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238891238891B001396HQSAEFJW05JUM8TBCarolita Johnson "newyorkette"3331324252800great food, but the seller is mishandling the merchandiseOur dog loves this food, but this seller keeps shipping me damaged goods. In each shipment we get at least one or two severely dented cans. This is not due to shipping. The box it's shipped in arrives without a dent. It's only inside, therefore, the dents are happening before they ship.
238892238892B001396HQSA3NZSW71OVUIBPRoxxxie3351238457600Greatest food ever!My dogs have food allergies and I tried a holistic brand and they would not eat it. I tried the Newman's Own dry food and they loved it so I decided to add a little of the wet food. This food is not your standard wet food it looks more like mousse. It isn't a jelly loaf with yucky bits like some others. My dogs love it and lick their bowls clean.
238893238893B001396HQSA1D7Z21SJGO1L6C. R. Turner "CT"3351237420800Excellent Product!I am very pleased with the Newman's Own Organics products - my pups all agree that it is very tasty stuff! Though my roommate has to leave the room every time I open the can (he is a wuss who makes a big deal about the smell!), you can tell just by looking at it that it includes many healthy ingredients. Take a look at the ingredient list and you can't help but be impressed! Great taste, organic,'s just a great product!
238894238894B001396HQSAESF2DN8QKYHMCarol Anne Rabe2231320105600Food is great, some cans came damagedMy Bichons love the food. And, the price cannot be beat. But, when I previously wrote about a can that came without a label, I never heard back. I have also had a problem with dented cans. Of course, if air gets into the cans, the food will not be safe to eat. Makes me wonder if they are selling "seconds." Would account for the great price. Would have liked to have heard back from them.
238895238895B001396HQSA3OXRFCJI67IMNBold Consumer2251308960000This one is an obvious winner at our house - for my lab mix!I offered my lab mix his new DRY dog food yesterday. He refused it. It was one of the Newman's Own dry dog food. No matter what I did, telling him it was a treat, holding some of it in my hand, breaking some of the in two so he might get a bit of aroma from it, nothing worked!

Then I read one of the previous reviews that talked about a dog or dogs having the same reaction until they mixed it with the canned food.

I had also bought some of the canned food for my large, slow-eating, finicky eater, so I decided to try adding some of it to the dry food. I opened up the can, noticed that he was standing by me all of a sudden, mixed it in with the dry food, and gave it to him.

Next thing I knew, the bowl was empty. But then I heard him licking the bowl, the bowl being drug all over the utility room floor!

Now, a few minutes later, he is telling me in no uncertain terms, that he wants MORE! That is an unusual reaction for him. He doesn't get more right now because he had quite a bit.

I'm grinning all over because this worked out so well for him. He's an older dog with somewhat fragile teeth, and I'm glad he's happy.

EDITED the next morning to say that he ate way too much and kept me awake all night because he needed to go out. I'll have to use better judgement for him than he is obviously able to use for himself regarding portion control. I should have added only enough of the canned food to give the dry food the taste he wanted. The whole can was WAY TOO MUCH for his system when combined with the amount of dry food he ate with it. Portion Control. I will have to keep reminding him, or in this case, I will have to make those decisions for him. He would never know when to stop if I left it up to him. EDITED weeks later to say that PORTION CONTROL has worked well. He really loves these little cans, better than treats, and he loves treats!
238896238896B001396HQSA1U03XI7AVUH57chikadee2231303689600Newman's Canned Chicken & Brown RiceI have an 8 year old Morkie who has been sick all of her life with Pancreatitis, Kidney and Thyroid issues, pre-diabetic status, ear and fungal infections, allergies, various tumors, and the list goes on and on. Recently, she had two severe cases of Hemorragic Gastro Interitis within a month's time, and I almost lost her...twice. My vet and I had run out of ideas to try; nothing seemed to be working for any length of time; hospitalization, IV's, all kinds of meds, etc. and I was desperate! I even stayed home from work with her because I was sure she was not going to make it through that day. It was horible, but I didn't give up even though family members hinted around the suggestion of putting her down. After researching everything I could think of, I stumbled on the thought that maybe her diet was the culprit. I began to search for a food that would fit all the criteria for all of her problems, and found Newman's Chicken & brown rice formula. She's been on it for two month's now, and ALL her symptoms are GONE! Bloodwork-GOOD, Kidney Function-GOOD, Thyroid-GOOD, Allergies-GONE. I cannot believe she's back to her old self and acts like a puppy again. I still give her meds for her Pancreatitis, but that's all! I contribute it all to her food, it saved her life, and all is well for the first time ever! Please, please look at what you feed your pets! I have found that very few commercially prepared foods meet the standards they brag about. Newman's definetely does! Thank you for helping me save my baby girl!!!!!
238897238897B001396HQSA1FDAX0HE987RACorinne2251283299200All beef wonderfulMy pug was having skin problems and after 6 months a vet tech mentioned it might be chicken and corn that is giving her problems. So I began looking for something else that was organic and was pleased to find the beef and liver from Newman's Own. The liver was not her favorite and was a little strong smelling for this vegetarian, but the beef was great. She loves it, I steam some veggies and mix them in, then put a dry food on top and she scarfs it down. I do wish Newman's would put out an organic beef treat and a dry food that does not have chicken and corn but am very happy with the beef.
238898238898B001396HQSA2S099BLER8VXVIngrid2251283040000Newman's Turkey and Brown rice formulaMy dogs love Newman's turkey and brown rice. I have been feeding it to them for about a year. I mix it with Flint River Ranch kibble so they have some crunchy food also. They are spaniels (a breed prone to allergies) and have had no allergy problems and have shiny, sleek coats. They are healthy and love the food. I strongly recommend it. It is a high-quality, human-grade dogfood.
238899238899B001396HQSA2NRH27AOL2GF5Karen2251280793600Even finicky eaters will eat it!My little toy poodle had digestive problems a few months ago and just didn't want to eat dog food. All he wanted was cooked chicken breast, and so, that's what he got (so he'd at least get some food into him).

Happened to find the Newman's Own canned chicken dog food, and he absolutely inhaled it! He finds it irresistible. I am so thankful this food is on the market -- it looks and smells like cooked chicken (which he likes), and has helped him get back on track nutritionally (which I like :-)
238900238900B001396HQSA14DM2WQAX9UGDGolden Happiness "Ligaya"2241238371200Great dog foodI've noticed a big difference in my dog's weight = she's able to maintain her weight, not gaining as much weight as when she ate dried dog food. And being a white dog, she doesn't get dark teary eyes when she eats only Newman organic dog food. I highly recommend it.
238901238901B001396HQSA1H7C9I1LX3PM7henrym1111333497600Newman's Own Organics Canned Dog Food is NOT made in the USAI was not aware of and was not told the country of origin when I purchased a case of Newman's Own Organics Canned Dog Food.. This product is made in Uruguay not the USA!! It made both of my dogs sick with severe diarrhea. Blue Buffalo was out of stock so I thought "Newman's Own" indicated it would be a good product made in the USA. WRONG!!!
238902238902B001396HQSA3LG1P8JTSTK6MTFW "TFW"1111327968000Gives my dog terrible diarrheaAfter reading the ingredients (and being familiar with Paul Newman's great-tasting salad dressings), I was excited about feeding this dog food to my older rescue doberman.

I was surprised when I opened the first can because it truly looked like it had been eaten and passed through another dog's intestines. Sorry to be so graphic but that's the truth. It's hard to give my dog food that I dont even want to touch. She loved the taste, though, and that was the important thing.

That night, however, my poor dog was in agony and had black, watery diarrhea all over the house. Twenty-four hours later she still wasnt feeling well. I gave her Imodium and considered taking her to the vet.

I'm happy for those dogs that like this food and dont suffer any side-effects. I wish my dog were one of them.
238903238903B001396HQSAPKHDXB1ZRPETAnne Jordan "Quimby girl"1151318032000Great food--dented cans happen too often!!This is great, healthy food---the only food my dogs (Cav. Spaniel and Spaniel mix) can eat w/o stomach issues. Many other premium foods are just too rich!! The dented can issue has never required me to return the food, but it happens too often and is very annoying! I would never feed my dogs anything else and no one here carries this particular food, so I am very thankful that Amazon sells it.
238904238904B001396HQSACYT8KA2HVMXJMs. Tre1151317081600FYIMy pup loves this food and I love that it's organic and not bulked up with useless, unhealthy fillers. However, unless you're using the 'Subscribe & Save' feature, you're better off buying this at Walmart for $2.18 per can.
238905238905B001396HQSA73HPJDXJYD15Charlotte Brownlee1151311292800Newman's Organic Chicken & Brown Rice Dog FoodThis is quality dog food and my 9 year old cocker spaniel loves it. She has more energy and is more alert. I give her half of a 5.5 ounce can each morning and the other half in the evening. I also give her Newman's dry dog food twice a day. It's expensive but our darling pets deserve the best.
238906238906B001396HQSA1AVKD9PFDCRB5Chef Kris "SillyKris"1111307318400too rich for my dog, gave her black pooI found this food to be too rich for my 25 lb cockapoo. It gave her really black tarry poop which im guessing is because the food is high in Iron. I just didnt feel comfortable with the color of her stool. It returned to normal as soon as I stopped giving it to her. I think the liver content is too high for an every day food. It might be ok to give 1-2 times a month but thats it. I even mixed the food with fresh veggies. It didnt work for us.
238907238907B001396HQSAMBLDL8NPVRRVAnnie's Mom1151306108800Life SaverMy dog Annie has a health condition by the name of Megaesophagus, anyone interested in learning about this can find information on the internet. We had got to the point where we did not know what to feed her.

Her regular dog food would get incapsulated in the slime, and she would vomit it all up including the slime. This food is high in protein and calories I add enough water to it and mix it well to where it passes through to her stomach.

She has two meals a day and thanks to finding this food I did not have to put her to sleep. (Her condition had got that bad)
238908238908B001396HQSA24V40Y5ST65JAAlready1131282089600its okMy dog was only somewhat interested in eating this.
I like to give him a wet treat every now and then- for some reason he wasn't so excited about this . -
238909238909B001396HQSA291KR5VUGS226MB Raj1151277510400My dog loves itMy dog loves this food and I don't have to worry about what's in it. With all of the bad dog food on the market, I'm glad there is a product like this one.
238910238910B001396HQSA2F63SIKR1CFIYJack Withrow "Maxanne"1151262304000chicken & riceI have 2 rescue poodles which will eat just about anything that doesn't breathe.However I just don't feed them anything after a bitter lesson of my poodle Max dying from the China dogfood crisis.I will not feed them anything but totally USA made. They do like the chick/rice and I am about to give Turkey/rice a try. I'm happy with it being mushy as easier for Spice to eat as she has only 1 tooth. I will continue to buy as long as they are happy with it.I'm so happy to have found it at Amazon with free shipping.
238911238911B001396HQSA1AU50E8TU5GU5E. M. Field "E Field "think dogs are huma...1151260576000Doggies love this food-even finicky dogsI have two dogs. One of them, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a very sensitive stomach and Newman's food is the only food that agrees with him. Ordering from Amazon on a scheduled basis has made my life so much easier as I am a senior citrizen and UPS delivers the food free right to my door step. Sammy loves the turkey & brown rice and chicken & brown rice with the dry food serving as "treats". My Yorkie has an improved appetite since I changed to Newman's products.
238912238912B001396HQSAYY4J0ELNWQPTElizabeth1151242604800Excellent ProductThis is an excellent dog food. My dog just had IVD surgery and has been on the canned dog food - chicken and brown rice. Not only does my dog love it, but he does not have problems with his bowels (like he does on other canned 'wet' dog foods). His stools are still solid (although softer) and I can mix the food with water, since my dog is in need of more water in his diet. I love the product, although much pricier than other canned food, but well worth it. No problems whatsoever.
238913238913B001396HQSAZ65W8C4CPKSTSally1151240444800great healthy dog foodGreat organic dog food from a company I trust. My dog eats it happily and heartily. With the automatic delivery option, the pricing is the cheapest I have been able to find, both on line and in the stores. Definitely recommend.
238914238914B001396HQSAZ65W8C4CPKSTSally1151240444800excellent, healthy dogfoodI was looking to change my dog's canned food as he is getting on in years and I wanted a more nurtitious healthy brand than what I was currently using. My dog loves this food and eats it heartily. I feel better knowing he is eating an organic food from a company I trust...I would recommend it highly. I also signed up to receive automatic delivery which saves money. With that discount this is the least expensive pricing I have been able to find.
238915238915B001396HQSA1NJXFN4V5AUOLKaren Delgrosso1151237507200Great IngredientsI have been cooking for my dog since before the pet food scare, that gets to be too much at times when you have other things to do or aren't feeling well, I have been feeding the dry Newmans for 3 years but have a spoiled cocker who has to have a little 'something' in with her dry.....this canned food drives her crazy, she just loves it, must be the whitefish in. She gets a teaspoon or so in with her dry & cleans the bowl...Amazons price beats that big box store when you use subscribe & save.
238916238916B001396HQSA17KRFZZ5F4OYBFluffy Mom1151227830400Our doggie like this a lot!Hey, it's dog food but it's really healthy and our picky eater gobbles it up.
238917238917B001396HQSA2INQW4EIK6EAELori Eilerts2351284422400my dogs love this food!First, I feed my dogs fresh raw food I make into patties and frez, each morning they eat one frozen,and I give them Fish oil, Garlic and Klamath shores Blue Green Algae caps. Then at night I give Newmans Chicken can food and mix in their Probiotic Miracle & Enzymes and Plaque off. Then they always have their dry food (Taste of the wild, grain free)anytime they are still hungery.

My 2 big dogs are very healthy at 8 years old, hardly get fleas anymore, I don't use chemical flea or heartwormer products anymore, as one dog had a bad reaction to them and lost most of his hair and had hot spots for two years. Then nat. path vet said my other vet should not have given him the yearly vacinations,which also caused the problems. He went on a 10 week detox after that.)

For the alternative heartwormer I do 1 week each mo. I give my dogs Natures sunshine Artemisia Combination 2 in the morning, 1 at night with 1 BlackWalnut. then 2 times that week I will give them 1 HS2. I give these about 20 min. before I give them morning food. Then at night before bed. My dogs weights are 100 and 70. The dog that had allergey, I also would give him first thing in the morning, before eating, Transfer factor, or colostrum, also everyother day a kelp tablet, which I think helped the hair grow back in. I used emu oil with lavender oil and tea tree oil mixed in, on the hot spots. Also for the ears, I used Zymox, OTIC Enzymatic Solution. it worked great.

Hope this info helps someone.
238918238918B001396HQSA3DFEVFOEK9R51kat0051349827200Works for us!I've been on the auto ship with this item for some time - I have a hard time finding it in our stores at times & when I do, it's always more expensive. I love the fact that this has natural ingredients made in the USA - My dogs are older - they need a simple diet & this fulfills all of our needs & it always shows up at the door when I need it.
238919238919B001396HQSA2VB7XO5CPODBISusy0051347580800Schnoodle loves this foodOur Schnoodle, Bella, is a very picky eater. Finally found something she likes which makes me happy because I try to buy Newman products whenever I can. I am impressed that their profits go to charity! This canned food is also healthy & good for her!
238920238920B001396HQSA3MV2Y4HCMFDZPBobbybo0011347062400UnhappyPrice at Amazon entirely too expensive. Plus some of the canned dog food was hard, stale & my elk hound refused to eat it.

I wouldn't buy again & I CANNOT recommend it to anyone.

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