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238343238343B0057JF92SA2VA47JH5YIHDAkac22882251343088000Delicious and Addictive!It might come off as a little bit pricey, but this is by far the best microwave popcorn I have ever tried. Not only are the flavors wonderful (Parmesan & Rosemary takes the cake for best flavor,) but there are the added bonuses no additives, no preservatives, being GMO-free, and having the Pure Pop bag. Give Quinn a chance - it's worth it!
238321238321B000HEA964A39VE33CUR4W1ISoCa Girl0051292371200Dogs love themWe adopted a very large 1 year old that had little or no training. These treats were the only way we were able to start getting her to pay attention and behave. Without them, we would now have an untrained extremely large three year old. We always carry some of them in our pocket and all the dogs in the neighborhood love them.
238344238344B0057JF92SA22PZBD5SS74M4Bryan S. Campbell2251343001600The BEST popcorn I've ever had!This is the best popcorn I've ever tasted hands down. The taste is unlike anything I've had before and I was hooked after the very 1st bag! I can really tell that it's all natural, it doesn't give me stomach aches like a lot of other popcorn with junk in it does.

I was surprised by the flavor. Usually I'm not a huge fan of rosemary, but this is mixed with the parmesan cheese and the flavors really complement eachother well. Simply amazing!

My only gripe is that it's just "slightly" expensive for what it is. Even if the 3 pack was $1.50 less that would be appreciated.
238345238345B0057JF92SA34P1TAVO5EDZ7Joe Hale2251338768000Best popcorn ever!Quinn's popcorn is amazing - great taste with the most inventive flavors. Don't settle for old fashioned popcorn when you can have this incredible taste experience.
238346238346B0057JF92SAB9QJY7F6G8JCS. Lawrence2251338681600Absolutely love itI purchased a three pack the other day. I loved the Parmesan & Rosemary flavor. My 4 year old loved it too - and he is a picky eater. It was simply delicious. We mixed ours in a bowl and my son tried to lick the bowl clean! : ) I look forward to trying the other flavors.
238347238347B0057JF92SANCJDV1GD1HL8A. Cook "Music Mom"0051350950400Absolutely delicious!!!This popcorn is all the right things: organic, chemical free, but most of all, FANTASTIC tasting!! My kids love to help "cook" by the simple process of pouring on the canola oil and flavor packet once it's done popping. Even though we've let the kids try, on several occassions, it really is our special, after the kids are in bed, cuddle-on-the-couch, with the hubs and a glass of wine, at-home-date-night treat : ) Rosemary Parm is our fave, but they are all fantastic!!
We will be purchasing Quinn Popcorn as teacher gifts, this holiday season. It's such a happy little box of love that needs to be shared!!
238322238322B000HEA964A3EFLTCS06E6QJPuppy Lover0051289952000Best dog treats ever.My dogs love these treats. Originally found them at Petsmart but they don't carry them anymore. I'll search high and low until I find them before I buy anything else.
238348238348B0057JF92SA253F3QA4WHGXURobert Hefferle "HEFF"0021350864000QUINN POPCORNTried Lemon & Sea Salt and Parmesan & Rosemary. Both were just fair. Many kernels did not pop and the flavors were not very good. It's not worth the price.
238323238323B000HEA964A2G7B7FKP2O2PUD. Leschke0041261008000Our JRT Loves themOur fussy girl doesn't usually care much for crunchy treats, but she loves these.
I wish they were made here rather than China, but I don't give her too many at a time or feed them too often.
It's just one of the treats I rotate giving her and she really likes them.
238349238349B0057JF92SA192WMGGVV2LIDNODOGFIGHTING "STOP ANIMAL ABUSE"0051348185600The BEST popcorn you will ever eat!!I probably should work for this company because I tell every single person I know about how fantastic ALL of their popcorn is.
Great flavors but this is my favorite. It is worth the money because not only does it taste fantastic but I use less than half the oil they provide so it is really not fattening. Yummy
238324238324B000HEA964A3FMRAVK6RGLSJohn R. Saylor "maiinkan"0051255824000Pets delight!Our companions, Amani and Kody have a passion for these little circles of chicken. They get their treat in the evening after supper. I have on occasion opened the jar during the day to suprise them and been surprised my self to find them behind me focused on my back. The chicken smell brought them from the far corners of the house. I was even tempted to try one myself but to crunchy for these old choppers. Great product.
238350238350B0057JF92SA3BZG5C6PLA4RPicky Reader "Picky Reader"3521329782400Quinn popcornQuinn popcorn has the right idea. Straight popcorn in a biodegradable bag with no chemicals, additives etc. After popping the corn, flavor is added by adding oil and a flavor and shaking the bag. It should be heavenly. But in fact the parmesan had the consistency of flour and just coated my mouth. And I shook that bag a lot. I would recommend mixing everything in a bowl instead of the bag; that might help. The idea is terrific. However I think better results could be obtained by popping plain corn in a brown paper bag and adding fresh grated parmesan and a bit of oil. Perhaps the other two flavors would be better but I just tried parmesan and rosemary. It was disappointing and I so wanted to love it.
238325238325B000HEA964A3I1MY59FN89CSM. Bosch0051238284800Good product, but over pricedMy dog loves these treat but in the past 8 months Amazon this item has double in price of the same 1 pound tub. I love my dog but this is outragous. I can see a couple of dollars but almost a $9 increase. I will no longer by this product till the price comes back down. I use to get 3 1LB tubs for $27. Now I get 1 for $19.
238326238326B000HEA964A39FLPUWTNESK0Roy Levow0051237334400dogs love 'emMy three yellow labs love these treats and for me they are easy to handle and keep.
238327238327B000HEA964A2S6XND6WI2RTVR. Yeomans "OTFC R"0051234396800My dogs love these!These are great for training my pugs. They love them. Too bad the price went up 4 dollars. I can get a 2.5lb bag of dried chicken treats from Sams Club for under $20.00.
If the price was back in the 10 - 11 price range I would be more inclined to continue purchasing this product.
238328238328B000HEA964A17ADFM05C2WU7C. Rossetti0051234224000My dog loves 'emMy dog has never been into treats until we gave him Smokehouse Chicken Chips! He loves them! He likes the other treats by Smokehouse too but these are his favorite.
238329238329B000HEA964A2B6A3X0NSQZ6UA. Olson0051231632000My doggie loves these!I've been spending a fortune on these special treats ----nice to find them at this price and delivered right to my door!
238330238330B000HEA964A27COQ7XWZHEBVMark R. Neukirch0051229385600RayzenMy dog, my mom's dog and my sisters dog all LOVE these to the point it's actually comical. Oh, what they won't do to get one. Though they weren't around when my dog was a puppy, I'd think they'd be excellent treats for training.
238331238331B000HEA964A1G0VZX2LQR09GG. Chase "Chix Chips"0051223164800tasty product dogs like it - HOWEVER!My concern about this product is it was made in the USA... Now it's coming out of China, and I am not going to order anymore after all of ours are finished.
I make it a point NOT to buy products from China anymore - I just don't trust the safety.
238332238332B000HEA964A2T7STHCGK3YC9W. Clement0051220659200Smoked Chicken ChipsOur Bichon loves these treats. Normally we give him 6 or 7 chips after he finishes eating his canned dog food to help clean his teeth. We also use them as special treats. He wholeheartedly endorses this product.
238333238333B000HEA964ADUKNSH80HM7MDebbie Fox0051219795200My dogs love itThese are even better than the chicken tenders that are long strips because you can give them less of a treat and still make them happy. They absolutely love these.
238334238334B000HEA964A135XHGMBR0OWFFrances R. Dickman "Duchess of Westbury"0051208563200Favorite Treat for my Picky Shih TsuI must have the pickiest five-year old Shih Tsu in the world. She has been a picky eater since a puppy. She loves these chicken treats and probably would like me to give them to her instead of her food. Of course, I don't but really enjoy watching her enjoy. My Yorkie puppy eats everything and adores these treats as well. They come running as soon as I say "Chicken Treats."
238335238335B000HEA964AGQKJ0DPELDY3Karen Pearce Data Inc "Suzi Pearce"0051198540800Thumbs up for picky dogsMy shar pei's LOVE these. The 3 year old is such a picky eater that she is thin, and even she gobbles these up. I bought a 4 oz. bag at Petsmart and paid almost the same amount as I did for the 1 pound tub. They are great for training because they are small bite sized pieces. Since they are dried, I can put them in my pocket so I don't have to carry a treat bag on walks. Even though it is made in China, the label says it contains only chicken.
238336238336B000HEA964A38PXEH79KOTH4Jeanne R0051190246400BEST TREAT FOR SPECIAL PETSI have four Boston Terriers, and these treats are a must have for them. They are all natural and made with real chicken, not just flavored. I give them out as treats, they will take these over anything else. If you purchase them, make sure you buy enough to last, believe me they will go quickly.
238337238337B000HEA964A1UASHB4ZP8ZXLPatricia L. Shepherd0051169424000Healthy low fat snack for dogs!This is a healthy low fat snack for dogs at a good price, especially if you qualify for free shipping! Good Value!
238338238338B000HEA964A682188DCWXRRShoppin Sinik71211185667200PRODUCT OF CHINANever would have ordered these if they had put the country of origin in the description. Be aware that these are produced in China.
Stick with the Smokehouse Beefy Bites which are made in the USA.
238339238339B0052OP41EA2ZHR5H13PAMZLP. Jelinek1151340755200Really good!I had received the item in about 2 weeks with being overseas is fast because it could take up to 30 days. The quality of the product is exceptional and I would buy this product again from vita cost.
238340238340B0057JF92SAIQJND780KULUJulie Weinstein8851319241600ADDICTIVE!!!!As a kickstarter contributor, I could not wait to try this popcorn. What a great idea - organic ingredients, a bag without the chemicals, and great flavors! I just had the parmesan rosemary...and I have one word - ADDICTIVE! So good!
238341238341B0057JF92SARKH122ZJ1UDMDawn Spinda7751318377600Awesome SAFE popcorn!LOVE this popcorn! The flavor is amazing and it's so nice to eat microwaved popcorn again! I have avoided microwaved popcorn for so long because of all the horrible chemicals in the bag. These guys have figured out how to take out all the bad stuff and add in lots of good stuff. Thank you so much - one of the best innovations of the year! Be sure to try the other flavors too - the sampler is great.
238342238342B0057JF92SA2OLLK0A4279P2A. Ho "Angie"4451317945600Packs a Punch!I was lucky enough to try these out as part of their Kickstarter campaign a month ago.

If you like some herbs and cheese, this is the popcorn for you. The popcorn itself is also delicious, but the seasonings just pack in a whole new punch.

And let's not forget how organic and chemical-free it is. Feel free to even pop your own popcorn with a popcorn machine - tastes great even still!

You have to try all three flavours! (My personal favorite is the Vermont Maple/Sea Salt)

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