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238831238831B000O5DI3WASSC2299D4RPWNancy Lee0051338508800Great Product for dogsI have used these for years as it makes giving a dog a pill so very easy. Dog thinks it is a treat.
238832238832B000O5DI3WA3HXQYTIQE8F25Alabama0051332460800Easy Pill PusherWith 4 dogs, we are always needing to give one or more pills for better health. These Pill Pockets are so popular that when one dog gets "meds" the others stand in line for their "treat". No more hiding the pill in a cheese ball only to have it discovered (spit out at you). My dogs highly recommend these Pill Pockets.
238833238833B000O5DI3WA3A543BFAD0W1PDali Lanna0051323129600Dogs LOVE them!!!!!My dog has Addison's Disease and has to take two pills daily. These things are great for giving medicine. I use to wrestle with her to get her to take them and then I'd have to watch her to make sure she wouldn't spit them out. I don't worry about that anymore! The only bad thing is, the dogs love them so much, you have to keep them out of sight! After giving my one dog her medicine, I get, "the look" from the other one and I have to give him one as a "treat"!!! Funny story that proves how much they like them....I stopped by the house to get my package from the porch and put it inside. I figured it would be okay because it was a sealed USPS package. Well...My dogs got onto my desk, pulled the package down, ripped the box apart and started digging in! I was taking the trash to the curb and 10 minutes later, they ate 4 of the 6 bags!
238834238834B000O5DI3WA3VNZ78ZN5V9YWKathy0051321747200Really helpsMy dog is being treated for cancer & this product makes what could be a miserable situation enjoyable for my rottie!
238835238835B000O5DI3WA1UPJ6FDCHA0E0Stevan Pierce "swp"0051321660800Dog Owner's Best FriendOur dog loves the beef and chicken pill pockets. Delivering medicine to the do has never been easier as she does not even suspect anything at all. Pill pockets are capable of covering the pill and still allow the dog to chew a little.
238836238836B000O5DI3WA1C8K4LG8EUS3Ydoubleganger0031320969600I like thepriceSo far I've only opened one bag but in it many maybe most of the pockets were pretty mashed up and/or broken. I'm not too happy about that. I'll comment later if it's also the other bags.

edit: the second bag is the same. The bag I bought in a store were perfect but they were beef which is what I'll order next to compare.
238837238837B000O5DI3WABUSVQI5BM9X8tree080051320883200Good way to give dogs their pillsThese came very quicky. I have no complaints on the delivery. Most of the pockets were in pieces, so I would just build a pocket around the pill with the pieces. It still tasted good, as my dog didn't notice the difference.Still takes her pills with no problem.
238838238838B000O5DI3WA3VUNW483R0FT7Debbie Runciman0051320624000What a great Idea!!!My Newfoundland takes medicine daily. It was always a MAJOR chore to give her a pill. She could pick it out of ANYTHING....but now she thinks she is getting a treat when she takes her pills!!
It is so easy.

I have never written a review on here, but I feel that people should know how great a product this is.
238839238839B000O5DI3WA2909ME7IEU5WBA. Piatt0051320019200Great TreatPill pockets make taking his medication a treat instead of a chore. Now we do tricks to get our medication instead of running and hiding.
238840238840B000O5DI3WA2XJBO401B1UIBJeremy C.0051315353600Best thing since sliced bread... and better!My dog is smart. You can bury a pill in a steak and she'll spit the pill out. Tried cheese, meat, hotdogs - all of which are only modestly healthy for the dog - then we found these. Instant success. There are 2 sizes, the smaller ones are small. Aspirin sized. We needed the bigger ones for most of the dog pills.
238841238841B000O5DI3WA3GNDCLLXITCM8teri0051314489600pill pockets! the inventor of these is just brilliant!!!I want to personally thank the one who invented the Pill Pockets. As my dog got older, I was given the position of giving her pills for different ailments so that she may have a good quality of life...I have wrapped them in cheese, bologna, shaved turkey...but when I found these pill pockets and in flavors, well!... She takes them as treats. Her favorite is the chicken flavor. If I take too long getting her pills in them, she paws at the bag, or even once grabbed the bag with her teeth!...and delivered right to the home!
238842238842B000O5DI3WA306R0KERSPKXXnjk0051314057600Lifesaver...literallyI have 2 dogs that take meds. One takes 3'pills twice daily, the other 1 capusule every other day. I used to get away with hiding the meds in peanut butter, but my fox terrier became wise to it. He wouldn't take the peanut butter anymore. It seems his med, cyclosprorine, for allergies, developed this strong odor that the peanut butter didn't cover. The greenies pill pockets do a spectacular job of camoflaging all aspects of meds. I buy the bigger size for capsules, and my dogs absolutely LOVE their greenies. It is now their favorite treat.
238843238843B000O5DI3WA2U49XG32I1HI4one dog0051313366400the only thing that worksMy geriatric, food-hating dog requires at least 5 pills a day. Greenies pill pockets are so disgusting that no dog, not even my picky eater, can resist them. I no longer have to battle and torture him into taking his meds; instead, it's like the best part of his day. These pill pockets were a great invention. I wish they were less expensive, but hey, you get what you pay for, so....
238844238844B000O5DI3WA1G6I0K5BSJTUCTerry0051313280000This is a very helpful item.These pill pockets were recommended at our veterinary clinic. We have an older Yellow lab, who is on regular medications. These pill pockets are so easy and convenient to use. It's a relief to know your "critter" is getting the required medication. With pill pockets you can monitor medications more easily, and be positive that meds aren't left in the food bowl, or stuck on your pets lip. So thank you to the vet tech for recommending. Thank you to Amazon for supplying such a GREAT product!!
238845238845B000O5DI3WA1IWO09LULP35Ndcypherz "dcypherz"0051312329600Dog's Love "em!!My dog, Savannah, a cocker, takes her thyroid meds with greenies! She gulps them down! Yea!! No more trying to get her to take her meds!
238846238846B000O5DI3WA2ET4VRZCMMTMNkjdas0051310860800EssentialThese pill pockets are well worth the money. My dogs love them. The pockets are also substantial, so you only need to use half a pocket for one large capsule. I keep them in the refrigerator and they don't get hard and dry like those of other brands. I definitely recommend the Greenies brand. It's the best quality for the price combo I have found so far.
238847238847B000O5DI3WA33DKGANHQJSXCAnastasia "Stasia"0051304640000Wonderful product!!If you have a dog that requires medication regularly, do yourself a favor and give these a try! I haven't found 1 single pill my pup has secretly spit out since getting these!

One disadvantage....they must taste amazing because if I don't hide the bag, she begs for them all day long! Definite MUST! Thanks, Greenies!

Amazingly helpful product ;) Would rate 10+
238848238848B000O5DI3WA12KJM5LX6Y5WLSusan0051302998400Pill PocketsThe pill pockets have really helped me to give my dog her medicine. My dog has to take serveral pills twice a day and she just eat the pill pocket with no problem. No more pushing a pill down her throat especially when she takes several a day!! :)
238849238849B000O5DI3WA7K4GXOFN9ZV7JPB1170051302566400Great Packaging!I buy a 6 pack of these every 1-2 months. They work great! The seller I just bought from (Happy Dog Place), as compared to others on Amazon, does a great job at packaging. I have purchased the same item from others only to have multiple pill pockets squished because everything is crammed into too small a box. Despite my complaints, nothing has changed. I highly recommend that you do business Happy Dog Place.
238850238850B000O5DI3WA1GQJUBQRPYY4YRicki Keckley0051301788800Best thing since sliced bread . . .Simple yet amazing product. My finicky dog, who at the age of 15, has to take multiple pills a day, LOVES taking her medicine now. What used to be a power struggle is now a pleasure for both me and her! Someone saw a problem, came up with a viable solution, and now both owner and dog are happy.
238851238851B000O5DI3WA2S7SXMKNFOVDDAkitamom0051298592000Sanity SaverBest product ever that saves this "mom" of a senior Akita that needs to take many pills on a daily basis and most importantly it also saves me money - best price around and quick turnaround on orders!
238852238852B000O5DI3WA2RM41WKYCJUN5P. Guiles0051293926400great value!Great value on the 6 pack! I also break each pill pocket in half to use - helps each pack last twice as long.
238853238853B000O5DI3WA2XUO7TIAWC39NIce Man "icemangoeth"0051291593600Good Price & ServiceGreenies pill pockets purchased for a very competitive price and arrived timely. Saved me considerable money from purchasing them from a store. Thank you very much.
238854238854B000O5DI3WA2ME7764LYFEIImegan moore0051287360000LOVE!this makes being bit during a pilling session obsolete! and you dont have to get your fingers all slimy giving fido that nasty medicine either!
238855238855B000O5DI3WAZ8XSDMIX04VJLee "07 Dyna Low Rider"0051279929600If you have to give Pills, Pill Pockets is THE BOMBIf you own a dog or cat( yes, they make them for felines too)........this is the greatest stuff. My doggies (5 German Shorthaired Pointers) used to line up each morning for their pill "treats". They liked both chicken and beef flavors. Chicken seems to be more elastic and wraps around the pills better. Beef, unless sealed tightly, tend to dry out more. This has been a staple in our house for many years, until our last pooch crossed the rainbow bridge last Christmas. But when we adopt our next pooch, and if he/she needs medications,....... Pill Pockets will again find a home with us.
238856238856B000O5DI3WA3AK40C79T0DPCJennifer A. Walker0051279584000Good price for productThese are a GREAT way to give pills. I break one large in half to make them last longer. The small size is not a better way to do that, since there are fewer in the bag than if you buy the big ones and tear them in half. Good price per bag when you buy them as a 6-pack.
238857238857B000O5DI3WA3R0UTFN77EDUEBD TMPRD "Grumpy"0051270598400Pill Pockets are great!We have seven very picky dogs, all of whom are rescues and most of whom are on permanent medications. Before Pill Pockets, we tried everything from simply pushing it down their throat Veterinarian style to wrapping it in peanut butter (what a mess). With Pill Pockets, however, we just put the capsule or tablet inside and the dogs love them; so much so that when anyone gets a pill, everyone else crowds around trying to get one too. If you have dogs or cats that need to take oral medications, you can't do better than Pill Pockets.
238858238858B000O5DI3WA1XDLTF4SC1HG7Thomas Masles "Tom Masles"0051268956800Great productThis is a great product and the people who sent it to me provide a quick efficient service.
238859238859B000O5DI3WA175SJ873ONCBAEldon E. Caldwell0051267488000chicken flavored pill pocketsGreat product. Great price. Dog loves them and doesn't have a clue she's taking her medicine.
238860238860B000O5DI3WA3M5PPUYE5PQJ6E. Vales0051265414400Canine medication made easy!My dog is 9 years old, has many health problems, i.e. arthritis, hip dysplsia, etc. I discovered pill pockets several months ago and fell in love. Put the medication in, close it up and watch your fingers, cause the dog loves them. I have to give him pills several times a day and since he is prone to overweight, and the pill pockets are low calorie it is a perfect solution. Much better than peanut butter for him and no mess for me.

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