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238399238399B0009X1P7AA3FS3KF3O778YMKatie0051350691200Not greasy or smellyI bought these from my local specialty pet store for a dollar more than they're listed on Amazon, and I was glad to pay that price for them. I am excited to find them here at this price, because these were reserved for occasional chewies for my two dogs: an Italian Greyhound and a Pug. My dogs are moderate chewers and these pig ears will last them for at least a week. I give them the pig ears when I leave for school in the morning and even if I am gone for 8 hours or so, they still only make a small dent in it because these are so massive. Then I pick them up and return them to my dogs when I leave the house again. :) And, they do not leave any residue or smell behind, which is awesome because my Italian Greyhound likes to eat his on the couch. I though I was done dealing with pork chews because of the high fat contents of other pig ears and pork chews, but then I came across these and felt the dry, clean texture. At this price, these will become a more regular chew in their chewy repertoire. Merrick makes great products that are made in the USA with all USA sources, which is what I look for when buying my dogs any treats, from biscuits to chews. Even if you have a small dog under 20 lbs, I would recommend trying them, because they are a great value and dogs can just work on a little bit at a time. I have been able to break them up before (usually a corner will be easier to snap off).
238400238400B0009X1P7AA18KMOFIUPFJL8Sportschick0011332115200AWFULFirst off, this thing was HUGE. It would be good for a Great Dane, but that is about it. I was able to actually cut a small piece off (which took about 20 minutes to hack through the softest part), but my dog was able to chew through it and it came apart in chunks. It was too dangerous for her to even eat, I was afraid she would choke on it, she is a small Yorkie.

The other thing is the ear STUNK. Whatever smoke stuff they put on it, got everywhere. I guess if you have a really large dog and give it to them outside, this would be a good product. But it just didn't work for me.
238401238401B0009X1P7AA1JOO1F4UEPA1HBonnie R., Riquier "Bonnie"0051256688000Best Value if bought singlarly.By this item as a single one just type in the number you would like. Much better price than buying a case. But that was when I bought them. Still the case price was alot cheaper, by about half, than my local pet Stores orFarm store...... even with the shipping. i would deffinately buy from this seller again.
238402238402B0009X1P7AA3NW5B04GU0A36Castle "Castle"0041249862400Merrick's Miss Porky ChewI have a Great Dane and two Dachshunds.

Pros: My dogs loved these! They last a lot longer than Merrick Pig Snozzles. My Great Dane takes about 10-20 minutes to finish and my Dachshunds take as long as a few hours. Usually they don't get the option to finish because when my Dane finishes his, he goes after theirs.

Cons: Expensive. I'm glad I tried them, but I wouldn't get them again. Too expensive for a treat that doesn't last that long.

I'm giving them a high rating because my dogs thoroughly enjoyed them, but I don't think I would recommend them to somebody who doesn't want to spend a fortune on dog treats.
238403238403B0009X1P7AA8EO00S4E5UB5K. Petticolas0051245024000Awesome treats!My dog absolutely loves these pig ears. I was very disappointed when my local pet store told me that the product was discontinued. A quick search of the web proved that to be false. Each pig ear lasts for a little under a week for my 12 pound Terrier mix. They are quite the challenge for her and she loves the taste, although they do make her a bit more thirsty than usual.
238405238405B0045TNRGQA111XJY4XSDIY9Cleveland R. Mooney2251331769600Smuckers sugarfree syrupI had been able to purchased Smuckers at the local Dielberg stores. I searched for it and was unable to find it at Snucks or Shop and Save stores. I saw Smuckers syrup on Amazon and decided to purchase over the internet. Now I have plenty, this will last me for a very long time. I take my own syrup when eating breakfast at IHOP because they nolonger keep Smuckers sugar free syrup on the tables. I Love this syrup, no added sugar to raise blood sugar level.
238406238406B004PD0968A1IOGEZUZPII8Ctravels101151337299200Smoky Delicious !Yet another fabulous Deli Direct spreadable cheese is this Smoky Bacon variety. I LOVE this one almost as much as their aged asiago. This one I use exclusivley for baked potatoes as its taste is almost identical to the Wendy's cheddar bacon style. This is also great on burgers and sandwiches too. Very light and not too strong on the smoke flavor. Nutritional facts are : for 2 TBSP : Calories are 90, total fat 7 grams, saturated fat 4.5, 0 trans fats, cholesterol 25 mg, sodium 220 mg, total carbs 3 grams, protein 4 grams. Allergen allert : contains, milk, soy and traces of tree nuts.
I rate this 5 if not 10 stars b/c it resembles the Wendys baked potatoe flavor so much.
238381238381B008VT627WA157T7L0BY7WFZTXdust "Gabe"0041344988800No miracle in a pouch, but kids love it.We all know by now that eating a balanced diet leads to a over all better quality of living. Will this product be the end all fix for tricking your kids to get the proper amount of veggies a day. No way, but that doesn't make it a bad product, just not a miracle in a pouch. Each pouch is one combined serving of fruit and vegetable. That doesn't mean one serving of veggies and than one fruit but only one serving made up of both. The taste isn't bad at all. My kids inhale them as soon as I ration out their daily allowance. I noticed the amount of sugar in these and only allow one a day. My kids would love to drink these all day long if allowed. They pass the kid taste test approval. I subtracted the 5th star and only give a 4 because of the amount of sugar to volume, and that the juice is not 100% juice. I would love to see a Super-V drink with 100% juice and not the 66% it currently has. The Berry is the best tasting one in my opinion, but since we also buy apple, and fruit punch Super-V I notice they all go just as fast when offered to the kids.
238382238382B0025UACXIA10TM2M8Z8WG62TomsMom1151258070400Love it!!My husband loves this sauce!! This is the only place I can find to order it.
238383238383B0025UACXIA19EJYTFPCJCBASheriDanish0051292198400Very Good!I discovered this product when I bought a fresh-made sandwich from a grocery store deli. I asked the clerk what kind of sauce they used for that particular sandwich and she showed me the bottle, Heinz Southwest Style Chipotle Sauce! Right away I checked out the condiment aisle. The sauce was not for sale there. I went from store to store looking for this sauce and could not find it anywhere, so I got permission from the store manager to buy it from the deli department, even though it was not available for retail sale. When the store changed sauces (dumb idea), I didn't know what to do. I emailed Heinz and begged, but they said it's only sold to restaurants. All I could find were these small cups, but it actually tastes better to me when it's not refrigerated, so these work out great. I thought 100 would be way too many, but my friends and neighbors were intrigued, and took some home. I also brought some to work and let my co-workers try it. Everyone loved it! Very unique flavor, tastes great on almost anything!
238384238384B0025UACXIA36VTBWY2DWTPCJustin M. "Juice"0051276128000Best sandwich sauce available...It's recommended as a dipping sauce, however, if you like Subway's chipotle sauce on your sandwich, you have to purchase this! Personally, it's the best sandwich sauce around. Very hard to find, this ( is the only store I could find to purchase.

Doesn't take much sauce to taste - robust, slightly spicy flavor. From what I understand, this is what most sandwich shops use - the best!
238385238385B000LKXFCOA7JTUK3FVAEMAKevin Wolf4451224806400The best!I can't believe the last guy's review! all of Mrs. Leepers pasta meals are EXCELLENT!! They do not taste gluten free at all! I think there was some speculation about the company lying about their finances or something, got some bad publicity. Then WholeFoods seemed to stop selling it! I was so disappointed- Even if you use the powder seasoning from other brands with your own GF pasta, you still risk eating gluten from the powder mix. Plus, the other brands taste nothing like Mrs. Leepers cheeseburger mac recipe.

5/5 Stars. I'm def. buying a bulk pack!
238407238407B00474D5IOA3EXW4HNYX7HF5Atomic Tofu "Code of Bushido"1151334102400My subscribe and save soy milkTastes great and comes in shelf stable packaging that you can store for a year.

Check my nutrtion facts upload image for reference if needed.
238408238408B00474D5IOAWB4AZHBCATC1N. KOERNER1151330992000Great Dairy AlternativeMy 15 year old daughter, who has always had to have her daily dose of cow's milk, was so worried when she was told she had to go Dairy Free. She drank this once and never looked back ;) she loves it!! We are now switching the whole family.
238409238409B006OI345UA18CHLMGRONZFMTeresa Reichenbach0041348963200So-SoI bought this after all the Dr. Phil hype regarding weight loss. It just doesn't taste very good to me, very green and weedy is the best way I know to describe it. But I persevered for about 4 days, maybe that wasn't long enough, because I didn't notice any difference.
238410238410B000I5ZD22A8PARIEINK46NGerald Nelson5741279843200Very Tasty Lobster TailsFirst of all I was impressed with the packaging, they arrived in perfect condition, my only gripe and the only reason I did not give them 5 stars is because it says it comes in a smoker bag but this was not the case, other than that the delivery was quick and the lobster tails were fresh.
238386238386B000LKXFCOA2CFWPKKAJZ8IBLynn Jones3331283472000Tastes great..still made me sick :/I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 3 years ago and I LOVED finding GF boxed meals that taste like the ones I grew up on! It was absolutely delicious! BUT later that night I got really sick! After mulling over the ingredients on the box I realized it contains "autolyzed yeast extract" which is a "natural" form of MSG. I'm CRAZY sensitive to MSG which means I can't buy this anymore :( but to anyone without that sensitivity, you won't regret buying Mrs. Leepers! :)
238387238387B000LKXFCOA29SQGWGRRUBPTK. Leonard3341235606400A Good, Fast, Easy, GF Meal!I have been GF for 4 years. This was the first GF "meal in a box" that both my husband and I actually enjoyed eating. We've had some stinkers, and this is NOT one of them. We eat this brand, and this particular variety, about once a month. I can honestly recommend it.
238388238388B000LKXFCOA22XSJ4X7FD4CVWLS2211314230400YUCK!!I'm baffled by the good reviews here. It does taste gluten free, but it's GROSS. It has no flavor, but it's full of cholesterol and sodium. Not sure how that happens, but I couldn't even get my kids to eat this. If you're used to flavorful food, skip this or plan on adding additional flavoring.
238389238389B000LKXFCOA4C2WOB4190NWCatherine Butler2251266192000Fast meal helper.This is a regular item in my kitchen. It is just like the hamburger helpers I use to use before I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and had to go on a gluten free diet.
238390238390B000LKXFCOA33L0AX0VQQ9LASharon B.2251212969600Doesn't taste GF!This is great for a quick meal. When it comes to meals with pasta, I find myself cooking separate batches because of the taste of GF pasta, but not with this mix. My entire family enjoys this meal and it is truly quick and easy.
238391238391B000LKXFCOA2U4BMY9B9QM1NMeghan "Meg"2251207526400Pretty GoodI'm the only one in my apartment with a gluten intolerance, but we like to cook communal and quick meals. This was a hit with the normal folk I live with, and we buy it pretty often. It's as good as home-made, but it's really easy to make, like hamburger helper.
238392238392B000LKXFCOA3CVZZF48URP26GFMom1131272240000Quick dinner option, but SALTYLiked any boxed meal, it is hard to get past the sodium content in this. Both kids and adults alike both said it was salty. The cheese sauce has a great taste but I'm not sure I'd buy again. It is also quite filling - we had quite a bit left over.
238393238393B000LKXFCOA24TI0FXW07810ChampagneSipper1131266192000Very high salt contentThis stuff tastes well, and doesn't taste gluten-free, as others have noted. It's nice and cheesy. However, it's overly salty; I couldn't stop drinking water later that night. I'll have to limit my consumption of this due to the salt content.
238394238394B000LKXFCOA1BKE63TJW70KTnrhp "ATC"0051292025600awesome!My family (especially my 6 year old autistic/celiac son) loves Mrs. Leeper's Cheeseburger Mac!! I'm not too keen on the alphabet pasta, but the cheeseburger mac rocks!
238395238395B000LKXFCOA3ICDLUQ3V2QY2Kevin L. Nenstiel "omnivore"0031285891200Convenient but BlandThis simple boxed dinner, a Hamburger Helper for the celiac disease market, has one major virtue and one major flaw: it doesn't taste gluten-free. But it also doesn't taste like much of anything at all. It cooks up quickly and easily, and the noodles have a soft texture and mild flavor very different from most GF foods. But the cheese sauce has an airy "Cheez Flavr" that leaves no significant impression on my taste buds. Because of the cooking speed, and the fact that one box with a veggie side dish could feed four, I give it five stars for convenience. But its utterly forgettable taste and undistinguished character only merit two. I split the difference.
238396238396B000LKXFCOA3DAJ3VYW34UB5Susan B. Brown "susanakame"2711206835200Don't waste your moneyI purchased this from another source so that I could just buy 1 of this variety. The product tasted terrible. Glad I didn't buy it in bulk from Amazon......
This review goes for all her other varieties as well... since I tried and tasted them.... what a waste of time and money. I ended up eating something else with taste for the rest of my dinner because this was so bad....
238397238397B000LKXFCOA3B8EOEGU87Z7MEric A. Clark0421224979200Not bad, if you like sour creamUnfortunately I do not like sour cream at all. It has "sour" in the name for goodness sake! Otherwise this is pretty decent.
238398238398B0009X1P7AA3REUSZ5QHBMDLBernie Z3351168646400Quite a bite for your buck! :)These ears are HUGE! They are not greasy and you get a lot of ear for the money. I have three large dogs, one of which is older and missing some teeth. This ear lasts her a LONG time, and it takes the other dogs, who have perfectly fine teeth, at least 45-60 minutes to chew one of these to smithereens. I really appreciate the dryness of these; I hate the feel and odor of greasy pig ears.

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