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237699237699B003CI1SJYA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"1151281916800Excellent Green Tea*****
Tazo's China Green Tips Green Tea is a slightly stronger green tea than Tazo's Zen, and I liked that it doesn't contain Tazo's omnipresent "natural flavors" that almost all of their other teas contain, which to me is not an advantage. I like a natural, real taste with real ingredients sans vague "natural flavors" and sans flavorings, sans essences, etc. China Green Tips delivers this in a cleaner, purer way than Tazo's other teas. I liked this green tea!

The ingredients in China Green Tips are simply spring-harvested green teas from China. It contains caffeine.

Tazo is an interesting company that makes only super premium teas. They are socially responsible, based in Portland, and have the motto, "The Reincarnation of Tea". Tazo is owned by Starbucks. Their web site is fun and quirky, with a Zen-type focus, definitely worth checking out. It is unclear, though, from their web site, how many of their ingredients are organic or kosher, and they do use some "natural flavors" in their teas--this wording seems a little vague and unnecessary for a super premium tea. China Green Tips has none of these "natural flavors" and it shows in the quality and cleanliness of the tea experience.

On the paper tea packet, Tazo writes, "a traditional Chinese green tea with a delicate fresh taste and a light green liquor." This is the perfect way to describe this tea! On their web site, Tazo describes the flavor profile of China Green Tips as "grassy, vegetative, sweet, ricey". Tazo describes the aroma as "vegetative, popcorn".

I would rate this tea, and Tazo in general, as very good---better than premium teas like Stash or Celestial Seasonings---but not as good as Numi or Aspen. Still, this tea is excellent, so I'm breaking my tradition with Tazo teas and giving it five stars. If you enjoy super premium teas, and are stuck with Tazo for some reason, choose China Green Tips and you will be quite satisfied. I can't honestly say that about any other Tazo tea.

Highly recommended.
237691237691B000S4I0ZKA81QIXFZ4FEA8N. Milejczak "Norbert"4451290556800Helthy bread optionOur local store stopped selling this type of bread. I am very happy to find this on Amazon. Expiration date on our shipment is about 12 months, so 12 packages of this bread will not go to waste. Ingredients in this bread also healthier then other brands we used in the past. Taste is awesome.
237700237700B0057JEH6WA1XGCTJ5U2U9NBKaren E. Roubal0051343606400Yummy coffeeThe Organo Gold Cafe is such a treat. I have been using this coffee for a while now and am really glad I can get it here. Thanks for quick shipping.
237701237701B0057JEH6WAE6KXJHLNZEFNPurple60051340064000Liking cafe latteI recieved my order in record time. It is exactly what I was looking for. I initially got this from someone at my church and decided to look for it on my own. I found this online. I love this latte flavor. I had never heard of any of this before getting a sample from someone at church. I liked the sample cafe mocha flavor that came with my order. I still like the latte flavor best. Will maybe try another flavor later on.
237692237692B000S4I0ZKA1ZFKQ6F6G6EIOAnnie Nym4451252800000YumVery healthy bread...fills you up and keeps you satisfied unlike the spongy bread available in stores. However, if you are not German, it must be an acquired taste because whenever I have offered this bread to non-German friends, they had an interesting look on their faces. But once you get used to it and try it with Nutella, you will be hooked...
237702237702B002L99DTCAIXCATW18SQPDP. Goldberg "perihope"4451281139200Delicious cookies!These are light and crispy and tart but sweet. We originally ordered them in a fundraising catalog, and when they were gone, I had to hunt them down on the web. My husband LOVES them and I order them special for him. I have yet to find a Key Lime cookie that compares. I'm a chocolate chip cookie gal, yet I really like these. They are also dainty enough to impress friends when you serve them at luncheons or get-togethers. I have tried all the flavors, and key lime is the best (although they are all good).
237693237693B000S4I0ZKA38Z6AXXVW5EWRJennifer B.3351335571200Dense nutty breadThis bread is tasty, and despite having a long shelf life, has no preservatives. I feel good about the simple ingredient list: whole kernel rye, water, rye flour, sunflower seed, salt and yeast. The plastic packaging is very thick and difficult to open so I assume it keeps so well because it is air/water tight. I was disappointed slightly that there are only seven pieces (servings) per package, because it seems like it should be the equivalent of a whole loaf with many slices by the weight...but the dense bread is very filling and I am still happy with this purchase. I have bricks of bread lined up in my freezer now and can just take one out each week (though it says shelf stable...I just like putting it in the freezer).
237694237694B000S4I0ZKAISV90MGHHA22mountain man3351321920000dense and deliciousThe Feldkamp Sunflower Seed Bread is awesome. It is heavy, chewy and delicious. It toasts well and makes a great sandwich since it's thin. It's much cheaper to buy through Amazon than in the specialty stores. Very satisfying.
237703237703B002L99DTCA1Q7A78VSQ5GQ4Nice Lady "a reasonable person"1151304035200Have something really good! Wonderful cookies! They hit the spot! Great snack, Great gift!These are wonderful little treats, elegantly packed. A treat has to be good, satisfying with 1 or 2 bites, and worth every calorie. These certainly are! Crispy, light and sweet-hope Amazon carries these always. The lime essence is in the powdered sugar, so be sure to enjoy that with the cookies.

A collection of 6 nicely packed boxes enables you to give a nice box to a deserving friend. And these certainly are appreciated!

Note: freshness is not an issue.
237695237695B000S4I0ZKATJB0K0GU25F9Mama o' boys3351265846400Excellent bread, especially when toastedThis bread is extremely healthy and wholesome, particularly because the bread is primarily made from whole grain rye. Whole grains in their whole form are particularly healthy because it takes longer for your body to break them down. I normally toast the bread. It has a better texture. Great for sandwiches and toast.
237696237696B000S4I0ZKA269MVERAGGFGYCherry "cherry319"2251327276800delicious!It's moist and it's crunchy. I ended up devouring it plain or dipped in original garlic hummus. Ate the whole loaf in two days myself, and I don't even like rye! (It's made from whole rye flour). Just one slice is SUPER high in fiber and amazingly high in protein. A great energy snack to carry on the go!
237697237697B000S4I0ZKA194GH9116VZGNJane Hughes2251296864000feldkamp sunflower seed breadThis bread has a long shelf life. Once the bread is opened, then it should be sealed and placed in the refrigerator. I bought a case of it and I am very satisfied.
237698237698B008OL18USABXDNI1AM2OI0Loise Kiru0051349049600Tasty!Been searching for this spice since tasting it in Kenya. Great product! Gives food that extra zing! Makes meals a whole lot more enjoyable even for the kids.
237704237704B002L99DTCA1I9SEYBPTWFTZLARRY STANIFER0021350691200Lemon Drops leave sour tasteNot the same drops from Flathau that I remember. The ones I was expecting had powdered sugar. I was disappointed.
237705237705B002L99DTCA3VAHK76G96TYHLoretta English0051334534400Better Than Home MadeThese lemon snaps are some of the best cookies I've ever eaten. They taste better than home-made, with a hint of cracked lemon candy inside each cookie. I would serve them at one of my finest dinner parties.
237706237706B002L99DTCA1I9GEA8NQ273VJayme0051327104000Delicious!These are great! They taste very fresh and have the perfect bite of lime flavor with plenty of powdered sugar. The packaging is very nice, which made these great gifts for our clients. The boxes weren't packed very well for shipping to Amazon, so two of six had damaged corners, but the others were in good condition (original shipping boxes inside Amazon's shipping box).
237707237707B002L99DTCA2Y1GCI6J0RQVKChantele Artman "Chantele L Artman"0051314662400Yummy!Haven't gotten my shipment yet from Amazon but I've gotten these at TJ Max in the past and they are wonderul. Sweet and soft. The Key Lime ones are also fabulous!
237708237708B002L99DTCA3K1BXS3CQ8VZBandrea nafziger26112991968002 week expirationWhen I received these key lime snaps I noticed they were ready to expire. There is no way we can eat 6 boxes of these in 2 weeks. They are very good and have a great taste. I am very upset about this product. I have never had a problem with any products I have bought on Amazon. I hope Amazon does something about this. A very upset and disappointed customer.
237709237709B00555V6EOA2NL8MDY1N7LZYB. Teti "So Many Books, Not Nearly Enough Time"0051325030400Mushroom SaltMy son was delighted to receive this as a gift for Christmas. Awhile back we were given a gift pack of various salts and this flavor was his favorite. It quickly was consumed and he commented about how much he missed this item. Now he has a replenished supply. We paired it with a bamboo salt box for a really unusual gift.
237710237710B0066B5RVYA639QZ73NWS4IAmazon Adventurer0011324944000Not satisfied at all.For Christmas, I asked for some of these deep fried peanuts (I had never had them before). I received the Cajun and the Peanut Brittle flavors. The Cajun are awful. I cannot taste the slightest bit of seasoning anywhere, not even salt. They taste burnt nuts....yum right!?! I would not order again and will not ask for again. That said, peanut brittle flavor was not so bad, but I still wasn't impressed enough to try them again.
237711237711B001TLS8JYANZ92U432H9JEGlenda Nelson101151272412800very pleasedI received the pet studio mission diner in cherry. I have the two quart.
This is a great item to have for your dogs. It's much better for them to eat/drink from elevated dishes...aides in digestion and takes stress off the body. It is as nice as I hoped it would be. I am very pleased. The cherry wood gives it a taseful, classic look.
If you are considering getting an elevated diner, this one is sure to please!

[ASIN:B001TK4ENE Pet Studio Mission Diner 2 Quart Cherry]]
237712237712B001TLS8JYA1FVZPKAY8E6ZEHoustonShopper3351322697600Wonderful Dog DinerThis is the best looking, best value feeder I could find. It is sturdy and just the right height for my collie. She has arthritis, so the added height really helps her out. The cherry finish is really nice, not at all cheap looking.
237713237713B001TLS8JYA16B085NLIV7VGMichaelle Weinger2251277769600Looks and works great!Our golden retriever likes her new elevated bowls, a perfect height for her. We like how it looks, we can get rid of ugly plastic elevated bowls that we had before
237714237714B001TLS8JYALIK5YFUUZDI8Claudio Da Rosa1121325808000Product nice, but customer service could use helpI was sent the product incomplete, and was missing a barrel nut so I could not finish putting together. I contacted customer service, but was told I had to return the entire product, and they would need to exchange. This is inefficient.
237715237715B001TLS8JYA3W28ZP7E90H1KMark J. Karas Sr. "givadam"1141273276800beautiful, but....Table is beautiful. My only complaint is that I am worried about the water that splashes out when my dog drinks. The wood is swelling somewhat around the seem where the bowl sits. I hope it doesn't rot and crumble. It might be a good idea for the buyer to beef up this seam buy adding some of his own sealant.
237716237716B001TLS8JYA2CESG06JDBE0JOM0011348531200looks good but POOR qualityAfter a couple of months the wood is warping heavily. Not good for water. I suggest looking for a better quality pet diner.
237717237717B001TLS8JYA2507S6YEMCZ2debz0051345248000Great Product. Looks great and functionalWe received this pet feeder yesterday and assembled it right away. It was easy to put together and it looks really great. We have cherry cabinets in our kitchen and it looks nice alongside of them. Our dog is a 1yr old, 56 pound Golden Retriever and she really seems to like the new set up. She even seems to eat her food a little more slowly and has been drinking more water. I would definitely recommend this product. One note - one of the bowls had a very sharp piece on the underside of the lip. I was able to file it smooth and it's fine now, but it would have definitely led to a cut at some point during a hand washing.
237718237718B001TLS8JYA1S50IQE71OIUGSilverRubicon0011341705600Nice looking, not practicalStands look great, but they're warp and crack quickly. I purchased two, one I sealed with additional coats of polyurethane and one I did not. Both are warped and flaking. Too many places for water to soak into the wood.
237719237719B001TLS8JYA297DKW9SRFG7ESummerDays0051290211200Elevated Dog BowlThis elevated dog bowl is as beautiful in person as the picture denotes. I am revising my review of this product as it has maintained it's finish and still looks brand new after two years. My only problem was the company missed sending me a necessary piece of hardware.
237720237720B000CS9ZVAA1SUK4THQH6HXJRebecca L. Hiam "RWojciak"2351167955200Froot Loops .75 ounce one serving bowl (96 pack)I bought these for a snack for my five year old son to bring to kindergarten (per his request for fruit loops at snack time). I needed to find a single serving size for each child in the class. Of course the children eat them dry... With this it allowed for him to bring them to school 4 times and serve everyone in his class. His teacher tells me they are one of the class favorites at snack time, easy to serve, easy clean up, economical........everyones happy!!!

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