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239221239221B0038M4DZ0A2ISKAWUPGGOLZM. S. Handley0111310774400Kitty Junk FoodWe have five cats - one an elderly cat of 15 years, the other four in the 9-11 year range. The oldest cat was diagnosed a couple of months ago with the beginning stages of chronic kidney disease. His numbers didn't warrant being on prescription food yet, but we needed to start paying attention to things like protein and phosphorus levels in his food. Because we have five cats, and some of them are nibblers eating four or five nuggets at a time, we decided to switch them all to an acceptable food for the oldest, so we picked the active longevity because it specifically mentioned kidney support and calories appropriate for less active older cats.

Since we made the switch 6 weeks ago, all of the cats have gained weight. This was fine for the little old guy as he was a bit underweight; not good for the rest of them. Our other male went from a slightly chunky 18.5 lbs to an obese 21.25 lbs - almost three pounds in 6 weeks! The 3 females gained between 1.5 to 2 pounds each. We noticed them making a lot more visits to the food bowl, like they couldn't seem to get full. We also saw a lessening of coat quality - lots of shedding even though they are brushed regularly (including with a furminator) and one developed bad dandruff. The stools developed a really bad odor, although I do have to say nobody developed diarrhea which I am grateful for. Most worrisome was that the lab results on the old guy came back with some of the kidney values of concern having worsened.

I am very disgusted with Science Diet - they are actively fooling the public with the nutritional claims on the bags. One of the sites I researched on for chronic renal failure has charts detailing the nutritional breakdown of most of the various foods available. If you compare the various Science diet formulae that have different health claims on them - the nutritional values for the components listed are all within a tenth of a point or two. Basically from the nutritional analysis it appears that they are the same base formula with maybe a slight difference in a vitamin or additive. With other brands, such as innova or royal canin, there appears to be an actual difference between the different formulae.

Now to deal with the weight gain, as well as the other problems we noted, we are switching foods again. This time we are trying royal canin indoor mature. Wish us luck.
239222239222B0038M4DZ0A3TVZM3ZIXG8YWchristopher hayes0211291420800Filler food is empty, leaves your cat always needing moreThis review will make me sound really stupid, but whatever. I don't really care as long as people find out what's real and can avoid my mistakes.

I got my wonderful little sweet Bella Bean when she was a few days shy of three years old. She had been bounced around from house to house and eating whatever was cheap. I have had cats around me my entire life, for about twenty-five years now. My mother always just fed them whatever, the kinds of food you buy in the supermarket - Friskies, Nine Lives, Kit & Kaboodle, stuff like that. And our cats were always fine, at least in terms of their eating habits. They would eat in the morning, stop when they were done, come back, and eat some more when they got hungry.

My housemate at the time was working for Hill's and assured me that this was the best food ever made, so great, so on and so forth. I now know that she is an utter buffoon, but I initially trusted her judgment, which is so unfortunate because she doesn't think. She also had plenty of coupons for free or deeply discounted bags, which made it a much more attractive choice.

I first tried feeding the little Bean an unmeasured amount of Science Diet in a bowl, but that didn't work, as she would devour it in one sitting. So then I took to measuring it, and she did the same thing. Then I started parsing it out to twice a day. That didn't work either, because she would start going crazy in the middle of the day, running around, intentionally destroying things, deliberately spilling her water, crying, etc., until she got more food. So then I split it into three servings. Same thing. Then it got to be four servings. That was a little better, but it was too much maintenance and unrealistic to be around every day to feed her four times. So then it went back to three. All the while, I was trying to reduce the amount of food I was feeding her to less than 3/4 of a cup because she was a little chubby. Reducing was hell. She became even more hungry, but I figured she would get used to it. Not really.

For over a year, she would wake me up every morning looking for food in a serious way, knocking things off my desk, ripping up any paper she could find, scratching at the door and committing general acts of mischief. As soon as she got food, she was back to her sweet self, but only for three or four hours.

We thought she was bored, we thought she was a little nutty, and maybe even had a kitty eating disorder. She always wanted food. It was kind of funny but in the end it was just sad.

A few weeks back, we took her to a new (good, non-money factory) vet for her second checkup since I've had her. I talked with him about her being always hungry. He asked what she ate, and I told him the adult indoor Science Diet. Without saying as much, he basically told me that this food is garbage and I should look for something else. He said cat food should have a protein followed by a carbohydrate as the first two ingredients. Science Diet does, in a very loose, by-product kind of way - ground up slaughterhouse leftovers and corn dust. Then they put a bunch of vitamins in it to make it "healthy," instead of just using good ingredients from the beginning. Not that I care about spending money on the Bean, but this food is way too expensive for what it is.

So we began transitioning her onto Wellness indoor formula about two weeks ago. She is still eating 50 percent Science Diet with 50 percent Wellness (you really shouldn't just give a cat different food one day out of the blue) but SHE NEVER FREAKS OUT ANYMORE. It's amazing. And it's 100 percent because she is eating real food now, along with that sawdust and chicken hearts I still regrettable have to feed her. We have her down to eating twice a day, only 1/3 cup in TOTAL. She was eating three times a day, 5/8 of a cup in total. Now she eats some in the morning, walks away, eats some more a few hours later, and then looks for dinner about twelve hours after her initial feeding. No more knocking things over, no more trashing Dad's papers on the desk, no more howling, no more deliberately spilled water on the floor. It's incredible.

I feel so bad that I was doing this to her for so long. We really thought she was just being dramatic or whatever. But no, she was genuinely hungry because she wasn't eating any real food.

Do your cat a favor - buy her or him so food made with real ingredients, things you would eat - Wellness, Halo, Innova, Evo, whatever. Figure it out for yourself, but please don't feed your cat this. It's garbage.
239223239223B0038M4DZ0A22UFBP0KL3KQBA. Ali0311276041600All By-Product & Corn -- Don't Waste Your Money!I made the mistake of believing that Science Diet was the best choice for my cat after the woman at the animal shelter mentioned it as the food they use. After doing some research I realized that Science Diet is no better than any grocery store generic brand or Iams (I would NOT recommend ANY of these options).

The main ingredients are Chicken By-Product and Corn. Here are some interesting facts: Cat's can't digest fact, they are obligatory carnivores and only eat up until the point of reaching optimal nutrition. When I fed my cat the science diet he ate ALL THE TIME, constantly. After switching him over to Castor and Pollux Indoor Cat Formula he eats much less now.

Also, By-Product means just that...beaks, feathers, toe-nail clippings, meat not suitable for human consumption, dead animals, etc. -- Totally not worth the $$$'s cheaper just to dig in the trash and puree it yourself (doesn't sound so appealing does it??). Science Diet is notorious for implying superior quality products when they are in fact no better than all the other terrible pet food you find. Don't let your vet fool you either- vets usually get a 40% cut from Hill's to sell you their cat food.

My recommendation is to use common sense and to do some research. Try brands like Newmans Own or Castor and Pollux as they have wholesome ingredients and a proven track record.

I later called the shelter only to hear that they are required to feed the animals Science Diet as it is donated and they have a special arrangement with Petsmart to house their animals in their in store adoption centers. A requirement is to exclusively feed Science Diet to the animals.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: Castor & Pollux Ultramix Indoor Feline Fomula Dry Cat Food, 15-Pound Bag
239224239224B0038M4DZ0A2SY6JHNFU5NDSC. Lessing3931271376000Quanty????This food is working well for my 19 1/2 year-old-cat with kidney problems. But I can't find any info on how many cans are included for this price? I'm guessing 24 cans based on shipping weight and the price, but I won't buy without better info.
239225239225B005NYXE8SA17JVVAKWEB0MWesley Mullins12813451230854400Good Price For Popular GiftI bought this for my parents as a Christmas gift. It was a big hit and immediately brought with it reactions of, "look at this one" and "I'd forgot about them". One thing that shouldn't be forgotten is that after all the trips down memory lane, you actually get to eat the candy.

My strongest reaction to the box when it arrived was shock over its size and weight. It is huge. I expected to pay 15 dollars for the candy and 15 dollars for novelty. But I honestly think it has close to $30 worth of candy in it, if not more. Usually, when items are created to tug on the sentimentality of buyers, something is lost in the actual product. That isn't the case here. It is both an exciting gift and a practical one.
239226239226B005NYXE8SA1HI4GHMPIQ5YYB. Lindsey10211031249084800Fun Product but total cost (with cheapest shipping) exceeded $51.00!The 60's decade box was well received and everyone enjoyed a trip down memory lane although a good portion of the products were unfamiliar not only to those raised in the 60's, but those older and younger. Many were wondering if they were east coast products. The price of the product for what was received was quite excessive, and the cost of the cheapest shipping was astronomical (almost as much as the product). The box is cute, but some of the individual candy packages arrived opened with contents spilled and broken because it wasn't packaged for shipping. Luckily I opened the box before presenting it as everything was piled together into a big heap. I was quite surprised that there wasn't any box filler (stryofoam peanuts, bubble wrap or shredded colored paper) or that the items weren't arranged for giving. I added my own shredded colored paper and arranged the items, but really felt for the price that it should have been professionally presented.

Although a neat idea, I will not purchase any more of these decade boxes from this company for the reasons stated above. I recently saw a similar item by another company that had just as many candies and was priced less than $15.
239227239227B005NYXE8SA2PLNZAU8JVI80Kayce Cawthon-Stoker617031140739200Ahh ... a tasty stroll down memory laneIf you want a fun trip down memory lane, this is a great item to purchase and share while watching old 60's era movies (Born Free, Herbie the Love Bug, Thomasina, Mary Poppins, etc.). Pick out a piece and flash back to the first time you ate it (or the last time!). Sadly, some of the items appear the same but do not taste so (i.e. wax lips, Pixy Sticks). There are some omissions (Jolly Ranchers, Sugar Babies, JuJuBes, JuJy Fruit) which were a staple of Saturday Afternoon Matinees. Now, if only someone would bring back the Bonomo Turkish Taffy!
239228239228B005NYXE8SA113IIYOI3K46YK. Kyes262811266969600About half the claimed weight!While the variety was interesting, the description was highly deceptive. The weight was listed as 5 pounds, but adding the weights from the candy included yielded only slightly more than half of that, at 2.8 pounds. There were, as claimed, more than 30 pieces (35), but only six were full-price/size chocolate bars. Much of the rest was cheap filler, not the full-sized pieces touted in the description. For example, there were several types of gum included, as well as small pieces of taffy, and many items weighed less than half an ounce (in one case, a tenth of an ounce). The actual value of the candy appeared to be $10 to $12, at most, and the presentation--thrown in a printed carton with a single sheet of crumpled paper--was certainly not worth the rest of the price. Many items looked shopworn due to this poor packing, and all brittle items (such as Necco wafers) arrived in fragments. Anyone receiving this as a gift would assume that the giver spent about $15 on it, not $40. I feel cheated.
239229239229B005NYXE8SA1HIZUJWTDWE8KA. Turner192051261958400A good gift if your willing to pay the price....After all the reviews i read and the experience i went through after buying this as a gift for my mom i had to come back and leave some proper feedback which i felt went against some of the more "negative experiences" others went through when buying this product. it seems like a few people before me had a decent response when it came to the quality of the gift in some of the areas such as delivery time, pricing, and even the assortment of the treats inside the box so i decided i would tackle each of those areas and explain my experience....

out of everything that surprised me about this gift it was the amount of time it took to arrive that really made me satisfied. i was expecting the gift to arrive no sooner than Dec. 28 but it arrived on the 24th which was perfect timing on my part seeing how it was the only gift i could think about getting for my mom at the time (i ordered this on the 18th).

The package itself was in good shape i guess....its just a cardboard box containing 20 or more pieces of candy. in terms of it not being packaged properly, it really wasn't that big of a deal as someone else made it out to be. every piece of candy was wrapped securely and placed in the box with little to no damage done (if i sound like someone who works at the company, i'm not.... i'm just an overall satisfied customer =D )

Overall i think this would have to be the weakest area of the entire gift. while the box did contain a large amount of candy, i really don't think its worth $35. if the price was in the area of 18-25 dollars (at the most) then i would have gladly bought another one for my dad but at the time of purchase i was willing to take a chance just to see how good this box really was.

I'm not exactly sure what one person was talking about when they said the total cost of their order including s/h was $51. i managed to buy this for $35 with free s/h arriving 6 days later so.....i really don't understand how it managed to cost that much money in the end.

since i'm technically a 90's kid, there was only a handful of items i actually recognized. the few that i tried were just as i remembered tasting them years ago but i haven't really gotten into more of the older candies my parents were so fond of...

In the end it was a neat gift. it was interesting to see my parents go through the candy and talk about how the pieces they remembered and the ones that were new to them. if your looking for a gift that will bring back memories of a time long ago, you cant do much wrong by buying this as a gift though it will pinch a bit more at your wallet than its really worth. in total worth i would give it a 4/5 but in terms of packaging (which i originally thought was going to be abysmal), the free shipping & handling (must be only for the holidays?) and the "just in time" delivery it rounds up to a 5/5

-Final Thoughts
if there was anything they could have improved on for there page here on amazon it would been a more descriptive list of what all came with the box including pictures of each of the candies inside......just for the consumers sake. sometimes i would like to know a little bit more about what i'm buying. either that or take a bigger picture of the entire product (i would have done it but i wasn't thinking about it at the time i received it)
239230239230B005NYXE8SA3CZSD7M2N570VMichelle Evans182011261094400Not packaged properlyThis would have been a nice gift if it had been packaged properly. The candy is just dumped in a box that is not sealed in anyway. I placed the box, which was still in the Amazon box, away for wrapping and within one day the ants had found it (and ants have never been in this area before)and were all inside the candy box. Just a warning to anyone that orders this product, when delivered make sure that you bring it in immediately, open the box and seal all the candy in plastic bags for safe keeping till time to give the gift. I just assumed that since it was a food item that it would be packaged properly.
239231239231B005NYXE8SA3BV64Q6FE665LC. Rexford6631259712000Great condition, only fair selectionThe 60s decade box I ordered arrived in tact, and all the candy inside the box was in fine shape, (nothing was smashed or cracked), each item was full sized and fine.
I only gave 3 stars for the selection. Allthough the pieces were indeed items enjoyed in the 60s, I felt the inclusion of candy that is still sold commonly today somewhat took away from the nostalgia, ( an O Henry Bar as one example). The variety of candies may differ for others as stated in the item description, so my minor dissapointment in the selction I recieved will not be everyone's experience. I also recieved a duplicate of one of the candies. For the price I felt it should overall have been a better variety of 60s candies.
On a final note, and it bears repeating, the candies were all in fine shape so the quality of each item in the box was not compromised. I only feel the nostalgic value of the items would be at say 60% for what I recieved. I feel it is worth perhaps half the price I paid. (not including s&h).
239232239232B005NYXE8SA2CL818RN52NWNstewart L253251133395200Great 60s gift basket,for anyone who grew up in the sixties.This gift basket will bring you back to the sixties..If you remember the sixties,you will just love the assortment of genuine candies,from this era in time...This decade gift basket will make an excellent gift,for the holidays...I highly recommend this for the holidays...
239233239233B005NYXE8SAZEZP7KNA0BWGJoyce L. Reedy212821232323200too expensiveI thought this was a great idea, but after recieving it, with freight it came to 51.00
239234239234B005NYXE8SA2F3ZHO9KE2075T. Champion "ChampionT"5651234310400Oh, The Memories this Brought Back!!!!This box filled w/ wonderous treats from the past was a really BIG hit for my spouse's birthday recently.
We both couldn't believe how much candy (and other things) were packed into this very nice sized box!
Worth every penny!!!! The products brought back happy memories.
If you're looking for chocolate, this isn't for you.
This is more of the "candy" of the era type box. Penny and nickel candy and gum and suckers and and and and... Yum! Fun! Surprising! Happy!
Very nice gift. I will buy again for others I know and love!!!!!!!!
239235239235B005NYXE8SA18D6SBOOV6F38S. Hilland-Kinne "Serafinsigh"5651206748800Great GiftI gave this item as a gift. My dad absolutely loved it. He's not much for candy, but it was fun to be nostalgic on his 50th birthday and taste the different candies with him. The box included a lot of items not listed, and had a great variety. I'd highly recommend this as a fun gift for someone you'd enjoy reminiscing with.
239236239236B005NYXE8SA3N0DAKP4842C4mandurss "Amanda"91231260230400Thumbs downI felt that this was an intersteing product but I was led to believe from previous reviews that the packaging was "great" and there was "so much candy". I felt that this WAS NOT the case. Not worth the $40 spent. It is in a simple cardboard box and it certainly is not 40 dollars worth of candy! I would not purchase this product at this price again!
239237239237B005NYXE8SA332BV9J6JTY9Omedkid91251179792000fun flashbackI got this as a gift for my father and he LOVED it. It was a nostalgic trip down memory lane for him. Most of the candy looked too sugary for me, but he was thrilled--- he looked like a little kid on Christmas morning. He enjoyed the variety (and telling me how little this candy used to cost) ;) I highly recommend this product as a gift for a 'child of the 60s.'
239238239238B005NYXE8SA37CEYB95LK6R6Nickao2251323734400Shipping cost, NO there is not, at least not now!None of these negative comment are worth a crap anymore. You know why? Because AMAZON sells it directly now. That means Prime FREE shipping, want to return or cancel, that's FREE too. The first reviewer reviews over 200 items since 03 and is called a fake? Come on. There may have been issues in the past, but people, if amazon does not sell or fulfill the item and if it is NOT covered under the "prime" then do NOT buy. If you only buy things that are labeled "prime" available you have absolutely no worries! Pay the 70.00 a year, get free movies all year and free 2 day shipping on every purchase. The Amazon Prime has served me well for over 1000 transactions and I never had a bad transaction yet! I had no issue at all with this item or the transaction in any way! Two days to get here and free ship, perfect. And heck yeah it was not a great deal if you base it on the candy you receive. If you base it on the nostalgia factor it is well worth it, heck I want one from each decade and dont even want to eat the candy! If you have time to track down all these different candies an package them up yourself like this go for it. I don't have that kind of time, nor could I even get all these types of candy.
239239239239B005NYXE8SA35M9UH1UOUPPQR.Piskami "<(o.O)>"2231280880000Cost to much for what you getThese do make great gifts, my parents loved them. The only problem is the amount of money that you spend for these and the fact that half the candy in there you can still buy at the super market. Now don't get me wrong, there are some candies that no youngster has ever heard of.

- Good gift
- It's candy.

- Price
- Not well presented in the box. (Some candy was crushed).
- Price
239240239240B005NYXE8SA1CMLOAKD5O9KOWilliam Pierce455120044160050's & 60's candyThis was a great gift for my wife and children. They really enjoyed the candies of yesteryear. Much candy for the price, also.
239241239241B005NYXE8SA39G12JD41N65DJeanne Lynn1151323993600This Candy Brings Back Happy Childhood Memories!I bought several of the Hometown Favorites Nostalgic Candy Boxes to give away as Christmas gifts. I was born in the 60's, so I decided to buy myself one as well. I've always been a candy addict!

There was a lot of candy in the box, more than I expected. The box was filled to the top with awesome old-fashioned candy. It was so much fun going through all of the candy and remembering all of my childhood favorites. I think this is a perfect gift for anyone who loves candy. I bought several of the 40's, 50's, and 60's boxes to give to family members. I can't wait to see their faces when they open them! I even bought a 40's candy box for my Grandmother!

Everything was fresh and arrived in perfect condition. Everyone is going to love these great gift boxes.
239242239242B005NYXE8SA1VQSFKF00KOQ3janechild "janechild"1151260144000Great IdeaI brought this as a gift for my parents. They were amazed and loved the idea. I would give it a 6 star if it were available. The other ratings that rated it lower were because of the delivery of the package, presentation, or pricing. I did not get to see how the contents look when delivered. However, I was pleased with the response I was given. I paid $40 with shipping. That averages about a dollar a bar. That is a great deal. My mother could not stop talking about it. She did not recognize some of the candy, but it gave some fact of the sixties such as the average salary and minimum wage. She loved it. I think this box would fit anyone that was born or raised in the 60's. This is a great gift for that person that has everything or hard to shop for. I was skeptical because my parents are not big sweet eaters. However, I am sure my parents were pleased with the thought. It is definitely an attention grabber. She says she could not wait to show her friends the candy lips. I will definitely order again as a gift for that person that is hard to shop.
239243239243B005NYXE8SA33NFTU2K1SBYXJessica Barczewski2351287792000Great IdeaI got this for my mom's 50th birthday and it was a big hit. Her and my dad dove into the box and began discussing all the candies. My mom remembered getting some of this candy at Halloween as a kid. They both remembered everything but were a little disappointed the cigerettes were bubble gum and not the candy type like they remembered. This is a great gift and definately worth the price to make someone smile.
239244239244B005NYXE8SA2AX0Q0GQGBPKULisa Miller "firstgrandma"2351231200000'60's box a hit!I took this box to a family Christmas exchange, where you played a trading game to get the gift you want. I thought the "60's" people would love it. I had looked through the candy and it had brought back so many memories. However, the ones who wanted it were the "tweens," and the "teens"! They had so much fun with it and the adults enjoyed sharing their memories. All of the candy was in tact and boxed well. This is a great gift!
239245239245B005NYXE8SA3SHGAWMTEP98MNadine S.0021350604800Cute but mostly a waste of moneyit was cute seeing all of these candies together in one package, but most of it can easily be bought at local mass market stores. Also - many of the candies were simply stale - and inedible. Not really worth the money unless you have money to throw away.
239246239246B005NYXE8SA2YDP0YO9VI9QDElizabeth Schaper0051349568000If you are nostalgic at all & love candy, this is great stuff!This is the box of candy I bought (along with the one from the 50's) for my recent 60th birthday party,
so that I could bring back some of the era to my party, along with the music from those past decades.

I must say that by putting it out on the dessert buffet in a big open decorative carton (not theirs, my own)
everyone had to pass it and they flipped!!! Everyone had THEIR favorite old candy bar or gum from that era,
and found it within this collection. It really was alot of fun for my guests!
239247239247B005NYXE8SA1YF2GA6LX7YEDpwalton004133159680060's NostalgiaI recently purchased the 60's Nostalgia Candy for a Birthday gift for my husband. We both had a great time remembering our favorite candies as kids. It brought back a lot of childhood memories and we were happy with the quality of the candy--it's not 60 years old!Hometown Favorites 1960's Nostalgic Candy Gift Box, Retro 60's Candy, 3-Pound
239248239248B005NYXE8SA2QFI6SX6XZTBZWhat I think0031328832000Candy BoxOkay, this was a fun thing for my husband for Christmas and we did get fun out of it! Our kids had a good time with it also, but as my son said, "If the candy was really any good, it would still be selling in the stores!"
239249239249B005NYXE8SA19LPDKN6TWEFUeagle lady0031326758400fun product, nostalgia shouldnt be so costlyI ordered all the nostalgic candy boxes and it was fun to reminise about the days when all this candy was "penny" candy that we ran to the corner store to spend our allowance on. The good ol' days. For the most part the candy was okay although a lot of it was stale tasting and many pieces had outdated codes on them. Sugar doesnt normally go bad so this was not impressive. When you compare the price of yester year and what I paid in todays market, I think I'll try making my own from an old candy cookbook nextime. It was very overpriced for what it was. I hadhoped it would come in some kind of old time tin instead of a cardboard display box. Then the price would have been worth it.
239250239250B005NYXE8SA3DE3MKBBR4AYEAmy P.0021326326400Stale candyThis was a gift for my husband who grew up in the 60's. The candy was stale when it arrived. Also- as another review stated, the violet candy made everything else in the box taste and smell violet. It probably should have been packaged separately and not just tossed in the box.

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