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237811237811B003ULDY18A13EKRN1EAE9T0Stephen "sirn5"0051293235200Excellent distinctive teaThis tea has a rich flavor for a green tea. It is distinctive and worth trying if you like different types of teas.
237812237812B003ULDY18A2LP1ZOHLFTT6EM. Glowacki4711282521600Weak, flavorless tea... so disappointed!After reading the many glowing reviews for this tea, I just have to come forward and voice my support for JS's review. Almost completely devoid of aroma and flavor, the only thing letting me know I wasn't drinking plain hot water is the dark golden color of the liquor. So, clearly, there's SOMETHING there, but not a heck of a lot. Gunpowder green tea is one of the most intense and aromatic Chinese green teas; it should have an aroma of burnt wood and a charred flavor that is lightly vegetal. I expected much more based on the price of the tea, the fact that it's full leaf, and all these positive reviews.
237813237813B003ULDY18A1BZUD9EJGM8UXM. Herrmann0111325635200Weak, no flavorI drank Numi Gunpowder Green about 4 years ago and fell in love with it. Because of the high cost I decided to cut back and try other high quality, less expensive teas. I recently was in the grocery and saw Numi gunpowder green and decided to check it out again. I ordered three boxes of it and upon making my first cup I instantly thought "this stuff has drastically changed" It is so light in flavor that it seriously is like green water. I don't know what happened to the original Numi gunpowder green, but it needs to come back!
237814237814B003ULDY18A243F5Y64ASLGJShirley Hands "james"0221327276800For Amazon to readDear Amazon,
I am a faithful customer for many, many years. Last year, I placed the Numi teas on recurring order. During the past 3 orders of receiving the Gunpowder Green Tea, I am receiving defective product. This is not good. The tea bags are not properly attached to the string, so they fall into the tea. In addition, several of the packages I have received are smashed. Am I receiving old tea as a result of getting it recurring? Is this from a company that sells dated product? I would like to continue receiving the green tea, but I don't want compromized product.
Can you order from a different seller for this tea?
Please advise.
237815237815B003ULDY18AHEETBW298UVWJS41411281916800Tastes like nothing.This tea is completely tasteless. It was as if I was drinking a cup of hot water. I threw an entire case away.
237816237816B0029XEY5IATVSO72U28NQXM. Papadopoulos "Mihalis the Greek"3331291161600Weight of cheese not accurate....I purchased a pound of feta cheese. When it arrived, it appeared lighter than a pound. I have two digital scales. I weighed the cheese on both scales. Both scales reflected a weight of 14 ounces. That is certainly not the 16 ounces, (a pound), that I paid for so I was not happy. Two ounces do not seem like a lot to be concerned about, but you should get what you pay for when you order from a company by weight. I do not appreciate the fact that I was not given the full pound of cheese.
237817237817B0029XEY5IA1TAJ0YJ9Q68B2Bryson1131317945600UnderWeight.But Great CheeseI was Disappointed to find that my cheese that was hand-cut and weighed, turned out to be 7 ounces instead of the advertised 8, Over-night shipping and very quick delivery/processing time. They called me and taken care of the issue.
237818237818B0029XEY5IA3IH86X12EB6HVS. Burkland0051329264000ExcellentThis is so fabulous. I will definitly be ordering again. Arrrived quickly and quality was beyond my expectations. Thank you so much
237819237819B0029XEY5IA1WX42M589VAMQMir0051296086400Lovely Cheese, just so you know, though I cannot vouch for this sellerI bought this cheese at a local gourmet shop and it's a terrific feta. Lovely salty-mild-rich-creamy. Very satisfying mouth feel. I will assuredly be buying more (and thank goodness I can find it nearby).

So, if you love your feta---whether in omelettes or salads or dips--this is a beautiful one. You can just eat it alone with some grapes on the side.Nice.

However, make sure you read "Mike the Greek's" review and measure it if you buy it from this seller. Maybe his was an off day or their scale was uncalibrated. It may be a fixed problem now. One can hope.

Enjoy the lovely feta....
237820237820B0029XEY5IA34VU70ZS6PDJGmariefromtucson0051289001600Great product!I purchased this item as a gift and the recipient absolutely loved it and couldn't wait to get more. He said it was packed well to keep it from spoiling. I would purchase
again since it is hard to find.
237821237821B0005XO2OMAJZTPGJAVI3Z7James Gagne "Jim Gagne"4431153094400Gatorade works great, but quantity is skimpy for the priceWhile exercising in the hot southern California sun, it's vital to keep hydrated and to replace salt and other minerals lost while sweating. I bike ride for two to three hours on weekend days and drink quarts of Gatorade. Gatorade mix is the most economical way to do this. Previously, Costco sold big $12 jars of Gatorade mix that each made 6 gallons, but now I can't find that size anywhere. These small jars (each makes two gallons) look a lot bigger online than their real-life 4" height. Counting shipping, each costs about $11. Not worth it; I'll keep looking.
237822237822B0005XO2OMA1VCLTAGM5RLNDRonnie Clay "R.C."0451148688000water always takes a back seat to GatoradeWeather its already in a bottle or it's in a mix and you have to make it your self it's still good. The problem with me making it my self is sometimes I don't always it sweat enough one time I poured too much water.
237823237823B004YLCG1WA1E94ISA9VOND4nc100021339718400Stale candyI believe this candy would taste pretty good if it was fresh, but the container I received from "The Candy Company" (Lakewood Candies LLC) contained candy that was past its prime. The plastic wrapper on each piece of candy was very hard to remove (tore into pieces as you unwrapped the plastic and foil covering), and the ends of each piece were hard. The center portions of each stick was softer. Disappointing purchase.
237824237824B000C4QQ20A1IK1X3Q774ZZYPM4451300924800SmoothI bought these to put into a cake recipe [...]. They are flavorful yet not too overpowering and went well in the cake. They are tasty enough to just eat by themselves - not very bitter and smooth overall. Their small, flat size made them easy to melt and measure as well.
237825237825B000C4QQ20A281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"101351261612800Cinnamon Fresh Cream Truffles with CinnamonThis year I took a chance on this chocolate. I normally use a block
of chocolate but the callets are so much easier to work with and
melt even more easily. The one kilogram bag is enough to make
one recipe of truffles. You will have some left over for chocolate
chip cookies.

Ingredients: unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural
vanilla flavor. May contain traces of milk protein.

Here is the recipe I made up for chocolates during
the holiday season. The addition of cinnamon is really delicious.

Fresh Cream Truffles with Cinnamon

A double boiler is not recommended for melting the chocolate. Use your crockery cooker for the best results. The creamy ganache (ga-nosh) is dipped in melted chocolate and should be stored in the refrigerator. Bring the truffles to room temperature an hour before serving.


6 ounces Callebaut semisweet chocolate callets
3/4 cup whipping cream
1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon Saigon cinnamon

Dipping Chocolate

1 pound Callebaut semisweet chocolate callets
Parchment paper

2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon

1. Place the 6 ounces chocolate in a medium sized bowl.

2. Heat the cream just until it comes to a boil. Pour over
chocolate. Stir until the chocolate melts. Cool to 90 degrees.

3. Cream all the butter in a deep bowl with a wooden
spoon. Stir in tablespoonfuls of cooled chocolate,
beating well after each addition. Mixture should be
creamy. If the butter starts to melt, the chocolate is
still too warm. Lastly, stir in the vanilla and cinnamon.

4. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
Fit a piping bag with a size 807 decorating tip. Pipe a
round the size of a quarter onto parchment paper,
start piping second level then lift. Place in the freezer
to chill for 20 minutes.

5. Place the one pound dipping chocolate in a 6-quart crockery
cooker, heat on low. Stir a few times until all chocolate
has melted. Turn cooker off when chocolate
has melted. The temperature should not go above
120 degrees. Pour chocolate into a medium bowl.

8. Mix the confectioners' sugar and cinnamon together.
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
Use a truffle fork to dip chocolates. When all
chocolates have been dipped use a sifter to sprinkle
cinnamon confectioners' sugar over truffles.

9. Place truffles in the freezer for 20 minutes to set
chocolate. Then, keep them in the refrigerator until
about an hour before serving.

Happy Holidays!

~The Rebecca Review
237826237826B000C4QQ20A3WH0FZKD9K94Customer0051342828800Good product to haveVery good product. Shipping was acceptable. Product came in a good size. Enough for any personal items or gifts you may want to make.
237827237827B000C4QQ20A3S9RTOI2ZNOK5MsLiz0051339632000Excellent ChocolateI use this chocolate for special occasions when I need a great tasting chocolate ganache for cakes or cookies, or to make truffles. The small pieces melt easily and the chocolate is not temperamental to work with. It tastes very pleasant - it is not bitter, but has a nice rounded flavor (which also makes it easy to eat straight out of the bag!) I store my chocolate in a cool dark place, or frozen. I had one bag I misplaced for approximately 9 months, but noticed no changes or degradation in the product.
237828237828B004BFR7LUA2PYQGI9WYZ3J4Lynn D. Miller "Lynn"3351325980800World's Finest Earl GreyWilliamson, previously Williamson & Magor, make a rich, well blended Earl Grey with a deep delicate spicy flavor that is without equal. I used to think that Harrod's No. 42 Earl Grey was the best I had tasted. It is, however, unavailable in the US, and must be purchased in Britain. Some Internet research uncovered that it is blended for Harrod's by Williamson, so I tracked down their Earl Grey which was then avaliable on two US websites. It is even better than Harrod's. Harrod's Earl Grey, by the way, is best purchased as you leave the UK. There is a Harrod's store in the international departure area at Heathrow - they do not charge the 18% VAT. Willaimson reorganized last year and their tea was supposedly unavailable in the US, so its appearance on Amazon - and with Amazon Prime elegibility - is more than welcome. This is the finest.
Another fact: Williamson is reputed to blend the tea for the Royal Family in Britain.
Some added thoughts: I did a little research on the Williamson website. They now grow their tea on their own farms in the hioghlands of Kenya. Undoubtedly the superior flavor of the tea comes from the quality of the base tea. They mention picking only the bud and first two leaves. That cannot be beat. Some teas are the first three; Argentine tea (known for being some ofthe world's worst) is "harvested" with a machine that looks like a hedge trimmer. Any leaves past the first three have no tea flavor. So excellent harvesting is a laborious hand process.
237829237829B004BFR7LUAI0XJPAL2UJM6Stephano C0051334102400Great English TeaSee my review of Williamson English Breakfast. Same idea. Good stuff.

I will say that if you don't drink this too often it may loose some quality after sitting in the box. Best to jar it.
237830237830B004BFR7LUA2EQVSEU7YGKKWtea drinker0051332201600great teaI was first introduced to Williamson Tea Earl Grey when a lovely English friend came to visit and brought me the Earl Grey Williamson Tea as a gift. It has a wonderful aroma and great flavor. As you can well imagine we drank a great deal of tea while she was here. I can see the pretty teapot on the coffee table with a small plate of sliced lemons (she loves lemon in her tea, I like mine plain) as we drank out of china teacups and chatted about our day. I was so delighted when I found your site and was able to renew my waning supply.
237831237831B004BFR7LUA15EXV9YXL3BOBHonestJoe0121335312000Not a fan - lack flavor (tastes like water)Not a fan. It does not have enough flavor. I honestly though I had a bad batch. Smell is amazing, taste is flat (a la flavored water).
I will stick with Middle Eastern/Indian teas, such as 'Sadaf Melange Special' and another named "The Best Tea" which comes from a local Persian market.

Noting the review below me, perhaps this box has sat too long.
237832237832B000EMM8WMA2CJROPFY31STCBryan Shrode7751243209600A Childhood Favorite I Still Buy and Love TodayAs a child born in the 80s and growing up in the 90's this was always my favorite lunchbox snack. The flavors are delicious and the texture isn't like some gummies that get stuck in your teeth or gummies that are too soft. Everyone seems to favor the white "mystery" flavor sharks, but grape will always be my personal favorite. I continue to buy these now that I'm adult. I only wish they made "adult size" pouches, because now that I am older, the pouches seem like they've gotten smaller!
237833237833B000EMM8WMA1LNAYGURDK668efficacy6651290902400AWESOMEShark bites are pretty bomb. I second what the other reviewer said about the size of the packs...I think each pack should contain the same amount of Shark Bites you get in a whole box. Also I wish I could sign up for monthly delivery and just have they send me a pallet each month b/c they're such fire.
237834237834B004JQZFLKADLDLVJE1FA0QDeborah Anne Weber0011328400000Puroast Low Acid Coffee Colombian--DON'TI'm usually pleased with recommendations from consumers on amazon, but this one was off by a mile. If you're a regular serious colombian coffee drinker and decaf and instant would never do--you're going to be greatly disappointed. I gave my 5lb bag away to a neighbor who is used to drinking stale instant. For me, this took me back to the days of managing psychiatric facilities where coffee wasn't even instant decaf--it was something horrible called "postum" (I think) that didn't even resemble coffee. Heck, I would have rather drank ground-up post-it notes and old cardboard than this stuff. I tried everything, even mixing it in with regular colombian coffee--no go. My advice, don't waste the money, purchase papaya enzyme tablets and tums instead, bulk up on the nexium, but just don't go near Puroroast. Buy the real leaded coffee, instead.
237835237835B00106Z87IA3A2RHZECLA0RYaurora4323351280188800The Puppies Love It!I love this product! It is healthy, vegan, and the puppy dogs love it. I have two puppies: a 16 y/o Bichon and a 6 y/o Pekingese mix. They both eat Avoderm Vegetarian dry food, and get this mushy food every day. I mix in medicine, some veggies, and ground flax seed for the babies, and they can't get enough. They lick clean their bowls, then switch and lick clean the other puppy's bowl.
Highly recommended.
237836237836B001ET63XOA2ZVK1N8RRABLWAnne Marshall0051299196800Excellent olive oilOlive oil from Nyons is special, mild but with an excellent flavor. The area is known for its olive oil.
237837237837B003P9XG0EA15DF0V80C6M8TM. Hauck111251294790400Exceptionally high quality dog food - best on the marketBlue Buffalo Wilderness is a virtually pure protein dogfood. It's free of any additives or junk. It's also free of all those grains and carbs that they fill up other dog foods with -- like corn (which dogs can't digest anyway), soy, etc. If you have a dog who is diabetic (and lately diabetes is as much an epidemic among dogs as it is among people), Blue Buffalo is essential to you. Since we started our 6 year old diabetic pug on Blue Buffalo Wilderness, his blood glucose levels have stabilized, he has lost weight, his overall health has improved and he has more energy. Prior to finding this dog food we had been making his food ourselves and with two other dogs and two cats, that ain't easy! Thank you Blue Buffalo for creating a product that diabetic canine parents can give their dogs without worrying about a bad impact on our dog's health.

And, please ignore the poor review left for this product which was actually a criticism of Amazon's packaging. That is an inappropriate product review -- it has NOTHING to do with the quality of this product and should not be posted at all.
237838237838B003P9XG0EA1F53TQJO6Y7NDDiane I. Springer "Orange County Reader"3351305676800Excellent productAs my dog got older, she developed a sensitive stomach. Blue Buffalo has no grains or fillers, and my dog has been doing great with this food. She no longer has gas or a grumbling stomach. I highly recommend this brand.
237839237839B003P9XG0EA2BH5UQIW054FT3fishes2251324857600Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Canned Dog Food Duck and ChickenI have a 13 year old diabetic Pomeranian and have been feeding this canned food to her for about 3 weeks. I had been feeding her Science Diet canned and she did not like it so I was having a hard time keeping her regulated. She loves this food! We've finally got her regulated on diet and insulin and have had no problems in the last 3 weeks. I would definitely purchase this food again.
237840237840B003P9XG0EA3ROW9JDOBD4WKUsable goods1151314748800My dog LOVES this food!My little dog just loves this food. You mention the word duck and her tail starts wagging and her eyes get wide and bright.... she starts running all over like a lunatic until she gets her dinner! It is sooo cute! She REALLY loves this stuff. She has never acted like that with any other food in her 11 years and she has always had "good" food.

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