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239281239281B001F1SAPAA1V9PSZE3XBMJ0nessie1151289520000Excellent hot drink even for non-coffee lovers!Got free samples of Mocha Java, Maya Cafe and Vanilla Nut from my doctor's office. Liked them all and Vanilla Nut the best. Ordered from Amazon. Now finding I head for Vanilla Nut Teeccino when I want a midday "treat" instead of my usual cup of tea. It has a mild but distinctively yummy flavor.

Plan to add Maya Cafe to the next order, for when I want a more neutral coffee-like drink. Didn't find much taste difference in Mocha Java so will pass on that one. Sometimes I use cream although it doesn't need it; just depends on what taste sensation you prefer.

I'd recommend having either flavor on hand instead of decaf for late night coffee drinkers sensitive to caffeine. They might enjoy the pleasant change.

It took me awhile to convert from hi-test to half decaf to decaf coffee. But the switch from decaf to Teeccino was painless and satisfying!
239282239282B001F1SAPAA3H12BP476D65NThe Flying Nun "Jude"1151288656000Best EverI am hooked on this stuff and it's good for me too! It is hard when I go out and have a cup of "coffee". It just isn't the same and I don't enjoy it any more. I can have it at night time, something I couldn't do with "coffee". Some flavors are better,but it depends on your taste. Try the sample to start with.
239283239283B001F1SAPAA1GIJDKHP50584W. Sykes "elvissykes"1151284768000Very Good!This is really good! I mixed mine with half regular coffee (I don't want to go into withdrawals)!! I discovered that I can drink this without creamer, which is nice because I am allergic to dairy and powdered creamers are just chemicals. Almond milk wasn't that great either. This is smooth, and the vanilla taste is like a gourmet coffee shop.
239284239284B001F1SAPAA3VD53CNQ8G088Kathryn H. Bryan "Kathryn"1151270598400Yummie kick from coffee & healthy too!What a delicious alternative to coffee or you can add it to your morning cup, but honestly this stuff is great on its' own. No acid on you stomach, great for you digestive system, potassium for your heart. Costs a lot more in the gourmet grocery stores, too!
239285239285B001F1SAPAAX3SUUIQ4W15Hal Wilkes1151245628800teeccino opinionGreat product. We mix it 50/50 with coffee to cut down on caffiene and acid. I recommend this product to everyone.
239286239286B001F1SAPAA15YB0DWQ815SYSusan Schenck "award-winning author of two books"3451303689600Best coffee substitue---ever!I've tried nearly every coffee substitute and this is the only one that competes with coffee in flavor. I esp. like the vanilla flavor. This stuff is not only good tasting, but alkalizing! That means it is actually GOOD for you!
239287239287B001F1SAPAA1X7V0RUTU31BPGloria Makowsky2351239840000great product!I absolutely love to drink this. Besides being rich in flavor, it is full
of health benefits.
239288239288B001F1SAPAA1DVPJVN3ZRS85Starrynight724 "Book Maven"2351237420800Excellent Coffee AlternativeTeecino makes the best coffee alternative. I sweeten mine with some agave nectar, add a little milk or cream, and I've got a lovely, aromatic hot beverage. TASTES GREAT!
239289239289B001F1SAPAA299S2YZA067T0Janice Walton "mystery lover"0011350000000Terrible Tasting for meThe Teechino Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee, Mediterranean Vanilla Nut tasted undrinkable to me. It lacked a deep, full-bodied flavor, which Cafix and Pero coffee-like substitute products have. I wanted to try something new, and for me, this substitute coffee drink wasn't my favorite.
239290239290B001F1SAPAA3MBABXXXDRH3RPaula bullock0051345939200TeeccinoI am a coffee drinker 100 percent. I needed to make some changes and this product is so great tasting and has made my lifestyle changes easy and painless with great coffee taste!!
239291239291B001F1SAPAAHXEF2V58AY2CMrs. B "Judy Borowik"0051345680000Teeccino - Mediterranean Vanilla NutExcellent product. Great lst choice for flavor. Great alternative to real coffee. Price is not going to break the bank.
239292239292B001F1SAPAA1VTMNBLO942BIsd "righton"0041344556800Good flavor for a coffee substitute...If you are looking for a coffee substitute this may be it! It does NOT taste anything like coffee, but it's pleasant and, depending on how you brew it, even great! I found that brewing it with my Italian stove-top moka is best- regular brewing was not as flavorful...It tastes a lot like carob, so if you enjoy carob, this is perfect- A good alternative to coffee- try it!
239293239293B001F1SAPAA21M4U4ZC9V58YAndrew L. Cook "Drew Cook"0011343088000Teechino Vanilla NutThis product was dissapointing. I ordered three bags and found the flavor was not anywhere near as good as the Hazelnut. Amazon kindly refunded my money!
239294239294B001F1SAPAAT6GJFZOHRWVTKatrinacara0011337212800Tastes really great, but horrible if you have celiac diseaseI was really excited when I heard about teeccino because I have terrible heartburn, but I love coffee. I also have celiac disease and I saw on the label that it is gluten free. When I brought it home, I read the ingredients and it listed barley. I was pretty upset about this, but on the bag it said it still was gluten free even though it had barley. Just for laughs, I went to the website and it says if you use a coffee filter it will filter out the barley. What a bunch of BS. I tried it the first time and I felt like I got kicked in the gut really hard when I was at my last sip, but I felt better about 2 hours later and I wasn't AS SICK as I normally get when I have gluten. So I thought...well maybe I should give it another try with another type of filter. Bad idea. worst idea ever. I got SOOOO sick. Sicker than I've ever been. It took me two days to recover. I honestly think it's EVIL to mislead people like this. This company should be sued. I would give it five stars for the taste, but when it comes to my health, I don't give a damn about how something tastes. I would give it zero stars if I could. Stop lying to people Teeccino!
239295239295B001F1SAPAA2LIAKOSQ2XJXLK. Hendricks0051334793600excellent coffee alternativeI used to be a coffee addict but now I'm addicted to Teeccino. I like the vanilla nut flavor better than the original but the chocolate is probably my favorite. I brew it like coffee and drink it black since it has a nice flavor.
239296239296B001F1SAPAA1HZQ9L0MGWZZROctavia Thomas "Tavia Thomas"0051323216000I love this!!!I picked up a bag of this at the health food store yesterday. I have given up caffeine due to a mild heart arrhythmia and was actually looking for some high quality decaf. But, it was very expensive and the Teecino was half the price (on sale), so I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did! I am very much enjoying this beverage (with a little milk or almond milk.) I have explored the company website, too, and learned that even decaf coffee may contribute to heart arrhythmia. The health information provided by the company website was convincing and I feel that switching to this will be a healthy change for me. I also found out that they have about 16 flavors, so I have ordered a sampler and looking forward to trying the others. I usually bake biscotti to give to friends for Christmas and I'm thinking of buying a couple more variety sets and including a couple of samples with each gift.

I'm glad to see that this product is available through subscribe and save here at Amazon. I do really like the Vanilla Nut, and once I know what other flavors I like best, I'll be ordering here. Oh, and it's "Made in America", too...
239297239297B001F1SAPAA2R5RXLJHWXBOTGary Lee Reinbold0051321142400Great Stuff.I've been drinking teeccino for about a year. This is great stuff, and no caffeine. This is also much cheaper than I can buy it locally.
239298239298B001F1SAPAA2SS9DRRQQ7EG5Meesh0041317168000Good StuffsThis is a tasty flavor, not exactly like coffee but very close. Buy a small pack at your local store to try, then buy at Amazon for a nice volume discount!
239299239299B001F1SAPAAFNOWZXR5TRGLernorris0051313971200great caffeine alternativeI love my "Teecino" with goats milk - makes it creamy and delicious - I drink it after dinner. I don't sweeten it, but if you do, try sucanat, or agave, or raw unfiltered honey. If you need to get off of caffeine, it is easy to introduce it in combination with coffee - then gradually decrease the coffee.
239300239300B001F1SAPAAH3DO5ZTR7BU6Dolores Zapata "Dollie Bird"0051313366400Yum! helped me kick the caff habitI bought this product because I wanted to wean myself off caffeine. At least, the caff in coffee - I still drink black tea. Teecino helped because the flavor is so satisfying. By the way, I've only tried Vanilla Nut. It has an excellent aroma and brews up nicely in my press. At first I'd mix about a tablespoon of coffee in with it, but now I've dwindled down to about a teaspoon. Great stuff - no weird aftertaste, tastes like a vanilla latte.
239301239301B003BGTULUA1C1QQVAYZJWEHlivoman1141312502400TastySmells more like blueberry than it tastes. However, it make a great iced tea and sweetens nicely with agave syrup. I enjoy it.
239302239302B003BGTULUA148VIC3FGMR2Fjennjenn71770051348704000FabulousI read where someone really didn't enjoy this tea as much as I did so I wanted to share my opinion. I am EXTREMELY picky and I just love this blueberry flavor! If I like it (and I am hard to impress) believe me it is good and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product.
239303239303B003X0PUA4ATK2ZR4G8IGRVTexas Time1111317945600There Are Better Dried Green BeansThese green beans have a chemical/processed taste. I had one bag out of the pack of 12 and tossed the other 11. I thought this would be a great low calorie snack to take on trips, wrong! They just are not that good. The dried green beans at the grocery store in the unbranded/labeled plastic containers are much better.
239304239304B003X0PUA4A24V56M2SADPB7Newton_Mom1111314316800Chemical tasteWe love the green beans from Whole Foods, so thought getting them delivered in bulk from Amazon would be great. Unfortunately, these have a very chemically taste and a twig-like texture. My daughter hates them. As usual, though, Amazon shipped them promptly and they were well packaged.
239305239305B003X0PUA4A3QUV89OEI5AGFMarshaAC0151303689600tasty, neat, healthyThese green bean snacks are very tasty. Most people frown when they hear "green bean" treats but they don't know what they are missing. Nice and crisp. Would definitely buy again! Healthy. Great product!
239306239306B004UQU57IAPR6ST5EKU9ADJerry D. Hedden0051343865600Tasty and HealthyI became a bit more health conscious after my blood pressure got a bit too high. I started looking at the sodium content of salad dressings. It's astounding how much salt they put into salad dressings. This is the only dressing I found with comparatively low sodium. Plus, it is fat free and has no corn syrup added. Truly the best choice all around. As to flavor, it's excellent, and I enjoy it immensely on my salads.
239307239307B004UQU57IA3CUJANU284XOXErika Andreas0111338508800Not tastyUnfortunately this fat-free dressing does not satisfy. It is a poor substitute for the real thing. I ordered several bottles and after using it once, threw the rest out. The idea is a good but I hope they work on making it tastier.
239308239308B000NY6QA6AAPHNWNFPVDJ3Stan101011292716800Worst pumpkin seeds I ever boughtThe order arrived in the stated delivery time frame and in good condition. That was the only thing satisfactory about this order and the only reason it got one star. The pumpkin seeds were very over toasted and covered in a white powder that turned to a paste consistency when wet. I have brought pumpkin seeds from many vendors and have never encountered this white powder. I suspect the powder was added to cover up the fact that the seeds were so very over toasted that they turned brown. I tossed these pumpkin seeds in the trash and suggest that no on e buys from this vendor.
239309239309B00008DFK5A3SU5BBONYNLH0E. Jackson9951262822400Kong PasteThis stuff is fabulous. I have a real chewer, and she knows how to break up the cookies almost immediately by throwing the Kong against the walls and into the air. By spraying some paste on the inside walls of the Kong, she has to spend some extra time with it, keeping her busy longer! They absolutely love this stuff - I can hide them anywhere and they know the minute they enter the room that they're around. Wonderful product.
239310239310B00008DFK5A1N2L9A6I686G5Katie "book worm"8851164240000My Dogs Love This Stuff!All 3 of our dogs love the various vitamin-enriched "tasty pastes" available from Kong. Although they loved to chew on their Kongs before, we found that they really got into it when we inserted some of the paste into the cavity. All of them go "nuts" when we put down the "pasty Kongs" for them to enjoy - and enjoy them they do!

I would highly recommend all of Kong's "tasty pastes" - it's easy to use, doesn't seem to make any mess, and is a great extra treat for dogs. Our 3 give it "2 paws up"!

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