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237601237601B003WM7P42A24C3GG36TE67ZHR0031338940800small packetsThe small packets are inconvenient... I was expecting some larger packaging instead of so many little packs... as you empty them the powder flies all over. Otherwise, the same good product. I wish Costco would resume carrying the plain Lemonade Crystal light... they discontinued it in favor of the multiflavor ones. and the price, as the other reviewer said.
237602237602B003WM7P42A33T3RRIP9UTBCLarry Sonstein "computerman"4731315699200Crystal LightI ordered this item when my local Sam's Club was temporarily out of it. It arrived on time and was exactly as advertised - But I later learned when Sam's had it back in stock that it was about half the price at Sams!
237603237603B007WESTTGA66OFHA9Z0S3WAshley E.0021349308800Not Fresh!I ordered this product with the expectation of receiving a fresh product. There were clumps in the individual cups that didn't dissolve in the hot water coming from the machine. Other K-Cups that I've purchased are all powder, but the Cafe Vanilla had problems that you could hear when you shook the cup. With the clumps not dissolving in the water, the flavor is more watered-down than it should be. I have used other products from this same line of K-Cups, but this was sub-par to any other K-Cup I've ever purchased.
237604237604B001CHFSR0A1PZW5JKLA85F1Kellie Pease121221243382400Not great.I ordered this coffee expecting a nice coffee with chocolate flavor. Well, there is not much chocolate flavor to speak of, and the coffee wasn't great. If you are looking for a nice coffee with chocolate aroma and flavor, Timothy's German Chocolate Cake is a much better alternative.
237605237605B001CHFSR0A3VGX4UPUL1VI2J. Williams101021226966400Nice Coffee - Not Much FlavorNice Coffee if you like a bolder coffee.
Did not have much "mudslide" flavor.
Not one of my favorites.
237606237606B001CHFSR0A1OP7O7OLH0AKMPhotog Mom161851230940800Surprised at negative reviews -- I love this one!I think this is a fantastic coffee. Subtle chocolate flavor but not cloying. Just outstanding! Will definitely make this a part of my regular rotation!

Amazon won't let me edit the title and number of stars, but after drinking half the box, the flavor does not hold up. I can't really explain it -- while I loved it initially I guess I just got tired of it quickly -- I'd give it about 3 stars now. It's not bad, just -- nothing special. There are better flavors out there. I will NOT make this part of my regular rotation. Sorry! Next time I promise I will sample a flavor at least a half dozen times before writing a review!
237607237607B001CHFSR0A1WNB47DOVKH5LC. Murphey3311264464000bland - and defective cups!It's an ok coffee, for a mild blend. But it doesn't really taste like Mudslide at all. My biggest problem is that 9 out of the cups were completely empty!!! So far 4 calls and 4 e-mails to Gloria Jeans hasn't received a reply at all, and I am very frustrated at this. Amazon won't let me initiate a return for the product. Disappointed and I still want a partial refund.
237608237608B001CHFSR0A3879DELVQW0LUD. Trust3321237507200not my favoriteI love mudslides (the real ones), but this coffee doesn't come close to what you would expect it to taste like. There is a detectable coconut flavor (barely), no choclate flavor at all, and a strange aftertaste that really kills the deal for me. I really like most of Gloria Jean's coffees, but this one is at the bottom of the list for me.
237609237609B001CHFSR0AK7AEVW5I0SKPatricia Lee2251270080000It makes a great mug of coffeeI thoroughly enjoy Gloria Jean's Coffees and Mudslide meets the standards of the other flavors I have tried. It is smooth with a slight hint of chocolate and a wonderful aroma, and there is no unpleasant after taste. This is a great purchase for forty eight K-cups. I will most definitely purchase again.
237610237610B001CHFSR0A1YCAK5DUDJ2MWKevin P Overholt2221259452800more mud than chocolate flavorI was thinking of more chocolate than mud taste for this product. I am not too picky so for it to be more mud than chocolate flavor is bearable but I won't re-order this flavor.
237611237611B001CHFSR0A35XN326A00AJMTanvir Hafiz2251229472000A Flavor Good For Both My Wife And MyselfThis flavor is acceptable to both my wife and myself in our new Kuerig coffee maker. It has a nice even balance between the chocholate flavor and the aromatic donut-shop like coffee flavor. It's a keeper for both of us.
237612237612B001CHFSR0A2D77OFQJ16G9Akrae821111320537600DisappointingI was expecting a great chocolate flavor and was very disappointed when I took my first sip to find what tasted like weak, plain black coffee. There was absolutely NO flavor. What's the point of buying flavored coffee if it tastes exactly like the non-flavored ones (except not the good non-flavored varieties!). The description for this product is very misleading. If you're looking for a coffee that has chocolate flavors you can actually taste--keep looking.
237613237613B001CHFSR0A2T8MTJMMIGT22James D. West "bonepicker"1141265328000Convienant Grande Mocha for about a $1 a cupI really like the Keurig, single cup system (other than the portion size). The portions seem to be based on European preferances rather than American preferances. The Gloria Jeans coffee is rich, with chocolate undertones, it is not overwhelmingly chocolate. However, the taste is great. It has just enough chocolate to satisfy my Grande Mocha chocolate coffee addiction. If it were more chocolaty I would have given 5 stars.
237614237614B001CHFSR0A3A1JXJWQBSAIVL. Gardner1151259020800SUPER flavor and price!!I love buying k-cups through Amazon, and trying new flavors. Gloria Jean's Mudslide is absolutely one of my new favorite flavors, right up there with Butter Toffee!! A perfect blend of flavors, and not overpowering, I look forward to it every morning. I shared some (just a few) with other people, and everybody loves the Mudslide!!
237615237615B001CHFSR0A2WTSLCJXIPK5ZNana "Jan"1151257033600Mudslide for KeurigI love the easy way it is to make coffee with my Keurig and Mudslide is such a yummy flavor to begin your morning with and a special treat in the evening.
237616237616B001CHFSR0A2FFZE1Y5LLRRIJanet in Virginia1151251676800Chocolately and DelightfulOf all of the flavored coffees, it is our favorite! Smooth with a hint of chocolate!!
237617237617B001CHFSR0A2995ZJNZG28VUG. Aloisi "Copierguy1961"1151240617600Great CoffeeThis is a full flavored coffee. It has a great aroma as well. One of my favorites. The chocolate is just the right amount that it adds to the flavor not overpowering it. A must buy.
237618237618B001CHFSR0A1D451W8LL4K8NAnne M. Beaudoin1151239667200Gloria Jean Mudslide k cupsK cups are very convenient, and Gloria Jean has some of my favorite flavors. The mudslide is a great cup of Joe.
237619237619B001CHFSR0A13KA5E5ICGUVHJelly Roll1111236211200No Mudslide flavorReceived this item today and tried a cup immediately. There is no mudslide flavor, only coconut flavor. Guess this one will be waiting for friends hoping someone will enjoy 47 cups of it.
237620237620B001CHFSR0AC2FW3ZUSQNVYNana Flutist1151233792000Only One For MeThis is the only k-cup I use. I think the flavor is just right - however, I add creamer and sweetener to ALL coffee. I'm a total "coffee-wimp", but really enjoy it that way. If you like a little flavoring, not too bold - you'll probably like this one.
237621237621B001CHFSR0A16JXFSRBJ2BM3Coastal Driver1141231459200Love this k-cup coffeeI personally found it a delicious coffee, flavorful, not too sweet, but a perfect 'snack' anytime of day.
237622237622B001CHFSR0AGZBW8OHT3XV8Jay Rubin3451231632000Mudslide RocksGloria Jean's Mudslide K-Cups are great. I can hardly get my wife to drink anything else. I find the taste consistent and not too sweet or chocolatey and very satisfying. Wish they would include it in the variety pack.
237623237623B001CHFSR0A17AJMHXF51DPTO. Navarro "T2 JVato"2351267574400excellent flavor, not to bold not to light..perfectexcellent flavor, not to bold, not to light..perfect..
If your expecting this coffee to taste like an actual Mudslide, then you
my friend are an is one of the best flavor K-cups I've tried..
Second only to Gloria Jeans "Smores" flavor..(that was unfortunately
only a seasonal promotion)...
237624237624B001CHFSR0A3UDN6N7O82DM5ER Massey0051350432000THE BEST COFFEE EVERThis coffee is flavorful, not bitter and my new all-time-fave. If you enjoy flavored coffee, this one is a real treat.
237625237625B001CHFSR0A2VP1K8P1H28FVFran S.0011327968000Gloria Jean K-Cup MudslideJust purchased a box of Gloria Jean's Mudslide flavor K-Cups and was very disappointed. There was no chocolate flavor that I could taste and it had a very bad after taste. Hate to say this but, it smelled like cow manure.
237626237626B001CHFSR0A2BI5BPJA9ZDMZJonathan Burge0021324944000filled with wrong coffeeI bought this to try a different flavor. It was filled with Hazelnut instead. The Hazelnur was good but nit what was ordered. It did arrived timely, but i didnt want to go thriugh hassle of returning.
237627237627B001CHFSR0A3MEV9NFC614NBCat Lover0011319241600Missing the "Mud"I enjoy Gloria Jean's coffees, but did not like this particular flavor. I did not smell or taste the chocolate. In fact, it just seemed to taste like a bold coffee and wasn't a pleasant taste experience.
237628237628B001CHFSR0A2XNJFXO89PKMWHKL830021313625600Just didn't care for it.I ordered a sample pack that had five of these in it. Thank goodness. I would think long and hard about purchasing this one without trying it first. There's not a lot of chocolate flavor to it (I was looking for more of an alternative to a Cafe Mocha). I added some cream and sugar which helped a bit, but on its own, this one's pretty gross.
237629237629B001CHFSR0A19IGPOYORQJN8Lynda Slipetz "Lynda"0051312848000Great coffeeIt's so great to be able to get this coffee delivered right to my door! Amazon prices for K-cups are so much better than they are in the local stores. K-cups cost more than brewed coffee but they are so worth it!
237630237630B001CHFSR0A1HRDIMSH5FHKBHollyecho Montgomery "Hollyecho Montgomery"0051304121600Delicious cup of coffee.This is one of my favorites. Enjoyment to the max, and just perfect for me. I just wish they (per k-cup) were less expensive.

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