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238531238531B000EONEU0AW2NEWVM74077Lindsey Brage0051328313600lively and long lastingMy yogurt always turns out perfect with this starter. After an 8 month hiatus from yogurt making I got a hankering for homemade yogurt and the only starter I had was a packet of this starter that was 3 months past expiration (but kept refrigerated). I whipped up a batch and the yogurt turned out PERFECT, as always.

This starter makes yogurt that I think turns out particularly good for straining in a fine strainer to produce amazingly creamy greek yogurt.
238533238533B000EONEU0A2YHIXGNR7BW0OKelly Kuhn "Kelly"0051326844800Great Product, Use it All the TimeI use this product every week to make yogurt and I have never had a bad batch yet. It is easy to use, easy to follow and seems to be fool proof when using this with the Euro Cuisine Yogurt machine.
238534238534B000EONEU0A83N14T7FQV82S. Houston0051319673600Good Yogurt StartersI have used dozens of these packets to make homemade yogurt in my yogurt maker. Almost every single time (except for once or twice where I'm nearly certain I did something incorrectly) it produces nice firm yogurt. I have not tried any other brands, but I don't think I would get noticeable differences between them. I will continue to use these and would recommend them for anyone who is looking to make yogurt at home without a lot of hassle. I hope they eventually release a Greek style yogurt starter!
238535238535B000EONEU0A1GXN1G9MWRF36Shelby W. Green0051301270400goodI have only made two batches of yogurt since receiving my new machine and this starter. Both batches came out perfect. It does taste really really good with a little added sugar or strawberries. I honestly believe I could eat all of it without stopping. It taste sour alone, like buttermilk.
238536238536B000EONEU0A384HPW2Y5WIN5John Yezeguielian "SpectreWriter"0051283040000Very Firm, very easy, a bit sourIn the overall I like this starter. They sent me extra-firm, and it really was that, which is a bonus in my book. I let it cook a bit longer than recommended, but half an hour shouldn't be enough to make it sour. To be fair, I added zero sugar, and I usually put a couple tablespoons in each batch, so that may be the cause of the minor edge. Will add to this if adding sugar resolves that concern.

Overall very pleased with the product and firmness of the yogurt it makes.
238537238537B000EONEU0A2VW0WBSTUOFO6Mimi Madhusudan1251340582400Awesome...This makes yummy yogurt..its very easy to make with no hassles.Now i dont have to go to the grocery store to buy it i can make fresh yogurt at home:)
238538238538B000EONEU0A3CCG0D8CZW568Joianne2441307059200It's ALIVE!!!!Shipping was super fast from the seller. It came in a protected envelope which kept the bacteria from all the harm the post office could muster up. It was protect so well in fact that after I split my order in half (gave one to my mom to try out too) I can't seem to find it. The bacteria was alive so I'm assuming it must of ran off. That envelope was protecting it not just from shipping harm but from the world. Hopefully once it grows up it will come back.

My moms batch of yogurt came out wonderful though. Better than the store variety any day! We were able to make a gallon of yogurt (that's a gallon a milk if your keeping track).

If your new to yogurt making or even a pro grab some today just make sure you lock it up so it doesn't run off once you get it!
238539238539B000EONEU0ARPG2DKQHYED5vidhya2451241136000GREAT YOGURT STARTERA Very good yogurt starter...once u make yogurt with this culture u will never go back to buying yogurt from Supermarket ever again!!!!
238540238540B000EONEU0A2TXIYMIN78I1VB. Karnofsky0151305936000Buy some as a back-upOf course you can make yogurt from starter left over from the last batch. But, what happens when you don't save some starter? This is a great back-up. Its relatively expensive for the tiny amount in each package (you get two packs), but its better than driving to the grocery store to buy some yogurt to use as a starter. It would be great if this vendor came up with a few different starter varieties, they'd probably sell more to people that like to experiment.
238541238541B000EONEU0A6ZMEFG3OBNB5Mark Mathosian0151286064000Works like advertisedI made several batches of yogurt using these starter packs. It made nice tasting yogurt with consistent results. I will purchase it again because using yogurt starter is convenient.
238542238542B000EONEU0A2T7NPOJP8O5AUsportk9s61111309132800Contains sucroseJust be forewarned, this product contains sucrose. I didn't realize this and so had to end up throwing it away after I received it.
238543238543B000EONEU0A1HHFZ169ZBKPTJoanna E. Moreland "Loves-a-Bargain Mom"2611271116800Sour, thin yogurtI was very disappointed with this starter. The yogurt was thin, and no matter how much stevia I added it still had a sour taste. I wouldn't buy it again.
238544238544B000EONEU0AYQWOSZUBSJKKMs. R "photo teacher"2921309824000overpriced powdered milkWell, the good news is, it does what it's supposed to, making yogurt thicken to the consistency we tend to like it. The bad news is, it's not much more than just simply super expensive powdered milk. I remember long ago when dry milk was a staple that was given out at food banks, etc., and was a super cheap commodity. Now, it's hard to find and extremely costly, but at least you get a lot of it when you do buy a box of it. This starter is teeny tiny and makes one batch, more than doubling the cost of the yogurt. Next time around, I tried a little gelatin, and it worked exactly the same way.
238545238545B000EONEU0AK2YTZ0PBQRU5HOTSPOTBUYS.COM "TAGS & FRAMES"0931323734400Girmi Yogut Starter PacketsBought a yogurt maker for my daughter for Christmas and figured I should get these starter packages to go with it.
238546238546B000EONEU0AOJMNBBV0U4SZGerald01331329782400Review of Yogurt StarterThe product arrived on time and in good shape. I haven't tried this product yet but am confident it will be what I expected.
238547238547B003A02VFOALFLYA1A422XCApril1121341360000Too lemonyThis Creme Bouquet was not like any I have used in the past. The lemon flavor was overwhelming and I could not taste any other flavor. Unfortunately I am not able to use this in my frosting or cake as I normally would.
238548238548B003A02VFOA3K0UH2I84V9H2Gertz0051323648000Flavoring for Cakereceived the Gallon of Creme Bouquet. We are making lots of cakes now and found this to be the most cost effective way to purchase Wish they carried Birthday Creme Bouquet in a gallon.
238549238549B000CRIUNAA147467IKGP6LKM. A. Miller151651143417600The Most Delicious Granola You'll Ever HaveAbsolutely! It is by far the nicest tasting granola I have ever had. It is not the same texture as most granola. It isn't extremely hard and crunchy. It is a bit softer in texture, but this doesn't mean that it sops up milk like a sponge if you choose to eat it more like a cereal. It remains the same lovely texture, not too hard, and definitely not mushy.

As for its flavour, it's a bit nutty tasting. The cranberries in it are a splendid bit of tart-sweetness, and the sunflower seeds are gorgeous as well. I generally mix a bit of Bear Naked Peak Protein All Natural Granola in with my Crispix. It's a scrummy touch to the Crispix, and makes the 12 ounce bag of Bear Naked Peak Protein All Natural Granola last a lot longer. (I tend to have this for breakfast and at least one snack a day.)

I give Bear Naked Peak Protein All Natural Granola five stars for its taste, texture, and nutrition.
238550238550B000CRIUNAA32TCWAILP09A2smart girl "smart girl"2241168905600Love the Granola - Great pre-workout MealI love this granola! It is perfect before workouts because its hearty, with protein and carbs. You do have to watch how much you eat because 1 serving is very small...but I eat 2 before going to workout. Its healthy and good!
238551238551B000CRIUNAA2ZBO4ZNJB2QLTZachary C. Anderson "Here Again"2241156377600healthy option for a quick snackAlthough i thought the texture was a little odd (chewier than you'd expect...), this granola tastes great (especially mixed in yoghurt) and has more protein than comparable cereals.
238552238552B000CRIUNAA2MIJGQUJZJRUSKaren45511683872005+++++ Stars for Bear Naked Granola!!Hands down, this is my favorite granola. It tastes great, it's natural and healthy (not alot of sugars). And the plus is that it has more protein than other granolas I've come across -- a great addition to my fitness and health program. I will be repurchasing.
238553238553B000CRIUNAA1BI3THK7U9NB2E. Durham "mom of 4"4551156982400Mom of 4We love this granola! Bear Naked makes wonderfully nutritious and delicious granola. We love eating the Banana flavor by the handfuls and the Peak Protein flavor mixed in with our yogurt. Amazon sells it for a great price, too.
238554238554B000CRIUNAA3KGHYNZ87SKETM. Morris1151290124800breakfast everyday!My husband has this for breakfast everyday. It has a good balance of protein to carbs to sugar. Many of the other high protein cereals have a high amount of sugar and this does not, so this is the only one he will eat. I was buying it all the time from the grocery store and it was getting expensive and we alwyas ran out before i could go buy more, so I decided to try the automatic shipment plan from amazon. So great! We get an automatic shipment of 6 bags of cereal once a month and it costs less than at the grocery store. Plus, I don't have to worry about running out of it. I am getting other things also from the auto delivery program and it is so easy and really works out well. You can cancel a shipment at any time and/or change the frequency at any time.. There is no commitment which is so surprising and terrific!
238555238555B000CRIUNAA31M9AUK6NX2D3Michael A. Sells "Mike"1151244937600Fabulous and Non-ExistentBy far the best granola I've ever tasted: crunchy, crisp, not too sweet, not mushy, not cloyingly filled with heavy spices, perfect. I like it with yogurt and fresh fruit and it is over the top. Correction: "I used to liked it with yogurt and fresh fruit and it used to be over the top." The problem: it does not appear to exist anymore. I've checked all the local stores, asked the purchasing manager at one, and none of them know why they can't get any. They've been stocking other Bear Naked products (a very vanilla, sweet brand called Fit Almond Vanilla Crunch) in place of Peak Protein. It is not in stock at Amazon or any of the other net sites, and it is not in stock at Bear Naked's home web page, but there is no explanation by Bear Naked about why and the Bear Naked Faq says nothing about it.

I read somewhere that Kellogg's had taken over Bear Naked. If that is the case, perhaps they are reformulating Peak Protein, improving what was already perfect, like Coca Cola did when it brought out "New Coke."; at least Coke gave Cokeheads a forewarning, allowing them to stack up on the old stuff before it was pulled off the market.
238556238556B000CRIUNAAPRP4EJSCYKKEA. Watkins "quiet-please"3421252195200It's different now.I don't think it's my imagination or just two bad bags
238557238557B000CRIUNAA1VCPMT1RRS7K0Matt3451151020800Soft-baked GranolaThis truly is the best granola I've ever tasted. Unlike most granolas I have tried in the past, Bear Naked granola is not dry and hard. It is chunky, with a texture that lies somewhere between crunchy and chewy. It's just right and it tastes great. Peak Protein is the most nutritious of the variety and it is excellent with yogurt.
238558238558B000CRIUNAA11B5G8ZSNNU3WGift Card "bonniebraids"2351244246400I Love Bear Naked Peak Protein Original So Much!!This is the best granola I have ever tried and I am hooked on it! The problem is, there is none to be found and I am so upset. I have looked everywhere but everyone is sold out and on backorder! Please get this back in stock!!
238559238559B000CRIUNAA1WTP99BOA0PGAJ. Mullally "booklover4ever00"0041338940800I am addicted to this delicious cerealI love the cinnamon taste and the crunch. My only quibbles are that it can be very hit and miss when it comes to how much fruit you get in the bag and how many clusters. Sometimes you get wonderful big chunks of granola clusters, and other times it is fragmented down to the last oat and sunflower seed. Also, as someone pointed out, the protein is soy based and this cereal is not organic. Frankly, for the price, it should be! Naturally, anyone allergic to nuts should steer clear of this product. One other point to keep in mind is that the serving size is a quarter of a cup, so this can be a high calorie and high priced breakfast compared to a simply hardboiled egg. Don't let the high protein claim on the front fool you.

Having said all that, it keeps me full and cuts down on my sugar cravings so if you want to use it as meal or snack any time of the day, it is delicious.
238560238560B000CRIUNAA24PJCGH685VHRPM0041323043200Best Tasting Granola I Have Ever HadI love this stuff..... I just can't stop eating it. I have tried all of the flavors and this one is the best. I carry a bag with me every day, I tend to be on the go all day and don't always have time to eat a full meal. This keeps the hunger away and I have yet to get sick of it, usually if I eat a lot of something I will loose taste in it but not this.

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