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237631237631B001CHFSR0AFC9D0BGPH8Y1Judy from Indiana "Judy"0031301270400so-so for flavored coffeeI was expecting a more flavorful taste such as the hazelnut blend(which I liked very much) but this wasn't very tasty to me. Won't be ordering this again.
237632237632B001CHFSR0A1GQ36O3EJNL5Ujessaquata0031301011200Where's the chocolate?I am constantly searching for a k-cup with a chocolate flavor...this one does not have it. It smells great but ends up just tasting like plain coffee. I'll keep searching.
237633237633B001CHFSR0A27UOG2MOJRVKYSweetbsting0051296345600One word... YummyI tried the assortment of Gloria Jeans with Butter Toffee, Swiss Chocolate Almond, French Vanilla Supreme, and Mudslide and the Mudslide was the standout for me. I now get it by itself auto shipped. A natural sweetness, not chemical-y at all. A definite must have in my Keurig carousel!
237634237634B001CHFSR0A8MUA1I3PJC8ZChris Gee0041292371200Good flavorI like the flavor of this coffee and drink it black. My wife prefers it with cream and splenda. A regular purchase for us.
237635237635B001CHFSR0A2O68X5VHBS7IASusan0041291420800Mild flavorIt did not have as much chocolate flavor as I expected, but it was a nice, mild tasting coffee and not at all bitter. The price for 2 boxes was very good, so I would probably order it again. Timothy's German Chocolate has a good chocolate flavor.
237636237636B001CHFSR0A244NDIUXMWGJ7tq0051287360000Favorite Coffee!My sister and I love this coffee. We use the strong setting on the coffee maker. We have it on auto order which is also a great savings.
I just wish it came in half caf or decaf!
237637237637B001CHFSR0AV4WC86ECWDRdreambeliever0021279065600This coffee was terrible.I ordered this coffee based on the reviews that said that it was flavourful. I beg to differ. In my humble opinion these tasted like hot cigarette ash water so disgusting! I had to buy some hazenut syrup and put it in my coffee to finish the box. I have had mudslide before and this does not have the taste at all. Please save your money and try the Toffee flavoured k-cups as they are smoother and delicious.
237638237638B001CHFSR0A3TFSZWQZ0ZYLEEstella H. Guth0051276128000Great coffeeMy granddaughter and I love this coffee. If you like chocolate and coffee flavors you will love this one.
237639237639B001CHFSR0A2K21QWXXEPW1VJ. Hinds0021275264000Not enough mud in mudslideI was disappointed in the lack of flavor. I thought the discription "mudslide" indicated a chocolate flavor.
237640237640B001CHFSR0A201V2G2V7P4FOJulie71121227139200Very bitter & no Mudslide flavorFrom the name, I was expecting a mocha flavor. I ordered the two boxes of this as well as the variety pack. Every flavor in the variety pack is better than the Mudslide. It is a very bitter coffee. Milk or creamer helps, but this is a disappointing flavor and it's taking me a long time to get rid of all 50 K-cups.
237641237641B001CHFSR0AWU1DXB6IDWRZDonna R. Moss1251270166400gloria jeans coffee-greatthis is a great product at a really good price and shipping is very reasonable.
237642237642B001CHFSR0A6R7P2PTYOBPSMaria Baca "dog lover"1251265760000excellent coffee..the best pricelove my Keurig coffee maker...excellent flavor and excellent price. can't find the K-cups any cheaper than here and such a variety to choose from
237643237643B001CHFSR0A3FLZGHMFLBELRAnthony Quarm "eXofreeze"1211265673600DisgustingThis coffee is not mudslide like in any way. The coffee flavor is very bland, and I detected absolutely no hints of chocolate or anything else becoming of a mudslide in this.

If I ordered a drink like this in a coffee shop and received what my Keurig just gave me, there would be a refund in my future. Glorias should be sued for using the words "decadent rich chocolate" on this box. I've had car mechanic shop coffee more decadent than this.
237644237644B001CHFSR0AMFXXAOVV4CPJ4America "4america"0151231113600It goes quicklyI don't drinkn it myself but it goes quickly in the office. If you like flavored coffee you will like this.
237645237645B0007PQC3MA1ZDMYHC8BK5JVAnita Burns9951182470400Wonderful substitute for MolassesI can't eat cane sugar or mollases (from cane sugar), it gives me rashes. HOwever, I can use Barley Malt syrup. I use it in baking mostly instead of Molasses. Works great!
237646237646B0007PQC3MA2OA7RSWM3XGT4Michele "Author, Designer, Visionary"8851255305600Great for Making BagelsI used this syrup to make bagels. They came out EXCELLENT. Great seller, product arrived fast and in perfect condition and was exactly what I ordered. I'll be back!
237647237647B0007PQC3MA3987DMKV5YOKSW. Leonard7741293753600DeliciousJust the flavor that I was looking for. Like the malt milkshakes. It has the consistency of honey. Adding sugar helps to enhance the flavor and allows for using less syrup. Tastes great in coffee, and any milk product. Great for pancake syrup or over cereal. I'm going to try the powder product (NOT the barley flour), hoping for less of a mess.

I switched to dark malt extract powder (Munton's) because:
1) shipping is high for a small bottle of syrup (hence the 4 stars)
2) the syrup must be refrigerated after opening
3) the powder is easy to work with if kept sealed in a ziplock immediately after use--buy 3lbs and repackage it into smaller bags

A couple other points to save your money, after having spent mine:
1) light extracts lack enough malty flaver
2) extra dark extracts have a bitter aftertaste
3) I chose Munton's (UK) over the other brand (USA) for the flavor
237648237648B0007PQC3MA1S7WMMGHIKOK5Rachel A. Zeiler2241291420800Barley Malt Syrup?I bought this product for my father because he is enthusiastic about making bread. when it arrived I looked at the bottle and it said "Barley Malt Extract" 22 onces, not the Barley Malt Syrup I purchased that was 16 onces. I was very confused, I went onto the Barry Farms website and found this article under sweeteners.
well we used it as directed on their website and the bread turned out GREAT. it has a more complex flavor to it and my dad was totally excited about my gift.
237649237649B0007PQC3MA3DGNZ86SUMX5Ssharons studio "Sharon"2251271203200makes Great Rye breadwas looking for barley malt found it here on amazon..
made some awsome rye bread.. better than molasas..
237650237650B0007PQC3MA1437K3ZCL0A68DwightT. "GardenChef"1151299283200Barley Malt Syrup, 16 fl. oz.I bought this just to make Chinese barbeque ribs. The recipe called for maltose and this came up. It tastes to me like molasses but is more concentrated. Try this as sugar in your barbecue sauce. At 375 degrees F. it makes a wonderful charred barbecue.
237651237651B0007PQC3MA1QCZQTJNK3MUH. Karsten "no this isnt me..."0051345248000great stuffI use this for baking bread and other goodies. It makes yeast work better, makes crusts nicer and adds that extra kick in the taste department that only malt can give.

Is a little pricy, but making it takes time and nerves :-) I dont have neither, so fair deal :-)
237652237652B0007PQC3MA3BAARN1H3ISOZJ. H. Tran1241282953600Taste goodThe product taste good. I prefer the product in the glass container instead of plastic. How the product was made did not listed in the label. I am disappointed.
237653237653B0007PQC3MA1HFAK9E81UR3OMeredith Kaplan "deadinpieces"91851175126400bagelsreally wish the seller had responded to my question (is this the right stuff for bagels) but it didn't matter since it is
237654237654B004AC28C2A2DSQBIM3T0LYGMichael Vandusen2451299628800FantasticHere is the next in a series of Kristian Regále, look to the sidebar on the right to find the others.

Almost clear, it just has the tiniest yellow tint to it, lots of tiny bubbles adhere to the sides of the glass, and there is no foam on top. Pretty strong carbonation. It's definitely got a green apple taste to it, and is ever so slightly bitter due to the carbonation. I think it's sweeter than the peach, but it has a tangy, sour taste also. It's good, a little more acidic than most juices, just like all the other Kirstian Regále's we've tried. We had it with tilapia & pesto. It's actually a lot like a Green Apple Jolly Rancher, but not as sweet.

It paired very well with the food, which is always a good sign, and I think it pairs well with lots of lighter meals.

Did I like it: Yes, 7 out of 10.
237655237655B001EHEEBYA2E25AMSTH2J5Igoodshopper1111287705600horrible tastingThis smelled like cat food and tasted horrible. Ate a little of one and threw the rest away
237656237656B004D9Q3GYA2CUAL8O9P398IBill0041326931200Good buyThis was a gift, so never actually ate any of the fruit. The delivery was a little slow, but the Holiday demand may have been responsible for the delay. Easy to purchase and send, so a good product.
237657237657B004D9Q3GYAK8S0F4L9YKOLCota0051325808000Great gift to give ANYTIME !!This is a very nice selection of fruit, great flavor, good communication with retailer and was shipped quickly, and fruit was packaged and protected well. Would highly recommend both retailer and this fruit box.
237658237658B002NGHKKWA1YY7D7C8LUOFRJ. Cereck0051265846400I really like this tea.This is a very delicious tea and it is offered at a great price for the quality and amount.
237659237659B002LLJKUMA3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"0041274054400Excellent but the non-agave New York Cheesecake is betterVery rich and everything else a new york cheesecake is supposed to be! You won't feel like you are losing any flavor or texture by going without gluten! I much prefer the taste of the non-agave Pamela's New York Cheesecake to these and if you google Dr Mercola and agave, you will read why he thinks agave is something to avoid! These precious babies have a $4.99 MSRP and sell for that at my local stores so the price above for 8 must have s/h added on to it of $3 each to assure getting it to you fresh... if you want agave, purchase this item; if you want the best tasting plain gluten-free cheesecake, choose Pamela's Products New York Cheescake, 3-Inch Cakes (Pack of 8)! ENJOY!
237660237660B002LLJKUMA34HBB87Y7A6T3Elaine E. Clayton "MamaBear"0051262822400Excellent for a gluten free product.I have never cared for cheesecake before, but these are delicious. I have not had any product or recipe from Pamela that has not been delicious. in the past thirty years since I have had to be on a gluten free diet, I have thrown hundreds of dollars away because the food wasn't fit to eat. Since I found Pamela's I feel I am eating normal again. Being diabetic also, I use Agave sweetener, which is another plus for this product.

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