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238951238951B001396HQSA1I7JTPVAVBD5RN. Farrell "tandy"0051267401600Glad we tried, has made a differenceMy family rescued a pug mix from a shelter a couple months ago. We used the puppy food they gave us and then matched the brand at our local store later. A couple months went by, wouldn't say our dog didn't like her cheap dog food, but she did develop demodex and a whole new world about dogs and health opened up to us. Bottom line, we were feeding her, but our vet compared it to us eating spaghettios every day for every meal for life.

Demodex is not contagious but inherited and a skin disorder we had to treat. We talked to our vet about her immune system and how we would want to keep her as healthy as possible during treatment and after. While he didn't really recommend any particular brand, he did encourage us to educate ourselves about what's out there.

After some research and with the idea that we buy Newman's Own brand foods for our human selves, we ordered the dry kibble and mixed it with the active dog and puppy formula canned food they make as well. Our dog does love this food, and clearly prefers the canned to the her old cheap foil top square packages we'd pick up each grocery visit. We have noticed that her fur, while always been soft, has become thick and buttery soft when you pet her.

I know the vet warned us that the treatment might have adverse effects, but she has been fine. I credit a healthier diet for getting her through this. And it clearly has done wonders for her skin and coat. Added bonus, the food actually smells good with minimal odor as opposed to the cheapy stuff which made me gaggy.
238952238952B001396HQSA1S7LST1G51C3Ayax J. Conde "Jack conde"0031265328000Good EnoughThis food is OK but the dogs don't like it that much. They would rather have the beef variant.
238953238953B001396HQSA13SIA3KN05CAUP. Oliver0051264032000Newmans' Own Chicken & Brown Rice dog foodThis is an excellent product and my dog is thriving on it. It is healthy and no filler. I also like the convenience of having it delivered to the house and I don't have to carry it.
238954238954B001396HQSA2ZZAIXBA7QBBPMichael R. Fore "nocando"0051258070400This is my Golden Retrivers favorite food .This is the only food that my Golden eats as soon as I put it out for him.
238955238955B001396HQSA1DTPGF7284J31Carl V. Pierson "chicnthekitchn"0041254528000Hard to find dog food...We have a picky dog and this is the only food he will eat. Thanks
238956238956B001396HQSA2KWAK0GAA8IBWD. Ricker "Journeywoman"0051254182400nothing but the bestI feed my dog nothing but Newman's products. Before I got her from a bunch of college kids she had subsisted on cheap dog food and cheap fast food. Did she wolf down the Newman's the first time I gave it to her? No. Just like us, it took time to retrain her palate and appreciate the lack of salt and msg, artificial flavors and colors, and to relearn better eating habits. Two years down the road, she is allergy free, healthy, energetic and has a beautiful coat.
Highly recommended.
238957238957B001396HQSA2OTUWUSH49XINDale Ketcham "We Board Labs, Inc."0041254096000To jazz up the kibbleI have this on automatic shipping once a month. It's great to have a case of dog food on hand to jazz up the kibble. We board labs and goldens in our home so sometimes dogs need a little something extra to make the food special enough to eat. This does the trick. And it's a high quality canned dog food too. Far better than carting a case or even 1/2 dozen cans from the supermarket. Love having it shipped right to my door, having it discounted and no shipping charge through Subscribe and Save. Great service!
238958238958B001396HQSA32YGBB4OTL0E9Carol Hooper0051219881600Newman's Chicken Formula for PuppiesBoth my puppy and I like the canned dog food. I like the ingredients and can even see the carrots when I open the can.
238959238959B001396HQSA2ZPUBQNOEB4I3ctrl-brk1211322697600DisgustingI was very excited to find this product, having really enjoyed Newman's Own products in the past and coming to trust them. I am also a firm believer in feeding the best grain free diet to my Labs, and 95% organic beef went well with that.

Unfortunately, the product is disgusting. The consistency of what comes out of the can is disturbing. Try to imagine dried out peanut butter that is impossible to separate or spread. No amount of water that I added would allow me to use a fork (and knife) to try to separate the product and mix it with my dry kibble.

Instead, I am trying the new Castor & Pollux Organix Grain Free product, and hoping for the best.
238960238960B001396HQSA38NX60W8FYQMYS. Teplinsky1211294704000Vile odor (Canned Beef)We got our Canned Beef from Amazon around last summer but opened it just now. It smells vile. No way we are giving it our dogs. Not sure if this a variation or do they always smell that bad. Definitely deleting it from the Subscribe and Save list.
238961238961B001396HQSA38F0IV5UYTV7QJAN ON THE BEACH "JMCB"1251254700800BEST PRICE FOR NEWMAN'S OWN "ANYWHERE"I used to buy on-line from a pet store and pay very high shipping charges. Now I get it automatically once a month with "no" shipping charges. You just can't beat this from Amazon!! 5 stars
238962238962B001396HQSA261IPFGLTU90LJeff Baird "JB"5911283644800DON'T BUY THIS FOR ITS GRAIN FREE ATTRIBUTES.OK, for those that think they may be buying a grain free product, DON'T BUY THIS. My yellow lab is bad with any grains and causes her to have asthma attacks (really, really bad attacks). Tried this first time last night and she woke up coughing and wheezing. WTF I thought and sure enough, it has oat bran in it. My stupid dumb ***, I trust Newman's to have a product accurately reflecting the products on the label. Brown rice and chicken aren't oats. I guess my lesson learned is trust no one and read all the labels (actually did before i bought, must have missed it though). I didn't miss it,but Amazon has proven they are wonderful when it comes to taking care of their customers if they feel there was an error or communication problem. I will continue to use Amazon for most of my shopping, given the incredible value of unlimited 2 day shipping for $75/year
238963238963B001396HQSA2IUB939P66JL0doris w. guttentag0111306195200"Don't give me that again" Louie the Boston TerrierWe bought a carton of Paul Newman's brand because of the raves your on your website. Louie, who will eat almost anything, turned away from this meal in disgust. We gave away the rest of the cans.
238964238964B001396HQSA2OTUWUSH49XINDale Ketcham "We Board Labs, Inc."0141242172800Good mushThe ingredients seem good quality, although nothing is recognizable in the can, like with Merrick. It's great for mixing with kibble to moisten it and if your dog needs mush--soft wet, canned food.
238965238965B001396HQSA1PSS3Q67OU0P0Christine Holleyman1331283731200Seems to be fairly good for a commercial dog foodI don't really have much confidence in any commercial pet food, but the ingredient list for Newmans's seems better than most. "Infowarrior"2511239235200My dog hated itI love Newman's products, but my dog hated it. We purchased a case hoping to feed our dog something that doesn't contain all of the artificial chemicals, but he wanted nothing to do with it! If you like organic, support Newman's products. Hopefully your dog will like it better.
238967238967B001396HQSA1ZLQ8BPFIX7SBZL "Jedulka"0251245628800dog will eat anythingthe best thing about a dog is that they will just eat anything that they see ... dog does not complain ...
238968238968B001396HQSA2WQVT5P7V4U5Wpatty1511314230400GOOD FOOD ...BAD PACKAGINGjust received a case of 12 chicken & brown rice formula...every single can was dented beyond use...this was a problem before and supposedly amazon was to get their shipping problem with this item states that this item is not returnable although damaged, i wrote to amazon requesting a return label and credit ...will see what happens...i want to return the case of food so they can see the damage, there were 4 air pillows in the box but they had holes torn in them so they were flat and just laying on top of the food...ordered this product from another website while waiting for amazon to straighten out their shipping problem, the other company sent the order UPS and the case of food was surrounded by the Styrofoam pellets and not a dent one !...UPDATE... Amazon replace order, came UPS this time instead of USPS, air pillows were again torn and flat, but only one can barely dented,...Also, i opened one of the dented cans from the first order, bad smell and food was pulled away from the sides, so take care with dented cans of dog/cat food
238969238969B0007DGQHGAGLMGN1I5H3ZJason4451279497600Our (picky-eater) dogs love itBought this food locally in the smallest size - we have two chihuahuas and they are pretty picky eaters. They normally have a wet/dry combination of food but with this stuff they eat it dry no problem. We try to include as much organic into our diets as possible and it made sense to do the same with the dogs, plus this stuff is made in the USA (not in Canada which apparently has less strict regulations for dog food - which is where the Newman's own brand is made, I've been told.) One of the dogs has a pretty sensitive stomach so it's hard to find a food that we can consistently purchase that doesn't make her sick. The small size bites are perfect for our dogs, which is really nice too. Remember when introducing your dog to a new food, it's best to start combining it with their old food.
238970238970B0007DGQHGA6IOUPPL9WF12Ms P3351298246400Shiny coat, tastes greatI recently switched to this food when I decided that I wanted an organic formula. I had been feeding another well reviewed, dry dog food. My dog told me right away that this tasted better! Within a few months he had lost some weight, gained some muscle and has a coat that just glows. We are both happy with the change.
238971238971B0007DGQHGA251S301S8RCGEK. Robinson2251320019200Our Wheaton completely off allergy shots!Our poor Wheatie has suffered with terrible allergies since about age 4. We tried different foods with no succss. We tried food additives, vitamins, powdered,shampoos, sprays, etc, We ended up doing the whole allergy testing and shots route for a couple of years and then discovered after time where we couldn't afford the shots, that this food really really helped his allergies! He hasnt had a shot in over 9 months! If you're at your wits end, give this food a try. I can't tell you why or how it helped, but it did.
238972238972B0007DGQHGA19GA75AACQ7QJNoodle1151318291200Great Organic Dog FoodSadly there are too few organic dog food companies out there...but Natural balance is a good one. And how great that it arrived 2 days after I ordered? awesome!
238973238973B0007DGQHGA22SZNRDYWICZ8Susan B1151314921600Great dog food.Our dog Savannah loves this food. First time I bought it, she ate everything in the bowl. I love that it's organic and doesn't have wheat products. I'd recommend it to anyone who cares about their dog's health.
238974238974B0007DGQHGA1V29I74R8XSNVDr. G2321308009600TOO MANY GRAINS!As soon as the ingredients were mostly GRAINS I read no more. The first 1-4 should be PROTEIN, not grains. Granted, the first item is 'organic' chicken but after that it is downhill! It's not easy relying on a profit making company to make food for our pets. I make homemade for my 7# dog, but not easy for an 80# dog, who is boarded frequently. Kennels are not equipped with a fridge. DRY is last on the 'to feed' list. RAW is best, but expensive. Saw Dr. Karen Becker on YouTube speak about how to read INGREDIENTS. Read [...] reviews, trying to be sure I am doing the right thing, like all of us. The major food companies are ruthless and deceptive. Our pets are dying prematurely due to vaccines and diet. Research best you can, make food yourself. A dog CAN eat RAW organic chicken backs/wings. COOKED causes bone to splinter. Newman's Organics is full of GRAINS and too carb heavy. Weruva appears to be the best CANNED food, as it is 'human grade.' So far, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Healthy Holistic Chicken Dry food is the forerunner.
238975238975B003PFWPG4A2XBTL8WQHRVP4Melanie Adamski7751294012800Much better than the usual diet bar.I have lost considerable amount of weight with the Medifast system; however, their bars taste like cardboard to me. These Thinkthin bars have a much more natural taste. It both looks and tastes like something found in nature. You can see the peanuts and dried fruit in them. The Thinkthin bar even has less sugar than the medifast bars that I have paid double the price for. Also, they taste better than Clif bars too. And I continue to lose weight with the Thinkthin bar substitution.

I like this product and now have purchased them a second time.
238976238976B003PFWPG4AO4RDTZLAGCJ5Mrs. K "From the wilds of the Mojave"6651296000000A nut bar that tastes like nuts -- not sugar!10 grams of protein -- 14 grams of carbohydrates. It does have 2 grams of sugar alcohols, but I haven't had any issues.

Not a Snickers bar, but it is more satisfying and better for you. All three varieties are very tasty. Tastes much better than any of the sweet and salty bars I've tried.
238977238977B003PFWPG4A39GZJVNT4MNR6KateN1141322352000Good and less caloriesThese are tasty and I use them for breakfast though you will probably need to add something else as I notice I am hungry before lunch. I would say that Larabars stretch farther in keeping you feel full.
238978238978B003PFWPG4A26DCH8BNG0BTOK. King "K King"1131319068800Good but not worth the price.The box we rec'd in on 10/19 has a "best by" date of 4/11/12. The nuts had a bit of a stale taste, and also noticed the chocolate coating looked like it had melted a bit and then became solid again, showing creases from the packaging. Even with subscribe & save, the bars are approaching $2 apiece, that is too much to pay for something in this condition, I think. If they fresh and in premium condition I think they might be worth the price, or of course if heavily discounted in their current condition. Perhaps if they move out this 4/11/12 stock and replace now in the cooler months, they will stay fresher longer.
238979238979B003PFWPG4A1H8AQSDJA5SICC. Emge1151318377600Excellent Protein bar for those with gluten intolerance,Excellent Protein bar for those with gluten intolerance,,,Great taste, Great price!
This is a much better deal than purchasing the bars in a Trader Joe's or local health food store.
The only thing missing is the range of flavors. There are several available flavors missing from the pack.
238980238980B003PFWPG4ANXH017ROPXNBSMG0011350086400EXPIRATION DATE 2011.ThinkThin are my go to protein bars.. I was disappointed when opening the box to find expiration dates of 2011.. Also, I was not advised on shipping issues with street address/po box and the order was listed as bad address return to shipper. Had to get someone to drive to bulk mail office in another town to stop return..

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