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238991238991B0019VAMG6A2GCWDW600JS5YAmy Callahan1121305072000Not HotI love spicy chocolate, and this is not spicy when compared to the Lindt chili chocolate. It does melt in your mouth a little bit easier than the Lindt- and it is slightly 'gritty' from the chili and cinnamon additives. Where as the lindt doesn't have any grittiness. I have had other bars that are comparable that do not cost 8 dollars a bar.
Definitely NOT worth the price.
238992238992B0019VAMG6A6HMKIT00UC7XL. Bullock1151303171200Beautiful blend of chocolate & spiceWhile in NYC came upon the Vosges store on Madison a few years ago and became an instant fan. You have to be somewhat of a foodie to enjoy the brand or at least an adventurous eater because some of the flavors are unusual but usually amazing. The Red Fire Bar is my favorite (I like spicy anything) as it's not too dark of a chocolate and just enough to kick to not overpower. I buy them in bulk but only need a square or two to satisfy my cravings :)
238993238993B0019VAMG6A3P7Y3C61TC3PAmanda "Amanda"0051331078400Amazing!This is the most delicious chocolate bar I have ever experienced...yes, experienced!!! You really need to take your time eating this to appreciate all of the flavor undertones...and the warm aftertaste. The texture is magnificent! The quality superb... I know that this is an expensive chocolate; but really, worth every cent!
238994238994B0019VAMG6A33B0FFULH1R12R. Wong0031302739200Good, but I expected more!Considering these Vosges run for about $7-$8 a bar at Whole Foods and other specialty stores, I expected to be amazed by these. I thought each square was a little too thick for my liking. Good quality chocolate, but I expected more chili flavor or at least a little more heat in them. After all, these are called "Red Fire Bar." For the price, I expected a little bit more dimension in the flavor of the chocolate, not just straight chocolate with chili. I wouldn't pick these over the Lidnt Chili bars considering the price.
238995238995B0019VAMG6A3MX017YVCICRXShoppergirl0051282694400YUMMThis is one of the most amazing pieces of chocolate I've ever eaten (and the list is long!) I'm kind of a chocolate snob, and it is harder which I like, it snaps when you break. It is a dark chocolate, and the spice is just right, it's a bit hot but not too. A great treat!
238996238996B0019VAMG6AS5J4CG4NFU6MJon S. Akhtar0051271635200Unique And DelectableThis was the first type of Vosges chocolate I had. My sister introduced me to it. It was so memorable, that I have had a craving for it ever since. You cannot go wrong with the fire bar in my opinion.

I like the pricing from amazon a little better than from the store - especially the shipping - which is so much cheaper
238997238997B0019VAMG6AJDOAB0O62JLEBook Worm0051245110400Good tasting chocolate barI like most of their products. They are a bit pricey, but I think worth it. They have a lot to chose from.
238998238998B000MN0NSEA10UP0JUU4M0QXLisa C. Mathews0051219017600Nairn's are superb, and they're wheat freeThe Nairn's fruit cookies are crunchy, not too sweet and delicious. We are a gluten free family, and we love these. They are worth the price!
238999238999B002RD4SA6A2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"4411272585600Mushy Ick!!!These yams were to be a welcome addition to my diet as a better, heathier choice. They fell extremely short of my expectations due to their mushiness. It seems as though these may have been cooked to be used for baby food. Each can has about 1/4 sweet potato silt and many cans are dented. This is a DO NOT BUY!
239000239000B002RD4SA6A2ZOO1T50UXRP8Mother of 2 "momknowsbest"0051340150400Just fine for our purposesWe use these to make baby food and a "Sweet potato casserole" for Thanksgiving. They were just fine. We rinse them off before using them in the baby food to try to help a little with the extra sugar from the packing syrup. Our sweet potato casserole calls for pureeing the yams. I really haven't tried them any other way so, for our purposes, these yams are great and are the best deal I could find for shipping yams.
239001239001B002GZXOAUA1KH5JOTGUPJDLG0021312329600Americolor is good but vendor is questionableI've purchased many different Americolor gel colors and am happy with them when they are fresh. I purchased 7 bottles from this TCP vendor and 5 of them were old, one even had a use by date of one year before my order! Working with TCP to get a refund has not been as pleasant as working directly with Amazon. I finally did get a refund but only for the product, not the shipping charges. The products were old and unusable. I am very disappointed with this vendor and will purchase my colorants from another more reliable source. Americolor is good TCP is not.
239002239002B001B4X7DQA3V2YOG6IVBLA5Judith E. Richards0051229040000Sweet Potato Turkey Edible BoneMy dog loves this product. He can hardly wait to get one when offered. I also use it as a bribe to get him to come like a charm!
239003239003B002C4QLGEA1VBR0LPOQMN3Scouponlady20093351254096000A great buyI love Maxwell House Coffee, but its not always on sale at my local market this was a great buy because i got two for what i usually pay for one.
239004239004B002C4QLGEA5BIFSZ7SA03Shoe_Girl "Shoe_Girl"2251323734400Great coffee!I've ordered this often as a subscribe and save item and as another reviewer commented, it beats the price from anywhere else. But what happened to the subscribe and save option? What was once $16.95 for 2 is now $31 or more from other retailers!!! Is Amazon no longer selling this coffee for the great price?
239005239005B002C4QLGEA2Y4ZKO4REY2PJGene E. Forsyth2241310688000Maxwell House Dark Roast CoffeeSame flavor and freshness as found in any store. Was not out of date. Really like the product however, signed up for subscription service. They did state prices could go up and sure enough, the very next load went all the way up to what it costs at a local store. Figuring there's no point or savings over local purchase, I canceled subscription with no hassels or questions ask. If not for this I would have rated five stars.
239006239006B002C4QLGEA12WKTEOWS4VLPDawn M. Tuskey4551304640000Competitively Priced in ChicagolandThis is our favorite coffee for as long as we can afford it. I was surprised that's pricing was lower than some of our local grocery stores. So I ordered it and was even happier at how quickly it arrived. I wish all purchases from Amazon would arrive that quickly. Maybe if they did, I would order more from Amazon.
239007239007B002C4QLGEA3TC1MBRSGFSCBfargo1151323734400superthios was the best bye ever ithink someone made a mistake in price but they still sent the product at the addvertised price
239008239008B002C4QLGEA1AN6BKUARPVVEvalianthorse1151322006400best way to buy coffeeif you prefer "regular" coffees rather than the "gourmet" then this is the best and most cost effective way to buy.
238981238981B003PFWPG4A16GAYE08POZYKKristan "Kristan"0051337904000Love these barsI loved these bars the first time I tried one but the news stand by my office sells them individually for $4 a bar. I ordered a box here and now I have it set to instant order and refill every month. Great for a later afternoon snack when I'm working late or for breakfast when I am in a rush. I also enjoy while hiking of after a run. Fills you up without being too sweet.
238982238982B003PFWPG4A1MTN8290KTBUILA girl "Laurie"0051333843200Awesome!I was nervous to try these, but I love them. They really are good & a good combination of sweet & salty, but not too salty or sweet. Good snack in the afternoon for me.
238983238983B003PFWPG4A1ACF7OZ5Z45HXL from Denver "lreader."0041331337600Good dealTheses aren't bad. I lobe the mixed nuts, my two year old loves the chocolate. My husband eats whatever comes in his path. I'd buy them again, but currently cannot...
238984238984B003PFWPG4A3U2PY7C9KN1RUKirkland WA0041318636800thinkthin crunch varietyGreat gluten free bar with less sugar and more fiber. I like having the variety option. With the subscribe and save option this is also a good price.
238985238985B003PFWPG4A24IMIHTTLIRX0Karen Syed "Karen L. Syed, Reader/Author/Publ...0041314144000An Excellent ChoiceIn need of a snack bar that would not aggravate my gluten intolerance, I found these locally and tried one. I was pleasantly surprised.

These bars have good flavor, though a little on the sweet side, and they are a nice texture. They have become a very good replacement for my previous oats and grains bars.
238986238986B001W2LLX0A12FF2CBRSH2E6J. Ko0051348012800Love the Flavor of this tea!I bought this tea and both my best friend and I love the taste of it.
Best Tulsi flavor tea that I have had. The honey and chamomile are very complimentary towards each other
238987238987B001W2LLX0A2TPH171QFO6ZHJane0021326585600So that's why they call it Holy Basil!I've been adding Tulsi Tea to my diet. I love the peppermint flavor and drink it daily along with my other great teas.

I didn't really care for the flavor of this honey chamomile tea. I don't think it was the honey flavor that was bothersome- actually the Tulsi just seemed at odds with the chamomile. It actually tastes a bit like basil, which I hadn't experienced with the peppermint, I guess because the tastes meshed so well together. In this cup, I actually felt like I was drinking Basil-Chamomile tea.

I can say I've never tasted the anise flavor that people find prevalent in Tulsi teas.
238988238988B001W2LLX0A34B2WMJEJ87EIovbr0021295395200odd flavorI really did not like this tea. i general love chamomile tea and drink a lot of different brands but this one has a strong honey flavor that totally overpowers chamomile.
238989238989B001W2LLX0AMAECPWS18SGSCoraline360051292112000Great serviceI received the tea very fast. It is a delightful tea and I sleep so well after having it near bedtime. Thank you for being so helpful.
238990238990B004USS8HUA3Z0HIBL7EJ49K. Fletcher "kathyloug"0051334880000Best value!Enjoyed the value pack, the formula stretched out a bit longer than the 25 oz can. Would purchase this product again!

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