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238708238708B0030VJ9UIAGASXHN2COGKEhappy0051332460800love thisI was so glad to see the 8-pack and the great price for these baby treats. Our baby loves them, but in stores, it is hard to pay the retail price for just one bag. Now we have a pantry full and I don't feel so badly about using them up after getting such a great deal.
238709238709B0030VJ9UIA1D91QCYPFFMEWCatherine Servaes0041329868800Love them now - not so much earlierI first tried these with my twins when they were starting on solid food. I figured they liked yogurt, so they'd probably like these. And they did, but only for the first couple of bags. Fast forward a few months when they spotted an unopened bag and pointed... now they love them! Afternoon snack often features "yoga melts" along with a happy dance.
238710238710B0030VJ9UIAZNSBRQ0DS8LKB. Bruster "okie_kansan"0051329350400Great Snack For Babies & Toddlers!We have been buying these melts for about 7-8 months now for our daughter. They do tend to go fast, and since they are pricey we buy them sparingly and give them to her as a special treat. No funky ingredients in these that you cannot pronounce. I love how you know exactly what you are giving your child with these (and bonus, NO artificial colors/dyes!). I definitely recommend them as an addition to your diaper bag essentials. They keep my daughter busy when she is getting antsy while out running errands. Overall a great snack to have on hand for your little one(s)!
238681238681B0030VJ9UIA31HE83MU98GBVGadget Girl2251281830400My daughter loves theseMy daughter loves these yogurt melts. Banana and Mango are two of her favorite flavors. The melts themselves are a smaller size than the Gerber melts, which is nice for younger babies. I was always breaking the Gerber melts into 3 or 4 pieces, which got a little messy. I don't have to do that with these melts. These are tasty AND organic. We've had a lot of success with all of the Happy Baby products we've tried. Highly recommend.
238682238682B0030VJ9UIADP6CSSALM6V9WVUSHAK "Shak"1151338336000Easy, Healthy SnackMy daughter has loved these since she started with finger foods at about 8.5 months. They are great for 'on the go' and keep her occupied (as well as a nourished snack!). She is breastfed but had yogurt already so I knew she didn't have a milk allergy. Less sugar then Gerber!
238683238683B0030VJ9UIA33FFCZR9A0RIHbizee mom1151330560000Perfect toddler treat!My son started eating these at 12 months. He's now 18 months and still loves them!! They're healthy and I feel good about giving them to him. I would say this is his favorite snack - always cheers him up!
238684238684B0030VJ9UIA2PX1AZTLW2WVFitMom1151327881600New Flavor is a hitShared this flavor with my moms group kiddos and they were a big hit. I have put in a request that our local Publix start to carry this flavor because they don't carry it and no one had seen it yet.
238685238685B0030VJ9UIA3LWIP2I6550TBX. Nguyen1151326153600Tastes so great even for adults!These are the first finger snacks I gave my 8-month old, whom was already on solids at 5 months though. I found them originally at my local Target. He absolutely loves them. They melt in your mouth. I've had nieces and nephews that love to snack on these too whenever they come to our house. They range from 3 to 8 years old. I like how it's just organic yogurt, and how they're perfect for little fingers. I only wished that they'd sell these in a variety pack for all the flavors. The banana mango is my son's favorite.
238686238686B0030VJ9UIA35MDIBPAX9X7Usassymom1151324512000Yummy, organic, and healthy toddler snackOur toddler LOVES his HappyMelts!

These little yogurt bites are healthy, yummy, and organic. Perfectly sized for toddlers who are learning to become independent eaters. The Happy brand has less sugar and none of the harmful artificial colors/flavors that other brands contain. I feel good offering these to my toddler, and he always finishes his pile.

All flavors are hits in our home.
238687238687B0030VJ9UIA1P6C8KO9IU4OIgloriarecycles1151309046400Good SnacksMy 10 month old baby loves these. She can pick them up and eat them. I tasted one myself and they dissolve in your mouth and they are not too sweet, just enough sweetness. I love that they are organic and don't have anything artificial.
238688238688B0030VJ9UIA1K6Y82MKXFMSThe_Dizzle "The_Dizzle"1151308096000Great ProductWe used to get the gerber ones, but for almost the same price these are a bit smaller for him to handle and he seems to like them much better.
238689238689B0030VJ9UIA380GVITBOZMRQJosieY1151304121600My daughter loves theseMy 11 month old loves these melts - she's been eating them since she was about 7 months old. The only problem - not really a problem just an observation - is that once her fingers get wet the melts tend to stick to them and she has some difficulty getting them from her fingers to her mouth - she generally ends up with several stuck to her head and behind her ears (not unlike the rest of her food I suppose). She also likes the berry flavors - I think they're pretty tasty too but all the other adults who've taste-tested found them foul. Oh well.
238690238690B0030VJ9UIA3NXCL9NJTL3TFTarget Shopaholic1151303257600Like candy!Would you believe that my daughter doesn't like yogurt?! Odd b/c I thought every child loved yogurt... these are the answer for my yogurt-avoiding-14-month-old! She thinks these are candy and pops them in her mouth one after the other. I have to admit that sometimes I enjoy a few myself! Price is good at a couple of bucks per bag. I mix these with her cheerios and it makes a delicious snack. I too tried the Gerber brand b/c they were on sale at our local supermarket but they were not such a hit. Strange b/c to me, they taste about the same... go figure!
238691238691B0030VJ9UIA27YIR2CJAAXBQC. Arcidiacono1151300838400Excellent flavorWe have always bought the Gerber Yogurt Melts and my kids were not too much into them. A friend gave me a bag of the Happy Baby Banana Mango yogurt melts.... WOW! The kids (2&4) ate the whole bag- they practically fought over the bag. I thought they had so much more flavor than the Gerber brand. Very happy with the Happy Baby products. Looking forward to trying the other flavors too!
238692238692B0030VJ9UIA2QEXHPHJ5ZBG9R. Lyubovitzky1131293062400Musty smell on my batchI could see this being a great product for kids. But my batch arrived with musty smell. The taste was OK though. Maybe this is a part of the product? I kept it refrigerated after opening.
238693238693B0030VJ9UIA3HI6N7GG4B2SWK. Weaver1151287014400GoodThe Banana Mango flavor is not our daughters favorite so will not order again but I love the melts in general and we all enjoy them so rec. to any baby/toddler. Great alternative to the other popular sugary brand.
238694238694B0030VJ9UIARATRN93VW1MHMaggie Ferry1151272585600Great way for my son to extra calciumMy toddler son loves these melts. They are a great way to get your child extra calcium if they aren't fond of drinking milk. They are a wonderful on the go snack for the times when feeding your child real yogurt is just way too messy.
238695238695B0030VJ9UIA3HI6N7GG4B2SWK. Weaver1151267574400Great treat!These are such a wonderful alternative to the non-organic, sugar filled ones you find in your basic stores. The melts are very tasty (I have tried them) but are not all the same size so for new solid food eaters you may need to watch which sizes they are given. Have not tried the other flavors yet but plan to get them. Wish they would sell a varity pack instead of having to buy 8 of one flavor.
238696238696B0030VJ9UIA3HI6N7GG4B2SWK. Weaver2351271289600Great Treat!!My baby loves these treats (as does the rest of the family). The fact that they are organic and are sweetened with natural cane juice rather than added sugar like the name brand grocery store type makes them even better. Even though you have to buy 8 at a time we just found someone to share the order with.
Have also tried the mixed berry flavor with equal favor.
Highly recommend!!
238697238697B0030VJ9UIA175SMQB72A8OLBaby Safe0051349049600Delicious!Pro:
1. Organic
2. Price in the pack is cheaper than the health food stores
3. Tasty

1. Easy to eat too many, so need to watch the sugar level but good.
2. Sizes are sometimes quite uneven, but not a big deal and pretty expected.
3. Not a lot for the price, but this is the same buying elsewhere.

Overall the cons aren't really cons, just wanted to make sure parents that haven't tried these were aware. Buy these regularly, so not really negatives.
238698238698B0030VJ9UIA139JB660S12ULeeeniebean "erickaf"0031348617600Toddler loves them, but they are gone too soon for the costMy son loves these things, but they go too fast. He pretty much eats half a bag at a time - and that ends up being quite expensive. I stopped buying them because of this. However, I would definitely consider getting them again for a roadtrip because they are dry, portable, and not messy even if dropped on the floor or seat. But for snacks at home, they are not worth the money.
238699238699B0030VJ9UIAQKHC78WX88X0flk0041348185600My daughter love it!I purchased this organic yogurt snack for my daughter.she said the snack melt in her mouth quickly ,the different flavor tastes different, she likes the mixed berry most.
The only concern is the sugar content is still a bit high ,so I try to limit the amount I give her when on the go ,at the playground ,recommend other moms to try.
238700238700B0030VJ9UIA13ZWPK5LH2987Christine Rudnicki0051348099200A Little Scary How Much The Kid Loves TheseI am a first time mom, and our child had A LOT Of difficulties with solid foods and had an overactive gag reflex. This food (and we do buy these in the set of 8)was and continues to be a lifesaver. When nothing else would do, our baby LOVED these. I will say that they are on the expensive side compared to what you can get in the grocery stores and "big-baby-chain" stores. We compared these to the GERBER yougurt melts and I believe there to be a noticible difference in quality/ taste, with these coming out on top. In the begining when she was just starting solids she would eat bunches of these on her own. They melt very quickly and for us, there was never a concern for choking (or puking with the overactive gag reflex). Our baby is older now and can eat a lot more table foods, but we still mix these in with other puffs, cherrios, and small cereals for her to eat as a mix.

I have purchased three orders of these from amazon (and enjoy amazon prime shipping)- so will likely purchase again, would recommend to a friend, and would buy (in smaller portions) as a gift for other moms to try out.
238701238701B0030VJ9UIA15UM8VEAVV13UKeelie Snider0051348012800These are amazingMy son has been snacking on these since 9 months old and he absolutely loves them! I even think they are tasty. Would recommend them as a great starter food/snack.
238702238702B0030VJ9UIAAN2KGFE7B4TNStephen0051347148800Good taste, my baby like itMy daughter is 16months old, I bought it for her, she like it very much! But I don't wanna give her much one day and let her know to share with her parents and friends!
238703238703B0030VJ9UIA2FIK7OC0IDGJ7B. Mayer0051344124800StapleThese yogurt snacks are staple in my one-year old's diet. She eats them every day and for snacks out on the town. No complaints at all.
238704238704B0030VJ9UIA2WXQSRUBJSZC0meloncollie0051342396800excellent as a special treati first gave these to my older daughter when she was a yr old, and started giving them to younger daughter around 8mos. now they're 3 and 1, and they both love these yogurt melts. but i only let them share half a bag as a special treat sometimes when we're out and about, else they'll each eat a whole bag!
238705238705B0030VJ9UIA25OYL69O8KZZ7mamayogi!0041339372800happy melts!!! so good for all family!I purchased this snack fo my baby, but after i tasted I thought it's good for all family members!!! so yumm~~ first it is kinda crunch and melts right away inside of your mouth~~ .you can fully taste yogurt flavor!!
However, do not forget to seal it tight ! specially rainy day!!! it is very easy to get soggy!
238706238706B0030VJ9UIA36R7M87HWESE2Elizabeth "bethika"0051337299200Delicious, healthy!I got these as an easy on-the-go snack. My toddler loves them and will eat them non-stop if I let him! I even sneak a few of them myself as they are incredibly tasty.
They are a little too pricey for me to eat myself though. Wish more baby yogurt products were as low in sugar as these! My son refuses more than a bite or two of regular yogurt but loves these. I don't think he has much of a sweet tooth and prefers the mild tart flavor of these.

My ONLY complaint is the price. SIGH
238707238707B0030VJ9UIA1CDUJ0C6050BTMandela0051335916800Great travel snackMy daughter loves these yogurt melts. She's been eating them since she was nine months old and is now 18 months old and still enjoys them as a snack. For me, the sugar content is still a bit high so I try to limit the amount I give her. These are great, no mess snacks when on the go, at the playground or at the beach. I have to put a small amount in a separate container in my diaper bag because my daughter recognizes the packaging and would really like to eat the whole bag.

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