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237795237795B003EE0CHAAIDSW2EQR47D6Erin W0051340409600What a deal!Made myself some pizza dough with this yeast. Works perfectly - and the dough was delicious! Made a really good deep-dish, but that's beyond the point. This yeast will last awhile for us, because we're just now getting into baking that requires yeast. However, I have my eye on several recipes that require this type of yeast...and we'll have plenty.
237796237796B003EE0CHAA9FHIRKGOY3ITAron0051326758400Red Star Baking Yeast Good product at a great priceMy daughter-in-law gave me a 1 pound bag of Red Star yeast last Christmas and it has lasted me 4 months, baking a loaf of bread almost everyday. I take a small amount and put it in one of my old 4 ounce yeast jars and freeze the rest and it has kept very well. In my opinion Red Star is the best yeast out there, but not always available at my supermarket and you can't beat the price,1 pounds for $7.95 sure beats $8.99 for a 4 ounce jar at the supermarket
237797237797B004TBWVI0ANZ7U8QLFFEGHLeeAnn2311330992000BEWARE!!!They have changed the recipe on the light balsamic, even though they say they haven't. The changed the packaging also, smaller bottle, less dressing, but not a lower price.

The new recipe is nasty compared to the old. More watery and oily and tastes like all the rest.
237798237798B003ULDY18A1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"4451296000000Earthy, Grassy, Mild Green Tea*****
Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Green Tea is a premium Numi tea. It is a low-caffeine green tea, is certified organic, and is kosher. It is very earthy and mild, and it seems that in general people either love it or they hate it. I think that people who will enjoy this will be those who like subtle flavors and earthy, grassy teas. I think it's a great green tea!

On the box, the manufacturer writes: "Our whole leaf Temple of Heaven - Gunpowder Green Tea is gently steamed within hours of being plucked, then skillfully hand rolled into small tight pearls. This process preserves its delicate flavor and aroma far longer than other green teas. Steeped in hot water, the leaves unfurl, releasing a well-rounded, full-bodied flavor. Rich in fluoride, calcium, and anti-oxidants - and with very little caffeine - this is a perfect choice to greet the evening."

Highly recommended.
237799237799B003ULDY18A6W92XJA1FTYDAmy R "Amy R"4451281916800Excellent mild flavorThis was my go-to green tea until I moved to an area that now longer stocks it. Very delicate flavors that many commercial teas lack. Numi has a great selection of different teas, all of high quality.

I'm surprised to see such a poor review from another customer, as this is by far the best bag-tea you can get on the market. While it will never compare to loose-leaf, it's the closest you can get. Just be sure to steep it for 2-3 minutes, no more, no less. If you keep the bag in after that time has passed you will only be tasting tannins, as with all green tea.
237800237800B003ULDY18A1LQF2RS5XRQIOKsyrium "Ask me any questions you may have on...3351313625600Best Green TeaThis is the Best Green tea I have tasted for the price. At $6 a box for 18 tea bags, we love it. One cup gives a great amount of flavor, and good caffeine pick me up.

The tea bag is actually leaves and not ground up whatever falls into the machine. ( Seeds, Sticks, etc.) The Tea is USDA Organic. Tea bags are sturdy and the strings don't fall off, I have not yet had a tea bag rip on me. (I have had Tazo tea bags open up on me once they were brewing)

I drink it every morning at work and I couldn't ask for more
237801237801B003ULDY18A2OS3TIVAKUAHGJ. York3351281916800Love thisI've been drinking the Numi Gunpowder Green for just over a year and it is one of my favorites. I turn to it when I want an afternoon tea with just a little caffeine to pick me up. The tea is interesting in that unlike most teas that I buy, it is not ground to a small powder but rather is ground into "chunks" about the size of a pea.

The flavor unique and the quality seems comparable to Tazo green tea.
237802237802B003ULDY18A3UW8MVM6SY36IAammar Khan1151344038400O God this tea is awesome!I'm amazed at how so many reviewers can come up with hundreds of words to describe the taste of this tea.

It's good--and it's a great price!

Background: I drink HEB Oolong and Bigalow Green for the most part. This was a pleasant upgrade.
237803237803B003ULDY18A30TSN3JECCWUGP. Bhakta "GREEN LEAF"1141327276800Great ProductI feel like the smoky gunpowder taste was stronger 3 years ago when Numi still had the old packaging, these are still good and sometimes I cup open a teabag and throw it into veg stir fry noodles to give it a smoky asian taste. I definitely let this steep for longer than 3 minutes. This also pairs well with a generic black tea.
237804237804B003ULDY18A2Q158MQ0VSPVEK. Jespersen "A Demitechnate Ethopoeist"5731281916800Wet PowderGunpowder tea is supposed to have a delicate flavor and emit a smokey bouquet that does not interfere with the taste.

Numi gets the delicate flavor. Unfortunately, there is no aroma to their version. This improves if the drinker tears open the tea bag and steeps Numi's offering as loose-leaf, or if the drinker tries to go the "whipped tea" route, but the experience is still only about half there.

Three stars out of five: if you want gunpowder with a less intense experience, go for Numi. If you want the full shot, seek out Twinings.
237805237805B003ULDY18A3DMZO5572JU5QAnne0041351036800like the mild flavor and nice aromaI saw this on someone's blog, and found it here, really like the aroma from the roasted rice. If you are looking for a strong green tea, this might not be it.
237806237806B003ULDY18A3NLEWJ1A8CF3PTony B.0051329264000Bold flavorThis tea has a very bold flavor and it looks different than your regular tea bags. The leaves are whole rather than minced just like the ones you brew in a press. Deffinitely one of the best green teas out there!
237807237807B003ULDY18A3PKZ5GVJ2LCAECush the First "Cush, the First People"0051327449600Great!One of the best full leaf green teas I've found. Great tasting and smells good. Also 3 boxes for the price makes this a great deal.
237808237808B003ULDY18A2ORJDW9IPTDWElvmpnda0051325030400Numi Organic TeaFound this tea in Oregon and loved it! All flavors are delicious and it is so nice to see actual tea leaves and not crumbs in a tea bag! So glad it is offered on Amazon!!
237809237809B003ULDY18A3B4MCKZWBYGYZmeehouse0051315526400Great mild flavorI don't care for green tea I hate the smell and the after taste, but this one is good I've tried more then a few green teas and Organic Numi wins hands down. The very delicate mild lemony flavor and a prefect finish on the pallet.
237810237810B003ULDY18A2WK4JKR8S9SFLKarleton Helfer "Karleton Helfer"0051310774400Like green tea? You will like this one too.The following recommendation is based on having enjoyed over 100 tea varieties in the last 3+ years.

When steeped as recommended...
it tastes great....
for more flavor steep longer...
also tastes great then too.

Try it.
237781237781B001FA1A9OA2E3WMF9RWW2X2K. Duvall5551273449600Works great, worth the money for SOY FREE!I watched this product for a long time before buying it. I tried to make my own spray oil in a refill yourself thing. That you pump in the same fashion as this one. But for some reason only got a stream of oil.

Then I bought these. Wonderful spray/mist depending on the number of pumps. It will go to a little stream like if you do not pump enough or at the end of your spray. But it works every time I get it out the the cabinet.

The major selling point was that I can recycle the bottle when done. AND it is SOY FREE!!!! That was the major reason for wanting this. They put soy in everything and when you don't want to eat soy you tend to pay more.

I have this on subscribe and save and will continue to use it as long as it is made. Excellent buy.
237782237782B001FA1A9OA3A9KP0QQ86IDJNikki Kusens3351242604800Great All Purpose Olive OilI have tried a lot of olive oils in the past, and being on a tight budget, I try to stay in the lower price range category. As you can imagine, I've ended up with some really lacking oils. Not so with Gourme Mist Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mister! This olive oil is light and mild with an excellent clean taste that doesn't overpower the flavor of what you're cooking. Perfect for salad dressings, sauteing, baking, etc. There's nothing I wont use this oil in. Another plus is the sleek packaging, You can leave it on your counter for display. I've finally found an affordable winner!
237783237783B001FA1A9OAVLV95I6RFB1Ombacon0051339718400Yoou'll find SO many uses for this product.I was extremely pleased to discover that the very same product my weight-loss program was selling for an arm and a leg was available online through! I initially made a rather large order for this product, and am almost ready to do it again. I've found so many ways to prepare my meals using the mister. It's so convenient too.

I love the idea of being able to stay stocked up via the internet. No traveling to the specialty shops to get this product. It's sent right to your front door.

I'm thrilled with the Gourme' Mister and with

I would highly recommend this product to anyone, not just to those of you who are dieting. It has a great taste and is fun to use. You can't go wrong.

Gourme' Mist Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mister, 6-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)
237784237784B001FA1A9OA2V5R832QCSOMXLeanne0031335657600Good, but the pumping mechanism is a bit hit and missI've been using Pam for years, but decided to start using an olive-oil-based cooking spray since I'm trying to move to more all-natural products. Originally, I was going to order a mister that I would put my own olive oil in, but the reviews for the ones I looked at were all pretty hit and miss, so I decided to get this instead.

While it works well when you first start squirting it out, if you haven't pumped it enough, it will suddenly stop misting and send out a big squirt of oil in one spot. I don't want to overpump it since I know that can cause problems, too, so I'm still trying to play with this to see what the magic number seems to be. It seems as if six or seven pumps will set me up for most of my spraying needs.

Also, I had been hoping that it could replace Pam, and it really can't; it's not good for getting things to not stick to your pans. I'm not marking stars off for that since it's not advertised as being a cooking spray, but more because the pumping mechanism is so spotty.

Overall, this is a good product, but, as I mentioned in my review title, the pumping mechanism is a bit hit and miss for me.
237785237785B004XUGGWOA2LLHA0UVJCDFItm73021131341619200ProBar Art's Original BarI love the bar, this bar packs a lot in a small bar. My issue isn't with the product, but with the pricing from the merchant. I originally thought I was buying a box of 12 not 6. I wouldn't have purchased from this vendor if I knew it was for 6 bars. Obviously my mistake, but one that I won't make again.
237786237786B003Y3D68SA37CENQP0ZNKVEsailor "sailor hill"131351311984000Nice old fashioned sandwich bagsHow do you review a brown lunch sandwich bag? To start - it's large enough for an overstuffed sandwich. I love the crinkle sound of the bag, it holds a crease at the top. It is going to make the same old sandwiches seem to take on a new life with this new bag - nostalgic. It will be good to put muffins I bake in the 'donut hole maker' into this for quick grab snacks. This won't cause any moisture mushiness like a plastic wrap will. No waxy feel - all biodegradable. I like it.

UPDATE Sept 13: I've been using these bags since they arrived...they are wonderful. My brother gives them 5 stars. I make him 2 sandwiches a day, one for breakfast and one for lunch. When he returns home, I notice he carefully folds the bags up for me to reuse. I can use the same 2 bags, every day, for a week without a problem. They are sturdy and hold up well. Even with crinkles in the paper, they still hold a good crease. I make the sandwiches the night before and they don't dry out nor become soggy in the fridge over-night or until his last sandwich at lunch. I notice when I use plastic wrap or foil he throws those away...these bags are nicely folded and brought back home, so I guess they are a money-saver in the long run.

UPDATE Aug 22, 2012: It's been a year since first trying these bags. I've upped the stars from 4 to 5 stars. I absolutely love this product. It's come in handy for so many things. It works almost like parchment paper, too. I've baked in these for wrapped meals, knowing it is all safe against foods. Tomorrow I'm trying large diced potatoes, cheese and bacon put into the bag - pop into an oven and bake about 45 minutes at 350, top with fresh green onions (scallions). So many uses for these bags.

UPDATE Aug 23, 2012: Do not use these as a substitute for parchment paper. When I cooked the potatoes in the bag with cheese and bacon - the cheese stuck! I think it would have been okay had I not used cheese. I invested in their parchment paper: If You Care 100% Unbleached Silicone Parchment Paper, 70-Foot Roll (Pack of 4) and will use this either alone or added into the sandwich bags when I bake with them. The sandwich bags did hold up well in a 425 degree toaster oven.

**I LOVE their paper cupcake liners. I have the large and Jumbo. (large equals a standard sized muffin cup) If You Care Unbleached Large Baking Cups, 60-Count Boxes (Pack of 24) NOTHING sticks to these at all. Your baking cup paper will peel right off of your cupcakes and muffins with ease, never tearing at even the most delicate cakes. I give a box for a little gift when visiting. These are the best and with the initial investment you won't be buying them for a long time. The brown paper is excellent for us adults who are tired of fake inks and cutesy flowers...the color is very becoming and stays the same before and after the oven. I love the "If You Care" brand.
237787237787B003Y3D68SA3LX9XUV3E010OA. Rosendin6641334707200Earth-friendly option for sandwich lunchI previously purchased Natural Value Unbleached Wax Sandwich bags which I will give points for being longer (7 13/16" over 7 1/2") than this brand If You Care. This is slightly more expensive per bag, but I think the If You Care brand is a better quality paper. Overall, I like the feel of this bag better as it feels more like paper, less waxy. It also seems thicker and more durable. In the past 6 years I've used a "Laptop Lunch" system, but now that my daughter is in Middle School with no locker access it's become necessary to pack as light as possible. She has to cross the entire campus a few times before lunch and carries a lot of materials making a Laptop Lunch impractical and likely "less cool". I refuse to do plastic bags so this is our compromise. At least I know it's the best choice we can make. I would recommend these bags.
237788237788B003Y3D68SA3QTX2DXBK8NWPnaidainnc3351313798400Use more than once, Yo!These bags don't hold grease... or, maybe we don't carry around a lot of grease in our lunchboxes? Either way, you can actually use the same bag more than one day.
I LOVE that I'm not adding to the plastic waste in the world. Yes, I care. ;)
237789237789B003Y3D68SAR3YM3HMHNNEDSamarah Saeed "Samarah44"0051339200000LOVE!I absolutely adore these. They remind me of those little paper sacks they put pastries into at Starbucks. I feel much better using these than the plastic bags. Will DEFINITELY continue to purchase these through "Subscribe & Save" on an indefinite basis!!!
237790237790B003Y3D68SA3LNFN4CK4NT6HD. M. Elms0051338249600Better than plastic in the ocean!These sandwich size bags could be just a tad bigger but overall I love them. They are reusable with a small amount of thought, which reduces the cost to be environmentally friendly. The other benefit is that bread does not get as mushy as in plastic sandwich bags, also perfect for snacks!
237791237791B003Y3D68SA1F14BB4PV053AElizabeth0051337817600Work better than describedThese paper sandwich (or snack) bags perform better than described. Our sandwiches stayed fresh for 8 hours and probably would have stayed fresh even longer. As long as the fold is creased well (such as running a fingernail over the crease), the fold stays shut. Even better, make a well creased fold across the top and then fold in the corners a bit too. I like that they are unbleached and better for the environment than plastic baggies - especially for an item that is usually used just once and then thrown away. Bonus that the paper is slightly more rigid than plastic bags so our sandwiches were less likely to get all squished.
237792237792B003Y3D68SA20GY97ZHH2PSKPATRICK S FORTELKA0021337040000Stale sandwichFood does not stay fresh in these bags. They do not seal in any fashion. I even tried taping it shut. Sandwhichs get hard around the edges within hours. I hoped to get off the plastic bags, look like I'm stuck with them.
237793237793B003Y3D68SA48ALSACOV5YZLawrence J. Konis0051330473600Very good product, with the "good feeling" bonus.We try to do whatever we can, so we searched for a more earth-friendly sandwich bag. These are absolutely perfect. Parents and teachers have noticed these bags in our lunches and have made the switch too.
237794237794B003EE0CHAA3RBRUL232DXXRM. Cenciarini1131341014400Item seal was good but it arrived warm. That is worrying.The only thing that I was not so happy about it is that fact that the yeast was warm after spending the whole day in the UPS truck. It is probably my fault to buy such an item from Amazon, so I guess I need to learn this lesson for the future. Other than that, I am pleased with the seller.

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