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238621238621B000CRIUNUA116HKTF7IFFIUzboyd0051335398400best granola out thereI have not only tried nearly all of bear naked's products but MANY other brands as well, and this granola is the jackpot! I now order it on amazon b/c it is the cheapest i can find. yes you get six bags but if you like anything related to granola or oats you will finish all 6 bags within a month or two. making it a great subscribe and save item.
238622238622B000CRIUNUA1UIEBK9G13QAKMrs. D.0051325980800Great Healthy SnackI was introduced to this snack by my daughter who lives in a different state than I do. I couldn't find it locally, but was so happy to find it at I love this product. It has oatmeal, which I love and a few pieces of dried fruit and nuts. It's not too sweet. Very good.
238623238623B000CRIUNUA2FKVFFHTKD5K5Coco0051320624000Good, Fresh GranolaI use this granola to make myself a yogurt parfait every morning. I was pleasantly surprised by this granola. It's so yummy. I love the nuts - lots of pecans, walnuts and almonds. Most products say "nut" but then they're cheap w/ the amount of them. I like that almost every other bite, I get a nut. It tastes really fresh too. It doesn't have a lot of sugar, which is great in comparison to other granolas.
238624238624B000CRIUNUA32DKS1DPYM3G8gabaheart0051320364800Bear Naked ReviewPrior to ordering the product I read all of the previous reviews. I read reviews that said what was delivered was without issue and also read reviews that commented that the product was less than fresh. So, there was "minor" doubt that I would receive a less than adequate product. Well, I'm here to report to anyone else who has read the less than stellar ratings that my experience has simply been excellent. Now, you decide.
238625238625B000CRIUNUA1AGE34GEXFPJ6AmazonFan0051319846400great breakfast great price
238626238626B000CRIUNUA2N6Q1YRGLJ7QIHootchymumma0051319068800Great granolaI eat this every single morning for breakfast wih berries. It's great, not too sweet and full of nuts and fruit. The best granola I've tried, and I've tried a lot.
238627238627B000CRIUNUA1PU9GCX6AB40DLynnster0051313798400Delicious, healthy start to my day!I've been eating Bear Naked Fruit & Nut Granola for a couple of months now & I'm totally hooked on it!

I mix it with vanilla soy yogurt & fresh seasonal fruit (currently blueberries and fresh pineapple). Delicious!

I just received a case of 6 pouches via Amazon & I opened the first pouch this am & immediately noticed more fruits and nuts in these than the individual pouches that I was buying at Whole Foods (at almost double the cost!) I don't know why, but I'm very happy about it as more nuts and fruits = happy me!

My new am routine is certainly more nutritious ( and lower in sugar) than my former daily breakfast, which consisted of homemade cocoa (using unsweetened, european cocoa powder), almond milk (hardly any protein), agave & a marshmellow, along with a (zero nutrition) gluten-free cookie!
238628238628B000CRIUNUA2GIJKWOWHZ48QLaura Sailors "beautyofthesea"0041309132800Fresh Granola, Great Taste, but Expensive for Value!This is a very good tasting granola. The almonds in the "banana nut" flavor are very hard, so if this is not a problem go for it and try it out! The cost is high for such a small amount of granola and it doesn't last long even buying it in bulk packages of pack of six in 12 ounce packs. It's all natural which is good, but for the cost I think it would be worth the time to buy the ingredients yourself to save some money.
238629238629B000CRIUNUA10E3F50DIUJEEC Wahlman "cdub"0051308700800I love it!I absolutely love Bear Naked Fruit and Nut blend. I was reluctant to try it, but I am so glad I did. The oats and sesame seeds are nicely flavored and provide a nice little bite. The walnuts and almonds are big and pack a punch of flavor. I could care less for the raisins, but I am not a big fan of them in any setting.

My favorite preparations are over some plain vanilla yogurt (especially if you add fresh berries), or simply as is for a light snack. I also like to add some other dried fruit to make it last longer.

This is a great item for those with dietary restrictions. When I fast for Lent or other Orthodox fasts, I always grab a bag as a filling snack.

I could not be happier. This product is simple, good, and versatile. Highly recommended.
238630238630B000CRIUNUAXF6EJA1UKKAROnarum0051301702400Bear NakedBear Naked All Natural Granola (Fruit and Nut) is by far the best. I keep them both at home, and at work for when that crave kicks in.. I'll keep on coming back for more... One thing though, the bag does not contain a great deal of the stuff...Bear Naked All Natural Granola, Fruit and Nut, 12-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)
238631238631B000CRIUNUA3UICB9Y0FI8NZdiner-w0051297728000Tastes great and is HealthyBest granola going! I eat it every morning with vanilla or plain yogurt. Who says you have to have a pop tart or a doughnut to get a quick breakfast! This has healthy whole grain, healthy nuts (whole, not tiny bits) and healthy fruits. LOVE IT!
238632238632B000CRIUNUAZOYVQTM4DWAXtechrockstar "the techrockstar"0051294617600WOWThis is awesome granola! I have it with frozen blueberries and plain yogurt my wife makes. She used to make her own granola, but she has a new bar to get over now!
238633238633B000CRIUNUA57X3VGZXSL2VMatthew Leeds0051294444800Great breakfastBeen eating this stuff for some time now. Great mix of nuts, fruit, and oats. Excellent flavor, texture, and is even better topped with fresh berries.
238634238634B000CRIUNUA1F5774CLZ85COlovingvermont0051291507200Low in Sugar, High in Great taste!This granola is fantastic! Low in sugar and the banana adds alot of flavor. Buying this product in 6 packs was a great savings. Will be buying this alot!
238635238635B000CRIUNUA1CX5VARYFV21IJohn "john1550"0051288569600Really, just incredible granola.Fantastic flavor -- it's sweet, but there's this deliciously nutty aftertaste that hits you as you keep chewing, probably due to the flax and sesame seeds. Healthy too.

It's under $4 per bag if you buy from Amazon and around $3 per bag if you get a subscription, which is something like half the price of what it is in stores.
238636238636B000CRIUNUA1KAESK8M10N7VJared Kendrick "Jar K"0051280793600Cereal?It is sweet to me, but I am used to a food without sugar. My question - is this actually cereal, trail mix, or just random things in a bag you can do what you want with? It is soft as-is and I am not sure what milk soaked in, if any.
Words to describe: delicious, giant nuts, not hard, 6 grams of sugar per 1/4 cup, no aftertaste, and cereal??.
238637238637B000CRIUNUA26YNPI0OJ1MPKCarol Barber0051262390400get naked!!I travel a lot and am always on the lookout for healthy snacks I can take along with me. This granola is exactly what I like. It's tasty, healthy, and the packaging it easy to carry. It comes in a ziplock bag, so it stays fresh. Love all the varieties of it but this is my favorite. It's great for breakfast, but also good just right out of the bag, any time of day. Very quick and filling, which is perhaps the best part for me.
238638238638B000CRIUNUA1ID3HCO2FQV6LM. Fryer "Laughing Lizard"0051226793600Best Granola Cereal!This is the best granola cereal that I have ever tried. I first found it at Sam's Club in 20 oz. bags but they do not stock my local store any longer. Many may think this is pricey but well worth it. Now I routinely schedule this for delivery and get a little more discount. I mix it with a pumpkin seed flax cereal and eat it with blueberries and banana. Wow! Its nice to look forward to when you wake up. Buy it! You will not be sorry.
238639238639B000CRIUNUA1ZWOYBPWRN2Y9Deborah Bankson "Deb"0051225843200The best granolaI was very happy to see my regular grocery store now carrying Bear Naked. It's the best tasting granola I've found yet. It's great as a snack on it's own, or mixed into yogurt.
238640238640B000CRIUNUA19KNKUO87G19KA. scamacca0051225238400i love this stuff :)what an awesome product it taste great i will be trying all the others asap.thanks for the great and fast service.
238641238641B000CRIUNUA1H243B6WSTBEteddysteatime "teddysteatime"0051219363200Bare Naked a great snackGreat product, wonderful flavor and texture, would highly recommend. I am now sprinkling it in my egg white each morning.
238642238642B000CRIUNUA1XK9PVZSMKWMECindy A. Goodwin "tryingtobehealthy"0051216944000Bear Naked Granola is Grreeaattt!!!!!!Much more nutritious than my usual//Mickey D sausage biscuit!!/very clean, filling snack..My stomach does much better when I have my granola//hooked on it//saw the birth of this product on the Food Channel several years ago!! I work for a health care agency and now several of my nurses are BEAR NAKED lovers!!!!!
238646238646B000CRIUNUA1SSGSAO1KBIK9Dorrie0051200960000Best ever granolaI had been buying Bare Naked granola as I came across it in stores, then my local SAM'S club had it for a while. Then they stopped selling it and I stumbled across it at Amazon Grocery!!! It is the best granola I have ever eaten; please keep on stocking it.
238643238643B000CRIUNUA14DWLG13YNBHSSharon Brashear0051211846400Bear NakedThis is the best granola I have ever eaten. It is so fresh and the fruits are large chunks instead of little pieces. The nuts are excellent. Just wish I could find it at more stores. But that's okay. Amazon has an excellent shipping deal. (Over $25 and it is free!)
238644238644B000CRIUNUA3HUGAEBDMG806Tiphany Lindsay "Maza"0051204329600The Best!!!This is still the best cereal I've ever tasted. It keeps me full for four hours or more.
238647238647B000CRIUNUA379HF6IB1I25XJames King0051199577600I love this stuffThis is by far my favor flavor. The variety of nuts and berries is perfect. Love it!
238648238648B000CRIUNUA1QEF343D5KXB7Miss Rizzy "GirlAzul"0051193702400Get Bear Naked Granola!Never had this product before I ordered it, but I heard about this granola on the Food Network's "Unwrapped" show, and decided to try it when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It's a great way to get all the carbs, protein, and fat I need in a quick and healthy snack. Delicious! Nutritious! Fabulous.
238649238649B000CRIUNUA29GZJVMSQ1SBHRachel A0041186012800Great GranolaI love this granola. I eat it for breakfast with yogurt, with milk (which isn't as good) or by itself as a snack. It's really tasty. Sweet without being too sweet. The only thing one might not like about it is that it is sticky.
It is a great deal too - cheaper than what I found in stores.
238650238650B000CRIUNUAFWTOU47LQW85Judy Dussault0051178409600Bear Naked All-Natural Granola, Fruit and NutThis is the best Granola I have ever tasted. I just wish it was in grocery stores closer to where I live. If I buy it in a grocery store I have to travel 60 Miles so you see I really love this granola
238645238645B000CRIUNUA1FOUP7EWV9KTTT. Erlandson0041203033600Excellent Bear Naked!Love it - could have a few more nuts but has great flavor and texture

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