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237721237721B0012AL3W6A2X3L31KCXBHCLWorking Mom "Working Mom"5551235088000Better tasting than whole wheat pastaSince wheat was about the only grain on my menu, I decided to try some new ones. For pasta, Kamut is my favorite. Whole wheat is great for bread but does not work well in pasta. Kamut pasta is great. Don't be put off by the darker color. The flavor is very mild and it tastes better than semolina pasta. Also, the texture works well for any dish. My kids like this pasta plain with a little Smart Balance and sea salt on it. Once cooked, I like to saute this pasta with some vegetables and olive oil. I've also thrown this pasta into soups and chilis. The elbow shape works well and this pasta doesn't expand too much and get soggy.
237722237722B0012AL3W6A3UCN2RGY7O6S1Joanne "Gotta Eat, Gotta Cook"4451252281600GreatI like this one and the Eden Kamut ditalini--tastes as good as the best of them. They don't fall apart when boiling, like some other grains and combination of grains do--so they are no-fuss to cook up. Made macaroni salad with it today and it tastes great. Also, this has 6 grams of fiber per 2 oz serving.
237723237723B0012AL3W6A17KZ1MF2V6B4YSP4451213228800makes great mac and cheesecooks really easy and quick and tastes great. Has that wholesome whole grain taste that makes me feel like i'm doing something good for my body and its much easier to digest than regular wheat pasta.
237724237724B0012AL3W6AIDMLAYRQRIU3M. Roberts1151320451200Doesn't Taste Like Whole Grain, OK PriceTastes much more like non-whole grain pasta than you'd think it should. Definitely worth trying.

About the price: I can pick boxes up at my local co-op for about the same price as the subscribe and save price here on amazon. (If you can find this brand at a bigger grocery store it might be cheaper, but I've had no such luck)
237725237725B0012AL3W6AOAKNPFNSS18FMy Humble Opinion1151311724800The best whole grain pasta I've hadAs other reviewers have said, this tastes much better than whole wheat pasta, and I prefer the texture as well over other whole-grained pastas I've tried. I want to branch out now and try some of Eden Organics other kamut pastas.
237726237726B0012AL3W6A91R4HKQBM91E0tk4210231320019200DisapointedI was really excited to try these, since Kamut noodles have great health benefits and I don't really care for traditional whole wheat noodles. These seemed to be well reviewed so I took a chance and ordered a case (I wish you could order just a box at a time...). The flavor is actually pretty nice, they have a really subtle buttery nutty taste to them and taste better than traditional whole wheat noodles I've had in the past, but I just could not get past the TEXTURE of these things. The best way I can describe it would be "gritty". Maybe this is normal for whole wheat but it was just very unpleasant in my mouth and chewing them was just....icky. If you aren't picky about textures you may like these but if you're a super taster like me, don't bother, they'll drive you crazy. Now I have to find someone to unload all these noodles onto.
237727237727B00337P71YA25CT29K4AWWNPAvodoc434311200182400Stopped workingI used the thermometer about 7 or 8 times and it stopped working. I have seen several reviews complaining that the probe fails so I'm hoping that's the problem.

Update 2/27/08: I ordered a new probe from Brookstone for $25 (incl. shipping) and it is a much sturdier design than the original. I assume they were getting a lot of complaints and returns so they redesigned it. So far the new probe is working fine. Interesting to note, I gave a negative review of this product on their web site and they never published it, although they sent me a thank you note for my review.
237728237728B00337P71YA32O98PFC3OP7KA Gamer at Heart333451181520000IT ACTUALLY WORKS!I received this for Father's Day last year. I was skeptical - but it actually works. I can put some tri-tip in the smoker and hang in the pool or chat with guests while keeping an eye on the large LCD display. The range is very good, I can sit in the pool with the display next to me on the deck (at least 20-30 feet away) or go back inside the house. It beeps and talks to you a few minutes before your food is at the desired temperature. I use it primarily for beef, and the settings (rare, medium, etc.) are pretty accurate. This is especially good for large cuts of beef since it is often difficult to gauge whether the meat is pink inside or not. I would highly recommend this. Easy to set-up, then all you do is select the type of meat and the desired cooking level. Pork and seafood default to only one setting choice (well-done) but you can just use the temperature readout to cook to the desired temp.
237729237729B00337P71YA7WWOWY8Y3O4IJ. Bob212111253923200Extremely bad longevityI have owned several of these and given a few away as gifts. I LOVE how well they work when they are brand new so when mine failed I bought new ones assuming I just got a lemon. THEY ARE ALL LEMONS. My observation of several units is that the average service life is from 3 to 6 uses. Sometimes a new probe fixes the problem ($20 ea) sometimes nothing (including hitting the reset button) helps. Look at other product reviews on different web sites; they all complain about how quickly the unit fails. You may also notice that several different brands all look alike with the same screen indicating that they are all the same unit sold under different brand names.

With all the bad reviews of these things the firms selling these things should consider the ethics of selling something this expensive that only works a few times. Unfortunately the other brands of remote thermometers, from what I have seen, all seem to fail after only a few uses. This is a real drag because when they work, they work great, and I guess that's why I am so annoyed.
237730237730B00337P71YAFPJGGSNJRK66Scott Spence "Mr. Entertainment"181921294963200Here's The Real StoryHave I owned one of this make and model? No. But I have owned 4 or 5 of the Webber units that are essentially the same design. I have also owned 8 or 10 of the probes that stick into the meat.

The thermometers are great when they work. They are so good that, even knowing the design flaw, I keep buying them and replacement probes.

The receivers and transmitters all work well and seem to have an expected long lifetime. The probe is the Achilles heel in every make and model of wireless thermometer. Within the metal, flexible shielded cable that runs from the probe to the transmitter are small wires. Small weak wires. Small fragile wires. Small worthless wires due to their failure rate.

If the user closes the lid of the BBQ or smoker on the metal shielded cable between the probe and the transmitter, the internal wires WILL fail. It may take 2 or 3 times, but they will fail. If the metal shielded cable is kinked or bent too sharply, the internal wires will fail.

A couple of years ago I was on the Webber customer service line (again) requesting a new probe because the wires failed. I asked the customer service representative if she owned one of these wireless systems and, to my surprise, she said "Are you kidding? I would NEVER own one of these". I asked her why and she said "I have a full time job, 7 days a week taking calls just like this one - people complaining 8 hours a day, 7 days a week because the probe failed".

Now, if I were her boss, I would have fired her on the spot. From a consumer's point of view I found this conversation somewhat alarming.

This summer I will probably buy another and attempt to keep the smoker's lid from crushing the tiny worthless wires - but eventually I will fail and so will the probe.

In short, this is a great product with a major and easily correctable design flaw. Be prepared that the wires within the shielded cable can and will fail.
237731237731B00337P71YAM848BQZG7B6HPaul H. Brassard9951231200000FABULOUS!Came right away! Works great. It even warned me when a roast caught fire on the grill. (made a different tone and I went to check) It also gives about a 5 degree warning before the target temp. is reached. The speaking voice is pleasant and loud enought to heard well. Has a belt clip to wear the reciever on your person. I've used it indoors and out, without fail.
Highly recomended!! Thinking of buy'n a second one for the vacation home.
237732237732B00337P71YA1Q7I3F7YQ6C4OMarcia Mandel6611293840000Quit workingMine stopped working after about a dozen uses in about a year and a half. Now, when I turn it on and insert the probe into a piece of meat, the temperature jumps to 199 degrees within a minute or two -- and that infernal piercing voice insists that my "entree is ready!" The unit is older than its one-year warranty, but since I'm sure that the product was designed to last longer than one year, I called the company and asked that the warranty be put aside, and that they do the right thing and replace the unit. The agent said they couldn't because their policy says they can't. I tried to explain circular reasoning to her -- but I did not succeed. Hung up and threw the thing in the trash.
237733237733B00337P71YA1DPS4RJD63443Michael L. Colvin5511264809600Only lasted five timesVery disappointed with this product. When it did work, it was great, but it quit working after five uses. Too bad. Last time I'll buy from this company, as they must know about this since it happens so often.
237734237734B00337P71YAI906ZFT70RXVPhil J. Young "Phil"4421261958400Unhappy OwnerI was not happy with this remote meat thermometer. The base and the thermometer display continually had to be reset to work together. It was so much of a hassel I threw it away. I would not recommend purchasing this product.
237735237735B00337P71YATZZQCN17PTWJ. Garofalo "jg"4411259366400Works great but failed at 3 monthsRecieved this as a gift and loved it. But two issues. no timer and no way to override the preset temperature settings. Then at about 3 months or so it failed. Went to the store and they said I was using the wrong brand of batteries (?). They sent me packing and I tossed it in the trash when I got home.
237736237736B00337P71YA2GHAYF7QRS0XTDavid B. Starrett4451259280000Pretty DependableI got this for myself (I'm gadget freak) figuring that it would give me a shot at grill-roasting without needing to periodically open the grill, quick-read the temp. and then wait 20 minutes for the temp. to rise back again. This thing works. It cuts my grill roasting time in less than half, talks through 3 courses of brick, and gives pretty accurate temp. readings. As long as you set it up right, make sure the batteries are good and that the 2 units are on the same wavelength (there's an indicator for that) you're going to be good. Just keep the probe in a meaty place and away from any bones. I've done chicken, pork, lamb, beef and yesterday's 20 lb. turkey in the indoor oven. This will be a Christmas gift for my neighbor; I don't trust the cheaper ones; I know this works.
237737237737B00337P71YA3MAQWO16N0646Jennifer N. Blanchard "vermonter16"3331303603200Same as others....great when it worked (past tense)Bought this for my husband for Christmas and it was the greatest gadget ever....but like others - it has failed after about 25 times and it says the meat is ready before I even insert it into the meat. Of course I have every single receipt to every item but this, having owned it for a matter of proved to be a non-lasting, expensive toy..... If anyone does find one that works - please enlighten me! Brookstone service sucks. Even though I do have the credit card bill to Brookstone with just the one item....all I got was a 'sorry, should have kept the receipt'. Thanks for nothing Brookstone.

I wanted to update my review for this product and move it to a 3. I finally got a hold of someone again at Brookstone and they said that it would be no problem to look up my receipt. Well, they sent me a copy via email, I brought it to the store and bam - got a new thermometer. So, took this one worked great....about 5 or 6 times and then it crapped out again just the like the other. So - brought that one back, got another one and the gentleman offered the extended warranty. I took it for $15 or whatever it was. I hate this product...and love it. When it works it is soooo great that I have now forgotten how to cook things, but that's when it works.....I really hate when it doesn't work.
237738237738B00337P71YAP3R1ULX5ZKOAR. Persak3341253318400Talking ThermometerOverall a good thermometer. Only issue is that it doesn't transmit a signal strong enough to go through double pane glass.
237739237739B00337P71YA14FBJSUY1JEUTC. Bullock3351200614400No worriesNot just a novelty. Really works great. Good range with the receiver. Takes the guess work out of grilling.
237740237740B00337P71YA1H1BDXVIA5TBKMedicPat2211293580800JUNK!!!! Brookstone is not helping with warranty issues...Cool idea for a product but the one I got is junk unless you don't mind a meat thermometer that jumps from 60 deg to 299 deg and back again within a few seconds and alarms every time it give an erroneously high reading, which is every few minutes.

I purchased this product for my Father who has used it twice. We tried all the tricks to get it to work, reset the transmitter and receiver, fresh batteries, moved the meat probe, etc. Nothing worked.

It has been more than 90 days since I ordered this product, so I called the Brookstone Limited Warranty Service at the 800 number listed in the manual. A very nice but obviously frustrated gal tried for 25 minutes to find my order in the system but couldn't pull it off. I asked her if she could just add me to the system since I obviously had a Brookstone product and a receipt from Amazon. She said no, it doesn't work that way. After speaking to her supervisor I was told I needed to contact Amazon for support. Amazon said I had to contact the seller, TLC Stores. I sent a email to TLC stores, well see what they say.

As of this posting I have spent $65.98 for a product that doesn't work and over an hour and counting trying to get warranty service.

For now I would say STAY AWAY FROM BROOKSTONE PRODUCTS! My, albeit limited, experience has not been a positive one.

If the situation is resolved I will update this posting and let everyone know the results of my quest for even marginally adequate customer service.

UPDATE 1/27/11

Brookstone will not warranty this item because I purchased it from TLC Store (amazon seller). Brookstone only warranties their items to the "original purchaser". Brookstone told me that by purchase this item from TLC Store "you effective bought this item at a garage sale from the original purchaser so the warranty is null and void." I purchased this item thinking it was "new" with a warranty to back it up. TLC Store has a 30 day warranty, or so I am told. This effective took the 1 yr manufacture warranty and turned it into a 30 day warranty from some gal selling stuff from her garage. I sent repeated emails but only received two replies neither of them came close to resolving the issue.

Bottom line, this item is junk. TLC Store has done nothing to help rectify the problem.


237741237741B00337P71YAX5HZXS3TSEKUP. Woods1121340150400Great idea, terrible implementationFirst, the good; Not having to run outside into the rain to check the temperature of what I'm cooking is genius. It also has preset temperatures for the meat type you are cooking, be it chicken, fish, beef, lamb, etc.

Now, the bad; Aside from the Beef setting, there is no way to set what your desired cooking level would be. For instance, if you want to pull the chicken out a little earlier than the thermometer recommends, you have to watch it constantly and not rely on the alarm. For Beef, you are allowed to set rare/medium/etc.

Finally, it stopped working after about four months, and nothing I've done wants to revive it. We bought ours from Brookstone, and they haven't responded to our queries for help. Two stars max.
237742237742B00337P71YA3VUTWBEQY2F1AFRANK G...1111339545600TERRIBLEStay away! I was able to use it 4 times and then it stopped working. Thinking that it was the probe, I went and bought one and it still doesn't work. I'm trashing it and looking for another brand.
237743237743B00337P71YA1O60CL0FIH4S9Debbie1121334620800probe does not lastI have had my grill alert for a few years and have had to replace the probe about 8 times. The company will replace the probe if it's under a year old. I have bought about four and the rest were replaced for free however it's unreliable as others have stated. I recently got 2, after 2 uses one of the probes failed, I have a back-up because I expected this but I'm now looking for another brand. The company says the probes are sensitive but this is ridiculous. It's sensitive alright; to heat. Useless
237744237744B00337P71YA2RU8W9456HCPSmarkwo1111331942400Grill Alert Talking Remote ThermometerWhat a disappointment! Bought last season, worked great (used about 6-8 times). Started up today 3.17.12, placed nice piece of King Salmon on the grill and the transmitter kept saying that the temperature was 199 degrees and the voice kept saying it was ready. I thought, maybe (the first side I cooked before turning it on) did cook through. Took it off the grill and it was sushi raw inside. I tried everything (in book) to reset, (as my salmon is cooking). After reading all the reviews, the probe cable must have failed. I just was able to rescue the fish in time, cooked the old fashioned way. CANNOT TRUST THIS BECAUSE IT IS NOT RELIABLE, LET ME DOWN. TOO BAD, WHEN IT DID WORK, IT WAS AMAZING!
237745237745B00337P71YA2ND2RL76VSB5J. McPherson1111324684800Worked great, at firstWhen the unit was working, I loved it! Unfortunately, it stopped working after 4 or 5 turkeys. Supposedly you can buy replacement probes for ~$20, but I don't see why I would continue to invest in something that clearly fails for so many people, and after only a few uses. In the trash it goes...
237746237746B00337P71YA182B4UWOU5VL8Albanygolfer11513231296003 Years & Still Works GreatI received this as a gift back in 2008 and it still works great. I take the batteries out of it between uses and store it in the box it came in. I use it about once a month when I am cooking a roast on the grill. Once in a while if I haven't used it for two or three months I have to re-set it so the probe communicates with the receiver, but that's rare. I think it is a bit on the pricey side but for me I have no problems or anything negative to say.
237747237747B00337P71YA36BP60WA18HLRC. Grant Beech "Santa Grant"1151309564800Saw it, loved it, bought it, still love itWent to a friends house for a BBQ and he had one he used on the rib eye steaks. He clipped it to his belt and was told by a lovely voice that the meat was almost ready. We went to the BBQ and within a couple of minutes we were told again the meat was ready. These steaks were perfect at med-rare. When I got home I went directly to the computer and looked it up and ordered it. My first use was a chicken on the rotisserie. I had to place the probe in each time I wanted to check it so the wire would not wind around the chicken, but the chicken was perfect when this device said it was ready. Will be buying more to give to family for Christmas.
237748237748B00337P71YA1T0NMDYSGZ56BJim Lee1141289174400Reliable and ConvenientI have used this for the past year with a smoker and have been very pleased with accuracy, ease of use, and terrific convenience. I smoke and grill through the winter and it is important to not open the grill/smoker often. This really helps. With the smoker it doubles both to know the smoker temperature early in the cooking process then insert into meat later to monitor that temperature.

The advance warning of food being nearly done and seeing rate of temperature change, especially when it is cold and rainy and extends cooking time, is particularly convenient.
237749237749B00337P71YA2D25ROXJ9BGUFxgrep "xgrep"1141265673600quite accurate not very flexible
237750237750B00337P71YA1VK8U6W42GTMCJason Sharp "Jason"3451231286400works excellentUsed this product on pork ribs, chicken & beef tri-tips and worked perfect with my Big Green Egg cooker.

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