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238169238169B000HQOREWA1YB6X90K5XIX4Jennifer J. Mccard "JennAlex"0031273968000A good but not great mixI like this product because it's a powder that keeps for a long time and is packaged for individual servings. However, the flavor is not as good as liquid mixers or homemade. Overall, I would not recommend this to a friend.
238170238170B000HQOREWA1DQVTTFY7WQRKSea Sol0051265414400Bartenders Margarita MixWe have always liked the Bartender mixes, especially Margarita, because it's so easy to use...just water, alcohol & mix! The directions are easy but we usually use more water and less alcohol because the flavor is still good but not too strong. The coctail has a great flavor with a nice tangy taste.
238141238141B005CGUUJSA3NPACKJFKAZIEChavez1151334102400love itMy cats, plus my neighbors cat, love this stuff! We have catnip weekends,
and my neighbors cat gets to share some of this when I go over for a visit.
Nice and fresh, will order more!
238142238142B005CGUUJSA60F3HEQ4OSF1Paul S Marchetti1151332460800Rolls His OwnMy cat Woody aka the Woodster is a feral cat. When he got this Cosmic Catnip,
well let us just say...he wanted to roll it into a fat joint a la Tommy Chong and
somoke it like the bad-ass cat he really is! In fact I am going back to Amazon and
buy him a Hookah for his birthday. P Marchetti Beltsville, MD.
238143238143B005CGUUJSA2MOEMMZR2D0MDLia Lee1111323561600Kitty Wouldn't Touch ItWhenever I open the cabinet w/ the catnip in it, my cat runs toward me like a bullet eager for her herbs. I usually just buy it from the market - no fancy brand. However, when I put Cosmic Catnip in her bowl, she came running as she usually does, but turned her nose at it and this was three days ago. It is still sitting in her bowl untouched. The store brand of catnip is gone in SECONDS. Clearly, Cosmic Catnip is not a favorite w/ my Peesh.
238144238144B005CGUUJSA259LG63N3W5YJSuperBuyer1151322870400Amazing ProductWorks amazingly. My friends and I volunteered and donated cat toys for a local animal shelter. We put stuffing and cosmic catnip in socks. The cats loved to play with it. The smell is not horrible like some catnip either.
238145238145B005CGUUJSA2W9B725TZBXOXMrs.58 "GimmeDaOldDaze"1151321920000One suggestion...Cosmic makes the standard by which all catnip must be measured now, its that good. However I found it does need to be crushed to release the catnip scent/oils to really get the cats aroused. Otherwise my roly poly is happy to just lap it up when the intention is to get him excited to play with the 10,000 toys all around that he and housemate wait for me to entertain them with.
238146238146B005CGUUJSANEXFROORI6F6Pilchard3451325808000This is very fragrant, and loved by my kittiesI'm a cat lover, and spoil them very often. Recently we tried several local stores for catnip and none were very fragrant or very loved by my cats. The older Cosmic Catnip size was no longer for sale, and had lasted a while. After about a year of trying to get decent catnip locally, I came back to Amazon. Read the reviews, and came back to Cosmic catnip (now in a slightly larger size container).

This stuff is great, my cats respond to it well, and they love it. The biggest problem is they have really been using the cat scratcher we put the catnip on much more than usual and have had to order a refill kit.

If you want very good catnip at a very reasonable price, this may be a good choice.
238147238147B005CGUUJSAM69697RXX087Julie0051350864000the worlds best catnipMy cats go nuts for Cosmic! They roll in it & on it in pure joy & end up in a drunken stupor that lasts for hours. No other catnip seems to have the same "zing" that Cosmic has!
238148238148B005CGUUJSA1RUOP38SNLYMHSean0051348963200A little too 'cosmic'..My half Siamese half Himalayan cat goes crazy with this stuff! I put some on her back, and on the floor around her and she laid and rolled in this stuff for like 10 hours! Although she is an older cat, she really does love this catnip. It helps their digestive system as well!

Very good buy. There's so much of it - It will last for many months.
238149238149B005CGUUJSA1QOD4K3K7ZJVCDana R. Stone "DStone"0051348617600Cosmic CatnipI have four kitties that swear by this catnip. It is their absolute favorite catnip. Don't know what they put in it, but my cats love it.
238150238150B005CGUUJSA8MZGIYCQP40MF.A.0051348272000Great quality & value!This is the second time I have bought this brand. Last time, I bought the 2oz box and it lasted forever and it was also really potent. So when I ran out, I knew I had to buy this brand again. The 4oz jar was the cheapest and the shipping was fast!
238151238151B005CGUUJSAMW31M33MNJL7Nomie "Naomi M. Richardson"0051347926400Four cats, a large jar of cat-nip. Go figure.I have one cat that even though the cat-nip may be in a large jar he still tries to get to it, putting the jar about like a golf ball if I forget to put it in the cupboard.
They all love this Cosmic Catnip. I and my daughter have gotten catnip sometimes that just don't seem to have any 'nip' to it.
One can tell a good quality cat-nip by the cats nusseling, eating, and rolling, antics. My cats have all the signs.
238152238152B005CGUUJSA3KMLZWTNR8CAVDK the DJ0051346544000Cosmic Catnip from Amazon is amazingly potent !Purchasing Cosmic Catnip in the 4-ounce jar is a great investment in your cats'enjoyment.
It is so potent that my kitties were meowing and scratching at the cardboard shipping container which contained the (sealed) jar !
It's a very generous portion for the price.
A big thumbs up for Cosmic Catnip !
238153238153B005CGUUJSA2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans0041342569600The cats prefer Kong but this will doI have gone through several KONG Naturals Premium Catnip, 2-Ounce jars. Looking for a bit more value, I decided to try Cosmic Catnip. I don't typically like to change a good thing but went with it. I have house cats and also care for some free-roaming cats. Both populations react favorably to the product. For the house cats, I sprinkle some in their cat beds and on their toys and they roll around, sometimes head over heels. It is quite amusing to watch. However, I think the cats are more interested in the Kong product; they seem to spend greater periods of time playing with it and sniffing it. In my house, that means more exercise and that is something I like to promote.

Cosmic's catnip is packaged in a #3 plastic container, which is not as easily recyclable as a #1 or #2 plastic in most areas. The product's packaging also indicates that it is grown in North America, so that may mean outside of the United States. (For the record, Kong's catnip comes in a #1 PETE container that is easily recyclable and its catnip is also grown in North America).

Would I purchase it again? My cats like it but there is no reason to use a container that is only sometimes recyclable for catnip. Additionally, my cats liked the Kong product a bit more. I will likely stick with that when it is time to repurchase.
238154238154B005CGUUJSA1V44WWZ6L36H2J. Bundy "Mystery Book Lover"0051339459200My cats love the catnip!I didn't realize that a few ounces of catnip was so much catnip, now I won't run out any time soon! Thanks for the short delivery time also.
238155238155B005CGUUJSA1CHE1BFSK9PMAJ. Berardinelli "Janinibean"0021337126400Eh...Did not smell as fresh as I had hoped. My cat was uninterested. Trader Joe's has organic catnip that comes with a scratcher for $6.99 which smells much more potent. Maybe try a different brand?
238156238156B005CGUUJSAYQQOW0VR0YF5Hazel Watson "bqmother"0051331769600I never argue with Princess Pia!I bought this for my feline friend, Princess Pia. Actually I am taking liberties in calling her my friend. I'm really her servant. She loves it, and recommends it to all minions who work for cats. Who am I to argue with her seal of approval?

It's good stuff, according to her, and she reminds me that she has exquisite taste in catnip, among other things. Your cats will probably love it, too.
238157238157B005CGUUJSA2SNQC259ACQ20XChibi0051331424000Great nipEvery year I buy a container of Cosmic Catnip to make a few "tube-sock" type toys with for my cats (currently 8 and 9 years- Female and male respectively) for Christmas. Even with the toy downstairs and wrapped in some thick wrapping paper, the cats go directly to their toy and try to claw off the paper to start playing with it. The toy entices them for about a week, which afterwards the smell of the catnip starts to vanish. If I accidently leave the lid of the container off, I'll find the jar tipped over and two kitties eating up the leaves and rolling their faces in it.

The only down side of this nip, being sold in such bulk and so pure, is it has "stem-like" pieces in the container, which can poke through fabric when making toys for the cats. I try to pull out all the stems before filling the toys up with the nip or letting the cats nibble on the product raw. The cats don't seem to mind, however, and there have never been any incidents where the stem gets stuck in their mouth (you know, like when we eat popcorn and the kernel always gets jammed in our mouths).

Bottom line: Some powerful nip, the most potent of any nip I've ever bought and will continue to buy it every year.
238158238158B005CGUUJSAIN3P24O8ORIHmeaniepants0051326326400My cat's loved it.It's a huge jar. My cats thoroughly enjoy it. They are not picky though. We'll be sticking with Cosmic brand from now on.
238159238159B005CGUUJSA2SVGOCXJ14JATdjenn0021325980800Not The Same as Store bought??Not sure if this was AUTHENTIC Cosmic Catnip, as it had a lot more larger bits of stems and coarse material. My cats had loved this stuff when I had gotten a small sample from a local pet store. So, I thought it would be a great idea to get this larger size, but the catnip was not the same. My cats barely like this stuff and it even hurts my fingers when I pinch it to release the aroma. Would not recommend this 3 oz size!
238160238160B005CGUUJSA1J52MX2YDWSU0these pretzels r making me thirsty0041323129600Cats loved it - Eight Paws up!Only reason I give it 4 stars is because someone was right, there are ALOT of hard stems/sticks in this product but maybe I just have been buying catnip without stems in it for a while. Maybe this means it is fresh and all natural too. I saw lots of buds which was good. I removed as many sticks/stems as I could and gave it to my cats. They seemed to really like it alot. They didn't go crazy nutty cuckoo but who knows, maybe tomorrow they will! I bought it mainly for their digestion and it seemed to calm them and relax them which I liked. I noticed a little bit later one of them was up on the table trying to get in the jar which I thought was cute. They give it eight paws up! (because there are two of them, four paws each).
238161238161B005CGUUJSA3PXDIQX5CU33YTerrie "TLC"1251329350400WOW!!!!!!!Cosmic Catnip is the best catnip ever !!! I use it for training cats. Just the site of the container and my cats will do anything for me. It makes my job easy.
238162238162B005CGUUJSA3S5QJMQ7LA0LMmob1950151334448000Cosmic Catnip is the Best!I have been looking for this brand of kitty nip for over 10yrs. I bought this brand long time ago & my kitties were in heaven. This is a safe product for your pet, I trust it completely. I give it a rating of 100+. My pet is picky & when the package showed up & I opened the box, put the jar on the floor my kitty was all over the jar trying to open it up, it was hilarious. He new it was his. If you wanted to buy just a 1/2oz 10yrs ago you paid $10.00 for it. When I saw the price of this 4oz jar I was flabbergasted, I just had to snap it up in a heartbeat while I could still could find this brand. It is very hard to find it in the stores now days (go figure something that's good for the pet)I'm the cats-meow in my pets eye now! It's like a kitty Valium in green form,lol. So look no farther you have found the BEST & SAFEST product for your pet right here and the price is out of this world (inexpensive). Believe me the other catnip on the market today is bunk junk & will cause health problems for your pet, Cosmic Catnip will not cause health problems, I know because the other stuff almost killed my pet. Cosmic Catnip Jar, 4-Ounce
238163238163B001QD7YL8AA5G7M8V1O57HT. Mike "Gadge"0051244851200Best gum yet!This gum tastes great and the flavor lasts longer than most other varieties. It only comes in varieties of mint, so if I want bubbble gum or fruit flavors I still go for Orbit. I don't know about their claims that this gum actually strengthens teeth, but if it's true...yay!
238164238164B000EHXWHMA3L35NP2WR87LIC. Hamilton7751162512000Very easyI love this product because it is very simple to make. Most importantly, my son loves it. I like it because it is not too doughy. This is essential in my household.
238165238165B000EHXWHMA2PK5OYQ3F5J8UBrian LaShomb "bshomb"4441210636800A good substitute, Chebe is better thoughThis is very easy to mix up, and the taste is plain pizza dough. Have some gluten-free flour of some sort on hand (or use some extra of this mix), this is a very sticky dough starting out. I'd recommend a liberal brushing with some garlic olive oil before adding toppings (just mince some garlic and mix it into a cup of olive oil), otherwise the crust can get pretty hard on the edges.

For someone who loves pizza, but can't have wheat or gluten, this is the best thing out there.

EDIT: We've since discovered the Chebe products, which are much more like bread. The pizza crust is excellent, not sticky like Orgran and available on Amazon.
238166238166B000EHXWHMA1Y6YLMUA88TV7J. Shaath2251264204800Quick, easy, tastes greatThis is a staple for our gluten free household. It is quick, easy, requires no additional ingredients other than water (may or may not add package of yeast). It makes a good pizza crust, is easy to handle without being too fragile. And believe it or not the crust actually browns on the bottom. Which is great for a gluten free pizza. Cooks well on a pizza stone, heavy mini pizza pans, or classic stainless steel pizza pans. It is a big hit with my school age daughters friends who cannot tell it is gluten free.
238167238167B000HQOREWAKA4MVYP3V88QRLA0051311984000Bartenders Instant Margarita MIxMakes great Margaritas. I use it in a recipe I got from a bartender about 35 years ago. I've never tasted a better Margarita anywhere.
238168238168B000HQOREWA20XC94AXX7Z3Mmacarthur0021299110400OK,,, BUTThe mix is easy to use but seems to be weak to the taste,, I add some liquid lime juice to add flavor... will keep on using this product

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