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237901237901B00472A4BMA2P3BQNIAGDS8VCTJodi0051349740800Wonderful pastaFirst, beware that this is "heavy" pasta, as it should be. It has a delicious taste; I shared some bags with friends and they all loved it too and got online and ordered from Amazon. Highly recommend it, but do understand that it is a traditional heavy pasta.
237902237902B00472A4BMA1UCY1PRNTH30OMarguerite Del Percio0051316131200Great PastaCan't tell you how much my family enjoys this great pasta. I make it with shrimp, chicken and vegatables.....clams are the best too.....
237903237903B001FQ0UNUA1TAK6L80N718K52 weeks, 52 books0051346803200Licorice gluten-freeI love licorice but soft types have wheat as a main ingredient. I was so happy to discover these subtly flavored hard candies available in the U.S.
237904237904B001IZI00SA1THUW6DDEEFXBChrista0051313107200WeddingI am going to be using this product for the candy buffet at my wedding in September. The transaction was easy and fast. Thank you!
237905237905B0017JFZ3UA3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman111141307232000Good Treats. But Balanced?What's not to like about these potato heavy treats with fish and limited ingredients. These small breed treats are just the right size for our two girls with petite mouths. I like that they can be finger-broken easily to make them even smaller. After some intitial hesitation because of the newness factor, the girls asked for more treats with enthusiasm.

I do have a couple minor quibbles about these sweet potato and fish treats. One would assume that sweet potato and fish would be predominate ingredients. However sweet potato is listed second after dried potatoes and salmon is listed fifth, right after cane molasses. Further down the list whitefish meal is listed after canola oil. I think these treats should be called Natural Treats With Sweet Potato and Fish.

On the front of the package L.I.T. is listed prominently. The letters are an acronym for limited ingredient treats. One scanning the package quickly might subconsciously or subliminally register Lite and think these are low calorie treats. I'm sure this was not the intention of Natural Balance.

Despite my quibbles, I think these are worthwhile snacks with understandable ingredients. I'd certainly buy them again.
237906237906B0017JFZ3UA35Z1BNJLQUZ33Linda King6651286668800Dogs LOVE these!These little treats are perfect for smaller dogs, especially if they have any food allergies or weight issues. They are simply sweet potatoes and fish, very crunchy, and work well as stuffers for Hartz Lil' Devil rubber toys or Kongs for smaller dogs.
237907237907B0017JFZ3UA2NZY8S34CBDDML. D. Drake "The Drake"5551302998400Small & Tasty TreatsThese are EXCELLENT little treats for a dog with food allergies.
You hate to not be able to "reward" them, with something other than
their regular food. So, these are just the ticket. These are especially
nice for a smaller dog (I have a Dachshund, who has developed allergies
as he's gotten older). They haven't caused any gastro-intestinal problems
for my dog at all/or made his skin break out; and he is on a Vet ordered
Salmon diet.
237908237908B0017JFZ3UA135MX5CXGTK67Jereme A. Bennett "lkngal"2251310947200Best qualityBest treats and food for my allergy full doggy! She loves them! Ever since changing her to these treats and the same food she has ot had any ear infections, skin infections, and has stopped licking and itching all the time! She's much happier! No chicken by products!
237909237909B0017JFZ3UA30M8Z3TUJP5NXProfessional Mountain Dogs2251304467200Great for training dogs with allergiesThese REALLY are hypo allergenic without grain. No Barley, Oats or other things that our dog is allergic to, but often in treats. They are small and dry so easy to keep in a pack or bag for training and hiking. The fish smell makes them very popular!
237910237910B0017JFZ3UA3VUI38AKC5UL5Maury "MRK"2251299024000Healthy and Yummy, tooI have three dogs who absolutely love these. I have wasted so much money on unhealthy treats, that I find these a joy to share with my sweet pets.
237911237911B0017JFZ3UA2G7WN7OK88V5EDIY1151340841600Who KnewThe treats are small sized but our lab/boxer mix actually chews these up instead of a big gulp like she normally does with smaller treats. They are dog-yums for sure.
237912237912B0017JFZ3UA56SSSBLH1MCBleslie1151337558400great productThis is a great product. My Yorkshire terrier happends to be allergic to all foods but fish. He is also alletgic to sweet potatoes and potatoes but amazingly this item doesn't make him itch as much as other dog treats. I'm definatley sticking to this product. Also if your dog isn't eating well like mines (only eats fish because he is allergic to all other things) you can use this as a supplement for him. Five or six a day helps my dog poop regularly. He loves the crunch to it and its hickory smoke flavor.
237913237913B0017JFZ3UAPOSBPWRNRRDSIcydog1131337126400They're hard little biscuitsI assumed Potato and fish treats would be softer. These are hard treats. I gave my two bags to a repairman who happened to be fixing something in my house. Maybe his dog will like them. Mine sure didn't. My Bichon Frise wouldn't go near them. She actually spit them out.
237914237914B0017JFZ3UA3FWTV1T0E2L6XRivka A. Strom "RivkaS7"1131318464000Sweet Potato and Fish did not go over wellI bought these because my vet had recommended using the Natural Balance Roll for treats so I added these to my order because they seemed like they would be more convenient if I was out hiking.

My older dog, a chow hound since birth, loves them but she does not go hiking due to her age and condition.

My younger dog, a fussy eater, literally spits them out. She won't even do a trick for them. I believe if she were starving she might eat them then but only to avoid death.

So my review is mixed. The very dog I bought them for could care less. I will try another flavor combination next month.
237915237915B0017JFZ3UA29W5743SOZHP6Anne Morris1151314316800great treatsThese Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish dog treats arrived quickly. My dogs love them and I have even ordered more.
237916237916B0017JFZ3UA2AXRINZGFJIEEEleganzShopper "EleganzShopper"0051346976000Dry biscuit type of dog treat. My dog really likes them.These are a dry biscuit dog treat. My dog likes them even though his regular dog food is Salmon and Sweet Potato. These are small biscuits
237917237917B0017JFZ3UA3TX0OQXEADGU1Ennenga0021341446400Small, crunchy, but I didn't like the side effectsI bought these treats because I like to feed my dog hard treats for the tooth cleaning they provide, and I didn't like the idea of my dog eating treats that were predominantly grain. I also like small (and breakable) treats so I can treat my dog for proper behavior several times a day. These treats fit the bill for all of those reasons, so I bought them.

Upon opening the bag I noticed a too-strong smoke odor. My first thought was "why?" This can't be for the dogs, my guess it is probably to disguise something unpleasant. My dog eats them readily enough, but I have found the product has two really negative side effects. First, it gives him really disgusting breath, I mean BAD. Second, he smells them in his feces and sometimes decides to eat them - he doesn't ever do this when I feed other treats.

I went back to Milkbone and both problems are solved...
237918237918B0017JFZ3UAVEHS8PMSVYJ1Kristine0031336435200Great product but strong smoky smellThis is a good quality grain free doggie treat. The product has a strong hickory smoky fish smell upon opening the bag which was not so pleasant at first. I have two Shih Tzu puppies and they are not picky eaters so they enjoyed these treats. They do have sensitive stomachs and these treats appear not to irritate their tummies. I was a little disappointed to find out after purchasing this product that the company Natural Balance has had product recalls in the past. I believe these treats are produced in the USA and quality control has improved. I may try other products by this manufacture in the future.
237919237919B0017JFZ3UA72VLP8MJ9PP7Lauren0051336348800My puppy loves it and so does her tummy!I've tried soooo many treats, from the $2 box from walgreens, to organic salmon bites. Each and every one gave my malitpoo diarreahea. These are great, don't upset her tummy, and are easy to break into thirds for training. She loves the taste and took to them quickly (probably because of the fishy smell).
237920237920B0017JFZ3UA24ZH1NO2DFGE3George's Maa0051336089600Delightfully fishyThese treats smell so fishy that it's easy to believe how limited the ingredients are. Granted, my hungry lab mix will eat anything with passion, but their natural ingredients, crispy texture, and small size make for a great training treat.
237921237921B0017JFZ3UA20N28RUNKHL0PVicki Baker0051320105600excellent treatMy dogs love this high quality treat. The ingredients are wholesome. I also use Natural Balance dry dog food because it is a healthy, nutritious food and rated highly by
237922237922B0017JFZ3UA2O63PC0VKRHBSDucky0051314662400Dogs went crazy!I had barely opened the bag when my dogs were already trying to get their heads into the bag! Suffice it to say that they are crazy about these treats, and the ingredients are very high quality.
237923237923B0017JFZ3UA1ZJCGAYL1MWI7Xavions Mum "Kristen"00513120704001 of the ONLY treats my dogs get!!VERY healthy and allergen free! If your dog suffers from allergies, ear infections, chewing its feet...this is not just the best treat for your dog, but their line of food that is allergen free, is the BEST for your dog as well.
*I have 3 Goldens
*I have been an Animal Behaviorist/Dog Trainer for 14 yrs & recommend this to ALL of my clients
*I have shown dogs in conformation, obedience, & herding for 23 yrs
*I have owned 6 Champions
*I am a very health conscious dog Breeder & Recommend this to ALL of my puppies owners
*I only feed Allergen Free Natural Balance
*I own a Grooming Salon & this is the Product Line I recommend to ALL my clients for their dogs, and they THANK me for it!
237924237924B0017JFZ3UA3S2S8ACYMBYOYDoTharp "Dotharp"00513089600009 rescue dogs can't all be wrong...THEY LOVE THESE!!!I received this a few days ago, and am back to buy more because my Doggies Love These treats. I have nine rescue dogs, and even though it says small dog treats, this is great for any size's a treat not a meal, afterall. It is nice to mix a few in with the their Beneful to make mealtime a little more fun : ) I wish this product came in a large 5lb. bag! It is good to know there are very few ingredients, because there are fewer chances for tummy upsets. This is a great product and will be part of our dog pantry.
237925237925B0017JFZ3UA31D8R6MISC4MFSickpup940051308182400The dog likes themI have a 9 year old pug and he loves these things. They smell like smoked salmon but have all natural and safe ingredients. No Chinese wheat or other Chinese food products are used to make these, so you know your pet is safe.

My GF's 2 year old toddler just ate one over the weekend. Must've snagged it away from the dog. The toddler even seemed to like them...hahaha.
237926237926B0017JFZ3UA1TQQQAYEDEY6BChris0031306800000Just okMy dog did not take to these at all. He knows what he likes and doesn't he just sniffed the bisquit and walked away. Oh well. I gave it 3 stars because it is a good dog just didn't like them.
237927237927B0017JFZ3UA1I9P6PMEFLTEXMary "bl123"0051304294400Perfect little rewardMy dog loves these! They are tiny little dog treats that make a perfect reward for good behavior without putting on the pounds. Healthy, small sized, and she really loves them. Everything I wanted in a reward! She is a mid size dog with some weight issues. Now she gets a lovely snack without fear of putting on the pounds. Now if they made them for people . . .
237928237928B000CQT7XIA1P8676XZIMG0AN. Sotir "Nic"1131315008000great product!I bought this for my Mom to use for her maltese. She needed it to remove redness around the eyes and it works great. She just sprinkles it over the foos.
237929237929B000CQT7XIA1B2S5K5D20C47Winifred W. Schiemann "poohbear 81"0051339718400buttermilkHaving powdered buttermilk available at a moments notice is a necessary addition to any pantry. Easy to store & have available for use in any baking requiring buttermilk.
237930237930B000CQT7XIA11Z127DUM7RN2A. Dailous "arti d"0051329955200Buttermilk that lastsI am a kitchen chef that loves convenience of having things on hand when I need them. Having this buttermilk in the powdered form is an excellent way to do that. the quality is as good as a fresh quart from the store.

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