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238588238588B005ZGIHPOAEC90GPFKLAAWLisa Kearns0051328054400REAL licorice, soft and chewyI've had this licorice many times over the years, although this is the first time I've bought it on Amazon. The flavor is authentic and strong, since it contains real licorice root extract and molasses. The texture is very soft and chewy, and it will stick to your teeth somewhat. But I prefer it over artificially flavored, plasticky American licorice like Twizzlers. Real licorice has health benefits, too! It's high in iron, it's soothing to ulcers and coughs, it works as a mild laxative, and it has been proven to have anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities.

It's not a candy you can sit and eat mindlessly - four large pieces contains 140 calories, 19 grams of sugar and 31 grams of carbs. Plus re-read the laxative part above. But with licorice this rich and delicious, a couple of pieces is enough. I think of Kookaburra licorice as candy for adults.
238589238589B0013AM96OA300GMVCM24VLBHoracio Villarreal "Ecadese"3351293408000Look no further than Jet SmoothiesIf your looking to make quality homemade smoothies, then look no further than Jet Smoothie Mix. They use these where I used to work (in a dining hall), and they are excellent. There are no ingredients needed besides the mix, ice, and fresh fruit. Jet Smoothies do not disappoint. There are many flavors to choose from and I am writing this here because this review is one of the more memorable flavors. However, it is worthy to note that my favorite smoothie was Green Apple Strawberry and it used the Green Apple mix with fresh strawberries. I am sure you could make a wide variety of delicious smoothies with this mix. It is great for parties or great for cafeterias. The only problem I see is with the price. I wish they sold them individually. I am sure you can make similar smoothies to Jamba's popular "Strawberries Wild" flavor if your into that too.
238590238590B000CRIUNUA2NOZB6VZCTOI4Robert I. Hedges222251158105600Being Naked Is Good!I love granola and cereal in general, but I have to say that this is the very best granola I have ever had. The people at Bear Naked have a philosophy that I love, and which is on the back of every bag: "we believe food should be hand-made from wholesome and natural ingredients you can actually pronounce." Although I do eat processed food, I appreciate the appeal of the more traditionally prepared foods, and this granola tops the list for nutrition and taste.

Like most granola, it is high in calories and fat, but take note that the fat comes largely from the nuts contained (it also contains expeller pressed canola oil), and it has no trans fat, and only 1.5g of saturated fat per serving. This cereal is softer than most granola, though not soft enough for me to consider it chewy. It does have large chunks of nuts and also contains cranberries and flax seed, for optimal nutritional and digestive health.

The six-pack sold on Amazon makes the price per package reasonable (the ingredients are quite expensive), so as a value proposition, I think this is not only a great product, but a great buy.

Delicious and nutritious: a great combination that I recommend highly.
238561238561B000CRIUNAAQ5J6NVTJ2JKLJ. ALLEN0051308528000Great breakfast treat!Love having this in the morning mixed with yogurt, walnuts and fruit (craisins or 1/2 banana). Wonderful taste and very filling!
238562238562B000CRIUNAA3W1WFAY3BN8LSCJ "Toddy Coffee Brewer"0041283644800Good EquipmentI liked this product very much. It is all that it is claimed to be. A good choice money-wise also.
238563238563B000CRIUNAA1M3GFDS4CFEQGD. Smith0041267574400Good product, contains SoyThe product tastes good, but I developed issues, as I have a soy allergy. I did not see that in the information provided, so wanted to let others know.
238564238564B000CRIUNAA3AEHLMPP4GUDEUsed by Michelle0051267488000The Best GranolaSimply the best granola I have ever tried or purchased. It's healthy and tastes great--what more do you want?
238565238565B000CRIUNAA3DOPYDOS49I3TConfucious0051239062400Love these....I absolutely love these....They are very good by themselves as a snack or on yogurt with some fruit. Try to use them by the exp date. I tried having them after that date and they were not to good on my tongue.
238566238566B000CRIUNAA1I3RQUFHT54TZAnna Barton0051235779200good post-workout snackThis is a great post-workout snack. As a runner, I burn a lot of calories, so I'm hungry when I finish. This is a quick and healthy way to get some good nutrition. All the ingredients are natural, with nothing you don't want in there, such as fructose. This cereal is also an excellent source of whole grain.
238567238567B000CRIUNAA3DVOAGYD9PMZCWA Tree Hugger0051227916800Bear Naked Peak Protein Granola - Great Taste & Complement To Any Protein ShakeI've been consuming this product for a few years & have never been disappointed by its quality. Sometimes I'll grab a handful & chow down to relieve a hunger pang or provide an energy jump-start. But I normally use Bear Naked Peak Protein Granola in my protein shake mid-day or shortly after a work out. It adds great flavor, a moderate amount of protein & (bulk) substance to what would otherwise be a plain smoothie. It's hard not to get hooked and devourer half a bag at a sitting. But just like most foods, eat in moderation. Bear Naked Granola also has fat & sugar content that should be closely monitored.
238568238568B000CRIUNAA243E3Y01SCJUS. Starr0051213747200Awesome!Tasty breakfast and tasty snack anytime. This satisfies my craving for something sweet. I pour low-fat plain Kefir on the granola and it sort of like a parfait. A bit sweet and crunchy. Addicted to it!
238569238569B000CRIUNAA29EBK63SSCJ8CA. Hadley0051198281600Great buy from Amazon.We love this granola, and it was $2 cheaper per bag than what we pay at out local store.
238570238570B000CRIUNAA16X750Y5Z9O9BEd Zeppelin0051186185600Food of the godsOh man- I mix this with Wheaties. I mix it with raisins M&Ms and almonds for homemade trail mix. I munch on it right out of the bag. I like it with cold milk and blueberries. I take it on camping trips. I need some more.
238571238571B000CRIUNAA35YRK6E75SY1WG. M. Schauer0051167782400No other granola will doThis is the best granola my family has ever had. We cannot imagine eating another brand. Not always easy to find in the store, since it is so popular, it is usually sold out. Men's Health listed it as a favorite food recently. Great in yogurt or with milk.
238572238572B000CRIUNAADDY0B64M2QBWM. Filer "momwhoneedsanap"0051155859200Best Granola EVERThis stuff is amazing good. Not too sweet & lots of whole nuts & grains. It's expensive in the grocery store ($4+ per bag). We purchase by the case on Amazon. It makes the granola affordable.

It's definetely an adult cereal. Not sweet enough for the kids. Although they like adding it to strawberry yogurt for a great healthy dessert.
238573238573B000CRIUNAATKDL46SKQUKVB. Quiller "Coffee Geek"3511228176000StaleI have tried this granola localy and loved it. I saw the low price on Amazon a while back and bought a case. The stuff I got in the mail didnt taste at all like the granola I bought in the stores. It tasted like rancid powdered milk. After a mouthful I havent been able to eat This brand of granola again.
238574238574B000CRIUNAA2TYFZCW8B4SONIrene Bevilacqua "irbrenda"3531147996800Tastes great going down but it's a bit heavyI have tried all the flavors by Bear Naked and I admit they do taste terrific. I'm not too fond of the Banana cereal but the rest are pretty good. The granola is done just right...not too hard, not sweet at all, and nice and chunky!

My only gripe is that after it goes down, it lays very heavily on my stomach causing a terrible heartburn that lingers for hours. I thought it was just my body but my son has been eating it too and just this morning he asked me if it makes me feel sick. I said "not sick, but I do have indigestion." He said that must be what he is feeling.

We both say it tastes great but I think it's good to use just a few tablespoons at a time, like just add it to yogurt, not to eat as a bowl of cereal. It's just too heavy.

If it weren't for that awful feeling afterwards, I would definitely have given this product five stars based on taste and excellent granola-type consistency.
238575238575B000CRIUNAA2F9H20NBGIQ1Terminal Moraine "Ben"2521179792000Surprised & DisappointedMy first order for the product which i received was well packed and had plenty of whole product at the bottom of the bag. This new shipment of the same product had product dust and a few granules at the bottom of the bag. I understand that in packaging there would be a certain amount of settling of the product at the bottom of the bag but what i received was almost 2 inches of product dust and small granules. Either this is a packaging malfunction or a quality review lapse. At the price i paid for it there should be enough whole product at the bottom of the bag as there is at the top.
238576238576B000CRIUNAAOE5KKUQXX0BR. Saul3711320364800NOT ORGANIC AND CONTAINS GMOSNone of the BEAR NAKED GRANOLA products are organic nor do they contain any organic ingredients. Further they DO contain genetically modified ingredients (GMOS). These very misleading statements/descriptions by need to be removed immediately. For those of us for whom eating organic food is very important because we do not want GMOs in our food, this is deceiving and potentially dangerous. Please update the necessary listings at once and remove the erroneous information. Thank you.
238577238577B001FA1S5UA1PQA3OKSUMEPESCS3351260489600YUM! Best tasting "healthy" mac n cheese I've tried!This is so delicious I polished off the rest of my daughters! I love Kraft, it's tasty, but I wanted something healthier and the Annie's is a much healthier version, but taste was an 8/10. This is healthy AND delicious! I bought mine at the store, but just came on here to order a 12 pack! Yum!
238578238578B001FA1S5UA1DY0CRKZEY0FBJ. Perkins1151281312000Only Mac and Cheese My Kids Eat!I started buying this for my first child several years ago after searching for a more natural alternative to the regular mac and cheese. I think this even used to to be organic, or at least some of the Back To Nature products used to be. I am not so concerned now about all-natural/organic products.

Anyway, this has become a once-a-week favorite for my kids. They gobble it down now so I don't really have to figure out the best way to reheat it. There usually isn't enough left for leftovers. Highly recommended.
238579238579B001FA1S5UA167O3J2B4O1A1sevenzeroseven1151278720000Best Mac & Cheese EVER!Little over two years ago, I was given a box of Crazy Bugs to try because after nearly 20 years of eating the original Kraft - it was making me sick. I usually don't try things, but I was ecstatic when I realized what I was missing! I love the taste of the natural cheddar mix! I now buy 12 boxes off Amazon every three/four months and I am so happy to have them stocked up for when I want them. Supermarkets around here rip you off at around $2 a box, so Amazon is selling at a great price for 12.

Trust me...try them!
238580238580B001FA1S5UA31LDMID30HGAYAmandaD0051349740800Love this stuff!Excellent service! The whole family loves this Mac and cheese. It's super cheesy. Would highly recommend this product to anyone!
238581238581B001FA1S5UA2XNJJ9TF70P4JAngie0011349136000My husband wouldn't even eat it!I might be an adult but I still love mac and cheese and the "crazy bugs" gimmick got me. I picked this up at Walmart for $1.25. I prepared it on the stove and I was really annoyed to find out that the cheese packet powder is WHITE, and not ORANGE like they advertise on the box. I hate when the cheese is white, it looks so unappetizing. The taste isn't horrible but it's nothing special at all. My husband tried it and refused to take more than a bite, and he'll eat anything. All these positive reviews are just buying into the Natural gimmick.
238582238582B001FA1S5UAO2LN3BZ19YQGlulu0041337558400YummyThis is a great product and tasted delicious. My daughter is very picky and she loves eating these little bugs.
238583238583B001FA1S5UA2MP5ALLQKSQSArmily0051330819200Better alternative to Kraft!I've tried some of the other healthier alternatives to Kraft and the flavor just wasn't in the same category - edible but not doing it for me. This stuff is great! It's not an exact replica but still very flavorful.
238584238584B001FA1S5UAPJIN45RNQKICtigidigi0051326412800SatisfiedMy 3yo likes maccaroni & cheese in general.
I had never tried these before.
I wanted something healthier than the standard version.
I tried these.
My little boy seems to like them.
238585238585B001FA1S5UAFJ5AI0EXM98NMcNeil0031319241600Good but saltyThis mac and cheese is good but it's a bit salty for me. My kids love it though. For what it's worth, I don't eat a lot of salty foods.
238586238586B001FA1S5UA1FKLTOZVFGQ7AAllan E. Levy "reader"0051313884800Best everThis is the best macaroni and cheese ever made. It comes out very creamy. My grandchildren love it, and insisted on taking one home, so you know they really like it. There are two things that make it easier to make. First use a pot watcher, this will prevent boiling over - read about it in Wikipedia. Second, make the sauce in the pot before putting the macaroni back in. Let the butter or margarine melt, add the milk, and then the cheese mix. Mix it up and then put the macaroni back it.
238587238587B001FA1S5UA3MG063NMJ7X2OE. Wood0051304985600"Buggy Mac" is the best!Crazy Bugs macaroni and cheese is the best boxed macaroni and cheese, hands down! We subscribe to the delivery and get 12 boxes every 3 months. My kids, husband, and I all love it. There are never any leftovers!

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