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237931237931B000CQT7XIA18SL9N21QCWDTP. Callen0051326931200fantastic stuff!Everyone who cooks even a modest amount, and everyone on Weight Watchers, should keep powdered buttermilk in the pantry...and it is hard to find in stores. Was happy to get it through Amazon. Quick shipping was a plus, too.
237932237932B000CQT7XIA18688EZF2WVJULakeeissa D. Drakeford "L. Drakeford"1251298332800For Dog Use--No more tearstainsI bought this product on recommendation of my groomer. I used it for getting rid of the tear stains on my Bichon. It worked great, a teaspoon a day in his food and no more tear stains.
237934237934B007SXFJ7QAD4BW9PI8XL3WR. Murphy0151278720000AWESOME cooling coffeeFell in love with the instant Nescafe 3in1 while in Dubai so decided to try Nescafe ICE. Great for a quick cooling coffee on warm days - and cheaper too!
237935237935B007SXFJ7QA29AM9QY0Y1IHWfireempress10151269302400great coffeei love the coffee supplier was very fast with shipping would definatley buy from again.
237936237936B00018CWN4A3E0OL442Z7ND1Love my food "coeliac"181951210118400Great flour for gluten free breadSet bread maker to 'rapid'. Heat 1 cup milk, then add 3 egg whites and 1 egg. Add 1 1/4 teaspoons instant yeast, 3 tblspns maple syrup and 1/4 cup oil. Mix and put in breadmaker. Add 1 1/2 cups tapioca flour and 1 cup garbanzo flour. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon xantham gum over top then press 'start'. Use a spatula to scrape down sides and bottom of breadmix as it is mixing. Ensure mixture is moist enough to flatten out within 20 seconds (if it stays in a ball shape, it will turn out too dry).
This has made THE fluffiest, tastiest homemade bread I have tried (and I've tried LOTS!). Don't use potato flour. Sorghum flour makes it taste yucky. Rice flour takes away the fluffiness.
237937237937B00018CWN4A3UPCYOO9LU726Weinroth "Music seeker"3351331510400Another gluten free flour componentThis product, too, was mentioned by name in "Cooking for Isaiah" as the best tapioca flour to use for making one's own all purpose gluten free flour. So far, the results have been more than satisfactory, making me miss gluten only slightly, if at all.
237938237938B00018CWN4A2ZX0KS03RSO0WTommie of OKC3351284681600Tapioca FlourTapioca Flour is wonderful. No longer do I have to worry about the flour taste, and the finished product doesn't break down like it sometimes does with cornstarch.
237939237939B00018CWN4A2X87C1G55AHN8rosesgarvett3451257897600better than cornstarchVery pleased with the tapioca flour. Quick delivery; however, since I didn't need it so quickly, it could've been shipped via a slightly cheaper method. It worked very nicely in baking an apple pie.
237940237940B00018CWN4A37264CFSSA73OAndrea0051351209600Great quality!This product is very good and I won't change it for any other brand nor vendor.
It made my "chipas" taste delicious.
237941237941B00018CWN4A5DOGIQ2NKETJVicky Rodgers "Goldie"61621237161600I think it worked fine?Got this flour in a timely manner. I had bought it for Alton Brown's Super Apple Pie. Shipping cost more than double the price of the flour and since I have found this flour at my local farmer's market for $2.00. It was an expensive mistake. I made the pie, the dough was tough. I'm sure to my inexpierence than the flour. The tapioca flour was fine, but shipping costly.
237942237942B000OQPNWUA1IAM0T65RLBNXDanny Filippone0051335657600Thanks!!!!!!!My rabbit goes crazy for this stuff. Hard to find around here. Thanks for having it. Bunny can't live without it.
237943237943B004IN0JF6A2XB2Z49N3W77KNY Reader1151332028800fabulous foodI was used to buying an expensive "designer" dog food, but ran out and was shopping at Target. This new product looked interesting so I bought a bag and WOW! My picky dog LOVES it. The old food often sat all day before being eaten. He scarfs One Beyond right down. This is a keeper.
237944237944B004IN0JF6A2L7EUO5TL9483Janet Gail Reeves1151331683200Great ProductPurina's years of research make this dog food a winner! Cut through the hype on other products and see your dogs enjoy meal time while getting the proper nutrients!
237945237945B004IN0JF6A33WM7N3DJMTI4Reviewed By A "Reviewer In"0051347321600Bow Wow!This is a great food for my little shih tzu. Amazon has a great price, and he can't tell the difference between the store bought and the delivered version of the product, except he gets to bark at the delivery man and loves to play with the box it comes in (since it smells like food). Papi will eat the lamb and barley as quickly as the chicken and oatmeal version.
237946237946B004IN0JF6A2LASORRVJQI66C. Peters "Working 12-5"0041346630400MY DOGS LOVE IT BUT I WISH IT CAME IN LARGER BAGSMy 13 yr old Border Collie, My 8 yr old Dachshund-Miniature Pincher Mix, and My 7 yr old Miniature Pincher just love this. It is easy on their digestive systems. I just wish it came in larger bags. If they let you purchase 10 (3.5 lb) bags PRIME SHIPPING , why won't they let you purchase 1 (26 lb bag) PRIME SHIPPING. I hope someone at AMAZON is listening. It is hard for me to lug home 26 lb bags from Walmart... but it is actually cheaper...but I opt for ease due to my physical limitations.
237947237947B004IN0JF6A1DALR09BMS4CUzfreeman0051339200000My Schnauzer Loves This Food!I have a miniature schnauzer who loves this food. We have tried several different types of dog foods and this one is the best dog food for its price.... My dog has allergies (food and seasonal) and this food doesn't aggravate those allergies at all. I think Blue Buffalo and those very expensive foods are better for dogs with allergies but this product is also less than half of the price... in other words, you are getting a quality dog food at a much cheaper price! I highly recommend it... it is sold at Meijer in 15lb bags for $22.99. Much more reasonable than 11lbs of Blue Buffalo Basics for $34.99.
237948237948B004IN0JF6A30NNFEJGED11EMr. Jimenez Jr0051320192000Great dog food for a great priceOne of my dogs is picky with dry food. She loves this food and it is has no by-products which I like. She also loves the other flavor Chicken and Barley. You cannot go wrong with this food. I just wished the bag were a bigger size
237949237949B00434KNRYA2YYH52XBT5EKSjanice tores2251325116800I love this soup.This soup has a creamy, smooth taste and is similar to a corn chowder but with a richer,chicken taste. We bought a case of this soup about 3 weeks ago at a food warehouse. When I went back to purchase more, it was no longer available. We searched grocery stores and found it at Giant. Purchasing by individual cans is more expensive, so I'm hoping Progresso will begin to sell by the case again. I love this soup.
237950237950B00434KNRYA1PRH3K19HMS2HMichael McDonald0011349827200Chicken Dry & Not Enough VeggiesI thought this was supposed to be premium soup. Progresso is usually associated with the higher end soups compared others such as Campbell. Well this particular soup was all broth. I think I encountered 6 pieces of chicken, and I think I'm being generous with the term piece, as they are more like a tiny scraps. As for veggies maybe 5-6 potatoes carrots, 5-6 peas...just pathetic. The picture on the can would lead you to believe that it is filled with wonderful ingredients all the way to the brim of your soup bowl. But in reality I'm staring at a bowl full of broth. I guess that is why those people are in marketing and I am not. I believe in TRUTH in ADVERTISING!!!
237951237951B00434KNRYA2IVF2MVEVER0Icubgirl0041337731200Good but Chicken Corn Chowder better!These are good but Progresso's Chicken Corn Chowder is better! My son liked it and I thought it was OK but nothing that special.
237952237952B00434KNRYA25UZ7MA72SMKMBrent Butler0041326585600Good soup, but the calories are a bit highI take one star off of this soup only because the calories are higher than I like to see in a bowl of soup. This is 150 calories per serving, and I prefer the calories to be closer to 100. Of course this isn't advertised as a light soup either. My wife recently tried combining a can of this with a can of the Light Chicken and Dumpling. The result was a pleasing lunch at an average of only 115 calories per bowl.

There is no question that this is a good tasting soup. We used to be strictly Campbell's customers, but discovered many Progresso soups earlier this year as we explored alternatives which would complement our new style of eating (losing weight instead of gaining weight! LOL). To our delight we found, on average, Progresso soups seem to be lower calorie, lower sodium, and better flavored than Campbells. There are a couple of Campbell's that we still like better (New England Clam Chowder, for example) but other than just a few exceptions Progresso has the bulk of our soup business now.

Sadly, Amazon has recently raised their prices on all Progresso soups. Last summer and fall they were considerably more cost effective to buy 12 at a time on Amazon. Now the Amazon prices are quite similar to the prices at the upscale super-market we patronize. Even the Subscribe and Save prices are not currently much of a deal compared to buying locally, and locally we don't have to buy a case at a time. Be sure to compare your local prices to these prices before you order here. Also, make sure you are getting free shipping or you will pay more. Finally, be very wary of buying food products from Amazon Resellers. Their prices are normally extremely high compared to local markets, plus they will always have shipping added.
237953237953B00443W2W8A2H667ZUNLNTF1W. Barker ""http://wendisbookcorner.blogs...161651317168000GREAT Cotton Candy Making SugarWe bought a home Cotton Candy Maker this year, and it works with both sugar and hard candies. We did some experimenting one evening and had a great time, but when I saw these Cotton Candy Floss Sugars, I had to try them and I was absolutely amazed at the difference they make!

This sugar makes the best fluffy and flavorful cotton candy. We made it at a summer block party and both adults and kids just loved it, with many coming back for more.

I will certainly be getting this sugar again!

Tip - if you are going to use this for a party or big group, buy some wooden dowels to use in the place of traditional cotton candy cones. The sugary floss sticks just fine to them, they are easy to wash, and they are less expensive than the cones.
237954237954B00443W2W8A5MGP1N4HA02JInes Botero De Pique "Boterito"7751300233600Great ProductThis Cotton Candy Sugar works wonderful with the Nostalgia Electric Cotton Candy Machine. We gave both things to our grandaughter for her 10th birthday yesterday and she is delighted!! All the flavors are delicious!
237955237955B00443W2W8ANAAWZ4D1LWPRsontina522102251320969600Love It - better than describedCotton candy sugar packs were better than described and a great value.
They make perfect cotton candy and the containers hold much more product than I thought they would.
You only need a small amount to make the cotton candy and it is delicious!!!!!!!!
My daughter really wanted a cotton candy maker and I was a little hesitant but am extremely happy to have purchased these sugar flavor packs that work so well.
Would definitely recommend.
237956237956B00443W2W8A3QETTE7T7UIN9Nae Nae4551294012800Best Cotton Candy Sugar Set for Cotton Candy LoversThis cotton candy sugar set is a wonderful compliment for our home cotton candy maker. It includes a great variety of flavors and the items are packaged in cute jars. My daughter was so thrilled with this sugar set and we have enjoyed the great tasting cotton candy it produces. Thanks again to The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Company for providing fast delivery and wonderful concession quality products for the home.
237957237957B00443W2W8A30KPNPUPJH5EGriffin Frankel1151338854400AWESOMEWhen I finally decided to purchase the Cotton Candy Express - Cotton Candy Sugar - 5 Floss Sugar Flavor Pack - 12 Oz. Containers it was not an impulse buy. I had done research on multiple different brands and styles (Yes I have OCD) and in my mind, this set triumphed. I had bought the Nostalgia Electrics PCM-805 Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker about a week earlier but it was not a kit so I still had to make the decision over the sugar. I have to say that I made the right decision. This sugar works perfectly with the Nostalgia Electrics PCM-805 Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker. I used the mesauring spoon that came with the machine (1 tablespoon) and poured it in. This sugar made beautiful, light, colorful cotton candy. The only critique that I can make about this product is the Cherry flavor. UGHHH!!! Do you remember when you were a kid and your mom/dad had to give you that awful, cherry flavored chewable Motrin? If you do, that is exactly what Cherry tastes like. If you don't remember, just try the Cherry. Other than that I really have nothing else bad to say so if you are OCD and cannot make a decision like me, take my advice and but this awesome product.
237958237958B00443W2W8APDFOLCAO21Z5Joel Richardson "JoR"1151326931200Excellent!I don't normally write reviews but I did want to put a good word in for these folks. Shipping was extremely fast, the product was as described, in great shape and delicious. I would definately recommend ordering from these people and they can count on my continued patronage. Excelent!
237959237959B00443W2W8A2G9VG3ZBKHZ1Osmoothjazzlover1151326067200Makes Great Cotton Candy!If you purchase a cotton candy maker for home you MUST purchase Cotton Candy Express candy sugar. The flavors are great and the floss sugar makes making cotton candy SO much easier. Light,fluffy and tasty! A little sugar goes a long way!
237960237960B00443W2W8A3SMF2PR0GZ7JWjj1151325980800We Love ALL These Cotton Candy Flavors!My daughter rec'd a Cotton Candy machine for Christmas. We ordered this pack of 5 flavors to make our first batches of cotton candy. They work beautifully in our home candy floss maker (machine purchased from Bed, Bath, & Beyond). We loved trying all the flavors, but found the Cherry and Blue Raspberry to be truest to flavoring like what you would buy at the carnival or circus. We particularly like the Pink Vanilla - our new favorite flavor. There are no negatives to this package of candy floss flavors. We very highly recommend this product to all!!!

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