Amazon Fine Food Reviews

239371239371B0035MZ69KA3E5KPDJ9OMGL3linrick4621298592000A little too sweet and wateryI always like my spaghetti sauce to be chunky and thick, this isn't one of them. I have to added a 2 cans of tomato paste to thicken up and lessen the sweetness of this. Very litlle mushroom too. I got this at $7 for 4 jars, so it wasn't too bad. But I won't be buying these again. I don't know if company is cutting back on ingredients but buy smaller jars at the grocery store, they may be packed chunkier and more mushroom than these big jars.
239372239372B0035MZ69KAFPJDGPIAUJVJJ. Fong "agentjfong"2411303862400"Super Chunky"?? Not at all! Two mushroom pieces in a whole jar!I'm not sure what marketing people decided to call this sauce "Super Chunky Mushroom", but out of the whole jar, there were only two mushroom pieces. This was so shocking and utterly disappointing that I didn't even pay attention to the taste.
239373239373B000LKYO2YA5AIAOQYY2B6MH. Welte3351202601600The BEST canned tomatoe I've ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!These tomatoes are great! They taste better than any canned tomatoe on the market. Organic is important because regular tomatoes are highly pesticided. The can is also lined so you don't get any metal taste.
239374239374B000LKYO2YA1GM7UWWKZ8GYDsoftshellcrab0051306454400Tomato heavenI wanted flavour and these tomatoes give that and more. Whole, plump and juicy. Great for all dishes needing a rich tomato sauce. Always in my store cupboard.
239375239375B000LKYO2YA2F0PCVFFG3PQZmerstar0051209686400Excellent!These are fantastic tomatoes - nice and juicy with a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. There's very little salt added, which is another benefit, since you can control the amount of salt you want to use for each dish. Very highly recommended.
239376239376B000LKYO2YA2KHYPCUW5XJ62J. Andaya0051206835200Great value and tasteI have opened hundereds ifnot thousands of cans of peeled italian tomotoes and for the money these are as good as i have ever had; as good or better than Campania pomidori pelati; very red, rich, and sweet.
239377239377B001B00ROMA1QUZADCQO84ICS. Evans1151344556800Only dry food we buy...for our kitty and she loves it! Blue Buffalo is a brand we have learned to trust. Wholesome goodness that is easy for any cat to eat. We simply will not buy anything else.
239378239378B001B00ROMA2JOM5PKW9KPI8Dianna Engelhaupt1151321574400My cat gives this 2 thumbs up.So I never tasted this product before, and I can't ask my cat what he thought of the taste, however, based on his actions, he seems to really like it. He doesn't even know it's diet food. He liked it so much that he even slept next to the bag all night. So I think if my cat was able to write this review, he would approve.
239379239379B001652O34A35AZL7RP2ZP6EAkhenatonio "Akhenatonio"2251240185600Great little cookiesThese cookies taste like Nabisco's Ginger snaps, only with oatmeal and cinnamon. They have a "snap" consistency to them, meaning they do bend when you bite them, but then *snap* off, so they are both chewy and crispy at the same time. They use raisin paste, which is good, because then you don't have to worry about digestion problems later with eating whole raisins with the oatmeal, plus it tastes better in my opinion. These cookies are not sold in stores, which is rather odd. I first found these when I gave blood, and they had them out for donors to eat. I figured I try them, since they were there and free. I was pleasantly surprised.

Cookies come as individually wrapped packages of two. Great with milk.
239380239380B001652O34A3ANBGDAJX55HDMichael Gerbasi1131282262400Need better packaging, but still tastes greatI just LOVE the taste of these cookies. Although there's no "whole" raisins in the cookie, the flavor is addicting. However, Nabisco should keep an eye on the manufacturing and packaging. 11 of the 100 pkgs in the box only had ONE cookie in it, while others were broken into pieces. Thumbs down for quality assurance - thumbs up for flavor!
239381239381B001652O34A3N4KKQS1XN3J8small wonder1151278115200Perfect Little CookieI decided to try these cookies since they are individually wrapped (actually 2 cookies in a pack) so i knew this would help with portion control. when I ordered, I wasn't sure if you got 100 cookies total or 100 packs (200 cookies), so I was pleasantly surprised to get 100 packs. They have a great taste to them with a hint of cinnamon and a nice crunch which I enjoy. The only things that I have noticed is there are no big raisins in them. It seems more like a raisin paste to me. That's not a big deal to me, but that may matter to some. There is also no nutritional information on them, which is disappointing. All in all, I really like them and will be ordering them again.
239382239382B000KXMRE4A2PF3P1PNPS4IPJohn S. Coulson "Susan"1151204329600MmmmmmmmmThese are the best crackers ever - I am a gastric bypass patient and don't eat flour or sugar so these are perfect for me. They are all good, but my favorite is "Everything"
239383239383B000KXMRE4A10QG18NSZTSUIPamela A. Davis "Pamela"0041288915200Good with spreadsThis cracker is good for using spreads and dips on it but just so-so to eat alone. I will buy them again.
239384239384B000KXMRE4A1F15Q4FIWE9BGChristine0051262736000I love crispy cheese, and these deliverI'd never heard of these things before, but when I saw them in the store over the weekend, I had to try them. I love rosemary, so I got the kind with rosemary in it. It tastes exactly the way I'd hoped it would. Sure, it's expensive, but if you think of it as a gourmet treat as opposed to something you need to have around all the time, $6 isn't bad.
239385239385B003JO9OOWA1AO4REYQG8W6SNancy E. Deren0051344211200Delicious, fragrant spice blendMy whole family loves this spice blend. We have used it in several dishes that have now become our favorites (Moroccan chickpeas and veggies is great!)
The scent of the spices is wonderful but not overpowering, and it is very convenient to have the blend rather than have to mix many spices together to achieve the same effect. This is getting a lot of use and I will definitely be getting more.
239386239386B004TGUCYAA1NI0VOVXZBM7YJose Lopez "Jose Lopez"1151323820800Ironbeer-never tried the diet..Prefer the regular.IronBeer has been around for a looong time since Before the Fall of The Cuban Republic,a Delicious Refreshing drink that has no Caffeine and is hard to describe, a Bit Citrusy not a Root beer but a Cola/Soda. The Drink of Choice for Real Cubiches everywhere.My Favorite drink along with Coke.
239387239387B0004LZPBEAO88KZ3AAWIBDJ. Mattson1151173139200The Best!I have tried many different pasta sauces and eventually came to this one. It is the best sauce from a jar in my opinion. The sauce has a sweet and mild flavor that has received rave reviews from all that I have served it to. Give it a try!
239388239388B0049AQWWMAL5747XJR0YWXKim1151331337600It's the best!For strong, well rounded black coffee, Emeril's is just the best! I won't go back to anything else. Smooth, non acidic. My last batch ordered had many pods that ended up "punctured" when brewing, so I had grounds in my cup and a dirty machine. This has only happened once, though, so I must just have a bad shipment.

Yummy product!
239389239389B0021JDW4OA16H248EAOBV6USteph2251297296000Another great tea from Earth Mama Angel BabyI love Earth Mama Angel Baby teas. They have a chart on their boxes telling you if they're safe for nursing and/or expecting mothers. This tea tastes delicious and it's organic which is another plus. I drink this whenever I just want to calm down or am not feeling well. It's supposed to be for Monthly Comfort, but it tastes so good I drink it all of the time.
239390239390B0021JDW4OA3BGO7U46LWLURKristen1151337385600Could not live without this tea!I literally could not live without the Monthly Comfort tea. A friend recommended it to me for "the time of the month" and I tried it skeptically - especially as I am not a mother, a soon to be mother, or motherly at all. I start drinking at least a cup of this three to four days before my cycle, and find that most of the monthly annoyance of being a woman subsides. What was a week of unpleasantness, with two days of insomnia because the pain is so bad has no turned into a day or two max of light cramps, with no bloating either.

To me it tastes like cinnamon and ginger, with raspberry undertones. It tastes delicious enough that I often have it all month long, not just on my cycle. It's especially pleasant on a chilly morning.

I buy this in bulk now, because running out is simply not an option!
239391239391B0021JDW4OA2SCOK1P7Q9N9Ljedikid30051350950400Exceptional product!I've battled horrific periods for years, especially after the birth of my second child. I wish I would have known about this many years ago! This tea is absolutely fantastic. I typically have issues with gaining upwards of 10 lbs of water weight during my menstrual cycle - not this time. Cramping is significantly reduced, water weight is non-existent, even my husband commented on my much improved monthly demeanor.

The tea is easy to make, though I would certainly recommend steeping for a solid 15 minutes for best results. I drink two cups of this tea each day (morning and afternoon) starting a few days before my cycle and all the way through. I do not normally enjoy tea, but I have to say, this is delicious. I didn't even need to add sugar or other sweetener to mask the taste.

I have used most of the Earth Mama tea products, and have been impressed by the high quality, delicious flavors, and natural remedies for my ails. I highly recommend giving this product a try.
239392239392B0021JDW4OA116SXAVY89LJIWC0051321660800GreatIt smells like raspberry and cinnamon and is not too strong. It is great on cold nights to help warm you up.
239393239393B0021JDW4OA35OVZ3P3JP1QIMomto30051292889600Best teaThis tea is wonderful, I'm so glad I received it as a gift when I was pregnant and now I drink it every day. Incredibly fast and free shipping makes it awesome!
239394239394B000FZVCS4A1CKS002VCDCL2Tamara J. Lawson "Cherokee1020"0051326240000Yum. Yum yum yum...My husband and I enjoy the convenience and tastiness of the Lundberg Risotto products, and always have several boxes on hand. This is my husband's favourite, so we cannot run out!
239395239395B000FZVCS4A34RTPMOVZ1VFJean Jeanie "jeank"0041209254400Lots of FlavorOn a gluten free diet, the selection of normal side dishes is limited to rice, potatoes or rice noodles. Overall, this spices up the rice alternative a bit. I have tried different flavors of the Lundberg Risotto, this one is the most spicy with bounds of flavor.
239396239396B000FZVCS4A2DKDHC79WSYZEWendy M. Meyers "Mom of 1 Marine"0131189814400Pretty goodThis flavor is good. We like the creamy parm one better, but its good for a change. A little too soft, would like more firm, but its still a good choice for a side dish. A friend of mine adds chicken to it to make a meal
239397239397B0056GL5Q6A2TZV3FTVF6BTMZorro0051335398400Great unsweetened cocoa powder that doesn't make you break outI've been using this cocoa powder very regularly for about 4 weeks now (I mix it with a denatured whey that I drink in the mornings), and I really, really like it.

First of all, it adds a great chocolate taste to my whey drink.

And secondly (and of equal import!), it doesn't make me break out.

All other chocolate that I consume makes me break out, so, of course, I can't eat/drink it very often.

Thanks heavens this isn't true about this Nestle Toll House Cocoa.

I can only hypothesize as to why this is true, and have two possible reasons:

1. It isn't Dutch-processed (hasn't been alkalized); or
2. It's a purer form of chocolate that doesn't have some of the additives that
are often added to chocolate.

Regardless of whether either of the above hypotheses are true, it simply doesn't make me break out (hooray!!!)!!
239398239398B005HUW9SOA2UKGCRN49WWSPtweediebrowser0051348185600Large sized...I love the large sized containers. I use a lot of boullion cubes when boiling potatoes, macaroni, and etc. Gives extra flavor. I also add them to soups, make gravy, or to meat in a slow cooker. Use them in practically everything. I like that this is a large size and the price was right. These have a good flavor.
239399239399B005HUW9SOA1MUN41U8RHPKGMrs D0051341964800BoullionCubesProduct was exactly what we needed. All containers came tightly sealed and in excellent condition. Contents were fresh and came exactly as were portrayed in the add. Thank you!
239400239400B005HUW9SOA1YRIE0SGJ1PFQLucy Hamm "Gus Ryan"0051337558400A KITCHEN STAPLEI use beef boullion cubes in many of my cooking recipes. I have a great Beef & Barley Vegetable Soup that I make... my own recipe...and these beef boullion cubes are a staple in that soup. Use in other cooking dishes also. Amazon was swift in filling this order and the price was great. Will order again when this container gets down to the last half-dozen cubes.

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