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238441238441B0000W0GQQA1KGWKDK4YJEXUeBuzz3351335225600Absolutely the BEST Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste!I own a cupcake shop and make all of my cupcakes from scratch. My Very Vanilla cupcakes are top sellers because of the vanilla I use.
There's no such thing as "plain" vanilla cupcakes when I use this product. Customers can not only see the flecks of vanilla in their cupcakes but they can taste it as well. This product doesn't "bake out" as others do. It holds it's true intense vanilla flavor throughout.
I've tried many other vanilla flavorings but nothing holds a candle to this one.
238442238442B0000W0GQQA2YVKMMOYAZH8VThat one girl2211346889600Where's that wonderful aroma?I did my research before deciding to spend $30+ on a bottle of vanilla, granted a very large one. After reading all the comments, I expected the pleasant aroma of vanilla wafting from the bottle upon opening, but what I got instead was this murky, smokey smell that doesn't even remotely resemble vanilla. There is absolutely no vanilla aroma when I added it to my custards, even with additional amount. Sure, the vanilla specks are there, but what good would they do if they give nothing to the flavor of the dish? I must have gotten a bad bottle or something (is that even possible, for vanilla bean paste to go bad?). I'm quite disappointed, looks like I'll just have to stick with Costco vanilla extract from now on.
238443238443B0000W0GQQA1B40VBHHI66HQJulie Jackson2251325894400The absolute BEST vanillaI have purchased this vanilla in a smaller quantity from a retail cooking store many times. This is a much better value and I use the vanilla in all my baking. YUM!
238444238444B0000W0GQQA1L02MIVQ41GBALella2251323216000Vanilla Paste is ExcellentMost pleased with the vanilla paste (I have always used pure vanilla extract and thought there was no better, except for the vanilla pod itself). I got four 4-oz bottles for Christmas gifts for foodies, and a 32-oz bottle for ourselves to enjoy at home! Saw this first on the Jamie Oliver 30-minute Meals show, and finally tracked it down here. Give it a try - you won't regret it.
238445238445B0000W0GQQA1MP8B0M2BR9Z5Jana "amazonrocks"1151348185600I love this stuff!I actually ordered this by mistake. It was on my list, but I meant to order the vanilla which I use all the time. I've been using this to make my usual vanilla cake extra flavorful. I love the specs of vanilla bean throughout the cake or frosting as well. I use other Nielsen-Massey extracts and I love them all.
238446238446B0000W0GQQA139GOZ75XQUFEcari4420051350950400I wish I thought of it sooner.I have searched all over town recently trying to find vanilla paste. I have purchased it in a couple of different stores previously. No one had it.......... I use it in all my yummy receipes and they didn't taste the same without the paste. Thank goodness, I still had a bottle in the refrigerater so I could look for some.. had I known I could buy it in bulk........... thanks.
238447238447B0000W0GQQACRO7VUDC1RD4Beast0051349481600Use in moderation.I love to make homemade yogurt and ice cream. I have to remember that when I use vanilla past not to use the same amount as vanilla extract. This product is more concentrated and should be used in moderation for the same flavor. It is like using vanilla beans without the hassle of the bean. I love this stuff.
238448238448B0000W0GQQAAQ837WQ52O0LJ. Pratt0051347926400My Vanilla orderThis is a really great product !! It's great for cakes, filling, and frostings! I use this for pastery cream's as well. I love to see the vanilla bean seeds, and it taste great !
238449238449B0000W0GQQA1NXU00QWYW4C1Salome B. Vaughn0051347926400Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Bean PasteAdds great flavor to my pound cakes. I have also found that i can use less of this than the regular Vanilla This size is very economical. The bottle has a squeeze top which makes it easy to measure the paste. Will definitely continue to purchase.
238450238450B0000W0GQQA29JXI8RQZEXPTPen Name "caretan"0041347667200Big bottleArrived as expected. Product is good. Only strange thing is the equivalency information was scratched out. No big deal though... I was able to get the information on the Internet. I just thought it was strange that thr equivalency was scratched out just like the picture on amazon.
238451238451B0000W0GQQA1FV98EOEI1IM0NY Cooking0051344729600LOVE this vanilla bean paste!! Been using for 15+ years!!!Great thanks for Amazon's existence; I never knew I could get this Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Paste in this size. Many years ago I used to purchase the small glass bottles, which didn't last long and was expensive. Now with this size, it replaces the many little bottles and saves me lots of money! I always use this for creme brulee, whipped cream, cookies...basically whenever a recipe asks for vanilla extract. I don't know much about "extract" other than it is cheaper than bean paste, but this bean paste product is definitely YUMMY!!
238452238452B0000W0GQQAAEW50UKXP9Q0Laura Newton "It's a car wash ladies and gent...0051343779200Best vanilla extract I've triedI add vanilla extract to everything... my granola, cookies, cakes, ice creams... it is so nice to get it in such a large quantity and save myself the $$ and trips to the grocery store. This is the best vanilla extract I've tried too, it is especially delicious in my vegan coconut milk ice cream... the little flecks of vanilla are amazing. I recommend this product to anyone who uses a lot of vanilla!
238453238453B0000W0GQQA4781IFPIVY4CLou0051341100800Best Vanilla Product Ever!This is a thick sugar syrup base with lots of vanilla seeds and a strong vanilla extract flavor. It does not contain corn syrup, but does have sugar. I love the way it flavors. I even mixed some in sparkling water and made something that resembles cream soda. I haven't had any second thought or regrets with this purchase or using this product. I prefer it to the extract.
238454238454B0000W0GQQA3MA7YCVG0WUD4J. Roberts0051338768000Amazing priceI love this Vanilla Bean Paste. At the price, I was half expecting that it would have been Vanilla Extract instead, but it is the same paste I spent $12 on for 4 oz. at William Sanoma. Definitely a better value if you use it.
238455238455B0000W0GQQA2P9HXGTO5LFFCRose0051337731200Great Product-Love It!Love,Love,Love this product! Have used it for years for that special touch in all my baking
& even better in cold desserts!!
238456238456B0000W0GQQA1PI25OX1YD1OJannamarie0051334793600Nielsen-Massey Vanillas 1-qt. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean PasteGreat taste! Wonderful way to get real vanilla bean without having to split and scrape the bean. Would recommend to anyone.
238457238457B0000W0GQQAR1TUY3N71FE1Kievit3541297987200Madagascar Vanilla Bean PasteI initially received the incorrect item when I ordered this. The company was very prompt to send out a replacement with the correct item. I would use no other vanilla, it is GREAT!
238458238458B0000W0GQQA3OEVUFUOD74D1Travis M. Cotton1251327622400Great productI didnt realize how big this was going to be and its more like a cross between vanilla extra and paste. In other words you can pour it into a spoon and it can be used as a substitute for extract. We've made a few things with it and the quality is excellent!
238459238459B0000W0GQQA1O34VXFI71X4CCML "All Day Shopper"0241339891200I might try the paste instead of the liquid extract next timeI bought the large bottle of liquid vanilla bean extract. It works well, but about the same as other pure vanilla extracts. The bottle is really generously large. Next time I will
try the paste everyone is so happy with.
238460238460B0000W0GQQASJB0PXX4K691J. J. Wilde3821334448000Sugar??Was very disappointed to have this item arrive and discover it has sugar added to it. I do sugar free baking and that makes this a no go for me. Sent back.
238461238461B0000CDHN8A1YW5ZC2PLT45Dmancity7890031317254400Not quite as advertisedI have only been using these for a short time, but these seem to be good quality cooking chopsticks. They are a bit thicker than other chopsticks (cooking or eating) which makes them easier to handle for cooking. My only complaint is that these are advertised as 18" long, and the ones I received are 15-1/2". The main reason I chose this product was because I wanted chopsticks as long as possible to reach safely into my deep cooking pot. These are still usable, but I need to be careful since the missing 2-1/2" gives me less clearance over hot water than I was hoping for.
238462238462B0000CDHN8A2WBOOVY4U0M12NenaLiu0051308268800Great qualityMy hubby is the cook in the family, and I am always looking for gadgets ang kitchen stuff as gift for special occasions. I never thought this simple cooking chopstick would make him so happy. He loves them, they are as described, plus very sturdy . His arms are distant from the heat because they are really long. Very reccomended.
238463238463B001SAMKCWAM6WSO7U57RP2Chely191941326240000Excellent Raw CashewsAfter shopping several places for more economical raw cashews than my local health food market, I decided on this item. They arrived quickly and are great nuts, however, my only complaint would be how they were packaged. Five pounds of cashews should be shipped in a proper box -- NOT a priority mail envelope!! I received my package punctured with a big hole, and there was a hole in the bags inside holding the cashews. Not sure how many cashews I lost in the delivery process, but doesn't look to have been too many. PLEASE Bayside Candy: package them better and I'll be a repeat customer and a 5-star rating!

Other than the shipping snafu, the quality of these cashews are very good and are working very nicely in my raw food recipes.
238464238464B001SAMKCWA1CMSU7ZYYAVSSsharrig8811343520000Packaged in Ziplock BaggiesJust a warning: These Cashews came re-packaged in ziplock bags. No safety seal or anything - just normal ziplocks. I am not comfortable with that from a retailer, which may be coloring my impression that the nuts smell bad (though a friend smelled them and agreed).

The seller will only refund me $1 unless I personally pay shipping to send the ziplock bags of nuts BACK to them, presumably to be resold. They were explicitly concerned about not being able to recoup costs if i did not return the product. They want me to bear the costs of their bad product instead.

Do NOT buy these - who knows how many times they send these nuts through the mail, have them returned, and resell them, with NO way to assure they have not been contaminated. Very gross. I plan to throw these away. Sad.
238465238465B001SAMKCWA1G4YWJAXN3Z69Qaterra5551324166400Repeat CustomerThis is my second purchase. These cashews are fresh, sweet and oh-so-yummy. Perhaps a tad pricey with the shipping but really, really, really good.
238466238466B001SAMKCWA2DKE9Q70WX08Tjaguarwoman "jaguarwoman"4451315180800Yummy nuts!I recently received these as a birthday gift to supplement my budding raw-foods diet. I was worried about buying bulk online, for fear they may be soft or stale. I am happy to report that neither fear materialized. These nuts were fresh and crunchy and very tasty. In fact, I had recently bought some at Whole Foods store and the Amazon ones were way better in comparison. I used the WF store ones for cashew milk and these bulk ones in my gogi berry trail mix. Yummy good. I recommend these bulk nuts!
238467238467B001SAMKCWA2996MFJ3OK912Janet C3351313452800excellentNuts arrived in good time. The cashews were big & very few broken. Top quality compared to what I buy from stores. Definitely 5 star. Will buy from them again.
238468238468B001SAMKCWA2998IDZ0JBN. L. Perkins "horse lover"3351308873600tasty raw nutsThese nuts arrived quickly, and were very fresh. I eat these delicious nuts
raw, which I prefer to roasted. Good buy and very reasonably priced.
238469238469B001SAMKCWA244TZT8D3NDDKCharlene Howard Lowe1151346371200Glad I Made This PurchaseHesitated a little due to a comment by another purchaser about the nuts arriving in an envelope but the price was so good and I love cashews so went ahead with the buy. The nuts arrived quickly, were fresh and delicious. The nuts are almost all whole and there are very few broken nuts. They were packaged in two sealed plastic bags which is very good as I can only eat so many and don't want them to get stale as they might if packaged in one big five pound bag. The bags were in a box and very secure, no spillage or problem with the packaging of any kind. I will definatly buy from this company again.
238470238470B001SAMKCWAIUY3GNEBHKA5Trickswitch2351278115200DeliciousThese cashews taste great and have been a great addition to my raw food lifestyle.

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