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238083238083B001E96JZ6AYMHL0PLQM882Kasey C0051262131200deliciousthe rotini & zesty marinara healthy choice fresh mixers are delicious...quick to make and you dont have to store them in the refridgerator/freezer at work (for those of us who work with lunch-stealers!) a bit of a pasta snob...but i do love these! my only complaint is the amount of waste that is created by the packaging...
238084238084B001E96JZ6A3IYSIAKYOMKTORenter0041260662400Really TastyHealthy Choice Fresh Mixers are a tasty option when you need a quick microwave meal on the go. With their compact, nonperishable packaging, these things are perfect for carrying to the office in your purse so the office cadger won't steal them. The pasta turns out just right, and the sauce is pretty good too. The Rotini with Zesty Marinara Sauce has a nice, garlicy zing to it. The portion size is just right for an entree; it is a little small if it's comprising your entire meal, but if you're eating at your desk, chances are you didn't have time for a full meal anyway. The plastic handles on the bowl stay cool enough to make it easy to transport this to your desk; no more trying to find the tepid spot on a flaming hot piece of microwaved cardboard so you can goose-walk it down the hall before your fingers burn.

A couple of things lowered my rating by one star: for one, there is a bit more sodium than I'm entirely comfortable with in a product aimed at the health conscious, 600mg. Two, there's quite a bit of plastic packaging with this meal. It's nicely layered into a small package that can easily fit into a purse or briefcase, but when you take the layers apart, you can't help but think of landfills or the great oceanic garbage patch.

All in all, this is still a decent option for days when you know you're going to be too busy to either go to the deli or make a sack lunch with bean curds to turn off any would-be fridge thieves.
238085238085B001E96JZ6A39BFNNMYJ0TNTG. Mcleod0051250553600GiGiThis pasta dish is amazing! Very easy to prepare and tastes very fresh because the noodles are not boiled until you make it. It is also very filling because the pasta is made from whole wheat and high in fiber. The sauce is extremely tasty and not at all like a typical convenience food. I do recommend eating it right out of the container though because it does a good job of keeping it hot. When I pour it into a bowl or plate after cooking it gets cold way to fast.
238086238086B001E96JZ6A3A90C8C1A0PS8D. D Davies0051241222400tasty italianThis is quick and tasty. Of all the fresh mixers Healthy Choice has come out with, this is the best. Not only can I make it for lunch, but we have used it as a side dish for dinner.
238087238087B001E96JZ6A1T9FKN32AMZSRC. Griffith "CCG"0041240704000Great to keep in the desk at the ofice.This is one healthy choice that I like. I keep it on hand a work so that when I forget my lunch or don't want to go out I have a tasty lunch. Good buy.
238088238088B001E96JZ6A2II54B3VA45LNProfessional shopper0051239235200Love this one!I'm not a big fan of the Healthy Choice frozen meals, but I like this one. The marinara sauce is sweet and it does not have too much garlic, which is important to me because I can't tolerate it. I will continue to buy this product.
238089238089B001E96JZ6A3VBZDYGHF4NK8Movie Maker "Rik"0051236038400It really is GREATExcellent for a quick lunch at the office, or as a "just because" gift for a college student or a senior.

Unlike some Healthy Choice items, this one is spicy,and really good!

Con-Agra put thought into this product, and it shows. The package is so good, that you WANT to keep it.

Try this! Excellent on every level.

238090238090B001E96JZ6A2Y5WNDVA5RGX0M. R. Reese0051234137600Very yummy and convenientI bought this meal as a "back-up" to keep in my desk for days when I need a quick, easy lunch. I wasn't sure what to expect as far as the taste - but when it comes to pasta I can be quite picky so I pretty much assumed I wouldn't like it.

The meal was very easy to prepare and has a great flavor! It is also a perfect lunch sized portion. I will probably keep several of these at work and at home for those days when I have very little time for lunch.
238081238081B001E96JZ6A2W1FY1413MYALMLO0051295913600Simplicity with good foodThis is an amazingly easy product to make. you take off the wrapping, cardboard, lid, and inner tray. After that, you fill to the line, put back on the lid, and microwave for the stated time (3minutes 30 seconds I believe). You can also heat the sauce (which I personally recommend doing). It tastes great. Some people might find the flavor a little strong, but I think it's amazing.
238091238091B001E96JZ6A3RUL17Z8E8BV7DMF0051232841600great tasting, very fillingI got a sample package from my gym and it is actually very tasty!! I would definitely buy it.
238092238092B000N543Y6A3S3R88HA0HZG3PT Cruiser "PT Cruiser"5551282521600This is a great way to buy spicesThis is a great way to buy spices that you use often. I say "use often" because these are nice big containers that last a year or more for most people. I use a lot of dill weed in my cooking and for salads, so we go through it pretty quickly. And the price here as opposed to buying in in those little bottles that are mostly glass is the supermarket for several dollars each, is a big savings, even with the shipping costs. The product arrived just a few days after I ordered and it was fresh enough that I could smell it outside the plastic container.

This is a good deal for a good product. I plan to buy more of these in the future.
238093238093B000N543Y6A2FG90RW53W8WSHello5551227830400Good Deal!The season has a good flavor, good price, and I do plan to purchase it again.


May 16, 2010, I am about to place another order for this product so it has to be good! lol
238094238094B000N543Y6ARHPK4E5N1FQWLylith3351247356800Best value and flavorFantastic! Spices are fresh and full of flavor. Arrived intact and on time. One goof in shipment was corrected immediately. I will be buying from them again. Thanks!
238082238082B001E96JZ6ATV1LVNEECNA3Erik Gregg0041280966400A little light, but overall pretty goodAt 300 calories, this isn't a very filling meal. Yet, it tastes great and is pretty easy to make. And the fact you don't have to refrigerate it is a major plus. If it had around 500 calories, it would be perfect, but I can just supplement it with a yogurt. I highly recommend heating the sauce for 30 seconds as it suggests on the package.
238095238095B000N543Y6A3V568BDMLLAWYS. M. Rich "smarsrich"2211337212800Absolutely No Smell No TasteNot even sure if this is really Dill Weed????? These look like crushed mint leaves or just plain crushed leaves, dill weed looks feathery and the smell and taste is VERY distinct. This item is NOT. Don't waste your money. I think if someone were to have left dill weed out open subjected to the elements for 10 years, that would have more aroma and taste than this product does. ABSOLUTE WASTE OF MONEY
238096238096B000N543Y6AF0FLCEM09RD0Derek J. Detar "Derek"0011339459200Weight!?!?!Comparing the size of the container to something that has a completely different weight is just not adequate. Give the weight, otherwise I will never purchase from this company. It's like agreeing to a contract without the terms specified. I'll sell you this container here with something in it, for 10 bucks.
238097238097B000N543Y6A1XMCVPC7SJANElavenderlady0011335571200Waste of not buyLooked like a good deal, so I ordered the dried dill, as well as 4 other spices and seasonings from this company, but was disappointed with them all. Zero flavor, not even the fragrance of the right herbs or spices when loosely sealed containers were opened. The dill smelled like dried musty grass, and the onion even worse. Ended up throwing them all your money, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.
238098238098B000N543Y6A1006HCQDMYC5WRev Pat "Rev Pat"0051327622400Marshall Creek SpicesThe supplier was prompt with the delivery.
Marshall Creek Spices are the freshest I've ever used. I recommend them highly. In this case, Dill Weed.
This is a favorite of mind. Buying it from is a wonderful endeavor because it cuts out the mid-
dle man we've all encountered "local super market" with its greedy prices on its tiny, little jars of spices.

I have only one problem with Marshall Creek. Their containers at the top are not fitted with an adjustment
allowing only a small amount of the spice out at a time. The top, once you take the cover off to get to the spice, has nothing to allow the spice out gradually. I started using a teaspoon, dipping it inside the large container to scoop up a bit of the spice gradually. This way prevents spillage.
Other then this I'm very happy with Marshall Creek Spices. I bought a variety of them and I'm not disap-
pointed with their freshness.
One other thing. I couldn't find celery bits any place, at least online. Until..... Suddenly, there it was. Mar-
shall Creek had it. I bought it and love it. It works well for me as a disabled person I can't always get out to shop for produce, so in this way, I have celery and onions for my spaghetti sauce, stir fry dishes, etc.
I'm happy. Rev Pat
238099238099B000N543Y6A2FX45S17CAHYRRobert J Woll0051325376000Dill weed in large quantity and excellent qualityExcellent quality and arrived very promptly. We use it all the time and will get more when the time comes.
238100238100B0002QX3PQA29JUMRL1US6YPHTBK0051278720000Great Low Calorie Training TreatsCharlee Bears are small and low calorie, so you can use them en masse for training. We use them both for standard training (sit, stay, drop it, leave it) and behavioral training (no bark). They're not stinky or messy, so you can put them in your pocket, purse, or car without worry. We keep a small bag in the car for travel to reinforce when our puppy doesn't bark at people walking by, one by the door to reinforce when she goes to the bathroom outside, and a bunch of treats in a treat bag for travel.

The one downside to these is that because they're not as stinky, it can be harder to use them to get your dog's attention if he or she is distracted, like at the dog park or if you have a bunch of visitors. Our trick to get around this is that we put some stinky treats in the treat bag with these, and they'll take on some of the scent (We use Pro-Treat Beef Liver, Freeze Dried Dog Treats, 21 Ounce).

Our dog loves all flavors.
238101238101B003JHN8IMAQ6AGWKWMTY8HPam Tee "mom,wife,fur-mom,book-blogger"4441338508800My Pups Adore These Bully Sticks!!!The amount currently asked for these sticks might sound like a ton of money --because it is a lot of money to spend in one lump on your dog(s)--but it's nothing compared to what our favorite local shop is charging. Depending on size they're getting $5 to $8 US dollars for 1(yes that's one) bully stick. And I adore the shop and their bully sticks are THE best, but really, with two pups who could easily go through 4 or more of these a week, it was too expensive.

The ValueBull sticks are therefore well priced and I intend to buy more.

--I haven't discovered a downside to these bones, however, if you have a nose that's easily offended know that you should plan on giving these to your beasties outside.
--Dogs love the stink. Er, perfume of them. I've got a JRT mix and a moyen poodle and they simple adore them.
--The description says 'thick' but they aren't as thick as the one's from that store I mentioned. They come in different hues and are about the thickness of my index finger if it was flattened. (There are sort of oval when looked at from the end)
--The only other difference I've noticed between what I'll call the premium-ultra stick and these (besides the thickness) is that my dogs seem to be able to pull off strips occasionally. Hasn't been a problem. Don't know if it could be a problem. Just an observation.

Overall, very happy with this product. The price as it sits seems reasonable enough for this quality product.

Pam T~
238102238102B003JHN8IMA3RQSTV98PL7V5N. Hartgraves2231329523200Not as advertisedAd said "thich" bully sticks, these were very very small, not thick, and didn't last my small dog more than an hour. For the price I expected to receive what was advertised. Would I recommend to a friend? Not likely!
238103238103B003JHN8IMA1N74595Y3X0JRbullet1802241298937600Not dissappointedThis is the only kind of chews I feel comfortable giving my two bulldogs. They are sooo expensive at pet stores so I found this place. They dont last as long as the store name brand BUT well worth it. Its close enough. My dogs love them, I love them. I enjoy saving them for a tasty treat. The price is perfect. Will definitaly order again.
238104238104B003JHN8IMAV3PD6HVOGN32Jbear1121329436800Smelly and gone in minutes!Item arrived on the 16th vs. the 22nd so that was great. Glad to have it before the 3 day holiday weekend!

The description says "thick" and they are anything but! Maybe my little finger! And they don't seem at all as solid as the bully sticks I've bought over the last 3 months, they are just skin and cartilage whereas normally what I give my dog is a pretty solid mass. They seem crunchier like pigs ears as opposed to what bully sticks I buy in the store are which is solid.

Kona is a 6 month old Belgian Shepherd and not a huge chewer, on average he'll take a few days to finish his bully sticks, I take them away after 20 minutes of chewing and this makes normal sticks last 2-3 days (if they're braided or twists than they last longer 4-5 days) so he has them a few days longer and doesn't get sick. When I got home last night and opened the box I gave him 1 and he ate the entire 12 inch "thick" bully stick in less than 10 minutes! And they smell terribly, I've never had a problem with him chewing one up anywhere in the house (kitchen, bedroom, next to me on the couch) and last night the entire place stunk to high heaven!

The return policy sucks and there's even a restocking fee of 20% because the bag has now been opened! I'll finish this bag up and never buy from here again! And let's hope he doesn't get sick!
238105238105B003JHN8IMAOC13VLZMYCWDLaurie0031347408000Pee-eew! Almost a homerunWould've given 5 stars except for the horrible odor.
Pros: Thicker than expected and most definately at least 12 inches long.
Came in a high quality resealable plastic bag so the odor won't leach out into the air.

Cons: The smell! Oh, the smell!
But, I suppose, in their defense, they are only around $2.50 a piece and my pet store sells odorless ones for $6 a piece. So the savings are quite substantial and my doggies didn't mind the smell in the least.

I might order again, not sure yet.
238106238106B003JHN8IMA1N0PLSAW6G970Steven L.0021337904000Not as advertised this timeWe've ordered these bully sticks many times in the past few year and they've always been thick bully sticks as advertised. This last time we ordered these sticks they are about half as thick as they have been. Our Jack Russell will go through these really quickly. I would have sent them back, but she needed something to keep her busy. If they show up next time as the thinner variant I'll send them back and start ordering from another supplier.
238107238107B003JHN8IMA1PFMFY10XUT1Vdwebster0051324857600Great Product, Great PriceThese bully sticks are thick! My dogs love them! I am not dissappointed at all. The price is great and the product is wonderful. Will definitely be ordering again! I have paid as much as $20.00 for two thick bully sticks in the pet store, to have them disappear in 10 minutes! I have found that not all bully sticks in a package, regardless of where they are purchased, last the same amount of time. Some are easily devoured and some take a little longer. It also depends on your dog, if they are agressive chewers, then they tend to last less time. My German Shepherd is sometimes a leisurely chewer and one of these sticks can last as long as an entire day! Other times, she can go through a stick in minutes. They are a favorite for us. We have noticed no odor as well.
238108238108B003JHN8IMA2ARYN0B6K1GM7M. Zinser0041318809600Great for husky pup!We have an 18 old husky pup, who chews on anything & everything he gets close to.
Was talking to a friend after taking dogs for a hike, and she had an extra bully stick in her car. She always keeps them there to occupy her dog on long trips etc.
So she gave me her's to try with my pup.
She sure was right, it kept him occupied all afternoon when I first gave it to him.
So I thought this is the trick, so I ordered them and he loves them. I do not give him one every day, but do for special treats. Think it has helped his chewing on other things, like hands, his blanket etc. Definately would recommend them!
238109238109B003JHN8IMA2L5YSH3KOTLF8Anya2451281484800Totally GreatExcellent quality bully sticks at a great price. Thick, long lasting, and not stinky. Fast shipping. Outstanding!
238110238110B001EDAHZKA2NP8RNW9T5BQFA. Brazhnykova4411343952000Colored sugar!I used to buy this sugar for years. I do not eat much sugar, but still. This sugar is called turbinado sugar, but is misleading. I picked this brand just because it says real turbinado sugar, and other brands (in the local food store) that their sugar is brown because it is colored with caramel or something.

HOW did i find out? I needed just a sweet water few days ago. I put this Sugar in The Raw in the glass. The water became brown and on the bottom of the glass i got just PURE WHITE SUGAR CRYSTALS!!!!! What a shame on the producer! U can try to put this sugar in your mouth and after few seconds you will spit out pure white crystals as well.

I'm just wondering if the consumers can hold the company liable for such a practice.

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