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238261238261B0020ALBS8A2HXJ9MTXIOO5Imax0041335830400Sweet potatoMy dog loves these almost more than his regular food! Good size on my of the pieces although at the bottom of the bag they get smaller.
238262238262B0020ALBS8A2LOHSNIV5E4QTRuthanne Taylor "Relaying for a Cure"0051334188800A Sweet TreatWho would have thought of sweet potato treats for dogs, but my three love them. They must have a sweet tooth, because these treats are devoured. Visiting dogs belonging to friends & family really enjoy them as well, so I recommend you give them a try.
238263238263B0020ALBS8A1LLM8VTEY9XXYDavid B. Denniston0051332633600How Sweet!My little guy just loves these things. When given a choice of these chips or regular dog biscuits he chooses these every time.
238264238264B0020ALBS8A22VG220D7IE9Gpizza_queen0051325548800awesome treat for my dogI love that these are all natural. They are soft and chewy and fresh. My dog loves them and they are good for her.
238265238265B0020ALBS8A1AW8MJAGO94KZDavid Blood0051320019200My dog loves this productI have ordered this product before and my dog just loves the sweet potatoe treat (not knowing it is also good for her!).
Product arrives very quickly and is exactly as advertised. Will re-order soon.
238266238266B0020ALBS8A41MUF99UCY19marcella0051318896000potato chipsMy dogs loves these and they are so good for them. This product is shaped like potato chips. They get so excited when I get them out.
238267238267B0020ALBS8A3SWWJS3CZ1WOFRae Stith0051301788800Dog is nuts about!These are great. My dog's favorite, and seem to be a healthy snack. They are easy to cut in half if you want to give a smaller portion.
238268238268B0020ALBS8A3PZBLB9TCSWNTJennifer Schafer "Everett - Washington State"0051301443200ABSOLUTELY PERFECTI've ordered these from Amazon several times. Orders have always been timely and the product has been perfect. Both my dogs love these treats. My older dog took a bit longer to warm up to them but now he loves them too!
238269238269B0020ALBS8A2JC285XI0XT20L. Thach "sillyfacez"0051294876800Great for my Shih TzuOur family dog, a 5 year old (human years) Shih Tzu didn't take to this at first. It took a good week before he would try it. After he tried it, he was all over it. He's allergic to everything so it was nice to find a treat that he could eat. We found this at Pet Smart and got the clear plastic bucket (about one pound of treats). It's lasted him about 8 months now--serving it to him about 2-3 times a week ahout 2-5 of these treats each time. We'll be getting him so more of these. He's pretty happy when he gets these.
238270238270B0020ALBS8A1PUJA2NWKA4DE2sequoyah0051293926400Highly Recommended!This is my favorite thing to feed my 11 year old aussie for a chew. Her canines have become pretty worn, partially because she developed a habit of chewing her way out of chain link kennels about 5 years ago (which I no longer keep her in) but also because I used to give her very hard chews when she was younger. I still give her a chew in the evening but it is always something pretty soft. I like the Sam's Yamz but they are pretty pricey and then I found these! I purchased my supply from Amazon which is perhaps I didn't have the same experience as the previous reviewer with them being pretty hard. The pieces in the bag I got were very soft and chewy. With free shipping these are a great deal and don't wear done my dog's teeth!
238271238271B0020ALBS8A1I85Y08VRZ32QJimmy Morelli0051254700800Good Healthy snackMy dogs love these. There a healthy alternative to the other treats out there. The one thing with these are it softens the stool and turns it orange. If your dog goes on the neighbor's yard that's good but we all know the pain of picking up soft poop. I guess it all comes down to how much you love you mut.

I only give each about 1 or 2 a day and thier fine. If your dog likes these, then try giving them raw sweet potatoes or sweet potatoes that have been semi cooked in microwave. My dogs eat them as it was the beef or turkey jerky.
238272238272B0020ALBS8A292KZ0OU2H0RPPaul Wang1531306886400This product is dog food not a snack for humansI was looking for heathy sweet potato chips and see this item. Ordered it quickly and had to return it because it
is for dogs not for humans.

I have nothing against dogs or dog food. But I think the Amazon website needs to make a clearer distinction
between dog snacks and human snacks and not list them all on the same page for people to choose.
238273238273B0015V3JLAA2YSFKX18XTHEDBillie Vanderburg "Smart Shopper"2331250553600Very Chewy and Very Strong FlavorNot for the faint of heart or the person who expects Licorice that tastes like what most Americans are familiar with. Don't expect nibs or licorice ropes. This is the real European stuff.
238274238274B001FB69VCA2FERKZOQCHAVMJoe from S.I.1151294876800Tastes great!!I love eating soba noodles and this is the best sauce I have found so far.
I just add some scallions and it is awesome!
238275238275B001FB69VCA1BNEVPPB49UMTNTD0051300492800Good sauceA good companion for Japanese style noodle and Tampura. And most important of all, I don't need to drive all the way to an Asian market to get one.
238276238276B002GWHAQMA2JQ3SEXKF86TFLeeAnn Voisinet "L. Voisinet"3341269043200Mix of roasts, good strong cuppa.These beans are a mix of roasts. There seems to be some fairly light beans and some darker beans. This is a good full bodied coffee that will stand up to drinking with buttery biscuits and sausage gravy. My husband really liked it this morning and says it's a really good morning coffee.

This coffee does have quite a bit of the darker roast flavor and it is not a meek coffee. Not nearly as smoothe as the Monsooned Malabar or as rich as the Columbian Supremo.

Frankly, I liked the Poor man's blend better, it was more complex.
238277238277B002GWHAQMA23TPEG75SDMP1urrrlacher2251313539200Dunkin Donuts meet your match!Terrific cup of coffee. With Subscribe & Save and prime I'm paying $34 for five lbs. DD in the store is over $10 (w/tax) a the math. I was suspect that Coffee Bean Direct would fail to come close to the flavor but it surpassed it on all accounts. Richness, mellow, aromatic and delicious. I did have to wait because it was sold out for awhile and I can see why. With Sub&Save I hope I'm now in the Que and will always get my fresh beans delivered to my door on time, I'll be a bear if can't have my fix.
238278238278B002GWHAQMA3CAPP2AKXPY7MM. Mendez "but who cares?"1151340582400Mmmmm Mmmmm Good!As soon as I got this order I made a pot...I just had to know if it really tastes like Dunkin Donuts coffee. And it is pretty darn close IMO especially with milk and sugar! It is really fresh too. I took a gamble buying such a big bag for just two people but since it is way fresher than some of the better brands sold at the grocery stores as long as I store it properly it will still stay fresher than getting it at the store. I am very pleased!
238279238279B001SAZH4KAOS5GE2U2DLSEM. J. Roth "Tool User"1151270771200Wow! Excellent pancakes for being so easy to makeThis potato pancake mix takes no time and no brains to make. Stir the dry mix into 2 cups of water, let it sit for 2 minutes (while your frying pan heats up) and you are ready to go. The cooking instructions say fry the pancakes for 6 minutes which struck me as rather long, but they were right - lowering the heat a bit and letting them go 3 minutes on a side produced perfect results. Beautifully browned, crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, the pancakes retained the shredded potato texture and were neither mealy nor spongy. Considering that they started from a dry mix, the real potato flavor and texture of these pancakes were nothing short of excellent. The box says it makes 24 pancakes 3 inches in diameter, but I would estimate more in the neighborhood of 12 to 18.
238280238280B0060KKCIEA3NABPVZZ808W3FISH0051331769600RefreshingAnother good Rooibos tea. The slight tart mango blends perfectly with the berries for a refreshing cup of tea. Hot or cold, you'll like this blend.
238281238281B001SBB2BGA3FGW4W4S95095D. Ferrigno1151332547200A really big bag of pastaThe first time I ordered this pasta, I did not realize that it came in a gigantic bag. I have ordered other pasta on this site that comes in the regular packaging that you get in stores. So, in those cases, I would receive ten little bags in a bigger bag. But with this 11 lb order, the entire pasta order is in a single bag. I like the environmentally friendly aspect of the bulk purchase with this bag of pasta. For making larger batches of pasta for a family of four with left overs for the next day, this big bag is much more convenient. I don't have to open multiple packages. The quality of the pasta is really the same as the others. And, when donating food, this is a great way to get more bang for the buck in terms of donation and quantity.
238282238282B001SBB2BGA1E079MVIIMWOKMommyohs0051338508800Good stuff!This pasta is simply great! I have been buying the Bionaturae Spaghetini in whole wheat for awhile now and tried one bag of this fusilli from my local store before buying this 11lb bag here on Amazon at a savings of about $1.50 per pound- not too shabby! Anyway, it is just as great as the spaghetini (like Angel Hair) and my family loves the fact that you don't get that unpleasant aftertaste that so many whole wheat pastas have with Bionaturae. I am so glad to have discovered this product. When we eat the spaghetini you cannot tell that it is not regular semolina pasta. This fusilli is more noticable but that is because it is much more dense and we had it with a light sauce as opposed to spaghetti sauce on the other. For the great nutrition and taste, this is a winner. I didn't mind the big 11lb bag, I just measure out a pound at a time and twist tie it off. I store mine in the freezer after an invasion of grain moths from some dog food and it is just fine there. Enjoy!
238283238283B001SBB2BGA3DR7AGN0HE0IWKayla0051329177600Great pasta, Great value!Pasta was yummy and this was the best value I could find on organic pasta! Be prepared for 2 really big bags!
238284238284B001SBB2BGADYWOC5SLA59FC. Stevens0051318982400Geez....another 5 star review??!!! Yes.....Well, this is the real deal. I love it and will continue to buy it until Amazon stops selling it. Game on!
238285238285B001SBB2BGA10YH0B9IKCOGSBrooke S. Musterman0051302480000Fantastic FusilliI bought bianaturae organic whole wheat fusilli in bulk because i use a lot of it. It saves time & money. I put it in everything because it's much healthier than regular pasta. I love it!!!...b
238286238286B001SBB2BGAQFOCOYSH8ND8Jennifer M. Lynn "Jenn"0051290902400The BEST whole grain pasta availableWe tried this because Cook's Illustrated rated it the best whole-grain pasta, explaining the production process as preserving the whole grain structure and nutrition while still attaining a non-mushy pasta. And we agree. True, its flavor is too robust for a delicate white-wine sauce, but it is wonderful with any tomato sauce, etc. Our family eats this often.
238287238287B001SBB2BGASVJ7NF60DBF6brokenoak0051289347200Love this pasta.I get this pasta from my co-op, and I get the 11-lb. package, because we eat it right up. I love the taste and texture.
238288238288B000HEA964A7XOGL5A54TX0S. Duke292911225411200Product of ChinaWe bought dog treats directly from Smokehouse in the past and I recalled they made a point that their products are made in USA. So I was rather disappointed to read on the label these are a product of China.

Our dog likes them but with all the news about melamine in animal food in China, I will not buy these again.
238289238289B000HEA964A3V3Q1SBANVJWKabuki131411223164800Made in ChinaI thought Smokehouse products were always from the USA - that is why I ordered these. Much to my surprise, these were made in China. Not only that but they contain wheat flour. I am returning them. I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased, I see another review mentioned that these were made in China. I guess Smokehouse doesn't keep the quality as consistently high as I thought.
238290238290B000HEA964AQ6AGWKWMTY8HPam Tee "mom,wife,fur-mom,book-blogger"8811317254400Made in China :(What a total BUMMER!!! :(

My little Jack-a-Bee LOVES these Chicken Chips, but unfortunately they are made in China (Thank You Amazon Reviewers for bringing this to my attention!) and since we love our dog we won't be buying any more these as Chinese manufacturing quality is suspect, to say the least.

I wish the SmokeHouse people would address this issue and try to assure people that there is some sort of quality control is in place.

So disappointed.

Pam T~
mom/blogger/dog lover

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