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238771238771B008RRJCDYA3M2V082511EUZlkbdo0051343865600So good on just about anything!Love this stuff, the possibilities are endless with what you can put this on and make taste better. Pineapple, apples, and dried cherries are some of my favorites!
238772238772B003VMY3ACA1KAS2W1TD8UOUsimple sellers1211312588800Sorry Kraft this product is a total miss for me anywaySampled this on my egg salad sandwich,I thought it might be good to try something new for a change. I thought wrong. It doesn't taste like mayo. It tastes like a toxic mixture of cream cheese and vinegar that is off. I wouldn't have finished it if I hadn't been so hungry. Left a slimy taste in my mouth too.
238773238773B000C1CUMIA2XHBRX40Q9SV9Matthew Chirman2221183593600Make sure you know what you're buying.....The ad for this product is unclear. The picture shows COARSE sugar, not sanding sugar. This is noted a couple of times in the description, but unless you read the whole thing it is not clear what they are sending. It's also unclear what quantity they are shipping. What you get for $8 plus shipping is basically one pound of sugar...about two cups worth. I suspect there is some place where one could get a better deal.
238774238774B000J2HRG4A36PLL6RSF2JJZTerrie D. Pontecorvo3331246060800Bar Harbor white clam sauceThis clam sauce has nice flavor,but not a lot of clams in sauce.
would not buy again
238775238775B000J2HRG4A1Y39T2CT36YL0Resips1121311206400It's like pouring a can of clam chowder on your spaghettiI really wanted to like this sauce but the Bar Harbor white clam sauce just didn't do the job. There were not enough clams in the sauce and the flavor was rather flat. It really tasted as if I had poured a can of white clam chowder on the pasta and served it up. We won't be buying this sauce again.
238776238776B000J2HRG4A2M7UWT3841T3SDorian2331268611200Tasty, but I've had better!This is a good product, but did not wow me. I prefer a 'clear' sauce to this milky colored variety. Don't be afraid to buy this as it does taste good, but I will try another brand next time for comparison. Its good.....but not great!
238777238777B000J2HRG4AY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker0031311206400Weak sauceI didn't taste hardly any clam in this sauce at all. It was not offensive, just blah; like a plain, thin, white sauce with a few chunks of clam in it. It should contain minced clams instead of a few big chunks, it would be more flavorful and lay better within the pasta. Will not reorder.
238778238778B000H48FWYA1YYEPIXME4MEEJuliana Thompson2251257984000Protects the liver from prednisoneMy vet put my cat on this supplement about 6 years ago. She thought it might do well in protecting my cats liver from the effects of prednisone. My cat is now 11 and has been on various dosages of prednisone since age 3. These have ranged from 5 mg/day to 15mg/day. Her liver is perfect and my vet is gratified. My cat and I are overjoyed. This is a great product!
238779238779B000H48FWYA3EJVZ5LCBP61XTOMMY C ELLIS "Prison Rev."225125504640065% less than my vet charges!This product is simple to review. It's a liver vitamin supplement for dogs. You'll know if you need, because a vet will likely prescribe it. We paid $40 for 30 pills at the vet. After about three weeks the new blood test showed that this product did the trick. So, after digging around on Amazon for some liver supplement products, I grilled my vet, and eventually dragged the actual name of the product out of them (thumb screws are a great invention, btw!). I found it here and paid about one-third of what my vet charged--same brand, dosage--EVERYTHING. So, if your vet prescribes it, this is the place to get it.
238780238780B0047434N0A4GN7392JMFDXK. Ross1131334275200Not badThis coffee is okay, not great, but not bad either. It's smooth, not bitter, but doesn't really have any Kona flavor. To me it just tastes like a good quality generic coffee, which for the price is okay by me.

I have since moved on to 100% Kona that I buy direct from a farmer in Hawaii. Smith Farms has some of the most affordable 100% Kona, and it's very tasty! I suggest giving them a try. You can't buy it on Amazon, but it's worth doing a little Googling to find them. Shipping is cheap when you buy 2 pounds.

So if you just want some decent coffee for not a lot of money, this coffee will do. If you want to try some 100% Kona, give Smith Farms a try.

Hope this helps!
238781238781B0047434N0A1QWLLDR20RAYItomsjeep1141329264000Excellent, mild flavor, smooth tasting coffeeI used to purchase this coffee blend at BJ's Wholesale when I lived outside of Boston. Hadn't found it locally when I moved away, then discovered I could get it through Amazon. Hurray! So mild & mellow, just enough hint of Kona to make it worthwhile. Compared to supermarket coffee this is miles ahead in smoothness. Caveat: I spent a year in Hawai'i & had real, 100% Kona coffee, which this product makes no pretensions at being. But for the price, you wouldn't have expected 100% Kona, would you? I'm just pleased as punch that I can keep my coffee jar stocked without breaking the bank or resorting to bitter-tasting supermarket coffee.
238782238782B0047434N0A1AV0LGHVYNXOIslovakmomma1141328140800Almost as good as being in KonaAfter falling in love with Kona coffee while in Hawaii we tried finding some back on the East Coast that wouldn't break our wallets like the 100% Kona would. This is a great blend at a much more reasonable price. We taste tested it against our traditional brews at home like Dunkin & Folgers and this blend won by a mile. Full bodied, not bitter. A good deal.
238783238783B0047434N0A29EUOV5J80WHEclubamazon0021325980800lackingThis coffee is barely palatable especially if you like 100% Hawaiian coffee. It does not give the percentage of Kona it has in it, but to be a blend it only has to be 10% (I'm not positive though), this coffee in my opinion is not any better than a low end supermarket coffee.
238784238784B000633RJCA2E64CMFIW7SSYM. R. A Bohm1141100908800Not badMy dog either loves this food, or hates it - it depends on the batch. Some of them she won't touch, and others she wolfs down before I can blink an eye. I always buy this food in bulk as it saves heaps of money - and 90% of the time it's good value for money (until you get a bad batch, and have to buy another bag because your dog won't eat it). Overall, 4 star rating.
238785238785B000633RJCA2DDKFU4NDJ15Ksao0031331510400Pore dog foodI got a 8 month old weimaraner puppy who was getting puppy chow when I got him. He was a little underweight but I got him puppy chow because that is all he had since he started eating hard foods. I bought a big bag and then found out how bad it was. I was giving him what the bag recommended for his size and breed and he acted like he was starving all the time. Then I took him to the vet and found out he was losing weight. I ended up having to give him extra food. Now I am mixing in soft food so he gets extra stuff missing from Puppy chow. Once this bag is gone I am going to be switching his food. After getting soft food for two weeks he looks so much better. His coat is beautiful and he has more energy.
238786238786B000633RJCAJNJNA093JUW0Jane Tompkins0011325376000McDonald's for Dogs-- Worst Dog Food EverWhen I read that this was the fast food McDonald's of dog food, I brushed it off as an over exaggeration. I even saw a whole page, maybe a yahoo answers where a woman said she was giving puppy chow to her dog, and EVERYONE like 12 people WENT IN, and told her it was the worst food any dog could have and to change as soon as possible.... long story short, they were 100% right.

I got a new toy poodle puppy and started him off on this b/c I thought it was what he had been getting before. I promise you within 24-48 hours of him eating this stuff his coat quickly started deteriorating and dulling out, it looked sparser thinner and he looked kinda crazy actually, lol, and his eliminations/poo was dark black and hard as a rock. I could literally see a change in the health look of my dog. After a few days, I ended up buying some Pedigree for puppies (which most closely looked like the sample food he was sent with) and within 24-36 hours he started looking healthier, his coat was whiter, his eliminations/poo looked a lot healthier-- a brownish color and softer.

Puppy Chow is GARBAGE (especially for breed that have long coats of hair). Pedigree is in the exact same price point, but SO much better for your puppy. Until I find my little boy the perfect higher end food to eat he'll get Pedigree Puppy Complete.

Do not ever buy your puppy Purina Puppy Chow. It's the food for puppy millers and strays... just really really really really bad stuff.
238787238787B000633RJCA24LE9TINA4QMTClink0121338249600Not enough sustenance for my puppyWe brought home an 7.5 week old lab puppy and bought purina puppy chow since that is what the breeder was feeding him. He got a total of 2 cups a day split between 3 different feeding times. We didn't have any issues the first couple of days, but then we started noticing that our lab would dry heave in the middle of the night. It progressively got worse and worse to where it was happening every night or multiple times at night. When we took him to the vet she said that he was a little chunky for his age of 9 weeks old. We ended up switching him to a "holistic" brand of puppy chow and haven't had any dry heaving at night since even though he is fed the exact same amount, at the same time of day as when we had him on purina. Of course I am not an expert, but I think that purina puppy chow did not have the right nutrients for our puppy. It did bulk him up, a little too much according to the vet, but didn't have enough calories to really sustain him, especially at night. I am giving this two stars because I could tell our puppy LOVED the taste of the food and it didn't give him gas like his current food does.
238788238788B000633RJCA25W84ULQVESMJH. Poirier3711280620800Awful foodI have never tried this product nor will i ever but for those who are looking to purchase or who do, this dog food (i call it food loosely) is a crime to your dogs. its gross. filled with corn fillers and by-products and a whole lot of other nasty things.Do research on your dog food dont go by what comercials tell you, no one said they told the fact most dog foods you see on television are awful.If you love your dog feed as it should be fed. educate yourself. would you feed your children a life diet of junk food full of atificial flavor,colors, and fullers? I'd hope not but thats what this food is. remember you get what you pay for, and paying so little for that amount doesn't make you wonder? Would you buy a $2 stake? no, you'd wonder why it was so cheap... because it crap! Good food requires dogs to eat less because their getting more nutrients from a smaller amount, so their eat less,poop less, and shed less. their skin and coat recieve more nutrients,they have firmer stool, and their overall body is being takin care of. Some better dog foods off of hand:Blue Buffalo,Orijen,Wellness,Nutro,Natural balance,Castor and pollux. these are just a couple of foods of the top of my head that are holistic and natural, but its important to research and shop around and find whats good for your dog. Hope it helps.
238789238789B000633RJCA3MDETK0D5UAINxoxo "woodfairy"0351271894400Best There is For Puppy Or Moma Dog!If you want a good food for your pet then, this is the best. It is affordable, trusted, and promises to keep your pet healthy & happy!

Even my cats prefer the taste of Puppy Chow to their own cat food!
And don't forget it's the best to feed your pregnant or nursing pooch!
238790238790B0050TDMD8A15NZRNJGHG4V9Ape1151342742400Made in the USA!If you aren't aware.. there are warnings to NOT feed your pets chicken products made in CHINA. They are causing kidney failure and death. These are made in USA.. but make sure the bag says made in USA.
238791238791B0050TDMD8A18UVHCREY2RE2Rob R.0041350604800Small Havanese love these, but...My two dogs love these... one dog is 17 pounds and the other is 22 pounds. However, these are hard to chew and could easily break your teeth. My wife brings them to the workbench and breaks them with a hammer and then we give them to our dogs broken up (and sharp actually). They do smell a bit like urine to humans, but again, the dogs love them... perhaps their favorite treat right up there with dried liver. Be careful with these.
238792238792B0050TDMD8AEY0YP2C18G6SJo Ann Hamlin0041349568000Excellent product, but---I have ordered the Smokehouse Chicken Chips before and my dogs and I really like them. They are easy to stick in my pocket for treats when we are walking. I think they help keep my dogs' teeth clean, also. I only have one objection to them. I have 2 Dachshunds and the smaller one has very small teeth. She has trouble eating the chips because they are so big and thick. I have bought smaller chips in the past and thought that was what I was getting this time. I wish there was some kind of labeling on the package that indicated the size of the chip. Great product otherwise.
238793238793B002I9X4TUA3T29DKWJGSNPHMO1151296604800outstanding customer service from TobascoI love this spicy salt. It is not available in stores. When my order arrived the cap on the bottle was crushed. The customer service dept sent me a new cap AND a bottle of the salt. Now that's good PR!!!!
238794238794B002I9X4TUA11CPAN5QG05CBmacatac1231278460800It's OKI purchsaed this salt as a replacement for Laury's seasoned salt with Tobasco. There was not much of a comparison because the Laury's salt was just heads above this product but unfortunately they discontinued making the Laury's Tobasco salt. Alas!
238795238795B002I9X4TUA18UZXX4RZJCJYnoway0131292803200mehNot very salty and not very spicy either! I will make my own next time with crushed red peppers and a coffee grinder
238796238796B000YJSNCYA1BR47IP5GJQ37khf0011330646400DANGER!!! - NOT GLUTEN FREEThis product is listed as gluten free, but if you read the ingredients it clearly has wheat in it. This is putting people with Celiac disease or sever gluten sensitivity at risk. If a company lies about their product being gluten free, it makes me wonder what other sever health risks they are willing to expose people to.
238797238797B006QV1VVOA1Y2CSLBIPOO3MSassafrass0051337385600My dogs love these and they are all natural!I had been giving my dogs another brand of treats and had six friends who's dogs became ill from the other brand. One of my children has a dog that is allergic to everything and is a complete vegetarian! She turned me on to these and no more problems with my dogs throwing up or digesting them. Excellent product. They can be purchased less at Petsmart though.
238798238798B006QV1VVOA23EXR3NNIDY81adarlenee0051336089600Wow!!I adopted a bichon last summer who recently turned 14. Obviously, he doesn't play often...usually sleeps and sticks close to me. We have been concerned about "dimentia" as he seems to forget who my husband is at times and started looking into some solutions or something to at least help. One suggestion from my vet and online was antioxidants. I purchased these treats and suddenly my senior is acting like a puppy. Not all of the time, but when it comes to getting one of these treats he's suddenly bouncy and happy and full of energy. We haven't tried the blueberry yet, hoping they will have the same result.
238799238799B0002FQE1MA3GXK4N1EICTRFLauren0051339200000kikkoman plum sauceI don't know why that other review was so bad. Kikkoman Plum Sauce is some of the best I've ever tasted. I couldn't find it, recently, at a Wal-Mart Supercenter. Maybe you can only get it online now.
238800238800B0002FQE1MA2FNYMTS10YU2ITerry C. Rossen ""0011298246400Kikkoman Plum SauceWe bought this Kikkoman Plum Sauce from our Grocery Store. It was for a hung roasted whole duck from the local Asian Market. This duck was as good as Duck I've had in Hong Kong. We made our own pancakes/crepes Hong Kong style. We cut Fresh green spring onions.

We tasted this sauce before ruining our duck. The sauce was absolutely the worst. Bad flavor, bad smell. Not real Plum Sauce, it's mostly bad Soy Sauce. We returned it. Bad stuff.

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