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238021238021B004P6ITR6A28GRFVAA4DU5PA Texas reviewer4451309996800Excellent taste... but a bit costlyThe Mint Milano cookies are wonderful. They have a light and crispy texture with a mild mint chocolate taste. The flavor reminds me a lot of the chocolate mint Girl Scout cookies although the texture of the 2 cookies are very different (the girl scout cookie is much denser).

Unfortunately the cookies usually arrive with very few intact and several of mine were even broken into multiple pieces. They still taste pretty good though.

Nutritional Facts copied from the actual package (July 2011):

Serving size 2 cookies (25g/ 0.9oz)

Servings per container about 8

Calories per serving 130

Calories from fat 70

Total Fat 7g

Saturated Fat 5g

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol less than 5 mg

Sodium 65mg

Total Carbohydrate 16g

Dietary Fiber less than 1g

Sugars 8g

Protein 1g

Vitamins A and C 0%

Calcium 0%

Iron 4%

FYI, I purchased my cookies during 100 degree weather and except for some of the chocolate melting onto the inner wrapper the cookies were fine (I used 2 day shipping which might make a difference since the cookies weren't in the heat that long).

At 15.88 for 4 bags of cookies the price per bag is 3.97 which is 48 cents more than the price printed on the cookie bag (3.49).
238022238022B004P6ITR6A1X80PHSE6U5YJElleana1151322179200Delicious!These are our favorite kind of cookies! Usually, I just buy the dark chocolate one, but Pepperidge has so many different types, I recently decided to try the others. The mint adds a refreshing hint to the chocolate, which we like. These are nice to enjoy with tea as a midafternoon snack or something of the sort.
238023238023B004P6ITR6A281387UUS2IN5Beantown Jim1131316304000OK, but not up to normal Milano standards.I guess I should've known: I checked out the prices for the various permutations of the Milano brand name and this was the cheapest. The cookies arrived in fair condition, with some of them broken already. Slight breakage is okay, since we break them up to eat them anyway. However, when they are broken to the point of powder, they become useless. I believe that these were overbaked or the mix failed. There was a powdery texture to the cookie instead of the smooth surface. It's a subtle difference but the 'Milano' experience is very specific. At these prices, they better be perfect. These cookies weren't.

I know Pepperidge Farm products; my parents lived in Norwalk, CT near their factory. I have shopped at the company store. What's amazing is that their products are perfectly good at the expiration date or even one year later. However, in the case of the product above, they were not good right out of the factory and thus they were discounted.
238024238024B004P6ITR6A36WGHR8TO5DKTGoldwave "shopper"0051346716800Classic CookiesAll of the flavors I've tried are great; but my favorite are the mint.

I was concerned re the shipping issue based on other reviews. When they arrived, the cookies were packed so tightly into a box filled with canned goods that the outer carton was pushed out of shape right on top of where the cookies were - which carton was pretty battered on that location, as one might expect from an incorrectly packed carton. Amazon, what is up with your packaging logic? It's so weird what you do when packing things....

Anyway, I figured the whole batch of cookies would be crushed. To my amazement, only 3 of the cookies were broken (out of a pack of 4 bags). I think that was a fluke really. Anyway, otherwise they were fresh etc. The only other odd thing was that these seemed to be different cookies than what I was used to. They seemed to be thinner. I've noticed since moving from the West Coast to the East Coast that a lot of products seem different here in various ways, so I figured it was either that, or maybe I was imagining it; but I don't think so. Anyway - I actually preferred the thinner ones, as the overall flavor balances were better and the texture was more appealing.

So while my shipping story was a success, I can't claim that the product was really properly packaged, and I wouldn't therefore want to leave a review claiming that.
238025238025B004P6ITR6A1R8UVDE12GK6RFargo "changwh"0031341705600Orange Milano MemoriesA tasty treat for those who remember what these were like when they used to sell them in the stores, now I can't find this one, but they have the double chocolate, mint, and other random flavors that I don't find quite as appealing.

Note that this is a pack of four, but still expensive for such - probably designed to extract the emotional value from people like me. Considering the other kinds can be had for far cheaper at Target... I can do without these for a while again, especially as most of us don't eat through these fast enough to get through four packs by the due date.
238026238026B004P6ITR6AXSV2IRQX2C20JAScribbles "Kindle is charged and ready!"0051336694400Yummy Little TreatThis review is regarding the cookie, not the price set by this seller. The cookie.... is fantastic. What a perfect little treat. Three cookies are only 180 calories. Since I am trying to watch my weight, I eat one - only 60 calories!! It's perfect for those times you NEED something sugary or chocolately. You can eat one of these and not blow your entire day dieting.

Yum. Yum.
238027238027B004P6ITR6A2ZG5QZEH8AX1Jkmperkins0051332115200Far too deliciousThese cookies hardly need a review. They are so amazingly delicious. The perfect amount of rich chocolate between the cookies. Pepperidge farm sure did it right with these cookies. Stick to the classic ones, though. I've tried a few other variations and they aren't nearly as good.
238028238028B004P6ITR6A2MWB3Z94FOP88Cheryl A. Harford "Advide Movie Watcher"0051330387200mad for moviesThe cookies were delicious, chrisp and whole. I can only say they did not last long. Pepperidge Farm Mint Milano is the only cookie I realy enjoy and would eat a lot off. The others, even in Peppridge Farm I would only eat one or two. But I have found that the Mint Milano is hard to get. Pepperidge Farm should try selling in Canada and Jamaica, West Indies. I actually live in Jamaica, W.I. and can not get Mint Milano there so I either ask friends to buy it for me or buy it on line. Would recommend this cookie for all those people that like a lite combination of mint and chocolate.
238029238029B004P6ITR6A1M8AYAL3L8ACPAmanda L. Davis0051330041600Good Mint CookiesThese have minty chocolate in them, but it's not too minty, wich is good. They're a lot like the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies in reguard to flavor, but the texture is lighter and crisper.
238030238030B004P6ITR6A1PN3SJAP1TBTUDulcie22 "barbaralovesanimals"0021318032000Very DisappointedI LOVE raspberry, and Pepperidge Farms, so I thought this would be a "no brainer". However, when I received them they were already a week past the freshness date, and they were very dry. I don't think I will order again.
238031238031B004P6ITR6A1ODKP5Y7DPMM1Doreen B. Bishop "Doreen Bishop cat parent"0051314144000MILANO ORANGE< MY FAVORITE !!!!
238032238032B00668KBJKA199ECYLE4BV87J3311337731200Not what I orderedThe loaf sent was loaded with sesame seeds and no where in the descrption or photo was any sign of the seeds.
238033238033B002WDCAJ2A3W0PWU684CXVUJoe Bagadonuts9951279324800Consistent flavorOver the years that I have had my Tassimo system; I have tried every brand and variety of coffee & tea made for it. The Starbucks brand is the most consistent of all the brands. Each of the flavors is accurately described. The Verona is a bold and earthy blend that will not disappoint if you usually stop at your local SB for a cup of strong coffee.

If I want a more serious kick without going to an expresso, I simply press the button on the Tassimo when it is half-way done brewing and it gives an extra bold, but not bitter (half)cup of coffee.

Lastly, I have yet to have one of the SB's T-Disc fail (fail = very inconsistent flavor from disc to disc, or inconsistent quantity of coffee to water, or out-right failure of the disc) which happens too often with the other brands.
238034238034B002WDCAJ2A2JXCOUGYS5Y4Janonymous5531300406400as close to starbucks house coffee as you'll get, but might not be around for tassimo users!i've had a tassimo single-cup brewer for over a year, and this coffee is the reason. though our local starbucks seems to have changed the beans a few months ago, caffe verona tasted very close to the house coffee you get at starbucks. unfortunately, starbucks and kraft have parted ways, so starbucks will be exclusive to the keurig brand. so this would be a 1-star review for tassimo users but a 4-star review for keurig users. maybe peets' coffee will make a deal with tassimo...
238035238035B002WDCAJ2A2A1AYLFYS524EMike4451279411200Starbucks Tassimo -- DeliciousI bought my Tassimo brewer a couple of years ago, just because I could get Starbucks T-discs (the Keurig doesn't have Starbucks pods). I think the Cafe Verona from my Tassimo machine is every bit as good as in the store (you should know that I am a big Starbucks fan to begin with, so may be a bit biased).
238036238036B002WDCAJ2A3B3RW0Z9MTV15Boogerwood "I'm an Old"3351275350400Starbucks at home!Love the Tassimo and love the Starbucks, especially the Verona! When "brewed" it's fresh, bold, and rich! I've wanted a pod-style coffee maker for a long time but just wasn't fully satisfied with the Keurig and others. Don't get me wrong, they're good, just not as good as the price. I lucked out and bought a Tassimo on clearance which introduced me to their line of coffees and will attest that all the Starbucks coffees are phenomenal! It is seriously like going to Starbucks but for a fraction of the cost! And no lines!

Here's the awesome part of buying the pods through Amazon: you always get free shipping for your books... essentially. You can always use coffee and since the Tassimo counts toward the $25 and free shipping, you can buy that one book or item you've been contemplating since we all know Amazon is about the cheapest place to buy new books, but, if you're like me, I always wait until I have enough books to hit the $25 minimum. Now it's not an issue! Another tip for you Tassimo folks out there: Target is about the cheapest place to buy the Starbucks house or breakfast blends. The current price at my local Target is $7.89. Everywhere else, including Amazon, they're $10+.

238037238037B002WDCAJ2A2LYNRVW0CNY27pupstuff2211323475200why does amazon let someone charge 200.00absolutely ridiculous for AMAZON to allow someone to charge 175.00 and up to 200.00 for tassimo discs. Taking advantage of amazon customers!! I thought AMAZON was about great pricing!!! shameful!!!!!
238038238038B002WDCAJ2A2GR8X2FSBO8NGCsShade2211320105600CrazinessThis is nuts! We love our Tassimo and have purchased from Amazon, but $150 for 24 cups?? I don't think so. There are now other excellent brands for the Tassimo since Starbucks is not available which are reasonably priced.
238039238039B002WDCAJ2A1YWLR5EJ0B08QHarriet A. Harris "world citizen"2251283212800Starbucks Discs Cafe VeronaWe accidentally came across these coffee discs and have become everyday users. We have put away our old coffee pot. These discs provide delicious coffee without any waste. We get a fresh cup on demand. We only wish they made a decaffinated version.
238040238040B002WDCAJ2A20IAJB8GO5R4VMichael A. Marcal "MikeM"1111331078400The price must be a joke or a mistakeThe price cannot be correct. $387 for 2 packs? Hopefully, someone will update this or else I will never purchase it
238041238041B002WDCAJ2A2ZKELB1CH469VAndrew111132736320016 bucks a cup?how can 12cups cost $159.00??? The Starbucks product is 8 times more expensive than the rest???? The coffee is good, but not that good!
238042238042B002WDCAJ2A1RUV9Q8LSKFL2tamm571111327276800REALLYDo u guys really pay 190.00 for 2 packages of 12 cups each? REALLY $190.00 for 24 cups of coffee?
238043238043B002WDCAJ2A1VZORXF077BQWA. Pagnotta "blow up your tv"1141299283200Any good alternatives to Verona?I have been buying the verona for a year to drink at work. I like the dark kick, and cut it with a bit of cream. Now that they are going out of production has any one tried the Cafe Noir or the Master Lorenzo espresso (from the T*** direct website? I am buying 6 bags of the verona (just in case Amazon runs out) but then what do I do?
238044238044B002WDCAJ2A1TI4VQCR8439WAlex Hodge1151299024000ExcellentThis is, in my humble opinion, the best* cup of coffee a Tassimo can make. Better than Africa Kitamu even, though that's would be a close second.
It brews a nice sized, strong but not bitter cup of coffee.

*Of the drinks available in the US. Tassimo don't feel it's in their interest to allow US customers to buy the same coffee and other drinks (tea, cocoa, etc.) as our friends in Europe. Unfortunate.
238045238045B002WDCAJ2A2YSB0NIFLLEMBR. L. Carr "Wonder Why"1151294704000My New Favorite Coffee !!! the reviewer who called this Coffee bitter, please have your Tastebuds in for an oilchange (LOL)... you're freakin' crazy man/woman/whatever!

This is the best coffee I've ever had...and there is NO BITTERNESS to it...Period!
238046238046B002WDCAJ2A3TM9PE2KV6IHcharlie1151285027200Great Coffee What about subscribe & save offers
238047238047B002WDCAJ2A10OF78KE9C1FAMimi Kiest "SexyShoegirl"0041343952000Yes!!! Just like a cup from the store..... BUTOk, so it does taste just like a cup of coffee from the Starbucks store and unfortunately it is no longer avail for the Tassimo machine. I bought the other machine and although now Starbucks offers the cups for that machine it does not come close to the taste you get from the Tassimo, Starbucks coffee or not! BUT more importantly, what is the reason for the $700 plus tag on these, it's not gold people, it's not a cure for cancer is coffee! Unfortunate how there are those who think they can take advantage of others.....
238048238048B002WDCAJ2A1P5FOCX3KOPU7Vance0051320192000Starbuck CoffeeWe have been purchasting Starbuck coffee T-discs for a couple of year, and we always rate the coofee very high - BUT, we are very upset with the outrageous price Starbucks is charging for these T-discs and will have to compromise with another brand.
238049238049B002WDCAJ2A1YFZJIB9OF05UJM0041315958400coffeeI love the product but I will never again purchase it this way. It was very expensive. I thought for that price I would have gotten more than 2 packages of starbucks. I will most likely switch to something else that is more reasonably priced.
238050238050B002WDCAJ2A3WROQPDDR3JVR. DIMAGGIO0051306886400Too, too, too expensiveWhat happened to the price? If you look closely you won't believe what's going on all over the Internet. Some sites are charging over $100 for 12 pods. Be careful. Figure out the price before you buy. I thought I was figuring wrong...I wasn't. Now that you can't buy in stores...they are discontinued...the prices are too much for the average person. Hope something good like Peet's takes Starbuck's place. Be careful all.

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