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237846237846B001E5E1OGAVKBBU1YRXKMWMichael Krawitz0051275091200Very good!I've tried several goji berries on Amazon and in the grocery and these are my favorites. I got an Amazon subscription for every few months. They have been getting more and more expensive, so I hope that stops because at some point, I'll switch to a different brand.
237847237847B00474GHH0AFHPMX6N9BJRItraceystands1151320969600YUMMY!I got this seasoning because we sell Pork Rinds at festivals and I needed a good BBQ seasoning to put on them. This is PERFECT! bold bbq taste with a hint of sweetness. Everyone loves the bbq taste.
237848237848B00474GHH0A2ARD9MFNHR79XDaniel C. Minor Sr.0051339804800Great Seasoning for all meat and BBQ cook outsThis weber Grill seasoning is a Great summer item to have, For both indoors an outdoors,Its bold an sweet taste is a great for all meats an Chicken Lovers, I use it for chicken, It can not be beat.Have great time !
237849237849B000H173NYAMRMK86X3PKXDR. Thomasson1151204675200By far the Best Sugar Free Cake MixMy mother is a diabetic. She loves sweets and I am always on the lookout for good sugar free products. This is the easiest and best tasting sugar free cake mix I've found. Just add water and bake (a little oil makes it more moist) For Christmas I re hydrated no sugar dried fruit in wine then used the liquid to make the cake mix, added the re hydrated fruit and nuts. The resulting fruit cakes were the best we ever had. The mixes come in a number of flavors Sweet N Low Cake Mix, Chocolate, 8 Ounce Box (Pack of 12) I usually just get white and add any flavors I want to the mix.
237850237850B001AY8570A2WS6FMF750EI9Amy Steele "quirky mama"7751325635200Not Dissin' the NissinI was surprised when this meal actually had a taste, and a good one! I had tried several different varieties of "Yakisoba", and they all ended up tasting the same. This one was distinct with added dried cabbage, etc.; dried chicken (I think), and a thick, dark mystery sauce that is added at the end, and while it is not gourmet, it does its job. Cover is pulled almost halfway back, veggies are added on side, and lukewarm water is added to fill line. Nuke it for five minutes, let sit for one, add sauce, release mandible, add noodles and saliva, and purr.
237851237851B001AY8570A16KZ6O3DR8NFJDavid Fox3351332633600Yum.A delicious, quick, affordable staple for the college student who doesn't care if he drops dead next week of coronary heart failure.
237852237852B001AY8570A1GGZZQZ8DDEEIhorselover4151151347062400Delicious!I had gotten pretty tired of Ramen Noodles, so I tried this instead. I love it! It is a little bit saltier than I expected, but it's very good. In comparison with Ramen Noodles, I would say these are a lot better. They don't have as much content as the Ramen Noodles do. But they are cut smaller, so they are easier to eat. Another thing is that these have more taste than the others. They include small dried veggies and soy sauce kind of stuff to add flavor. We found our's at Wallmart in singles for only 88 cents! The best part is that you don't have to wait for the water to boil on the stove. These are microwavable in just five minutes!!!! Love them, and will continue to buy!
237853237853B001AY8570A29W1IOG04G10FLynn Hardy "~ Lynn"1151346198400What Ramen hoped to be!I survived on Ramen noodles in College - as did most people, I'm sure. The Nissan Chow Mein is 100 times better!
237841237841B003P9XG0EA2O0N2YDMX6AML. Boyd1151302480000Worth every penny!Out of our four dogs we have one who is more sensitive to everything, food and nature in general, and the Wilderness version is our tried and true for her to keep her skin calm and her tummy eased! We thought she had a grain allergy at one point when she first arrived here but after many tests and trial and error with food it is just allergies in general but this food is truly a staple for her! She loves it and it's just another good food from Blue!
237842237842B003P9XG0EA3NRYRENDLPI1SKW0051328486400all my dogs love itSome of my dogs are finicky and won't eat most canned dog foods, but they all love this food. It makes a great treat or topper for kibble, and is thick enough to hide pills.
237843237843B003P9XG0EA3JH4IY729JUBDAaron0151322006400ExcellentI ordered this product and within two days I recieved it, way before the expected date of arrival. Extremely satisfied
237854237854B001AY8570A2VL0Z407GSSARM. Tayon "SoapinTrucker"1141343865600Excellent when you are really hungry! :)I would like to stress, when you are REALLY hungry, these Chow Mein Noodles are a blessing! They really are darn good for a less than a dollar processed instant food, and they are easy to fix!

I use these on the road as a truck driver when I get to the end of my shift and all restaurants are closed (2 or 3 am!), and usually add a packet of crushed red pepper left over from a previous pizza feeding. I think I should carry a can of oysters to chop up and add to this dish, that just might make it even better!

The arrows or "fill line" is really hard to see, but is there. I made the mistake of adding a little above it once, and ended up with excess water/juice in my meal. I guess I didn't think the packet of sauce added that much more moisture, but once I just added water to the fill line, and let it sit for 5 minutes after the cooking time, all was better! :)
237844237844B001E5E1OGA34AZQI46YAP1MTortillaCorn "Keep it Healthy!"5631227657600Taste is just ok - more importantly, are they really organic?Today I received my order of Goji berries - strangely, they were packaged inside another shipper that appeared to be direct from the distributor (Organic Nectars) - but they arrived in good order and as promised.

The taste of the berries straight out of the bag is somewhat unremarkable. The label states "sweet, chewy and fragrant" but I would just barely rank them with marks in any of those categories. At first I thought I was missing something - these little red nubs received great reviews on other sites and postings and I just didn't see what all the fuss was about.

I did a little digging on the internet and discovered that there is some grey area between a wolfberry (Chinese in origin) and the goji berry (Tibetan, purportedly), leading me to wonder which exactly these were? Also, neither Amazon nor the Organic Nectars site specifically promises that these berries are organic (another concern highlighted on other sites), even though the label indicates they were "grown and harvested in pesticide-free Tibetan valleys". I probably ate two handfuls of them and my lips were tingling; this often happens if I don't wash peaches or nectarines well enough before eating (two fruits rated very high on the Environmental Working Group's pesticide watch for produce). I didn't experience any other effects, adverse or beneficial although I read that goji berries contain a compound that can increase the risk of bleeding for folks who take warfarin or other blood thinners so please exercise mindful caution if you fall into that population before eating the berries or having them in other preparations.

I'll continue to eat them and will try some of the other suggested methods of preparation (tea, shakes, oatmeal) but I'm not sold on the idea of these as a "superfruit" or "superfood" just yet.
237855237855B001AY8570A2IEYH6ZG5W21FClaudia Jimenez-reyes "Claudia"1151343260800DeliciousThese things are delicious. As a person always on the go this is an awesome meal because it does not take long to make and all one has to do is add water and place it on the microwave.

-great taste and smell
-super easy to prepare

237845237845B001E5E1OGAE9M5M39Y94LUquistz0041299369600Long shelf life, a little bitterI bought these a while back to eat as snacks. They've remained fresh and chewy despite being open for about a year (resealed between uses). They are a bit more bitter than other goji berries I've had before, though.
237856237856B001AY8570AYQ5HKJHB5DFDColeen =^..^=1151336262400I was surprised...I was surprised at how good these were! Quick and easy to make, too, for a fast lunch. (or snack) The veggies/meat pieces didn't seem like they were a hydrated "dry" product...lots of flavor.

I like the chicken and also the Nissin Chow Mein Shrimp variety, too.
237857237857B001AY8570A29JWA5Q27H1VLErnestH1151335484800Very easy meal for work and good tasteI would give it 4 stars due to the crappy taste of the vegetables but that doesn't matter, I just throw that little packet of veggies out, I think its cabbage bits or something.. Who eats cabbage with chicken flavor? Anyway the Chicken flavor tastes great, not too strong of a taste and comparable to Chow Mein from most chinese places I've ordered from. I usually eat one of these with a 12 ounce frozen mixed veggies from the supermarket which costs about 2.50, and summing up to a less than 4 dollar meal. The meal itself does not satisfy me but it would hold me off til the next time I would eat..

Easy to make meal - Just peel the top paper to the line, add the nasty veggies and (warm) water to fill line, microwave for 5 mins and add the packet of sauce after and stir.. all finished.
237858237858B001AY8570A1D0URD0AL237JMother of Pearl1151326412800great flavori have been buying alot of different flavors from this company and they all taste good will be buying more
237859237859B001AY8570AAUICTIUBVU7RRoy Berger "Everyman"1331321056000CANT COPARE TO LA CHOY, BUT NOODLES OKFirst off I found the directions confusing. It states to add water to the arrows, except I found no arrows, so I had to guess.
All the discription of the "wonderful" flavor is hooey. It was mostly soy sauce and sugar.
It state chicken flavor, but I tasted none.
The noodles are good, a bit larger than ramen, but about the same taste.Next time I will use the noodles and dried veggies, but throw the sauce away and add Campbells chicken broth instead.
237860237860B000MH6HLMA2M512BPBEHZ3TVirginia Gilliatt2251175299200Winterblue Stride, Keeps its Taste and it's Sugar FreeNever have I had sugarfree gum that lasted so long! At first, I watched the commercial and imagined it to last just as long as any other gum, but I was proven wrong. This stuff really lasts longer, and if you are sick of spitting out tasteless gum after the first few minutes, them Stride is defiantly for you. I have to say this is an amazing progression in the gum industry. I could buy packs of this stuff and live off of it, because it lasts so long. If you try this because you won't regret it. I recommend for everyone, especially gum lovers like yours truly.
237861237861B000MH6HLMAZI7GQPH2LXIAAmanda Simpson0051251331200good sugar-free gumI love gum, but the sugar was killing my teeth. Have been searching for sugarless gums and found them to be great at first, but lose flavor quickly. Stride is different. It is good for a long, long time!! The only thing I don't like about this gum is that it can sometimes get a little weird if it gets heated up, like in your pocket. It's like it starts to deteriorate or something. Keep it in your purse and you're good to go though.

This is the best sugarless gum I have found. You will like it and your teeth will thank you!
237862237862B0025U8C62AP7N0KHWFC9UTChickie3351323475200My favorite so far!!!Last week I made my first cake with Pettinice. I was scared that I wouldn't like it. I've tried Fondariffic, but it was way too soft and sticky. I used Choco Pan once, but it dried out faster than other brands. I used to make my own MMF to save $, but it's just such a pain. Satin Ice was my brand of choice, but was prone to elephant skin. I even tried Duff's fondant, and while it covers well, it doesn't taste good (although nothing is as bad as Wilton- blech). Let me just say I LOOOOOOVED Pettinice!!! It was so easy to use, it covered well, no elephant skin, and it tastes good both before and after drying (something I can't say of Satin Ice). Kneading was no problem- didn't even have to heat it as some reviews have noted. Some people even said they had to add glycerine to soften it up, and while I had it ready, it soooo didn't need it. There are still a few brands I'd like to try, but I think I found my brand of choice (aside from times when I need really deep colors).
237863237863B004XRIVIOA2G7KVEKM1H2PMElizabeth Davis0011334275200Prompt delivery - Bad chocolateThe chocolate used in these jordan almonds is not good at all. These were intended to be wedding favors, but it was so bad, that we threw these out ordered regular jordan almonds instead. The almonds came packed with ice and delivered promptly.
237864237864B000TEYRMOA1X2NQJN3MJUX9Shalie2251294876800yan yanVery good. The sticks inside are cute too w2ith a cartoon head of an animal its name and a random fact, slightly educational for kids... that is if they take the time to read the sticks before diping and eating them.
237865237865B000TEYRMOA3OZCK7WER7OCjp2251293321600cute and yummyEven though im 20 now, I still love the little animals and phrases on the sticks! Even when the phrase is kinda random, for example "Stag Beetle - Love It" or they print the sound the animal makes. Anyways they are cute and are sweet little tasty sticks.
237866237866B000TEYRMOA2I9IRYIQM8XJKMark2421294704000Love the product.. Not the shippingThese snacks are fairly priced at $0.89. BUT the shipping cost is horrendous! $4.62?!

Now, back to the review of the actual product, I love the strawberry one. Chocolate not so much, there's also a vanilla one but they both can't come close to the sweet flavor of strawberry. Damn.. Makes me wanna go to Ranch 99 now lol.
237867237867B0019L8HWCA3O0G8JWR6HR0XS. Chen "Monk"1151332115200Makes very good soy milkThis product makes very good soy milk. Result is always perfect out of the soy making machine. As good or better than the one sold in the store or restaurant.
237868237868B003ASXKV0A1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"2241281916800Hibiscus-y and Raspberry-esque!****
Stash's Wild Raspberry Caffeine Free Herbal Tea is strong and fruity, great if you love the taste of raspberry and hibiscus, which I do. It contains hibiscus, orange peel, lemongrass, rosehips, natural raspberry flavor, licorice powder, and citric acid. The package says it also contains soy, but that makes little sense to me. It is a fine tasting herb tea.

If you like a more subtle tea, you may not be crazy about Wild Raspberry. But if you like Celestial Seasonings and other commercial teas, I think that this is a good one. The reason I gave this tea four stars instead of five is that it isn't as pure as it could be (contains additives and flavorings) and I can tell. I prefer a more subtle tea. And I save five stars for the very best teas I've tried. But for those of you who like a lot of flavor, and can't taste the additives, it's just fine!

237869237869B003ASXKV0AUEA2NJHMK9DFPenny E. Cooke "PMSDEA"0041351209600Like this teaThis tea has a nice flavor although I wish it was a little stronger. I have brewed way it states and even tried letting it sit longer to get a stronger cup but it didn't work. Am pleased with purchase and flavor overall.
237870237870B003ASXKV0A159UJ2KI3A32E1awesomegranny0041341964800somewhat unusual taste but goodWanted to try a new tea, so selected Cinnamon Vanilla. It is good, though will have to get used to the flavor.

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