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238171238171B000HQOREWA2O3CY1WK0J538Denise Goban "ddtheclown"0031261008000Margarita MixThe reason we purchased this product was because it was individually packaged. That was awesome. It actually had more of a lemonade flavor not so much lime. But it was great for what we needed it for.
238172238172B002DZKALYA3TR02DDNFLXUEA. Zavala1131300233600Disgusting taste!! But hilarious!As the title says, these wasabi gumballs were reaaally gross tasting. I tried one and only got through 5 or 6 chews before I had to spit it out.

I got them as a stocking stuffer for Xmas and it was fun receiving them and I was excited to try them as I like trying unusual foods, etc. It was also fun getting my fiance to try one, knowing how gross they were and knowing that he had an even lower tolerance for gross tastes, hahah. After that I threw the rest out because I knew no one would eat them.

So I agree with the previous reviewers who say this is great for a gag gift, but bad if you are seriously looking to buy for gum to chew.
238173238173B002DZKALYAQZ3CUUASIDSXjshareen0051348531200too much funI ordered these for my husband and little boy. It was lots of fun to see the look on their faces when they bit into the gum. Not your go to gum to chew but definitely a party fun favorite.
238174238174B002DZKALYA3VYE0TCI41PKBClyrissa0021337817600YUCK!My boyfriend LOVES wasabi but when I got these gumballs for him as a surprise he was compelled to spit it out because it tasted so bad. Would not buy again unless for a prank joke.
238175238175B002DZKALYA7IGTZLR9Y1BNJ. Pascual0051333584000I bought it for taste LOLI don't know why people say it's a gag gift... it tastes great and I'm not joking! It tastes like wasabi and the flavor lasts for a long time, it's got a spicy kick, not a huge kick like the real thing.
238176238176B002DZKALYAAPL71N1LOB8JMs. Abby0031298505600SushiI bought these gumballs for my sister as a gag gift. we love sushi and wasabi but these did not taste like wasabi! They were gross! But it was still really funny to buy her wasabi gumballs. Wouldnt have changed it but would have been nice if they actually tasted like wasabi. Shipped on time and in perfect condition.
238177238177B002DZKALYA1RY6ACMN0U3GKD. Bouldin0031296864000"gag" gift or no?They aren't as spicy as I was expecting. It is VERY clearly a wasabi flavor, but without the sinus-clearing effect. The sweet back-taste is disconcerting in a way...very out-of-place and doesn't especially go well with the wasabi. As you chew, there are spicy flare-ups, but nothing like I expected. Had to spit it out because of the sweet, not the spice.

Side note: the tin claims "22 pieces", mine only had 19. not sure if that was just an anomaly or not, but in looking in the tin, I'm not entirely sure 22 would even fit.
238178238178B002DZKALYA14HO05XGL064IRowan0031290297600wow - tastes bad!Got this as a gag gift for my son, and he plans to use it that way on his friends. Don't buy it for the taste! As a gag, pretty fun.
238179238179B001FB69VWA19HVV5APDJXIIMario A. Diaz1151316563200Kikkoman Kotterin Mirin - Sweet Cooking SeasoningI have been making sushi at home for just over a year. many times I would make my own Sushi Rice seasoning from scratch. Now that I started using this product, I don't bother with making it from scratch.

I also use it when making plain rice dishes like teriyaki salmon\chicken. People can't believe how good the rice is.

YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS (if you have a sweet tooth).
238180238180B001FB69VWA33W25PDEVUUMHHarry Tick1141287705600Good MirinI use this Mirin with Konbu, Bonito flakes and dried Shitake mushrooms to make delicious 7-direction dashi and excellent rice seasoning.
238181238181B004W93UJSA25TVH9W5A6IHPkristilou1151338940800Yum!These are delicious! They taste like little shortbread cookies and are coated with a powdery "frosting" flavored powder. I love that they're made with whole grains and at 140 calories for 35 crackers they make a great snack!
238182238182B004W93UJSA35LT14WG5BX0TLola Bunny0051339027200I agree with the first reviewerI LOVED these things! They're my favorite flavor, and they make an excellent snack. I tried the chocolate, and oddly enough, as much of a chocoholic as I am, I liked these better! They're like tiny little delicious shortbread cookies (which I'm normally not even a huge fan of) and they just really hit the spot! Will definitely have these on a regular basis in our pantry!
238183238183B001UUKMA2A3U3NTAPHWYH9FC2221315008000"Reeses Block'Pieces"Well One day during work i had some of these, so i thought i'd order a big bag.
This is the only one i saw with Prime membership so i ordered it asap. I disregarded the 1 star review about the candy melting and stuff, hoping it was a one time thing.
Well when i received my candy, it was melted together in several blocks. It seems the candys broke and the heat made them combine into big chunks.

I wish they wernt in such big chunks, but they were still good.
238184238184B001UUKMA2A3CYN2VQB3MNWXKaghne1151320624000C'MON ITS REESES PIECES!!!!This is candy, If your reading this youve probably already eaten reeses pieces, you know what they taste like, and if you buy this bag you must be a really big fan of them like i am, ive still got half a bag and i bought them in february/march. Soooo goooooood!! but unless your going to use them for baking or just eat candy constantly, i wouldnt recommend this big of a bag for a single human consumption. big families should use this bag
238185238185B001UUKMA2A2582KMXLK2P06B. E Jackson0051349740800I could literally eat a thousand of theseI'm having trouble finding Reese's Pieces in grocery stores these days. They used to be popular, but ever since the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup obsession came out with its many sizes and varities (especially during the holiday season) the Reese's Pieces have either been pushed to the side, or even worse, sort of gone out of style. An outrage? Not quite, just disappointing. An outrage is that I can't find Mars Bars anymore when I distinctly remember finding thse bars very easily 15 years ago. Anyway, please pick up a bag of Reese's Pieces IF you can find them for less than 4 bucks. 11 bucks sold here on amazon is, yes, an outrage. Factor in shipping and handling and... no. Not worth it. What a delicious tasty treat these things are though. I have such a craving for these bite-sized, flavorful tasties and yet I can't satisfy it because I can't find them in stores!
238186238186B001UUKMA2A2XS3KLYW1KB64Carla Love3511311120000everything was melted and squashed into mushI cant believe that this product wasnt sent in dry ice. Never will I order from this company ever. I cant send it back, there would be nothing left. I want my money back asap.
238187238187B000FIY3FUA16R867L6P8RVJS. Oswald "low carb locavore"1111340323200Diabetics, beware!One block about one inch square of this chocolate gave me a 50 point blood glucose spike in one hour. It tasted fine, but the negative impact on my blood glucose control will keep me from ever purchasing again.
238188238188B000FIY3FUA2H7NG3G2HK4DZL. S. Muhly "liniowa"1151259020800One of the best sugar free chocolates around.This milk chocolate is one of the best sugar free chocolates I have found on the market. Just try to eat part of one bar at one seating!!! Good luck.
238189238189B000FIY3FUA3K0H6ZNKLV6J4Lost Patrol0051322611200Wow! That's good chocolateBeen searching for a good sugar free chocolate for a while. Tried the offerings from the major chocolate companies and was quite surprised as to how awful they were. Then I came across the Fifty/50 brand and Wow! That is good. It melts in your mouth, has the flavor, consistency and sweetness of normal chocolate. With the other brands the taste seemed to drop flat, there was something wanting or missing. Fifty/50 finishes like real chocolate, melting in your mouth and filling it with the sweet chocolate flavor. I let my wife try it and she found it hard to believe that it was sugar free. I agree with the other reviewer, start eating and then try to put it down.
238190238190B007T0Y7YYAXAMPK4P6TWEOBeth0051342310400Hands down the BEST!I learned about this true Thai coconut milk from my favorite Thai restaurant. It is absolutely the best coconut milk on the market. My only wish is that their cans were BPA free - other than that, it's perfect! Please AMAZON make it one of your products so I get FREE shipping!
238191238191B000XXX60KAVXGN90BU95P8D. Buxman "A Seeker of Truth"3351246752000A Really Cool Gift that was Securely PackagedI had some reservations about ordering a plant through the mail, but this one arrived in great shape and was looking just like the picture within just a couple days. The plant came with a good set of care instructions and is really thriving after three weeks in my house. It also seems like my luck has been better since I got the Money Tree.
238192238192B000XXX60KA1BBKU13SRVWNTA. Alexandre0231286236800The tree die after 3 weeksThe first item was damage so the seller send a replacement, after 3 weeks and follow the instructions the tree die. I took the tree to a Bonsai shop and they told me the tree had some types of diseases.
238193238193B003ZXE9QAA25UZ7MA72SMKMBrent Butler6651310342400Good taste, good nutrition, low calories (even with some sugar!)A few days ago I stumbled across this outstanding cereal while browsing our local grocery chain's web site for healthy lo-cal foods. Its has far fewer calories than the raisin bran I normally eat when I do cereal, and is even lower calorie and higher in fiber than the Shredded Wheat my wife eats. It also has 45% of your daily iron, and nice percentages (in the 25% to 35% range) of other necessary vitamins.

It also has a very good taste, you could eat a few pieces of it at a time for a snack. A 3/4 cup serving has 7 grams of sugar. Since it is still lower calorie than what I've been eating, that doesn't concern me.

With 1/3rd cup of milk and a half of a banana, breakfast is less than 200 calories and very nutritious. I use a bit less milk than many on cereal. I don't like it to ever get soggy, yet I don't like it completely dry. I have developed the knack of pouring just enough so that the milk doesn't show in the cereal. If I can see the milk after I pour (cereal already in the bowl LOL), I know I've overdone it for my taste.

If you are watching calories, beware of the other flavor varieties of this cereal line. They are almost twice the calories per serving (200 or so compared to the 110 for this).

I do find that 3/4 cup of this cereal with a half banana is just as filling for me as a cup of Raisin Bran (with a half banana), so I'm getting more nutrition, more fiber, and about 80 fewer calories for a bowl of cereal. I have always had trouble getting enough fiber in my diet, so the extra provided here is very helpful.

The Amazon price is considerably less than our local supermarket, which has this at about $4 a box.
238194238194B003ZXE9QAA1CMDD3M56MJ2Kaphex2win6751289865600What fiber cheerios would taste like (if there were such a thing)Having tried just about every fiber-branded cereal there is over the past couple of years, I would always pass by the Cheerios in the cereal section while grocery shopping and look to see if they had released a fiber version yet. Well, I can now happily report that my search for a consistently good-tasting fiber cereal are over. Don't get me wrong, there are a number of other competitor's products out there that are really good (Fiber One Shredded Wheat, for instance) but if you're a normal person, you will probably get sick of eating the same thing for breakfast in a matter of weeks or months. This cereal on the other hand, tastes great and never seems to get boring. It's lightly sweetened- just perfect as it isn't overly sweet or bland in flavor. It is pretty filling as most fiber cereals are, and is best enjoyed immediately after being immersed in milk so you can still enjoy the crunchiness of it(meaning it will get somewhat soggy if left sitting around for too long). I'm tempted to knock a star off for pricing as this is somewhat pricier and smaller-sized than competitors' offerings, but for how good the cereal tastes and the fact that I can't seem to get tired of eating it (going on 5 months now), I'd say its worth it to pay the small premium.
238195238195B003ZXE9QAA1H01TVPL63VDFBen Dover "Ben"2251303862400Great tasting, plus plenty of fiberBought a box at supermarket and loved them. They taste great and contain plenty of fiber to boot. Ordered thru subscribe and save so I don't have to worry about running out and waste gas driving to store. Ordered arrived in 2 days in great shape. Thank you Amazon.
238196238196B003ZXE9QAA1JZDTZE7G5V9QJen C.1151328659200Delicious and low carbFiber Plus Cinnamon is very tasty; sweet enough to not need anything else. As a diabetic, I appreciate Kellogg's making a cereal that tastes good, has high fiber, and is low carb (overall, when you consider the fiber content). The other Fiber Plus flavored cereals all have over 45 carbs per serving. At 26 carbs per serving and 9 g of fiber, Fiber Plus Cinnamon is great! Also, cinnamon supports good blood sugar control. Win win.
238197238197B003ZXE9QAAC7AY7GU4GKIDMom of the Year1151309132800My kids like themGreat for kids who need more fiber. I have a chronically constipated 7 year old who can detect Miralax a mile away. He won't touch it. This cereal has been great for him in conjunction with fiber gummies.
238198238198B003ZXE9QAA39V5VA1WHG1ANRachel Keese "Rach"0051339891200So good theyll probabaly stop making it!Ok so it tastes good, sweet but not overly so, has tons of fiber, tons of vitamins and cinnamon which helps keep blood sugar stable. What's not to like? Everything I like this much usually gets discontinued so my advice is get some while you still can!
238199238199B003ZXE9QAA25QS5SDHL91PMmmrn0051339804800Great CerealThis cereal is great. My favorite no question. It contains loads of fiber, antioxidants, potassium, 7g sugar, and great taste. The 3 pack box is also a great deal for this "hard to find everywhere" cereal.
238200238200B003ZXE9QAANOY8GMW3LQ1TR. Flower0041337126400Tastes almost too good....I was looking for a couple items to add some fiber into my new diet. This was one of the cereals that I bought. Obviously we all have different tastes and like different textures......but Holy Moly does this taste good to me. Darn near too good. I love cinnamon and have liked the taste of apple cinnamon cheerios. This is without the apple, but the cinnamon is on blast. I almost wish they would cut the sugar from 7 grams down to 3 grams and make it even better for you.

One person mentioned texture. I found the texture to be like cinnamon toast. I didn't notice 'gritty'. Gritty implies something unatural, where as this just seems to have the right crunch. Don't let it sit in the milk to long or it will get soggy like any of the O's .

I've actually did a 50/50 mix with cherrios to lower the sweetness and calories/sugar a bit. I eat 2 servings to make one bowl. I think this would be a good snack too. Alot better than crackers. And maybe better as a snack then a breakfast, because it's taste too darn good.

I wish they made a bigger box so one can get a better price.

I give it a full and complete 4 stars and recommend you try it.

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