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239133239133B005P0VVY4A1FX1N626XP347Susan Aiello1151304467200Celestial Caffeine Free Tea 40 BagsThank you for the speedy service. I received my 2 packages of tea bags within 3 days of ordering them. This tea is part of a Mother's Day gift for my mom. She has a difficult time locating caffeine free in the stores. I will shop for my tea here again. Thanks!!!
239134239134B005P0VVY4A23ILIMKEXD7VCMargaret Garretson0051314144000Celestial Seasonings Caffeine-Free Herb TeaThis is excellent natural Caffeine-Free herb tea. It is easy to make. Just place 6 bags in a quart of cold water, place in refrigerator for 3-4 hours and it is ready to drink. Great flavor. I serve it daily.
239135239135B0050J6Q2MA1VKU0VBHPIZCKOana0051341273600Great!I already reorderd this flour. It works really well. The sour dough bread that I made from it was just great. My kids loved it! I forgot to mention that you can use it exactly like wheat white flour in: cakes, pasta, biscuits, yeast dough-what ever you want!
239136239136B0050J6Q2MA1XTQ8EB8Q4MBLDorsey0051335744000ExcellentThis is the greatest way to get "white" bread that is more digestible. It works nicely in any recipe that I have tried so far. I will definitely be ordering more of this.
239137239137B0035XYRLMAF86M51TRBXT5John S. Daniels0051312675200Chinese Curry PowderThis curry powder may not be available in grocery stores now. At least I haven't found it yet. I used to use S & B all the time. It makes a great curry flavor for chicken or shrimp.
239131239131B004SKPQX4A2IA8P67SYFTJPTreva L.0051326931200TEN MONTH OLD THINKS THESE ARE YUMMYMy little boy is starting to learn how to self feed, and he enjoys these. They are just the right consistency and size for him to practice. The diced carrots are great too. Highly recommend for moms with the do-it myself baby!!
239138239138B001IMHG06A1Z09G76DPCXSMLorraine Huzar "Huzie"0051277942400Biggest bang for your carbo buckThis product is fantastic. You would be hard pressed to tell that it is half the calories of regular pasta. The fiber content is fantastic. You have to buy it by the case, but it is well worth it. It costs considerably more in a specialty store. I am hooked.
239139239139B001IMHG06A167SUCV19RQD7Mark Sauer0051264291200Great Fettuccine PastaI have tried both The Penne and the love Short Fettuccine and both are great. I prefer the texture and taste of the Fiber Gourmet over regular pasta. They say this pasta is also better for you, what a bonus.
239132239132B005P0VVY4A1ICP7CBRKSSN0Jean1151306972800TeaA great favorite, hard to find in general. I order this tea regularly and am very glad Amazon consistently has it in stock.
239140239140B001IMHG06A58H2KBS03X5UMichele Whelan "Hungry at heart"0051250640000Fabulous low calorie macroni.If it's possible to be addicted to macroni, then I am for sure. This has been a God send on my weight loss journey. Very pricey but worth it to a serious macroni lover.
239141239141B00374TMAKAPACWG53UZXQIAngel Wings0051344729600Best of All the Bare Nakeds!I love this Bare Naked Oats & Honey granola. It is a little "crunchier" than the other varieties. That suits me well, as I HATE soggy cereals! I eat this with yogurt, rather than milk.
239142239142B002WF78DIA2SVAT5N9X2UAVocctpl0031340064000Pick another flavorThe lime is just kind of weird. It has an artificial flavor (yes I know it is, but it doesn't need to taste like it!)Works fine in the machine it is just a flavor issue. Their pink vanilla and blue raspberry are very good.
239143239143B002WF78DIA1FL9MPQFT6DRMDawn M. Mewis0051309392000My granddaughter's delightI bought this for my granddaughter's cotton candy machine given to her for Christmas. The flavor is great, and the cotton candy comes out light and lovely. It is easy to use, and the floss begins to develop as soon as it is placed into the machine. She uses it regularly for herself, her family and her friends. A little bit goes a very long way
239144239144B004H4LM48AVFOA3MU494X2Lulu-Bug "Melissa"0051314921600Delicious!We had these for the first time last week and we all agreed they are better than non-GF cones. So yummy!
239145239145B002EP7J44A328KQZEJO1A4UAnnette Blackwell1151278115200Best Zwieback for babies, toddlers and adults!This is the best Zwieback in the US or in Germany - Good taste and each single one is a good size - it's a crisp bread that will dissolve quickly in your mouth - with butter and jam it's almost like a desert - alone great, too - not too sweet - it's a baby and toddler food but I would recommend it also for people with digestive disorders since it is so easy to digest - I wish the other versions would be available in this country (like coconut,chocolate, apple cinnamon!)
239146239146B0019LWJ44AGEVP013F1KR6skardem0051344124800Brown sticky rice is the best.Good brown sticky rice. Seems very fresh. Thanks prime. I didn't to carry a 25 lb bag to my door.
239147239147B001SAUNLCA1PQA3OKSUMEPESCS0051298764800Yum, yum, yum!This is super tasty! For those of us who can't make this quite right on our own, this makes it fool proof! And with good ingredients, not a bunch of junk :)
239148239148B005JDFBWUA1CHRKGGTEFFEWmooch "mooch k"0051348704000These are the BEST PRINGLES EVERI love these pringles. they are so good. I alway have to buy at least 4 cans at a time, because one can only last 2 day at the most. If fact i'm eating them right now as i write this review.
239149239149B0092VQI54AJFSW7DOMQ3KQDonna A0051349827200Flavorful Berry MatchaThis was my first fruity matcha from Red Leaf and I had really been looking forward to trying it because of the great reviews. The delicious aroma of this selection made my mouth water as soon as I opened the packet. I have enjoyed boysenberry syrup on many occasions in the past, back in the days when I used to eat waffles and pancakes. This definitely captures the essence of boysenberry nicely with a great balance between sweet and tart. I did what others have suggested, and mixed it up with 2 oz of hot water , then added some almond milk, a splash of cream, a small amount of sweetener, and some ice cubes and shook it up to make a chilled latte. I will eventually try it hot, but I have really been in the mood for the chilled lattes lately! So this was the third flavor I've had from Red Leaf, and all have been outstanding. I'm afraid they could be somewhat addictive. If you haven't tried boysenberry, you should! I don't think you'll be disappointed.
239150239150B0092VQI54AA9K0JDDMFNEDRachel C. Eichen0051348012800A delicious berry matchaWhen I saw this boysenberry flavor, I knew I had to grab it. I'm not sure if I've ever had boysenberry on its own, but I definitely know I've had it in yogurt form. There are several companies that make boysenberry yogurt, and it's delicious.

For all my previous matchas, since they were desert matchas, I had been making them hot the traditional matcha way. Usually, after my first sip, it was a little too intense for me, so I added some milk to help bring out the flavor. But for boysenberry, hot and milk added just didn't sound appealing to me, so I thought I would try something new.

I took my water bottle and measured 1/4 teaspoon for matcha. I then filled my bottle with 16oz of water. You can also use a water bottle, but since I want to be environmentally friendly (and I like my filtered water), I decided to just use a regular bottle. I debated whether or not to sift the matcha, but decided I wouldn't the first time around. I shook my bottle vigorously, and then sipped the results...

WOW!!! I was really impressed. With all the other matchas, I had a hard time tasting the flavor just straight, but here I can definitely taste both the matcha and the boysenberry. The matcha is not overpowering and overly grassy, and there are definitely berry undertones. I didn't need to add any sweetener, although I bet if I did it would bring out the flavor even more.

I can't believe how easy this is to make. It sure beats using a whisk (no pun intended) and making water on the kettle. Those are good too, but this is better. I'm thinking I need to order some more fruity matchas in the future, since I liked boysenberry so much. I'm not sure how this would taste hot, but it's definitely delicious cold.
239151239151B0092VQI54A3FD3PC1MVMM2HSoftRevolution0051347840000Deliciously unique flavoured matchaThis matcha is my first experience with something boysenberry flavoured. I love blackberries, and boysenberries look similar, so I figured I'd give it a go.

I'm so glad I took a chance on this flavour! It is really fresh and juicy tasting, with a light berry flavour that is both sweet and tart. It is almost candy-like in both scent and flavour, without being artificial tasting in the slightest.

I would urge anyone who enjoys flavoured matcha to branch out a little and try a flavour you wouldn't normally try - I'm betting you'll be pleasantly surprised! All of the varieties that I've tried from Red Leaf so far have been really well done, and pretty much universally enjoyable.
239152239152B0092VQI54A38RWVWOQPYJSALiberTEAS0051346976000Mrs. Knott Would Be Proud!As a kid, I practically grew up at Knott's Berry Farm. I loved everything about that place, and boysenberries hold a very special place in my heart because of the theme park. So when I saw that Red Leaf Tea carried boysenberry Matcha, I had to try it!

And this does the berry - as well as Mrs. Knott - proud! It tastes very authentically boysenberry... as if I might have plucked a few berries off a vine and pureed them and then stirred the puree into the Matcha - except that this is so much smoother. The Matcha tastes rich and vegetative, with notes of butter in the background. Deliciously creamy... this would make a great dessert substitute!

Another exceptional Matcha from Red Leaf Tea.
239153239153B0092VQI54A29P51TN9KKMU9Azzrian0051346284800Delightful!So when I first smelled the dry powder I thought, oh tart, crisp, light, berry!
My daughter's first impression was "Mom this smells like Red Bull energy drink."
I was like OMG you are SO right!
It does! I have to admit. I do love Red Bull. Actually I had a bit of a Red Bull problem not too long ago, before tea! Thank you tea!
Nonetheless it has that exact same tart smell to it!
Don't worry though this is totally healthy!
Plus after preparing my matcha, adding some ice and milk, it tastes NOTHING like a red bull!
Okay maybe a little something like it in the sense that it is light, crisp, refreshing, not too tart but just a slight berry tartness but nothing that is going to make you pucker!
I love this!
I feel bad and I owe an apology to summer. Here I was craving autumn and forgot all about berries, fruits, juicy ripe tasting delights and had went totally for heavier, richer, creamier, flavors. But you know what ... it is still summer and I am going to totally enjoy drinking this and many other light matchas to come!
As I am sitting here in delight sipping away I am noticing this almost earthy flavor to it - no not the normal earthy grassy flavor of a matcha or green tea, but something else. The prominent flavors are still the same, tart, juicy, etc, not to be redundant, but there is something more, its one of those flavors you swish around in your mouth, tap tap tap your tongue around, make those smacking sounds trying so hard to pin point it but it is eluding me! I want someone else to get some of this so they can help me figure it out.
Yes this one is a delight and to think I almost passed it up I mean I was not too sure what to expect and didn't want something too overly tart but thank goodness I went for it!
239154239154B0009QVWP2A27TDSLY89HEX2Book reviewer 20050041247529600Not too badThe salt is great but the grinder is not great quality. Get your own grinder and buy the refills.
239155239155B0009QVWP2ANO3DCVJXNC9OHill Girl0051131926400This salt rocks!This is delicious salt. The salt shaker/grinder itself isn't as attractive as the ad makes it out to be, but otherwise this is a great product. I'm not normally the kind of person who pays $30 for salt, but since I got this as a gift originally, I'll buy more when the first one runs out.
239156239156B000J2EAYGA3GNXI2R3SUEBPfrequent buyer3311239926400Made in ChinaOur dogs love these treats and 2 years ago were made in the U.S. We thought we were giving them something healthy until we read the package and saw that they were now made in China. We are now looking for a similar product made in USA.
239157239157B000J2EAYGA2UCZAWAN5QMJQThomas F. Harper Jr.2231283212800Not enough glucosamine and chondroitinMy dogs like these treats well enough. My question is regarding the amounts of glucosamine and chondroitin that they incorporate.

According to what I'm looking at, you need around 300-500mg of each per 25lbs of dog, per day. The bag ingredients says 2000mg/kg of glucosamine and 1000mg/kg of chondroitin. So that means my 100lb dog would need to eat 2lbs of this treat every day to get a satisfactory dose, since a kg is 2.2lbs.

Reading the reviews of the various versions of this treat, I'm also wondering how much of the perceived results are scientifically due to the supplements. I see a lot of people noting improvements and results in a week or two, yet glucosamine and chondroitin are supposed to take 4-6 weeks before they produce a noticeable benefit.

For our big, fat, old dogs, we've had good luck with the vetrin chewable aspirin for dogs. They like them, they're inexpensive, and they do a nice job of taking the squeak and creak out of the dogs.
239158239158B000J2EAYGA25XD7WLG0BDGEAmy Smelden "shihtzulove"0051264809600Love this product!All of my dogs love this product! Its really easy to break into smaller pieces for them to train on. Would definitly buy this again.
239159239159B000J2EAYGAN75PQ88GVDCNMary Murphy "new york mary"0051237939200Luv Happy HipsMy extremely picky Lhasa luvs Happy Hips. Absolutely Pets had them for the best price recently, but ran out. Glad to find them here...they are a winner.
239160239160B000J2EAYGAB2MFVLF9LVAKChristine McDonald0051229126400best buyDogswell Happy Hips, 15 oz. Lamb & rice, cost [...] or more in a pet food store - that's if you can find one which stocks it. My dog used to like Dogswell Breathies Chicken Breast, another good product at the same price but for no apparent reason, she changed to Happy Hips and now won't eat anything else for her treats. This price is the very best I have found and feel like a winner to be able to buy a 3 months supply for about [...] including S&H. Dogswell treats don't contain any fillers and don't appear to be fattening - they're just good meat and dogs love them.

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