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239251239251B005NYXE8SAVDQZPEXCB8X2A nonymous0041325808000I was not around in the 60's...But I do remember a lot of these candies in the 70's! I bought these for my aunt and we all had a blast (from the past) going through the box. There was a lot of candy for the price and a lot of great memories for my family members. They were all very happy with this gift and I got to hear about some of their favorite candy memories as children. Thank you Hometown Favorites!!
239252239252B005NYXE8SAN82CRTU1B1NLmoviecritic0031325635200Nice Assortment but Violet Candy Should Not Be IncludedVery nice packaging presentation and very nice assortment of candy. The problem with the candy was that the Violet candy that was included in the box gave almost all of the other candy in the box a flowery flavor.
239253239253B005NYXE8SAJWLEZHZ4GZBAR. Davis0021324339200Selection Not Good For Price!!!By the time I was done reading so many colorful reviews for this product, I purchased it out of curiosity. I like to be as honest as I can in my review of a product. I found that much of what reviewers had to say was indeed true. This is a very steep price to pay for the amount and selection of candy included. I did my best to consider every aspect, but still it came up lacking. Any time we can get a variety to choose from in one package, it is fun. Like a grab bag type of thing. But if the majority of the things in the grab bag are cheap, it takes away from it.
It makes me think about shopping for music c.d.'s with a variety of different artist on it. Yes, the idea is nice, but if the majority of the songs don't sound good, I would much rather skip it!!!
239254239254B005NYXE8SA2J6K0JSJDYFREE. Whetstone0041254096000Fun Birthday PresentThis was a fun birthday present for my daughter to open and go through. It was also fun for her husband as they fondly remembered many of the items. They also were able to share this time with their two kids.
239255239255B005NYXE8SA3NKKAH3O3FL2Njsuppa005119957760060's Decade Gift Basket - What a Blast!This was given as a gift for a 50th birthday celebration and was enjoyed by all. It was fun to see everyone laughing as we remembered the candy we loved when we were kids. This gift was well packaged for shipping and arrived quickly and in perfect condition.
239256239256B005NYXE8SA2B0ZT6CQL0EM6Woody11211325894400Something is just wrong with the candy?Amazon gets 5 stars for handling the box problems, and this was a replacement to the first shipment that came in moldy. The replacement was permeated with a cigar type smell all the way through the candy. I remember this smell from bars in the 80's and it actually had the smell in the candy! Since this and the 40's boxes had the same issue. I offered to send the boxes back on my own dime just so Amazon could get a whiff of the contents and taste a piece for themselves. After a week in the Car-less Garage to air out, still no change. In fact the kitchen pantry wreaks of that box smell now? It's like a the smell of a wet camel in the form of a taste in the candy.
239257239257B005NYXE8SA3AW6PTGV0OQJQtia1251298332800Well Worth It!!!!!I purchased this candy box for my husband for Valentine's Day and he just flipped over it! I was so happy to see his face light up like he was 10 years old again! Then to hear all the stories of when he was a child and where he would buy that candy was just great. I would recommend these gift candy boxes to everyone who wants to see a smile on the face of someone they love! ~enjoy~
239258239258B005NYXE8SA33ZB0L21128KNSteven C. Silva1251294876800great giftthis was a great gift to my parents and was an outstanding showcase of things (candy/snacks) from their childhood. the extended family enjoyed it too
239274239274B001F1SAPAA2R86JYQELC8ERAmber Colbert2231333152000Taste Great...but not Gluten free.I was really excited about this because I've had to stop drinking coffee because of IBS and other digestive sensitivity. I really was surprised how much it really taste like coffee! However...a few hours later my stomach bloated up and hurt for a few hrs. I read the label and saw that barley was the culprit. All in all its a great coffee alternative...but not for people with extreme gluten sensitivity.
239275239275B001F1SAPAAJD9W3IMHCND.A.2211331164800Gluten free or not?! Check their website!It appalls me that companies can claim their products are gluten free and then go on to say that some people do have a reaction from them! All experienced gluten suffers know to read ingredients and know that BARLEY is a no-no, yet this company claims that it is gluten free, people new to gluten sensitivities may not know this and having the company say this is gluten free is very deceiving. After going to their website and looking up the Q&A's, I found that the company says it has been tested and MOST people don't have a reaction but admit that some people do. Sorry, but I think that alone should be enough to take off the claim of being gluten free.

Thankfully I did not buy this product, but I want to put this review up because when I was first diagnosed, I didn't know that barley was a no-no and and only when with companies claiming "gluten free" and did myself a lot of harm. I am trying to save others the same harm, or better yet, have the company remove the Gluten Free status!
239276239276B001F1SAPAA33B5GASK7Y4YBMarva2251327622400Delicious!My sister turned me on to Teeccino as a way to cut down the caffeine in my coffee. IN addition to achieving this purpose, it adds delicious flavor, unlike any herbal coffee substitute I have ever tried. And there are other healthy benefits too. I do half Teecino, half good coffee - perfect!
239277239277B001F1SAPAATU17PH3J645Xeva "eva"2251302825600Nice FlavorIf your expecting a cup of coffee - and nothing more, than this is not the product for you - your taste buds will experience a whole new level of flavor from this Herbal Coffee.

It's rich, silky, and has a very clean finish.

It has a very nice smell when brewing, but does not replace the smell of coffee, which I think I love most about coffee.

I love the colour of the brew, and it pairs well with Silk Soy Creamer, or Soy Milk.

I brew mine in my coffee maker, just as I would coffee - I use a permanet gold cone filter.
239278239278B001F1SAPAA3BA3NQBESSZVEcincin2241274745600betterOf all the Teeccino flavors I like this one the best. I add some to my decaf/coffee for some extra flavor. Does the yummy trick.
239279239279B001F1SAPAAIYMQF677QXQVMysticSkye "Skye"2251255219200Vanilla...yumGreat tasting...easy to make in my coffee maker and in my French Press when away from home.
239280239280B001F1SAPAAK321V5PQYW2RJanet Burns1151329955200teeccino vs. coffeeMy husband and I both needed to cut the caffeine out of our diet. This is a wonderful substitute, it has a very nice flavor and we don't miss the caffeine. Nor do we have the queasy, jittery feeling we got from the caffeine. The other plus is that you can have as much as you want during the day.
239259239259B005NYXE8SAQKFFDPTRIH2HValerie Egensperger1241260230400Loved it!I bought this for my husband's birthday. He is a sweet freak. He loved it. He enjoyed remembering as he ate each piece of old fashioned candy!
239260239260B005NYXE8SA3SOLQDDY2UVIHdrumrgrrrl "lil wen"1251200268800VERY fast shipping!!!I didn't eat the candy. I bought this as a Christmas gift for my Uncle. But he LOVED it! And, it came SUPER fast, before Christmas, which is always a welcome bonus.
Thank you!!
239261239261B005NYXE8SA3PCR6W1TTYYGUElizabeth K. Suber2451266105600HOW OLD AM I?.I bought this for a Christmas gift. What fun we had looking back on our childhood and remembering going to the corner store and purchasing all the penny candies.
239262239262B005NYXE8SA1ZINDKSO9V709Gail E aka the Stitch 'n Frog2451261958400A WONDERFUL GIFTThe 60's Decade Box was bought to give to our son-in-love for his birthday. He was taken by surprise by it, because it is something he had never seen before. And he LOVED it!

He spent quite a bit of time going through the box, remembering when he bought those same things and sharing memories with us. It was the highlight of his day.

He loved it so much, that he got one in an earlier decade for his father's birthday. It was a huge hit with his dad too.

We highly recommend these as gifts for anyone, for any occasion, or even just for fun, simply because it tastes good and brings back so many good memories of times past~
239263239263B005NYXE8SA2W5IPI2Q1TPAISMarcellus "SMarcellus"2451235174400Perfect!I bought this for my mom for her birthday and she loves it. I'm having a hard time convincing her to eat everything, she wants to save it all. lol!
239264239264B005NYXE8SA2PLZK589NIW8ZTheresa Militello2451232150400candyLoved it!! They did a nice job on the package and got it there in a timely manner.
239265239265B005NYXE8SA2GCJCDXQ041W4Deborah Gordon2451204156800great gift ideaThis was a great gift for someone who has everything. He felt like it was really thoughtful
239266239266B005NYXE8SA2K4G6SMXVP69REarline Taylor2551243814400wow! retro candyi grew up in the sixties, and me and candy had a love affair for at least twenty years. i loved all of that "retro candy" and i tried just about every chocolate and candy bar on the market, including the "zero" and the "seven up." as time went on alot of that candy disappeared, though it was subtle. it wasn't until one day when i saw an old fashion type candy store that the memories started flooding back. those little "dots" on paper, if i wasn't careful i would be eating bits of paper. but i didn't care. i just liked that candy. it was wonderful. i am definitley looking forward to buying myself one of these "retro candy gifts."
239267239267B005NYXE8SA2GNEHDD0BK06Hsdk0241293235200Nice Conversation PieceIt is really neat to see the various candies that get put into these sets. If you are expecting company, get one of these out - it is a lot of fun.
239268239268B001F1SAPAA3L7X863SITMMYA. Hlathein191951268438400Nice drink!I first bought a Java teeccino at my local health co-op. I liked it a lot, but was curious about the other flavors. So I got the sampler pack from teeccino online so I could try all the flavors.

Vanilla nut is a nice flavor. Truthfully some of the flavors do not seem to be differentiated from each other, but this one definitely has it's own flavor profile. I keep coming up with "vanilla coconut" when I taste it. If you are looking for something to taste as close as possible to Coffee - this isn't the flavor. I would suggest Maya Caffe for the closest flavor to coffee. But this vanilla nut is very enjoyable in its own right.

This beverage is a nice alternative to coffee. No it does not taste like coffee exactly. It has it's own taste and feel. But I'm finding that I REALLY enjoy drinking it for the flavor it does have. The only negative aspect is that it does contain more calories than coffee or tea. However, the way I feel after I drink it (in comparison to coffee) far outweighs the small calorie content.

I use 1 TB in my french press and about 12oz of water boiled in my tea kettle. Such a quick, easy, inexpensive and enjoyable method of brewing.

I would reccommend the sampler pack (free shipping) from the teeccino website and then order your favorite flavors through subscribe and save on amazon. That will give you the best price.
239269239269B001F1SAPAA3KUKHOZ2VXGNDM. Krile "mkrile"121241236729600Best brand of coffee alternativeThis is one of the better Teeccino flavors. I also like the Hazelnut, Java and Maya Caffe. I'm so glad it is great for my health, PH-alkaline, caffeine-free and Gluten free. And I've found Amazon has the best deal. I just wish they offered the S&S for this product.
239270239270B001F1SAPAARIDN94LOCQFDSteve Taylor7741279152000It's Not Coffee But's It's Really GoodThis is my second time trying Teeccino and I must say the more I drink it the better I like it. As I've gotten older, coffee is having adverse effects my digestive track and it's not been good so I need something else and tea just doesn't cut it. Teeccino seems to be about as close to coffee as one can get without being coffee. The mint was really good and this vanilla nut may even be better. Teeccino doesn't leave that bad aftertaste coffee gives you (even the really good stuff) and it seems to give a slight energy boost. Nothing like coffee though. No brain stimulation. I think the energy comes from the inulin. I did some research on inulin and I suggest you do the same. I'm still not sure if it's a good thing or not. Some say yes and others no. It doesn't seem to have a negative effect on me as of yet. If you need to get off of coffee or hot chocolate or your just tired of drinking tea give Teeccino a try. I think you'll be quite pleased. Oh yea... I put honey and milk in mine and it's really good that way.

I've been making a pitcher at the beginning of the week and keeping it in the fridge. It seems to keep very well. It's easier to heat up a cup on the stove in the morning so I don't wake the entire house with the noise of the coffee maker or microwave.
239271239271B001F1SAPAA2YHLNQHC47A2OE.D.M.4451303430400Great Stuff!Last summer I was informed by my allergist that I was allergic to coffee. I LOVE coffee, so this was a huge downer for me. I quit drinking coffee and feel much better for it but honestly, tea, hot water and other coffee substitutes just don't have the same satisfying bold taste that coffee does. A friend suggested Teeccino and I thought, "why not? I've tried everything else." I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! At first, I drip brewed it in my coffee pot according to the instructions (1 TBSP. per 2 cups water) and it didn't really taste like coffee... kind of but not quite. I have been playing with the mixture and have found that 1 1/2 TSP. per 5 cups of water makes the drink taste EXACTLY like coffee!! Now my mornings are complete again!
239272239272B001F1SAPAAG3ICATDLQ3EQJP Feast3351268092800Not coffee, but excellent replacementI started researching this product b/c I was trying to purge my body of caffeine and a few other man-made, unnatural ingredients to give my liver a break. It does not taste like coffee, but still goes very well as a drink INSTEAD of coffee, any time you would normally drink coffee - in the morning, sitting at your desk, after dessert, etc. I have made it in a french press as well as made espresso shots with it for lattes. Its texture is like coffee, but with a little fruitier and nutty flavor. It does wake you up some just b/c its an enjoyable, non-dairy, hot drink that doesn't seem to dehydrate you like caffeine and alcohol products.

For those with sensitive stomachs - this product is alkaline (opposite of coffee which is acidic) and is GOOD for you. My girlfriend stomach does "flips" after drinking acidic beverages, and this product does NOT cause that. Even mixing half Teeccino and half regular coffee seemed to be enough to neutralize the coffee's acidity and allow her to enjoy her beverage (which actually tastes really good mixed half and half).
239273239273B001F1SAPAAZICXPDCXCANMJewzabel "break out of the matrix"3351253059200Best Alternative to Regular CoffeeIf you haven't tried should! For those trying to get rid of that nasty caffeine addiction, simply mix 50% Teecino and 50% of your regular coffee and brew! Soon you will be rid of the addiction and not miss any of that delicious coffee taste or aroma. Vanilla is one of my favorites and the hubby never knew the difference, also according to their website--this herbal coffee is good for you!

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