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238921238921B001396HQSA1881LQMVGSCQ2JuneG00213460256008 out of the 12 cans were seriously dentedI did not post this under packaging review, because the order arrived fully sealed, no markings or damage to the outside box, but 8 out of the 12 cans were severly dented, so I had to assume they had been packaged that way. They were even hard to open with the can opener. I will still get my subscribed monthly order, but if it happens again I will probably cancel it. I have no problems with the quality of the product, just very dissatisfied with the way it was mailed.
238922238922B001396HQSA137A8WG41FQ8XByron E. Phillips "Flipper"0051334361600Top-notch organic dog food.Newmans beef organic beef never fails. My pooch (miniature poodle) never fails to gobble it up along with the premium kibbles I feed her. She'll eat other canned foods but the Newman's is her first choice for dinner.
238923238923B001396HQSAQVB6GHDASQT4C. Gibbons0011334188800All flavors repeatedly make my dog terribly sickAt first, I thought my toy schnauzer had gotten into something that made her very sick but I took her off the Newman's Own anyway just to be safe (a decision made by my vet and I after I took her into the ER that night). I decided to try again a few days ago because it appears to be an excellent food (ingredient-wise) and we hadn't pinpointed the specific problem but, yet again, it wasn't even an hour before she was horribly sick and the effects of one feeding have lasted for days (Thank God I have medication left over from our last trip! I'm trying to avoid another vet visit but we're not in the clear yet). Even the stray cats on the block won't touch it and they pretty much eat anything. Definitely won't be trying it again.
238924238924B001396HQSAXNT2TANXEKQMisha's Mom0051331856000We Both Love ItMy Husky/Samoyed mix, The Lovely Marie, adores this food. As soon as I open a can, she starts dancing in circles. I think she especially loves the smell of it, although that occasionally puts me off a bit because it does contain fish. Some cans are stinkier than others, but it's all perfume to Marie's nose. She gobbles it up. I do vary her diet to include some grain-free products, but this is the food she gets most excited about.

I love it because I trust this company, and I believe that Newman's Own products are of high quality. (I hope I'm right.) I also like their mission to bring good green and fair trade products to the market, and to use their profits to support charitable causes. Bottom line: I feel confident that I am giving my girl something wholesome and good.

I stock up on this food because the chicken they put in it is "human grade." I hope the fish is "human grade," too, because I have several cases of this in my garage. I'm thinking that when the "Big One" (earthquake) hits here in California, I'll just break out a case of this food and Marie and I can both survive on it until help arrives.
238925238925B001396HQSAB2EV27AFK2KEJERSEYGIANTS140051322697600My Yorkies love this stuff!After researching the ingredients on my dogs' old dog food (Beneful & Cesars),I wanted to get my pups on some healthier food and I also did not want to break the bank doing so. This turned out to be a great alternative that met all my nutritional and financial requirements I had set forth. For a well rounded nutritional meal, I mix the following Newman's Own Organics Chicken & Brown Rice Formula for Dogs, 12.7-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12),Newman's Own Organics 100% Organic Liver for Dogs, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)and Newman's Own Organics Adult Dog Food Formula, 7-Pound Bag. The dogs really go nuts for this stuff and seem to enjoy it. It appears to me that the dogs have more energy and are in an overall better mood. One of Yorkies had a licking issue and that behavior has decreased dramatically since I made the switch to Newman's. It keeps their stool very solid as well. Overall this a great, nutritional meal at a good price......5 STARS!
238926238926B001396HQSA302EYUTYTOTZ0Sue Hardin "Sue"0051322179200I feel good about giving my dog this productMy dog is 14 years old with many health problems. He is fussy about his food, but this is one that he will consistently eat. The whole Newman line is known for giving back to society, so I feel good about that as well.
238927238927B001396HQSA25SE7SO5V0385Tanya Engle0051319673600Great puppy food!My german shepherd puppy loves this food. It is very soft, so it mixes with her dry food easily. The ingredients are fantastic so I know she is eating quality food.
238928238928B001396HQSAACOYLVI9I0J2Andrew Allen0031318896000Turkey and Chicken Formula smells like fishUnless you read the fine print, you won't know that "Turkey & Chicken Formula" actually contains turkey, chicken AND whitefish. Upon opening a can, you immediately get a hint of something fishy--perhaps this is why others have reported the food as "contaminated". After just a single 5.5 oz can, my dog had a serious case of fish breath and by the next day was occasionally passing fishy-smelling gas. Don't get me wrong---my dog loved this food, and I have read enough reviews to be satisfied that it's very good quality. I have no doubt he would love to gobble down more of this (and I've got another 23 cans to get through), but I don't think my family will appreciate more of the fishy smell.
238929238929B001396HQSA2OLIJAR21U6DSNikki0051313712000dog loves itNewman's Own Organics Turkey and Chicken Formula is pretty expensive but well worth the price. Good ingredients, smells alright and looks good and best of all my very picky German Shepherd loves it.
238930238930B001396HQSA24J2VFHWTM4ZLprince the dog10041312761600wouldnt let master give the dog food awaythe dog would not touch it at first. then icarried the case to the car to give it away. dog came running and barking. brought case inside the house again. then he ate it and liked it ever since. all meat, no grains.
238931238931B001396HQSA2V9YUL46Z23FBsusan c0051310860800Delivery option is very good!We switched to Newman's Own when one of our dogs got very sick using a different popular brand. My dog loves this food and her coat is now thick and full. I particularly like the delivery which is next day in our area. The price is reasonable and delivery is very convenient.
238932238932B001396HQSAODWFJHMNL0FGworkshopper0051310688000Confident in the foodI feel good using this food. My schnauzer was having minor food allergies and I had trouble finding food without grains and by-products The price was good and even better with the auto order and free shipping. I live in a rural area that doesn't carry Paul Newman foods so door to door delivery was great. Will use it again.
238933238933B001396HQSA292L54FW2ID6WL. DeVries "cashladyace"0031307836800Too Rich for my dogsI think this is a very good food but as little as I fed daily (about 1 tablespoon) to my dobie and Dogue de Bordeaux, they both had terrible gas and then went into diarrhea, making several trips outside in a panic more than 5x's a night. They were kind enuf to wake me up! I can use it a couple of times a week and that is it. I think if you buy the Newmans's chicken/rice organic canned and the plain beef and mix them up once in a while it would be better, but feeding the "organ" meat daily is a mistake. Maybe your dog will be fine with it, but be careful. My little shih tzu had no problems, but just like the BARF diet they generally only feed organ meats a few x's a week and maybe this was my mistake. So personally I feel it is a good food, just be careful as it is much richer than most any other canned food you will feed and a tablespoon goes a long way!
238934238934B001396HQSA21TVV32ZBU6CBAnna C. Vanicor "Kajunkamper"0051307491200My Yorkies Love it !I have 3 Yorkies , from 17lbs to 4lbs and my 4lb never gain any weight, we had them on the food from our Vet, I tried this dog food , they love it, and it looks like little one is gaining a little weight. We have been on this food for about 3 weeks now. Not a problem at all !
238935238935B001396HQSA3377Z15R1ZH5LPamela Blashe0051306713600My picky eaters love it!I have two Yorkies that are very picky eaters. After a period of 2-3 days up to 2-3 weeks they will decide they don't like the food I am giving them and just stop eating. I went through a real struggle when one of them got a stomach bug and got real sick with vomiting and diarrhea. I started cooking fresh turkey with brown rice and his stomach healed up in no time. But them I couldn't get them back onto dog food!! I found the Newman's Organic Turkey and Brown Rice formula and they LOVE it. I still give them a good quality dry food for little snack times. However, they usually wait for their turkey and rice and gobble it up. They have lots of energy and for the last two months have not gotten tired of the food. I think we have found a keeper!
238936238936B001396HQSA35R32TA60XD57M. Torma0031302652800Good food but...I do think this is a good food. However, it is just too mushy to serve alone. I give the feline version to my cats and they love it, but cats don't mind a softer food. We give our little poodle canned food for the low carbs and since our cats love Newmans we thought we would try it for him. First I got it in the big cans, which is enough for 2 days for Joey and I was OK with that. The first can I used was OK, not great, but OK when I opened the can and gave him the top 3 ounces. His dinner with the second 3 ounces wasn't as good. Next day it was even mushier in the second half of the can. I liked the food though and he did well on it so I ordered the smaller cans to see if there would be a difference there. I used half of a can this morning for his breakfast and it was OK, but not stiff enough to make it easy for me to chop up and him to eat. I am going to use this food as a mixer with his Tiki dog food until it is used up and then I don't think I will buy it again. I don't get it either because it is the same 78% moisture as his California Natural and By Nature dog food but it just doesn't hold up. I will continue to give it to my cats in their rotation, but little Joey will be sticking to his other good foods.
238937238937B001396HQSA11OTLEDSW8ZXDCGScammell0051301961600My dogs love this stuff from UruguayOK, I admit, if this hadn't been offered during an Amazon lightning deal I would not have bought it due to the high price. However, this morning I opened a can to use for one of my dog's medicines. Each of our three dogs got one-third of a can.

And oh my, all three woofed it down and waited for more. Even the cat chimed in and wanted some. My dogs don't get this excited over canned Pedigree, which is what I usually feed them as a supplementary food source.

Although the pureed liver comes out of the can looking and feeling like something that comes out of the back end of a dog, it doesn't smell offensive. I'm just not used to these more organic ingredients: liver, beef broth, minerals and vitamins. This is definitely something I will buy more often for special meals.

Interestingly, this product comes from Uruguay.
238938238938B001396HQSADFGM8EK8KD09DJ20070021300579200Newman's Own Organic Liver for dogs.I am not happy with the Organic Liver for dogs. It is too mushy and should be mixed with dry food. My two poodles won't touch it! I gave the remaining cans to my son and his two dogs, labs.
238939238939B001396HQSA3UFR5CH1OZ8GRNona0051300320000Jakey loves it!!My sister was visiting with her 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels when my dog Jake, a Golden Retriever Mix, had an opportunity to "sample" their Newman's Own dog food while they weren't looking, He loved it; so I bought it at my local grocery store. Amazon's pricing, especially using the "subscription" is so much lower than the grocery store. I don't have to think about it, it just arrives every month.
238940238940B001396HQSAOYVUE3CJV1FDBeeJay0051299542400Dog loves itI trust this product and trust the company. My dog does extremely well on both canned and dry. No "smelly" digestive upsets! I will continue to use Newman's Own extclusively for my senior dog pal. Plus she seems to love it! Her appetite says so anyway!
238941238941B001396HQSAVJV35095JH71Lucy S. "book"0051292976000GoodThis is good dog food, but I stopped buying it, because one of my dogs (I have two) did not like it. She is not a big fan of can food in general.
238942238942B001396HQSA2E7MWFFDYGALEJudy Walls0051290816000Happy DogMy dog LOVES this food. He follows us around at meal time till he gets his food and then never leaves his dish till it's gone.
238943238943B001396HQSA34JS3CSLGZ5T4Dawn0051290816000Great food for our older dogs! They Love It!We have a toothless older small dog and this is perfect for him to eat since he licks his food and this is healthy for him too and cheaper than the canned foods at the vets and other places! So hard to find soft/canned food that our dogs like and our other dog has upset stomack troubles and with this she doesn't get sick if she eats late in the day and loves it. Our dogs are so picky too. This is great!
238944238944B001396HQSA1JK7KUDNII6DWFeelinggoodagain0051290729600My 14yr old dog loves it!My dog was so tried of the Hill's WD he refused to eat it anymore. Tried Newman's & he can't get enough! Thanks for making a great product!
238945238945B001396HQSAYXK2URLI8PJFannienovak0051289606400Healthy food that my dog lovesMy dog LOVES this food. I have spent hours researching healthy dog food and my vet recommended Newman's Own. I had her on a freeze dried raw food diet which was just horrible on my pooch's tummy and my vet warned of the dangers of a raw food diet (she has seen kidney failure in dogs) - thank goodness I switch food. My dog is a picky eater and this food she keeps on loving.
238946238946B001396HQSA22EEZKRMZXWO7Betty G. Si-tayeb "Betty"0041276646400Chicken and Brown Rice Formula also contains whitefish.Alert: In the event your dog is allergic to fish, be aware that the third ingredient in Newman's Own Organic Chicken and Brown Rice Formula canned pet food for dogs, after "Organic Chicken" and "Sufficient Water for Processing," is "Ocean Whitefish."
238947238947B001396HQSA3OHTB1BNBN1MDeborah Corkindale0051276300800Good stuff!We have been using this for a while with our 5 Bichons and it's great. Organic, looks and smells fine, no stomach problems, delivered free, great price at Amazon. You can't go wrong!
238948238948B001396HQSACL4AWGUH8NZQJohn Gordon "Johnnieg"0051274400000A must for dogs!My two dogs love this product , and it is all organic .All of Newman's dog foods are good for your dog .Give them a try .Keep them in good health .
238949238949B001396HQSA26W0SPQ8WDSPDJack R. Ford0021272499200Dogs don't like itMy dogs have not been too hard to please with food. They will eat almost anything, but they have little interest in the 3 cases of this stuff I bought. Maybe I should add something to it like salt?
238950238950B001396HQSA30LWRPQ3EG0IGDon Hicks0051269043200makes a fat dog thinI bought a case just to try out on my wiener dog, Oscar. He has lost weight. Now he is much more energetic and can jump higher which means he can get into more trouble. Before going up stairs was slow and sometimes I had to wait. Now he is the first up the stairs just like the old days. Keeping weight off of Dachshunds is very important for their back. It costs a little more but I think I will make it up in vet bills and also have my buddy around for a longer period.
Doesn't have that dog food smell and you can actually see the ingredients.

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