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238651238651B000CRIUNUA311NE8DP7UEKHElizabeth Perry "onesize"0051162512000cheaper than one by one at the storeGood low sodium low sugar granola that I feel I can't afford at the onesie price in the traditional shopping venues.
238652238652B000CRIUNUAEBKCXIFEFE3FVicki M.0051162512000Granola, Fruit and NutThis is a great tasting granola. It is good as a cereal or as a snack. I can save money when I buy the box at Amazon instead of at the grocery store.
238653238653B000CRIUNUA3CM0IX2AULFWSH. Butler0051155254400The Best GranolaThis is the best granola I have ever had, I love how it has large chunks of fruit and nuts. It's great when I am on the run and need some energy. Bear Naked has some of the best products I've tried.
238654238654B000CRIUNUA2UKIXVWNQ7LHFJ. Kiser "jujukiser"0051154390400So incredibly delicious....I saw a show about Bear Naked on Food Network, and had to try some. It is simply the best granola out there. I'm so glad Amazon is offering it! We'll be buying a LOT more! (Banana nut is my favorite, but they are all yummy.)
238655238655B000CRIUNUA2WJSPKOKQRB78T. Fraser1211343692800unethical and misleading labeling...Amazon doesn't allow zero star reviews...and the one star I had to allow is far too generous. This product deserves about a negative 10 star designation. It is not organic (one reviewer described finding it in the "organic" section of their local grocery store). The label on the bag claims "100% pure & natural granola" (this claim is meaningless) and on the back has the following:
"No artificial flavors; No cholesterol; No hydrogenated oils; No high fructose corn syrup; No artificial preservatives; 0 g trans fat"

Notice it does NOT claim to be GMO-free and the likelihood is that this granola DOES contain GMOs, as it has non-organic canola oil. Please be aware that "Bear Naked" is not some folksy brand - it is a subsidiary of Kelloggs...the same Kelloggs that has donated substantial amounts of money to defeat a California November 6th Right-to-Know Ballot Initiative (Proposition 37) that would require mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods and would, in the words of the Organic Consumers Organization put "an end to the unethical practice, unfortunately common even in the alternative food sector, of marketing or labeling GMO-tainted food as "natural."

The group GMO Free USA, has launched campaign #1: Boycott Kelloggs, noting "In this digital age, you have to wonder why a company would spend more money than it could possibly cost to change their product labels to fight against the consumer's right to know what we are eating."

Why, they might even have to label a seemingly "clean" brand like Bear Naked with the truth...and then how much of this phony product would they sell? Don't be fooled...I certainly won't be buying from Bear Naked again...or any Kelloggs products.
238656238656B000CRIUNUA1M23CTMU37IGAMark Brittingham1251233014400Seriously Good GranolaThis is seriously good granola and extremely healthy as well. There is a lot of both fruit and nuts to make this something to look forward to in the morning.
238657238657B000CRIUNUA3J44VPHWT9L3LSharon Burgos1251179705600It is addictive!If you're like me, one handful of this stuff and you'll never buy any other granola again. If you really want to be impressed, look at the ingredients on the label. There isn't one artificial ingredient, just pure, wholesome, REAL food. You have to note the serving size, especially if you are watching your weight. This stuff is not light on calories, so a little goes a long way. Highly recommended!
238658238658B000CRIUNUA1GYI9NJWZFI4WJ. Peloquin1241170720000Bear Naked Granola...normally great, but...Bear Naked Granola Fruit and Nut is our very favorite granola, but my order on 1/5/07 arrived, and the batch I ordered did not seem as fresh as the others I have ordered. Specifically, the raisins in each bag were so hard we had to spit them out. So hard you could not chew them.

The other six bags I ordered on 1/5/07 were a gift. I sure hope the batch the recipient received was not that stale.

Our previous orders of this same product proved to be just great!
238659238659B000CRIUNUA17G8JEOGJF13OL. Harrington1251168300800The granola hunt is over.Bear Naked All-Natural Granola is the best tasting, natural ingrediant granola I have found and I love it! The texture is soft but has the crunch from whole nuts that I find satisfying. My favorite is the fruit and nut variety. You will not be disappointed by this product.
238660238660B000CRIUNUAY62H733EAODOY. Lee3651163030400yumminess!so good - i love bear naked. i think the fruit and nut is the best out of their varieties.
238661238661B000CRIUNUA2KPIOHRU8NX2NWill Rogers "author"1431313366400Super! But nutritional information is devious.This is my favorite granola. Great taste, chewy, generous with nuts, natural ingredients, and the company has a wholesome and green attitude. Super! There is one significant caveat . . . they are very devious with the nutritional information, so beware! The "serving size" is listed as 1/4 cup, enough to feed a small bird. I always mix this with Post Shredded Wheat/Wheat'n Bran (and use soy milk), probably the most nutritious and honest cereal out there. Perhaps the only cereal with no sugar or sweeteners (or salt). Tasty and plenty of fiber, too. And reasonably priced. If you are concerned with healthy eating, don't pass Post Shredded Wheat, Wheat n'Bran by. It has a nice crunch and taste, though mixing it with Bear Naked Fruit and Nut makes for a more roundly delicious meal. The Post Shredded Wheat/Wheat'n Bran lists a serving as 1 1/4 cups. Realistic. Compare that to Bear Naked's 1/4 cup and you will see that Bear Naked, despite its great taste, is extremely caloric. 1 1/4 cups of Bear Naked has 35g of fat, or 55% of the Daily Value and 700 calories! 1 1/4 cups of the Post cereal has 2% of the Daily Value and 200 calories. So for taste and enjoyment I would give Bear Naked five stars, but for the dishonest nutritional information, I lower that to 3.
238662238662B000CRIUNUAOE5KKUQXX0BR. Saul2711320364800NOT ORGANIC AND CONTAINS GMOSNone of the BEAR NAKED GRANOLA products are organic nor do they contain any organic ingredients. Further they DO contain genetically modified ingredients (GMOS). These very misleading statements/descriptions by need to be removed immediately. For those of us for whom eating organic food is very important because we do not want GMOs in our food, this is deceiving and potentially dangerous. Please update the necessary listings at once and remove the erroneous information. Thank you.
238663238663B000CRIUNUA3DI9GSJJASVMREisgirl0421334707200Wrong itemI ordered fruit and nut gronila but received three berry instead. Unfortunately I had it sent to a friend who was unaware of the mistake and was unable to return by the time I got the item.
238664238664B000CRIUNUAOE5KKUQXX0BR. Saul1611319673600IS NOT ORGANIC AND CONTAINS GMOSI loved this granola until I realized it is falsely described here as organic. It is not organic, contains no organic ingredients and further contains genetically modified ingredients (GMOS). I will be sure to search out truly organic granola from this site and hope that has not been falsely advertised as well.
238665238665B000CRIUNUA3UKD8WQ0BHPTBKevin G. Chiu1731168905600The inside of the bag smells like plastic.The first thing I noticed when opening the bag was the chemical stench of plastic fumes.

The second thing I noticed was the lack of vitamins and minerals contained in the product.

Despite these two flaws, I was at least somewhat satisfied with the product -- its only saving grace being that it tasted OK.
238666238666B000CRIUNUATX12R43UYRL1Randi P. Slaughter22511223078400CONTAINS FLAX!I never expected granola to contain flax seed -- something I'm allergic to. I sat down to a nice bowl of granola, and it sure tasted good! Then my throat started to itch. Then my stomach started to cramp. I stopped eating and checked the label -- sure enough, near the bottom, 'ground flax seed'. My husband, who is not much of a granola eater, tried some a few days later, and although he isn't allergic to flax, he found it still made his mouth and throat itch. If you're not allergic to flax, by all means enjoy it, but if you are -- DON'T TOUCH IT!
238667238667B000I4NJBUA3TJJTWYY3YA97Charlotte A. Ivey "Krullstone Publishing"1151329955200Favorite for Years!Everyone in our office loves this gum! We've been buying it for years and years. The grandchildren only ask me for gum because they know I carry the two-piece Chiclets packages in my pocketbook, and it's their favorite also! It's all we buy!
238668238668B000I4NJBUAGTO8GT7PJRO7Victoria Murillo "VMK"1151320537600Extra bonus in my wedding favorsGreat deal, and lots of pieces. I used these as an extra bonus inside my wedding favors (the favor was a shot glass). They fit perfectly, and look good too. I figure after being at a wedding reception, you'd like a stick of gum to wash away the prime rib, hehe.
238669238669B000I4NJBUA1F3L9MK6KV5ZQA. Wood "Petula Faulkner"1251330560000Great for kids' partiesI paid $10 and got the big box, with 200 tiny boxes, for a total of 400 pieces of gum. They last about two minutes each, but it was a fun purchase.
238670238670B0030VJ9UIA3CV7TZLXQGWA8Shanda R. Kramer "Shanda"374131299888000Taste great, but second ingredient is SUGAR!These are very good tasting and when I gave a few to my baby he loved them! But after looking at the back and seeing that the second ingredient is sugar I decided this probably isn't the kind of thing I want my baby to get used to. I don't want him to get used to sugary snack foods at such a young age, I'm sure there will be enough of that when he's older. I wish Happy Baby would come up with a yogurt snack with no or very little sugar, I would buy it than.
238671238671B0030VJ9UIA1YR1PZNFVRFZGMunkchinMomma111151286755200Delicious first baby finger food !These are the first snacks and finger foods I ever gave to my daughter. I was so scared of her choking on anything that I thought I would wait till she's 1 or longer... and then I came across HappyMelts Yogurt Melts and I totally felt in love with them. They melt in her mouth quickly and they are delicious. I've tried all 3 of them: Mixed Berry, Strawberry and Banana and I have to tell you they are all different.
Mixed Berry - purple, very flat oval shaped, very easy and quick melts, very sweet
Strawberry - pink, very hard acorn shaped (like little Hershey kisses), chunkier and melts not as quick, not as sweet
Banana- yellow, softer acorn shaped (like little Hershey kisses), chunky but they melt quickly
I thought there was something wrong with all strawberry ones, as they seem to be really hard, but I guess that's the way they are. Mixed Berry is my baby's favorite and I love them too :)
238672238672B0030VJ9UIAAMTHB06ITELBZ. Fewtrell7851275264000Yummy snack!My 8 month old loves these yogurt melts. They are super easy to dissolve and taste amazing. The fact that they are organic and support Project Peanut Butter in Africa is a plus.
238673238673B0030VJ9UIA3B9T58BN4NRHMNJ "NJ"4451274486400Great healthy snack!Son loves these, these actually taught him how to chew. We thought he didn't like them at first, but after a few tries he was not afraid of them anymore (these were his first non-pureed food) and now he crawls to the pak and begs for them and wants lots at a time. These are organic and so much better for kids than Gerber Graduates yogurt melts which contain food coloring and other additives.. We will be re-ordering these very soon!
238674238674B0030VJ9UIA3K2KQJHI7WCAspacemom16721287878400Surprised at sugar contentI picked these up at the health food store- as the Dr. Sears reccommendation caught my eye. My eight month old son immensely enjoyed them, and I looked at the ingredients and was really surprised to find sugar listed second, right after the cultured milk. It is organic sugar yes, but still added sugar- and I'm bummed as this was not something that I wanted to introduce to his diet yet. My fault that I was swayed by advertising, and didn't read the back.
238675238675B0030VJ9UIA1SZALDW6AWZVOsanick3351305244800Love!I actually eat these myself due to a very, very restrictive diet. They are very tasty, and I really like this brand over Gerber's.
238676238676B0030VJ9UIA18EXBM5U6KSQBOrganic Mama2251327363200Prebiotics and Probiotics!!!I have 2 boys, 5 and 8 and they love Happy Melts! They have been on a kick with Banana Mango but love all the flavors. My 5 year old was asked to bring the snack to school last week and we brought these to share. All 13 of the kids in the class loved them and asked for seconds. My 8 year old is an extremely picky eater and he loves these as well.
My favorite thing about them is that they contain probiotics (helps maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in the intestines and boost your immune system) and prebiotics (which keeps the good bacteria healthy). I have checked other brands and Happy Melts is the only product to have both of these. I also love that it comes in BPA packaging and does not contain anything artificial. I wish I could give this product 10 stars!!!
238677238677B0030VJ9UIA311KZN5SZ5IFZHealthy Mom2251325635200Sweet!These are so much better than Gerber...all organic, real fruit inside and much less sugar! I bought them for my 2 year old but my 7 and 5 year olds like them just as much! I pack them for their snacks at school! I give my 2 year old the bag when we're in the car or at the store.
Great too for a little one under one because they disolve easily in the mouth.
If my kids ask for dessert after a meal, I often reach for these so we get the best of both worlds- they taste like candy for the kids but they are filled with healthy fruit and nothing bad for you!
238678238678B0030VJ9UIA1DWYD22P9SMDRG. Bysiewski2241317859200Sugary, but delicious!I wouldn't suggest feeding your little one a million of these a day, as they are high in sugar, but they sure are delicious! He loves them (and so do I)! They melt almost immediately, so they are a great first finger food.
238679238679B0030VJ9UIAHYECMJGIGU4SRehta2251314316800Tastes a lot better than GerberI would definitely recommend these. They taste a lot better than Gerber yogurt melts, and they are better for you. Even my husband likes them and will snack on them, which is saying something because usually anytime I have him taste our daughter's snacks, he makes a horrible face and asks how in the world she can eat it. Not the case with these. And my daughter (now 17 months) likes them, too!
238680238680B0030VJ9UIA174IYEX9PDZ2OKatie2251299628800So much better than the 'mainstream' brand!I've been feeding these to my 10 month old as "dessert" for the past month or so, and he loves them. I like them too, and have been known to pop one in my mouth when I'm putting them on his tray. We were out the other day, and our local grocery store doesn't carry happy bellies, so I picked up a bag of Gerber melts. How different could they really be? As it turns out, very. Baby ate the Gerber ones okay...but I tried one and almost spit it out. It tasted like cardboard. These ones actually taste like strawberry yogurt. You can't go wrong!

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