000Ouch!It makes great coffee, but using this filter can burn you.

The directions tell you to pour hot water in the top, then reach in with your fingers and unscrew the (now) boiling hot metal plate. Other models have a slot so you can use a screwdriver. The best don't use screws at all. Try finding one of them before you buy this one.
237565237565B000ELGPAOA23A6QJ124K4N7Sadie1131339977600Vietnamese CoffeeSo I went to Vietnam last year not knowing very much about Vietnam, and came away really excited about everything Vietnam, especially food and drink wise!

basically these coffee filters are great - slow down the pace of life (the slower the coffee drips the better it is), but What I have found in my experience is that the Vietnamese coffee filter sets which you can screw down the inside filter thing are much better as they give a much more controlled drip and a stronger more authentic coffee =)

See the one I mean in this one-minute recipe video on youtube -

237545237545B003ZFZYHQA4EKX22OU5L8KLura J. Dungan0051329264000Too Popular?Orbit makes great gum. I know Wriggley's by any other name. I just have a hard time finding my favorite flavors (Tropical Remix and Pomegranate). Was delivered super fast, but I can't handle the shipping. Hopefully the world wont run out of my favorite, but if it does I'll adjust.
237546237546B003ZFZYHQATODS9XKBKHO0Georgia Moreau0051323302400Only gum I chew nowadaysI like fruit-flavored gum but need sugar-free. Sangria Fresca used to be my favorite flavor but Orbit discontinued it
237566237566B000ELGPAOA15AMT9T9A1309Film-Friend1131328572800N/AThis is a cool system only problem is that the coffee is no longer hot once it drains into your cup. If you are using it to make ice coffee though, it's great!
237547237547B001S8TR34ASQEGOCQ0OQON. Trammell0051325721600Exactly what we were looking forThe Mentos gum was exactly what we'd been having problems finding locally. It arrived earlier than expected and in good order. My husband finds it handy to have multiple packages here versus running to the store weekly.
237548237548B001S8TR34A69N5ORMEE9UFMarilyn Cline "mossivy"0051290988800Best Sugar-free gum!!!I have been chewing this gum for about six months, and in my opinion, it is the best sugar-free gum I have ever found. The flavor does disipate a little, but the chewing keeps going, and going, and going... Most gums nowadays, just don't have the chewability that gums used to have, but Mentos gum beats all others hand down - it has an excellent *rebound* and can last all morning, or even longer if you don't mind parking your gum during your lunch hour - LOL!! My favorite flavors are the
Watermelon and the Red Berry.
237567237567B000ELGPAOA1YSUI8MIKW6EVJ. McGillie1111324252800Straight to the recycle binWhen I eat at my local Vietnamese place and order Vietnamese iced coffee, it's served in one of these things and drips slowly, ever so slowly... it takes maybe 5-6 minutes. This was was nowhere close to that - it was closer to 30 seconds, which isn't enough time for the coffee to be made properly.

In addition, there was a metal splinter on this thing that embedded itself in my finger, which made me so frustrated that I just threw the thing away instead of bothering to send it back for a refund.
237549237549B001S8TR34A3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0031260662400Good Flavor, Not Long Lasting"Mentos Watermelon Gum" is a fairly good tasting sugarfree gum, but the flavor dissipates very quickly. This gum has a hard outer shell and a soft inside, but it isn't the "squirt" type that you might expect by looking at the picture on the plastic package (it is way over packaged, in my opinion). Each package contains 15 pieces.

Not recommended.
237568237568B000ELGPAOAKHRWSSKWGZZ5ilikeadacooffee0041341100800Good Stainless Steel coffe itemI had never had veitnamese style coffee before purchasing this item. It was wonderful the item works great clean easy and was shipped fast. Would recommend to friends and other coffee lovers.
237550237550B000NNB1I4A1804Z5697O7SXdjin4421249084800decaffinated?I bought this decaffeinated Midsummer's Peach tea directly from Harney, when they had it on sale for $5.95 a tin. I don't know if there was some mixup with the decaffeination process or what, but the tea in the tin I received certainly had some sort of stimulant in it -- if not caffeine, then something just as potent. I know tea contains theophylline and theobromine as well as caffeine. But I was expecting less of a stimulant effect from this tea than I get from regular tea, not more of one. I'm still baffled as to whether I received "caffeinated" peach tea that was mispackaged, or whether the removal of the caffeine somehow increased the amount of theophylline and/or theobromine enough to offset removal of caffeine.

As for the flavor, I was a bit disappointed. It's not the worst tea I've ever had, but usually Harney tea tastes better. The peach flavor wasn't even the best "fake peach" flavor I've ever tasted. And if the tea doesn't have the benefit of no caffeine (or other stimulants), you might as well buy a better tasting tea.
237551237551B000NNB1I4A1RN0TI0UWJ746RebekahGolden1121337731200Doesn't taste like H&S Midsummer's PeachI was very excited to be able to get the Midsummer's Peach because it's been unavailable from Harney & Sons for a while now. I drank it so much that I used to buy it in bulk directly from them. When this tea arrived I quickly brewed up a cup and couldn't believe it was the same tea! The flavor was overwhelming, jarring, not subtle. Maybe this is the last stash that has aged poorly. Anyway, if you like Harney & Sons' Midsummer's Peach this won't be your nostalgia tea.
237552237552B003LPKG50AJ0AA6S8MYINVCheryl Crawford0041331078400Great Mix!A friend bought me this product because I love Cosmos. I wasn't real excited about trying it because most mixes are too sugary. This, however, was excellent. I am now trying to find it, to no avail, in Michigan. Guess I have to order on line. Great with Orange Vodka.
237553237553B000ELGPAOA2JXW5WREBTLMYTom323231226793600prefer coffee filter set without the screw topEver since I came back from Vietnam, I have been using these small "French presses", or Vietnamese coffee filter sets. I bought 3 sets for one dollar (15,000 dong) in Vietnam, and soon realized that I needed more. So, I bought a few in the U.S. (local VN grocery store) and noticed that they come in different forms. This one has the screw in press, which I don't like as much as the simple press down piece that just sits on top of the ground coffee. It works great. The screw in needs to be tighten until you hit the coffee, but don't tighten too much (low drip, or no drip) and too little (too fast), but just right. I can't figure it out.

It is much more difficult to remove the screw part after the coffee is done. Worse, sometimes it can be that it is screwed in too hard, so the water does not drain through, but now you can't loosen it, because the hot water covers the piece. That's why the simpler version works much better. I have never seen this construction in Vietnam either.

However, there is one advantage, it is that it is sturdier and lasts longer.
237554237554B000ELGPAOA1QZB54S4KPVECP. Kolarits242651199145600Unique, yet ubiquitous useThe Vietnamese styled coffee filter is really a nice bit of kit. It makes the often mundane act of drinking coffee into a ritual.

While its origins are south-east Asian, its has a cosmopolitan use that is quite underrated. If you're like me and have several different blends of coffee in your home to choose from, its nice to offer guests their choice of coffee without having to make several pots to do so.

You can alter the strength of the coffee by how tightly you compress the top filter in this apparatus. Thus enabling a "Lungo" or "ristretto" type of taste as you would find with espresso machines. This is however, not technically an espresso maker as espresso is made by forcing water through the ground coffee beans, while this apparatus uses gravity to distill the coffee.

Many people who first experience these will be in specialty Vietnamese restaurants, offered as a traditional "Cà phê su'a dá" (translated "Coffee milk ice"), but you should be able to find this nice little filter at many oriental specialty shops for anywhere between $3-$4. Don't worry about manufacturer, as I have seen several, and there seems to be absolutely no difference in quality. So don't pay a high price for this item.

Often, the best things are the simplest, and it doesn't get any simpler than this. It should last you decades of use.
237555237555B000ELGPAOA1OQOE7QQ0SNJVGrendel222451155600000All I want is 1 cup of coffeeAnd this little gadget does the job much better than a Melitta style funnel and paper filter. If you grind your own you'll need to experiment a bit with how fine to grind and how tight to screw down the tamper, but after a few tries you should have the cup of coffee you want.

I have 4 now. They are pretty cool for serving coffee when you have company. I don't think the online price is outrageous, but if you are lucky enough to live in a city with a Vietnamese market you can pick these up for $3 each.
237556237556B000ELGPAOA2YU1MWFP5DIVDC. Vargas9951272153600nice little setThe picture for this item shows the top of the screw on damper as flat, but the one we received has a convenient slot for a screwdriver or the flat bottom of your spoon handle. The lid doubles as a plate to set down the coffee filter after you're done with it.
237557237557B000ELGPAOA2XENRYGTAN033A. J. Landon6651292025600Great coffee filter!Ever since having Vietnamese coffee at a restaurant in St. Louis (and then returning regularly to have Pho and coffee), I have wanted to buy one of these filters to use at home. The one at the restaurant uses friction to compress the coffee grinds with the insert, so this kind is a bit different in that you actually screw the insert down, but I haven't had any problems with it.

To use this properly, make sure to not screw the insert down too tightly - it should be snug, but not tight. It might take a couple of tries to get this right. The coffee grounds need to be able to expand a bit. Once the insert is screwed down, pour a little bit (less than a cm) of water into the filter, and let that drip through. This allows the grounds to expand. If you don't do this step, sometimes the grounds actually escape from the filter up into the water chamber. Not too big of a deal, but the water runs through too quickly when that happens. After the small amount of water goes through, then fill the filter almost to the top with water, and cover it with the cap. About 4 minutes should pass before all of the water has gone through. Then, enjoy!
237558237558B000ELGPAOA3V0EO5GVAQE4OHunter JE "HunterJE"6651284076800Great cup of coffeeI'd encountered these before, when ordering ca phe sua da (Vietnamese iced coffee) at better pho-houses, and I decided to pick one up as a possible single-cup coffee solution (the coffee at my office is hideous, and I prefer to make my own). Having only had coffee brewed in this sort of filter in the aforementioned situation, I really didn't have an opinion on the quality of the brew (sweetened condensed milk will cover a lot of sins). After a few tries to get the brewing procedure down just right, I can say this makes one of the best cups of black coffee I've ever had. The brew is somewhat between that of a French press and a standard drip filter; it's as strong as a strong pot of French press, and as aromatic, but has the more balanced flavor profile of a well-brewed cup of drip coffee. I've only had the chance to use middle-of-the-line grocery store beans in the thing, but I'm looking forward to brewing up some top-end coffee in this; with the well-balanced extraction it offers, I expect it to be a treat.

Clean-up is a breeze, limited moving parts and the grounds rinse right off, much quicker than fine-mesh filter cones or french press. I picked up two, one for work and one for home, and I have a feeling they will both get plenty of use.
237559237559B000ELGPAOA21DILD6WXEXCRSoft Spirit5541286150400Inexpensive, makes delicious treats.For those not familiar with these little gems, Basically you put a couple of spoons of fine(not TOO fine) coffee inside of them, drop the lid, and it is a mini-drip coffee maker right into your cup. Pour about 1/2" of condensed milk in the bottom of the cup, set this on top, and pour boiling water into it. Once it finishes dripping either stir and enjoy
hot, or pour it over ice.

Highly portable, easy to store, water can be heated any way that is convenient.. A wonderful treat beyond the bounds of electricity.
237560237560B000ELGPAOADGQRNX4ZKEW7Lois Moore5541220054400Vietnamase coffee filter setThis little product is just great(Vietnamase Coffee Filter set)
It is just like a regular coffee press, but it makes one cup at a time.
237561237561B000ELGPAOA1D46UK3KZTLY2D. Robinson4431294617600Makes good coffee, hard to unscrewTitle says it all. Coffee is great. However, for some reason after making coffee, the press becomes nearly impossible to unscrew. I've had to resort to pliers a number of times.
237569237569B000ELGPAOA3BN6NAP06Q6OMdrummerking81870051340323200Good coffee filterThis Vietnamese coffee filter is very easy to use, and the quality of this item is good. Also, the shipment is fast and safe.
237570237570B000ELGPAOA2JIUS8XMEF1BXJ. Stubbles0031338595200Works great, but it's small and lets grinds throughI work with a vietnamese gentleman who turned me on to their style of coffee brewing, so I figured I'd check this out. After unboxing it I was surprised by how small the filter was. I like a good sized cup of coffee in the morning, so being so small was one downside for me at least. Assembly and use are easy and straight forward, but getting that screw top adjustment just right is a bit of a pain. I brew with this using true Hung Nguyen coffee and it does a great job, if not for the fact that it lets some coffee grinds through. For me, getting coffee grinds in my mouth triggers kind of a gag reflex, so I have to fish them out before drinking. Overall though, I'd say I'm happy with the product. It works well and was cheap enough to be worth it.

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